1. 1# Fake News station in the world.

    Continue creating hate fox news. Jesus was a rebel him self, a self sacrificing warrior of God.

  2. I'm always trying to think of solutions. So, IF all America's became Muslim and every woman wore a burka, would it sort out the problem? If not, then what can be done?

  3. That religion IS trouble. 1400 years proves it. But the masses are clueless. Few wants to know the facts. Few are interested. Most just want to live in denial. Reality is too ugly to deal with. But that does not make it go away. You will have to deal with it sooner or later. Better sooner than later imo.

  4. The left knows Islam is bad they just won't admit it because then it makes them look bad,and everybody know McCain and some Democrats are funding terrorist,George Soros is funding terrorist,the CIA is funding terrorist.If they really want to stop terrorist they would but they need to scare people so they can keep putting in more F..King regulations that take our freedoms away.

  5. The left knows Islam is bad they just won't admit it because then it makes them look bad,and everybody know McCain and some Democrats are funding terrorist,George Soros is funding terrorist,the CIA is funding terrorist.If they really want to stop terrorist they would but they need to scare people so they can keep putting in more F..King regulations that take our freedoms away.

  6. Christianity is NOT a religion of pacifism. It's a religion of peace. There's a big difference between peace and being a pacifist. To associate the two together is to deny civil liberties and self defense. Jesus was a rebel and God is a God of War. Was it pacifism when Moses freed the Hebrew slaves and went to war with his own brother? The most ignorant thing I've heard about Christianity is that peace is pacifism.

  7. All should know the History of Islam. Founded by their prophet who led Military
    Campaigns almost from the beginning around 650 A.D. Consolidated itself in
    Saudi Arabia then aggressively pushed out & conquered the whole of North Africa.

    By around 700 A.D. they had taken all of Spain and were pushing into the heart of Europe (Southern France.). They were decisively stopped at the Battle of Poitiers by the French King Charles Martel "the hammer" in 732A.D.

    This is the True Origin of the Crusades. It began with islamic aggression against the West! This is the True “Religion of Peace”.

  8. The whole History of Islam is the History of a Murderous
    Brood of Vipers. If there is an god in their religion, it is the
    god of this world, Lucifer, Satan or whatever you wish to call it.

    Islam is not one of the world's great religions. It, like Catholicism, is one of the world's Great Deceptions, holding millions spellbound through pagan pageantry, enchantments and empty rituals.

    Only Judaism and Biblical, Apostolic Christianity have any claim to Divine Origin and that because of the Noble and Divine Fruit they have produced over the centuries

  9. The globalists, Marxists, dems and RINOs are all for islam. They are all demonic scumbags. This Lt Colonel Peters dude voted for hillary. So he is a scumbag as well.

  10. German Neo-Fascist Angela Merkle has stabbed Germany and Europe in the back. Would the last non-Muslim to escape Europe, please, turn out the lights.. That is if there is any electrical generators still working in Europe. Light Col Peters is a pompous ass.

  11. There is nothing wrong with Islam
    Just your manipulation after 9/11
    There is nothing wrong with prophet Muhammad SAW
    Islam is the only divine religion

  12. God didn’t create religion , man did , and men can be evil , hate to break it to you , and sometimes they exaggerate to , so in reality , pure good does not exist in religion it exist in the individual at birth and life should be a constant struggle to retain and nurture that good our entire lives , every religion in the world today has the blood of the innocence on it , and humans should be very careful as to who , why and where they worship and who they listen to as life is never what it seems and reality deceiving

  13. Prophet Muhammad live career. Learn and speak objectively. AGE 25-40yrs businessman. at the age of 40yrs he was Chosen by God to Guide humanity into humility to God and His creations. from 40yrs until 53yrs Prophet Muhammad and Early followers have been prosecuted and killed by the non Muslims in Mecca. Finally at age 53, he escaped to Medina. 300km away from Mecca. and few years later, God has permitted them to defend themselves and their beliefs. and 53yrs until his death at the age 63yrs he fought people who wanted to exterminate the prophet Muhammad and his followers. that is the synopsis of the life of wars you talking about. Muslims pray to God 5 times a day to please God and peace within ourselves and with our fellow Human. We are not even allowed to kill animals unjustly let alone human beings.

