The New Future of Christianity – Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Sep. 18th, 1974 (CC En Español)

[Aplauso] [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Dr. Bo Hi Pak (translates, traduce): Mi tema esta noche, como ya saben,
“El Nuevo Futuro de la Cristiandad”. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] 18 de Septiembre, del 1974, para mí y para Dios, es un día de declaración. [Aplauso] [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] La gente elegida de Israel esperaron por la llegada del Mesías.
Hoy, nosotros los cristianos, estamos esperando por la vuelta del Mesías. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Piense por un momento… realmente piense.
Hay un secreto histórico que no ha sido resuelto. Saben, hace 2,000 años antes de la llegada de Jesús Cristo,
Dios preparo para ese mismo día por 4,000 años; La nación escogida de Israel. Mandado tantos profetas. Después a la hora perfecta, Dios cumplió su promesa–
Mandar a Su Hijo, Jesús Cristo. ¿Después que paso? La historia es un testigo.
La gente lo rechazó, lo persiguió, finalmente lo crucificaron en la cruz. ¿Por qué? [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¿Saben porque rechazaron al Mesías?
No recibían al Mesías, ni aceptaban el Mesías. ¡Pero lo rechazaron, porque no lo conocían–quién él era! [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¿Porqué no sabían? [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Porque se hicieron esclavos de la carta del Testamento Antiguo. [Aplauso] Thank you. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¡Pero! Debemos despertarnos hoy. Porque el mismo Mesías que va a retornar entre nosotros,
puede que no venga como usted espera que venga. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¡Entonces debemos saber la Verdad! [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¡Y hoy también cristianos, no deben hacerse las víctimas,
o esclavos, de la carta del Nuevo Testamento! [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Porque la Voluntad de Dios no ha cambiado. Por lo tanto por el mismo propósito, el mismo cumplimiento, El mismo Mesías debe llegar. [Aplauso] [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] En otras palabras lo que estoy tratando de decir es que,
El Mesías que estamos esperando hoy va a venir con el mismo propósito–la misma misión que vino hace 2,000 años entre la gente elegida. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] ¡Y, eso es precisamente por lo cual estoy aquí!
No sé por qué, pero Dios me ha escogido, para ser un canal de Dios, y El me reveló muchas verdades escondidas de la Biblia. [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Aún si, yo no quiero ser metido en un campo, yo no quiero ser perseguido,
yo quiero ser bienvenido por la gente. Pero debo decir la verdad, porque Jesús Cristo apareció delante de mi, me dijo la Verdad, y yo estaba en un cielo espiritual, fui un testigo de la Verdad, hasta Juan el Bautista me dijo cuál fue su problema. Yo supe la verdad, fue proclamado el Reino de Dios
estará en cielo; ha llegado el tiempo de revelárselo a ustedes en la tierra. [Aplauso] [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Cuando el Mesías vuelva una vez más como el Hijo del Hombre en carne,
muchos Cristianos tendrán mucha dificultad para reconocerlo como el Señor. Mientras tanto, esos cristianos estrechos de miras, los perseguirán,
le tiraran piedras, y lo burlaran, y hasta lo empujaran a la cárcel. Aun así, el Señor no vendrá nada más para ser perseguido–ser crucificado
¡Nunca! ¡Nunca! ¡Esta vez el viene para victoria! ¡Cuando el venga será victoria! [Aplauso] [Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Korean Language] Y el tercero Adán, en esa capacidad es que el Mesías vendrá en nuestro tiempo.
Entonces Dios, centrado en él, va a traer una nueva familia, una nueva tribu,
un nuevo mundo, con un nuevo orden del Reino de Dios–y ese día es nuestro tiempo. Thank you. [Aplauso] Y encima del tercer Israel tiráramos el Reino de Dios encima de la cara de la tierra.
Y marcharemos hacia ese meta del cielo, Amen.


  1. @timhuish Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed it is good reminder. So greatful to be the ones to hear that…because humanity has been "there" for thousands of years you know? So I'm greatly grateful.

  2. MAN created Language and the 'use' of words both written and verbal to INFLUENCE others. Only GOD knows what HE SAYS and MEANS, to follow a fellow human being and fellow sinner is to be deceived by their 'perceptions' of who/what GOD "IS" and HIS WILL for EACH of us. Followers will also be DECEIVED to be DEPENDENT upon Institutions and their leadership for RULES said to be from GOD.

  3. @DebbaRN991 Hey DebbaRN991 🙂 For all things we do, we need a good example. No person is born with a mature character or developed intellect from birth, so a spiritual leader is necessary in our life of faith. Church is a home of guidance. In the end, if we believe following a human being, a sinner, is false, then we should all live in caves completely disconnected from each other. But then if we do that, that terminates the entire heart of God, which desires to save everyone.

  4. @DebbaRN991 VERY perceptive comment. Really made me think. So, it's sounds like you have all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the universe and just don'y need anyone to share with. Sorry to have missed you when you eclipsed our universe.

