The Matrix, Neural Lace, CRISPR and the Trans Humanist Agenda MrE UPDATE

this is the goal demonic entities don’t eat spaghetti and pizza and cheeseburgers they eat human blood they’d eat and drink human blood it’s been going on for thousands of years think about all the cultures over the centuries that have engaged in human sacrifice there’s a reason for it they don’t do it for their own pleasure they do it to appease the fallen angels who are real they’re not aliens from another planet these are fallen angels from another realm that they’re weren’t supposed to leave they follow it Satan down here to establish a kingdom but they get hungry they need to eat they need power they need lifeforce that comes from human blood human blood comes from God there’s a special quality to human blood almost even a supernatural quality something unique and special about it something sacred ok we’re told in the Bible not to drink blood of animals there’s something in the blood of all living creatures apparently but especially the human blood so this is the matrix is telling us what the what day what’s going to happen we’re already connected to the matrix of the mind through the mass media now we have the next goal is to get us hooked into the machines that the transhumanists are talking about hook the computers into our brain augment us with different technologies you know self-driving cars they’re creating this AI Society robots all these things and we are going to become farm animals it’s gonna be a human blood farm they need to farm us out like animals keep us in pens meanwhile our brains will be doing you know we’ll be watching TV or something in our in our mind we won’t even know we’re just farm and I’m all soaked into the machine go to a go to a slaughterhouse or something look at how they treat farm animals that’s your destiny if you follow these transhumanist con artists okay they want us to be born and bred in these centers like this cloning or genetic engineering whatever test-tube babies that I believe they’re going to outlaw male to female procreation there’s a transit there setting up an infrastructure for transgendered people transgenderism is not just some kind of freaky thing about sex and gender it’s part of satanic Baphomet worship okay Satan likes transgenderism because it’s part of transhumanism it’s part of recreating the species in his image and you can harvest you can grow people like this total control over human life to make us into this battery although it’s not battery juice they’re feeding off of its human blood okay so this this baby is a battery we are becoming batteries okay look at all this blood and the image there now where some of us are waking up we’re taking a look around we’re saying hey I don’t want to live in a pod I don’t want to be human blood for fallen angels we’re just lying to us all the time I don’t want to live in this kind of a pod tower I don’t want robots you know monitoring me and keeping me down in this transhumanist society I want to wake up so they’re telling us their goals right here it’s happening this is just today’s news CRISPR they’re on the verge which means they’re already doing it now they’re just telling us about it they’re injecting people which means they’re going to inject people they want to inject you and me with modified cells to edit our DNA they want to change us into humanity 2.0 ironically enough most people I know want this to happen they’re sick of humanity 1.0 there’s pain they’re suffering there’s misery there’s death false prophets false scientists false messiahs whatever they’re gonna the Pope the government they’re gonna come around and say hey miracle breakthrough we’re gonna edit we’re gonna upgrade everyone’s DNA you’re gonna live longer possibly even be immortal you’re not going to have any more pain or disease it’s gonna be great those of us who know what’s really going on will refuse to do this many of us will be killed unfortunately but it will be hated we’ll be holding back the species from evolution you know we’ve been brainwashed since birth to prepare us for this event folks this is what’s happening

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