  14. What a joke! This strategic analyst Ralph Peters is not Himself a religious person but He talks about religion. American rulers and Their associates lost Their values since They do not have any belief that holds Them back from committing against Humanity.

  15. We NEVER said jihad is not part of islam because IT IS. But it is ONLY defensive warfare … so its abouy wheter the USA recognisez its fucking INVADING the middle east

  16. Radical Islam consists of a tiny fraction of total terrorist attacks throughout the world. If we really cared about terrorism we wouldn't cherry pick one tiny fraction of it.


  18. This man must be crazy man because he says that the islamic stands for extereme islamic and then islamic is today deeply dangerous and harmful . This speaking for me actually is empty that doesn't mean anything . Such an this man who everytime is a potential attacker against the muslims

  19. you are in troubel as west civilisations,islam fobi , is also a dark dirty propaganda,startet after crashing communist russia from west countrys ,as new alternative enemy

  20. are you all blind in west world ? before crashing communist russia ,whas never so a problem with islam ,no one knows before ,so a islamfobi,wake up ,open you eyes,someone startet all this dirty games

  21. Christianity is and whas more dangeres religion ,check the world war history ,who massaked so match humans in the world history ?

  22. how many ırak peopel you killed as usa ? over 1 million, and in vietnam ? over1 million maybe more,and you talk here about islam ? 🙂 as morders ?

  23. they rape because their nasty assists women stink their leader is a pedophile and they are just plain stupid ass backwards people

  24. The “prophet” was an incestuous, mass-murdering, sex-slaving, pedophile warlord. Other than that he was an exemplary human being. He butchered at least 600 maybe up to 1,000 or 1,500 Jews in a single day at the Battle of the Trench. He married his cousin. He had a six year old wife, Aisha, that he raped when she was nine. He took sex slaves. He called for the establishment of a worldwide totalitarian theocratic caliphate and the killing or subjugation of everyone on earth that stood in his way. His wars and the “religion” he founded are responsible for an estimated 270 million dead. If they won’t tell the truth, I will. Anyone who is a student of history can verify the accuracy of every single word of the above.

  25. Muslim and Islamic religions is not a religion it is a Satanic rituals. They believe in killing other people that do not believe their way. The Second Amendment of the Constitution is freedom of speech. Put this out on the internet. American veterans

  26. To the US Government stop being a ROTHSCHILD slave..LT COLONEL RALPH PETERS better go back to playing with your grandson, you are too old ..Hey, please send this grandfather to his home ..

  27. General Advertising Finish ? Get Realty check in the World Real Terrorisim in the Christiania Look back 80 years World History ….

  28. Lt. General Peters, I'm glad that you gave Fox News the finger on the way out. You're a very moral man and a patriot standing up to the desecration of our Government institutions with the lies from Fox News. Thank you for speaking your mind in defense of democracy.

  29. Is Ralph Peters one of those SWAMP pedophiles??? Just heard he pitched a big fit and left FOX NEWS??? GOT something in your closet, Ralphie???

  30. Ralph Peters resigned from Fox News today.
    Saying he could no longer be a part of “ the Fox News propaganda channel “. He was ordered to attack Robert Mueller and Peters refused.

  31. Is this Ralph peters still on appearing on Fox?
    I can't stand this guy who comes across as a BIGGER Turd than comey.

  32. This video shows how misguided the American Right Wing is about Islam. Also Zhudi Yasser is not a Muslim. The holy and pure Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa (SAW) spread Islam peacefully and the Sufis are true followers of the holy Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa (SAW). Don't believe Right Wing nutcase liars.

  33. He was one of the first people claiming Irak had weapons of Mass Destruction, which turned out to be a lie. He supported the goal to create civil wars among the people there. Did the Iraqis Invade America and kill 1 Million Americans or did America invade Iraq and kill over a Million Iraqis while Arming ISIS who later on where the reason to cleate over 10 Million Refugees? Not even Mentioning the other 6 Countries the US bombarded in the Obama era. Still you got US Christians who claim that they are peacefull compared to the Muslims.

  34. This is what you would expect from a news channel owned by hardcore Zionist Jew like Rupert Murdoch. demonizing Islam.

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