    Thanks for your comment. Thank ver much. I'm sure I'm not anywhere close to all of the knowledge, wisdom and understand of the universe–only the Messiah has that.

  6. @sk8ingwillkillme Hey sk8ing.
    We should never disregard any testament. Especifically today, we are living in the time of the completedtestament age. everything is being revealed. If are to accept the Lord of the Second Advent and the revelation which he brings to humanity, we must not become slaves of… meaning, we should not desperately cling unto the New Testament age as the Chosen people of Israel did with the Old Testament when Jesus Christ Revealed the New Testament.

  7. @sk8ingwillkillme Sk8ing will kill me, seriously stay away from those videos. Just as Christianity was persecuted for trying to bring a better world in the midst of Chaos, so has the Unification Church and our founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon along with his family. I tell you from my heart, please pray about the truth and dont be deceived by the media and their lies. Please.

  8. @sk8ingwillkillme Jesus Christ did achieve a certain victory through the Resurrection and his foundation of heart at the Cross–God's victory however wasn't complete.

    Jesus Christ's true victory, since Jesus as the Second Adam (1 Cor. 15:47), was to establish God's original family, centered on God's true love, true life, and true lineage.

    Jesus came from a different breed–a heavenly pure breed. God's ultimate victory was to establish the Kingdom of God. Which hasn't come.

  9. @sk8ingwillkillme Good point sk8nig. If it contradicts any of the things Jesus said, and more than anything, if it contradicts what Jesus Christ MEANT by saying what he said, then it wouldn't be the absolute truth. Jesu spoke with God's authority and Word.

    So I encourage you to investigate, is this man from Korea really contradicting any of Jesus's true teachings? His revelations? Can he really be who he seems to be?

  10. Dear favier167,

    That is true, Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He is God's own Son. No one denies this, and Rev. Sun Myung Moon if anything, upholds Jesus Christ as the Messiah and as God's Son more than anyone.

    Think about this though: Would God destroy the very earth that he spend thousands of years to create? Would he destroy the very place where He wanted His children to grow & receive his love?

    God wants humanity to change, our sin to go away. Not his children or his creation.

  11. Jesus did not achieve certain victory. He crushed the law of sin and death to those who believe in him and trust him and serve him. Jesus achieved the total victory. The forgiveness of sins, the direct access to the very throne of God is what he brought to us humans. To those who believe in Christ God gave the power to become children of God. "True Parents" is a scam and a devil's lie to move you away from the Grace of God. I challenge you to prove the Bible wrong in that matter.

  12. He uses Bible terminologies and tend to agree to common truths found in the Bible and in the world. He then twists the meaning of the Bible for his false doctrine. The Bible said we will see Jesus Christ when he comes back as the same Christ as what his disciples saw when he ascended into the heaven.

  13. No! Do not follow your heart. Follow the Bible first! Then ask the Holy Spirit to talk to your heart and guide your mind to know the truth. Jesus warned his followers about false messiah.

  14. Jesus may have warned us about false messiah's and false christ and prophets, but hey, SOMEBODY has to be the Messiah.

    And so let's not get so tight on that verse, and actually try to look for who is Jesus Christ actually working through, who is he completely empowering today, and who has devoted all of their life and family to realizing God's ideal.

    That I have found is Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

  15. If there is a God who can create the whole creation, he need not have these mediocre messiahs to change people. He can do it himself. All these people who have been trying to be messengers of God, incarnations of God, the only begotten son of God… may not be bad people. They may be good people; their intention may not be bad. I never suspect their intention, but they are utterly wrong. And because of these people, humanity has suffered tremendously.

    -Osho's words of wisdom

  16. If you listen carefully, you can see how this message was directly inspired by God. If anyone actually tries they will see the heart of this message.

    Rev. Moon revealed why actually the Son of God, Jesus, got rejected and crucified. It was because people couldn't accept the nature of Jesus and the New Truth that Christ revealed 2,000 years ago, the Gospel.

    Now today, the Lord has returned and we again have expectations of the Messiah's truth. Ignorantly judging him before listening.

  17. Those 6 days were symbolic time periods. Why don't you look up on youtube "completedtestamenttv" and it can clear that up.

    On a side note, according to the Bible, God has emotions and was grieved to his heart for creating humanity due to the pain he experiences when his children abandon him.

    Why would God as our Heavenly Parent dare destroy the very earth he created for His own children? Because of His unconditional love, God cannot destroy the home of his own children. He worked too hard.

  18. I'd say humanity, Jesus and God have been liberated because of this man and his wife.

    And I'd also like to add that God cannot and has never accomplished His Will without divine intervention–working through human beings on the earth.

    Despite His almighty power, he can't change people. We make our choice based different experiences in our lives.

    Don't you think if God could REALLY change the world, he would've done it a long long time ago? Why would God let his children continue to suffer?

