The Most POWERFUL Visualization Technique to MANIFEST Fast! (The God Frequency) Law Of Attraction

The Most POWERFUL Law Of Attraction Visualization Technique to MANIFEST What You Want FAST! (The God Frequency) The Secret there is an extremely powerful Universal
sound that can be used to generate peace compassion and creation this sound the
sound of awe is often referred to as the sound of God the sound aw can be found
in the many different names for God Allah
yes sua Krishna Jehovah and raw to name a few it can also be found in the words
omnipotent omniscient and omnipresent when repeated as a mantra this sound
keeps us in a prolonged state of conscious contact with our source it
also introduces us to the highest consciousness level where we can create
by realigning our inner intentions to the creative force that we are a part of
it is the primordial sound the sound of creation we each have a typical inner
frequency of consciousness where our mind and body have settled in the
following powerful process we’ll show you how to consciously move out of that
and into the sound or the force of energy from vibration that creates in a
quiet room sit comfortably with your spine straight and your eyes closed for just a few moments think of the
thing that you want to manifest until you are able to pull up the feelings of
actually having it these feelings will be of a positive nature sit with this image until you are able
to feel happiness excitedness peacefulness love are any other joyful
feeling that represents why you have chosen to manifest this thing into your
life once you have this image and the
feelings that correspond focus your attention on your sacral chakra located
in the lower abdomen just below the navel
this energy center is where we create it is in charge of the process of making
changes in our live stream through our personal choices this is where the seeds
of inventions dreams and original ideas are planted and nurtured it is here
where the soil is most fertile to sow grow and harvest your creations continue
to hold the positive feelings state as you focus on this area and imagine
yourself placing this joyous energy that you’ve created for your manifestation in
this energy center and continue to focus in this way for just a few moments you The “Most POWERFUL” “Law Of Attraction” Visualization “Technique” to MANIFEST What You Want FAST! (“The God Frequency”) “The Secret” next move your focus to your third eye
chakra between the two eyebrows this is the energy center associated with
creating an idea as physical reality it is the center of intuition and foresight
in sanskrit it is known as the ajna chakra which means Percy command or
beyond wisdom just focus on this energy center for just a few moments now we are going to raise your creative
energy positive energy you have placed in your sacral chakra that corresponds
with your manifestation from that energy center up the spine and to the third eye
we are going to do this by using the sound ah with your eyes still closed
imagine that the joyous energy residing in this energy center is moving up your
spinal column as you chant the sound ah and that it begins to move into your
third eye chant softly and joyfully as if it’s a whisper like this feel that joyful energy moving through
you up the spinal column and into the third eye this may take several repeated
rhythmic phrases or one long ah sound each person is different use what feels
most comfortable to you once this sound and energy have moved
into your third I just feel it vibrating in your third eye for a moment now introduce the beautiful image of
your manifestation into your third eye to join this vibration once you have done this begin chanting
ah again and surround and empower your image with this sound and frequency T”he Most POWERFUL Law Of Attraction Technique” to MANIFEST What You Want FAST! (The God Frequency) “The Secret” enjoy all of the wonderful things about
your manifestation while you chant this creative sound you can sit in this position for as long
as you wish and when the time is right for you let
go and release this manifestation know and feel how it is already taking place
and feel how grateful you are that this manifestation is yours many people report a feeling of extreme
bliss happiness and confidence after performing this exercise with this
process you are managing your personal energy it’s not just about theory it’s
about what is happening with the energy in your body and your mind any spiritual
journey including deliberate creation is a return home to your true self and you
can use your conscious awareness any time you choose to return to your
spirits natural frequency Oh Oh Oh ah Oh ah Oh ah Oh The Most POWERFUL Law Of Attraction Visualization Technique to MANIFEST What You Want FAST! (The God Frequency) The Secret


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  2. AA-UU-MM. Combining these three makes the sound AUM (om) anyone can say these words. AA is the sound of creator, UU the sound of preserver, MM is of the destroyer. AA creates the life you desire, UU preserves the life you desire, MM destroys the the tangles of the life you already created to open the gate for former two. All it takes is to say these out, feeling the vibrations when you say it.

  3. This is powerfull , thank you for showing me the way….Im so blessed to understand all this amazing way.

  4. I glanced at the clock on my computer today. It said 11:11. Then one second later it went to 11:12. Then I stumbled upon this. Thank you!

  5. Thank you. My epitome during this is I need not be happy – I'm low spectrum depression, been so most of my (46 yo) life, tried almost everything & find difficult to get to that "happy feel" many talk about, I do feel happiness but its harder to keep stable, especially all time. But surprisingly I do feel at peace & calm & can concentrate peacefulness very easily. So my epitome was stay in the peace, happiness will eventually follow. Thank you I love your lessons, they practical & obtainable.

  6. The only way to Abba Father is through Jesus Christ. And the shed blood of the cross. opening your 3rd eye is very dangerous. You will see things you may not be prepared for and it doesn't go away!!! How do I know? cause in ignorance I did it. And now I can see the good and bad. Yes demons are real!!! Dont mess with new age crap. it will lead you to Hell. Meditate on Gods word. plenty of videos on that. Satan comes as a angel of light. please repent and turn away. I tell you this outta love, not judgement.

