The Fall of ISLAMIC SPAIN – Rise of Muslims Episode 3 – KJ Vids


  1. Musa and Tarik were friends he didn't arrest him Musa was a man of honor.
    stop lying Ali Mahmood use European history

  2. Rise n fall, day n night, health n pain, rich n poor , for Muslims, it is always win win situation. Sometimes they win, other times they get martyred, the highest achievement on earth.

  3. all these muslim rulers where black except for the Ottoman Turks who where originally slave mercenaries from Asia and eastern Europe

  4. By now the tribunal must give rights to Muslims to take over Andalusia to Muslim hand and charge Catholic Spain with Carnage… ethnic cleasing and abuse human be fair

  5. Do you know what happened to Prophet Mohammed's family and their descendents (children of children). Do you know the names of 12 Imans that were all killed by muslims. And do you know what happened to bloodline of the prophet what happened to each one the kins. Dont you know prophet said to follow my family
    Have you honored the Prophets request or have you followed his murderers.

    Do you know Imam Zaynut Abadein, the direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 25th of Muharram in Medina by order of Husham Ibn Abdul Malik a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Mohammad Al-Badr, direct bloodline of the prophet was murdered by poisoning him on the 7th of Dhul-Hajja in Medina by order of Ibrahim, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq , direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 25th of Shawwal by order of Al-Mansoor, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Musa Al-Kadhun , direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 25th of Rajab in the prison of Harun Al-Rashid in Baghdad, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Ali ibn Musa Al-Ridha , direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 17th of Safar in In Khurasan, Iran by the orders of Ma'Mun, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Mohammad al-Taqi Al-Jawad , direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 30th of Dhul-Qa'da by the orders of Mu'tasim in Baghdad, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Ali Al Naqi , direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 3rd of Rajab in Samirra (Iraq) by the orders of Mutawakkil, a Muslim.

    Do you know Imam Hasan Al Askari, direct bloodline of Prophet Mohammed was murdered by poisoning him on the 8th of Rabi'ul-Awwal in Samirra (Iraq) by the orders of Mutamid, a Muslim.

    Prepare for the 12th Imam Mahdi who will come and kill all the evil people. All you fucking evil people who taught hate and corrupted the message of the prophet Mohammed.


  7. The Ommayyad troops sent before the fall of Ommayyad were able to enter Spain with the help of Jews inside.

    Later, Ommayyad prince Abdur Rahman who survived the assassination by fleeing to North Africa (Morocco) arrived Spain.

  8. This story did not mention the pious general (my translation) who united the Muslim groups that made it possible for Saladin to succeed. That general was assaddinated.


  9. we will find many reasons
    some just as obvious as the others
    but what we will know the least is the way in which the conquest of Andalusia changed the Muslims themselves
    it was not a matter of conquering lands as Jews and Christians would later do, but of bringing the Divine Message to all of the Earth, what Jews and Christians did not do, and by doing like them Muslims lost everything but in doing so they did not leave a message of perversion and abomination that they would have brought with them
    people went back to "Christianity" and it was the choice of their king and their queen
    the Muslims have left this land on which was going to spread an abomination that would have perverted them in their turn
    so is it really a loss?
    to remind the Spaniards could not spread Christianity on North African soil and that's good, although they conquered part of the region but the Turks drove them out

  10. What a stupid false and lying documentary.
    In Al Andalus Spain the tallest church had to be lower than the lowest mosk, Christians where not allowed to celebrate Easter.
    They had to wear distinct colors so the Muslims could recognize non Muslims.
    No Christian was never to hold office higher than any Muslim in a business or governmental work.
    This was not fully practiced however because Christian and Jews where very good at a diversity of skills.
    All non Muslims had to pay jisya as well as ordinary tax.
    People that was not of the book had two choices convert or die and had Dhimmi status as did Jews and Christians to.
    Islam is and has always been a curse and Muslims today the result of 1450 years of inbreeding cause of first cousin marriages.

  11. 14:06 The golden age began as capable rulers promoted merit, tolerance, trade, and education The economy wad masterfully handled.

  12. So much snowflakes melting and evaporating, we Muslims coming back, tell it grand children to watch out they will live Iive undwr sharia

  13. So bias. Spain entered a great golden age after removing all those Muslims and discovering America. Spain went into a decline because of foreign influence and invaders. Hasburg, Napoleon, other big European dynasty invade Spain multiple time for personal greedy, which greatly weaken Spain during those dark periods. Spain is being weakened again today by Corrupt EU policy that use debt, Euro, and Muslims refugees to poison Spain, so Brussel and Berlin can control Spain. Spanish people need to wake and get out of EU like UK is doing. It will be painful getting off the addictive debt, but it will be great for the long term rise of Spain.

  14. what is the point in making video how a muslim spain falls it was the past and we should be thinking about the present and the future not the past.we can learn from the past but i think we should correct our selves,mistakes,characteristics…etc.i am sorry to say this but as a muslim i think the future is very intense and horrible for all muslims of the world.

  15. again sorry doesn't mean to say anything bad about any muslim or any other human just a prediction based on current situation of the muslims world and muslims all around the world.

  16. What about destroying first University of world nalanda University in India by Muslim emperor and killing monks .Is Right things

  17. Question 1: Why did the Muslims invade Spain? Question 2: Why did Muslims start their global invasion at the time?
    The battle against the Muslim invasion in Spain started almost immediately as a national resistance, went on for almost 700 years and ended in 1492.