  19. Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Lord of the 2nd Advent. Doubt that? Ask Jesus. You can talk to Jesus if you are a true Christian. Are you? If you can't talk to him, then take a look at Rev. Moon's Life, Works and Teachings. Ask yourself: can an ordinary man do all those things w/o the works of God & Jesus? My conclusion: Rev. Moon is the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Amen. Aju!

  20. Good book The Virgin and The Priest: The Making of The Messiah
    w.tparents dot org/Library/Unification/Books/MakeMessiah-Gibbs/0-Toc.htm

  21. Hey brother, sorry for the long wait to reply!

    Hmm, I may know where to find some clips of the other rally speeches, at the Washington Monument speech, but not so many videos. The Clips are usually under 40 seconds long.

  22. Just before he spoke, there was lots of noise from the overcrowded audience. He then asked: "Before I speak, can I sing you a song?" By the time he finished singing, the arena was quiet, then he began his speech!

  23. Moon was a false prophet. What he preached was totally unbiblical and anti christianity. Example, Jesus was not rejected by all Jews, only by the Pharisees. Jewish citizens accepted him when he entered Jerusalem on a donkey and he was hailed King of the Jews. How can Moon be the Messiah whom he said would be accepted by the world? He is dead now and he was never accepted by the whole world. So his prediction did not come true. All predictions by God's people always come to pass, Moon's didn't.

  24. Yes, Christians are waiting for the return of the Messiah and that Messiah is Jesus not Sun Myung Moon. Mr.Moon had come and now gone without being accepted as the Messiah and so his prediction about himself was wrong. He cannot be the Messiah.

  25. Are you a true Christian? Are you a slave to the Old testament Sabbath day Law and Blood animal sacrifices. Like Jesus is your animal Blood Sacrifice? Jesus father is Zachariah the same one as John the baptist father. Jesus is to be married to John baptist sister?

  26. What a speech. In 1974 Rev. Sun Myung Moon was clearly one of those typical powerful "young" leaders. Of course, his message is seen as false by almost everyone except the Moon community. And Christians in particular consider his message a corruption of the Christian message. But the Christian message itself is also "wrong" at least in the heads of many Christians, who take the bible too literally. The Bible conveys, as we see it today, a human message – not one revealed by God (which doesn't mean the message was a bad one: the bible shows how people were searching for God – this I consider a good thing).

    From this modern point of view, of course, Mr. Sun Myung Moon was already wrong in 1974 – because he started from the concept that the Bible was literally the authoritative Word of God for this world (and we all know the world dill never accept this – we have come to understand that the Jews were humans just like us, and they had their way of searching God – but they did it in a human way – JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE). So Mr. Moon started from a flawed concept – and you cannot get a flawed concept right by "tuning" it towards a new belief. The foundation was a false start.

    After all, Billy Graham was wrong too in taking the Bible too literally – regardless the tremendous powerful speeches the man has done for many years – just as powerful as Mr Moon is doing here.

    Yet, I think Mr. Moon was driven by love (and so was Mr. Graham too, probably). It would be dangerous to take his message literally – but in reality no one is doing this (except his followers, mostly people with an Asian tradition / background (if you are familiar with Buddhism and with Korean tradition, you may be attracted). I see him as one of many people who wanted to change the world, and who wanted to do it too fast (hence they tried to be a Messiah). But the reality cannot be changed fast, it always goes slow. We will all work together on a better world – that's how the world will ultimately change for the better.

  27. The New Future of Christianity
    The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974
    The New Future of Christianity
    Sun Myung Moon
    September 18, 1974
    New York, New York

  28. Reverend Moon and his teachings will change the course of history.An integrated approach which unlock biblical metaphors and symbols e.g. the advent of the messiah,Christology, the virgin birth of Jesus, the identity of the serpent in the garden, the principle of creation, the principle of restoration, the role of Christianity int the second coming. the fall of man,etc…
    Who is this man? I could not believe he is only a farm boy from south Korea by reading the Divine Principle, DP is a new expression of truth for the new age, age of specific calculation and computer based thinking

  29. MSG changed my life too, I was not sure about Rev Moon but when I saw this speech I knew that he was a man of God, and I did not change my view 40 years later, even going through so much tribulations as some here will understand :-). 

  30. Sun Myung Moon Speech at Madison Square Garden 9/18/1974

  31. The kingdom of heaven is at hand; repent for it is at hand here on the earth. Rev. Moon is the messiah already returned, alleluia

  32. Nice job Jorge! You are a true brother and true son of God. Thanks for all your hard work building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You are a GEM! We Love you!

  33. God has a habit of inspiring new people with new ideas. This is often hard for people to accept, because we tend to be suspicious of anything new. In addition, the media, which is our major source of information, has portrayed Rev. Moon as a "false messiah." Perhaps it is time to rethink this portrayal.

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