  7. I had tried with Om 🕉 I.e universal sound …it raises vibrations easily brings peace n calm learned Ah from u will try it too . Stay blessed !

  8. Ullu ultimate love creator send in into one inner child connection with 3 hearts mind conscious n sub conscious spuper conscious n supreme consciousness all in the book of life freedom free spirit from our first breathe

  9. I chanted ahhhh with my granchildren 2 days ago in my van . Tried to look for the vocal chant and couldnt find .And now here it is , thank you !!!

  10. Hello Jessica, I love you’re videos. They have transformed mine and my young sons life. I noticed I am not receiving your new YouTube videos. Could you help me with this. Thank You

  11. Grateful for this video 🙏😘🌌
    Thank You Bless You 🙏🙌🌺
    Love You 💞😘🌌💋🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🦋🙏🙏🙏🙏🦋🙏🙏🙏🙌🙏🤗🌞

  12. The sickness of the God has made ignorance to loose the iperial way to control other Zombie ignorants. Mixing every encounternof energy to their imagination of something hard to understand in their true balance of conciusness. It exist The Energy, and the wisdom to do things become to life. But the God, it don't exist. There is a creator of things, thongs had not been formed from nowhere. But we are a mass of dust, attavhed with energy like the Universe and earth. Spiritual "energy" Body Home matter, soul ID. Of being. DNA Liquid life interceptor unificator. We the Entity. We creators. We don't create Energy, we died.

  13. I felt like I was becoming everything it felt so deep, my head starting spinning on it own. All of the sudden I experienced myself like I have never have. The sound became my world. I could see and sense an energy building up, and I know what you mean by spinning it all the way up. It seems as if you could feel the Chakra spinning one by one. To be honest the feeling got so intense I felt as if my neck was going to fall or break. It was spinning on its own which it was very very weird. It a good way it felt good too. Hard to fully describe but it was a bit scary become I had never experienced a meditation like this before. It almost felt like the beginning of a psychodelic experience. I probably release a portly dmt or something it was very intense for those 11 minutes, and to my surprise I finished the meditation at 11:11.i was mind blown. 😆

  14. This was so beautiful 😍 when I opened my eyes two big tear drops rolling down my cheeks. Thanks you are lovely

  15. I tried this without success, I tried manifesting self-confidence, any support would be appreciated! Love and light ❤️

  16. No offence but the lady's voice is not putting us at peace…she keeps on speaking without allowing us to think of feel…please don't do this..don't give commands rapidly…. gently guide us..

  17. Very nice videos,,, love ittttt💕💕💕wannna give one suggestion to add subtitles also,,,, to understand it properly,,,

  18. Hope sincerely that everyone is Manifesting is DOING it EXCLUSIVELY IN THE HEAVENLY FATHER'S WILL & GLORY ONLY, cause everything asked to satisfy ourselves and our egoistic desire will lead straight away in selling our soul to the Devil and demons without neither the need to know. Pay attention to your desires so, make sure will never be yours! Yes.. I can't desire the good for another one.. Cause also that is my own desire. We have to repent, pray, accept Jesus as our Savior and ask His Presence aside us and reading the Bible maybe He will watch in our heart and talk with us to let us understand what is THE FATHER'S WILL THAT WE ARE CALLED TO MANIFEST!!

  19. La ilaha illAllah.
    There is no god/deity worthy of worship except The God, The Sole One, The Alone, The Singularity, Allah.

    La ilaha illAllah. Only requires the movement of the tongue, not lips, there is nothing in this world that has such virtue and meaning except la ilaha illAllah.

  20. I decided to try this with no expectations since I've been having a hard time focusing. This turned out to be one of a few wonderful now memorable meditations that I've ever experienced. Love and positivity 💖💖💖

  21. i can't stop crying. WOW!!! i only did it for a few seconds. i was writing my to do list just checking this out on my earpods. it stopped me in my tracks then i started crying. i mean an uncontrollable flow of tears. now im tingling.

  22. hey there, great video! what's the best way to meditate? is it using this video and purchased ah meditation from your store or is it just the meditation?

  23. Allah is One. He is the absolute. He begets nor He is begotten. He cannot be compared to anybody. Al Quran (30:112)

  24. Actually it ah sound at start than uu than mmm monks did can feel vibrations go true body upwords 🙂

  25. In the gospel of Thomas Jesus tells his disciples to marry thought and emotion to make mountains move (make impossible possible). I think this is the greatest technique to do that. You are marrying it at the third eye.

  26. Tibet monk's sounds
    Throat singer with dual frequencies
    Australian dizuradue (sp)
    North American drum chant
    Druid songs
    Hindu singing

    Take a look/listen around the world and see/hear the similarities

  27. thank you thank you thank you 🙂 so much beautiful information you shared with so much love thank you thank you thank you

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