  18. Meanwhile the Christian Inquisition was busy burning people at the stakes in the streets for not being Christians. Post fall of Cordoba, they continued for another 348 years of barbequing people like kababs in the streets. Then they proceeded to colonize with knowledge gained from al-Andalus, enslaved people and forcing to convert to Christianity.

  19. WTF? Spain did not exist it was the Visigoths!!!
    spain was created after the reconquest but that was 700 years after Islam took it over
    I am dissapointed

  20. This channel is run by a Pakistani called Kassim Javed. for the purpose of Islamic propaganda. All kafir viewing be ready for some really Golden stories about Islamic times.

  21. Thank God. Spain didn't turn out like Terrorists breeding ground like Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc

  22. Forcible conversion & enslaving womenfolk have been central to Islamism through out it's history, from days of Muhammad.
    In 21st century the shame continues from grooming gangs in Britain to Sex Slaves kept by ISIS .

  23. It seems that Terrorism & herds of assassins/mercenaries , killing sons and siblings have been pretty common to Islamism & it's story.
    Ghengis khan paid them in their own Language.

  24. Great work Spain , that 's the way to deal with Islam, even if you have one Muslim even one that bugger is likely to produce 4 to 8 kids and they will marry each other and in 15 yrs these inbreedder will make you a minority. Learn from History and do no allow refugees in your country.

  25. Muhammed founded islam muhammed false prophet first muslim Islam is Terrorist and Violent religion / organization

  26. Kkkkkk where a lot claimed religions of love and peace such Christian but comment with hatred and mocking prophet Muhammad pbuh.. and never wanted to learn a history..arrogant and selfish devilish talk

  27. I may be asking why does europe easily been captured by the arab muslims well i got the anwser beacause europe is under dark ages they are busy storming castle claimimg lands and so on they dont have time for the umayad to fight for thier homeland

  28. So arabs are ugly they quickly fell inlove with an european girl cause white is beautiful ok i get it arabs/muslims are ugly

  29. Only one white girl can topple the Muslim dynasty. Wow. Actually Muslims were contaibed by the wrath of Almighty for not following his commands.

  30. Islam screw own sister some time mother and daughter .if Islam can’t find women .give false promise (72 virgins)to kill other and get killed
    Taq taq TAQQIYA

  31. In muslim times never existed any kind of "Golden Age"! This is just cheap propaganda of this stoneage hipocrit and women-killing ideology.
    Muslim history is all about blood and war against christianism.

  32. Terrorism in Pakistan???Looks like an Indian hindu poking nose in an unrelated affair. Now Pakistan is a prey of terrorism. Pakistan suffered heaviest losses due to terrorism sponsored from abroad especially RAW via Afghan border. And remember state terrorism in Kashmir unleashed by Indian atrocities, pellets fired in innocent children's eyes, raping muslim women killing men asking for human rights. Seven hundred thousand troops in a small valley of occupied Kashmir. Mischief in Balochistan from RAW which shashi tharoor & Indian army chief calls 5th generation war. Who is Kalbhoshan Yadev, search Google to get answers, a serving Major of RAW, caught in Balochistan promoting terrorism in Pakistan. Dream of Indian hegemony in subcontinent will remain thwarted for ever. Subversion & usurping, weapons of RAW. Muslims don't like to use abusive language, for Islam teaches so. No extrapolation. Peace to all.

  33. ….the muslim rule in spain was a happy time and there was freedom of religion…." that is a tale for kids. i dont believe a word of it. jizzya exited and christians and jew must paid it

  34. I think in India this time Muslims have to pay a Jazzia tax so that they can enjoy better protection from the state. and everybody would be happy and the state can make more revenue.

  35. The fucking arabs colonialists saying that they are good in Spain. They are só good in Spain as the israelis in palestina. Ipocrites . !!!

  36. i completely lost trust and respect in your channel calling the caliph al hakkam as a homosexual man ,u contradict your self because you mention that he was more into reading books and learning so how can a person like him be homosexual doesn't make sense ,a man who follow his desires can never be educated and knowledgable, your channel resources are from the west books not from arabs books ,i will never watch your channel lies ever again

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  38. Good the most rasict country in the world, doing there own dirt work and started there own army for there on protection.🍋🍋🍒🍒🍒

  39. There's one thing wrong in this video: the mozarabic where the christians that lived under the muslim moorish kings, NOT the muslims that converted to christianity.

  40. killing killing killing the rise of killing from episode 1 to 3 its just about killing, am fed up watching Islam is a religion of peace and will always be bla bla bla

  41. Why do you concentrate on the struggles only?? Why you didn't speak about the civilisation of the Muslims and Arabs and their golden age of science and inventions. This golden age of the Muslims while the poor Europeans were in dark ages.

  42. When the Ottoman army conquered Europe they wanted the Vatican so they wanted Malta and in 1565 the great siege begun where 50 thousand Ottoman died after taken 2 from 3 cities were the leader of the Ottoman army died Draggut La Vallette and his knights won Great Siege Of Malta

  43. When they are in minority they talk about peace, fraternity , secularism, support, respect but after being in the majority what they all want is sharia the shit hole .. and they don't believe in coexisting peacefully with other religions. They know from the very beginning that it the kind of jihad once they get the majority they will not coexist with other because it's haram to live with non believers .

  44. lol this version of the ummayad history i have never heard of cannot tell if he is being serious or trolling, but seem quite convincing the one with the harem caught me off guard

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