The Esoteric Roots of Nazism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Theosophy II

But there is something very interesting After Jung, my impression is that Jung Loses the war as well, with Germany Because he couldn’t keep developing his Conceptions And connecting them precisely With the Tulku Theory, the Conception of Tulku, of the Tibetans But with a Tibetan Metaphysic In which period does it happens? In 1939 is declared the War, and it Changes as well Professor Jung, curiously He starts to put Himself, to nativize, to get ready, to regulate Himself And it starts to disappear in his Work, the Theory of Collective Unconscious and this Work you can’t get Nowhere, except a book published in Argentina “El Yo y Lo Inconsciente” (The I and the Unconscious) in 1939 There it is, the Only one, everything else, start to disappear And Jung, the most extraordinary is the Vision that he has of this Phenomenon Fair, Formidable, Precise Like some French and Swiss writers of that Epoch Like the Author of “Mu … … … And people that analyze, of this point of view, more or less, the German phenomenon And The Professor Jung, when Germany lost the War, had 3 heart attacks, one after another Because he saw that the World was falling apart, that he was falling apart, that the Work of his Life ended Because those who won, were Jews, and Freud won Just like he extended the National Socialist sectors, Carl Gustav Jung studied during years the Sacred Traditions of the whole World He created a symbolic system of Analysis and Synthesis, that during a period, was similar to the ones of The Third Reich To Serrano, he was his Path comrade, that soon left him We would need more time to know well the Sacred Rituals, which converge in the large container from where The Sacred Incese was being Burned That Lightened in the Black Uniforms of the SS This Path of Transmutation Can be the Tantra The Tantric Philosopy The Tantric Yoga That I believe That the SS also practiced But, the Path of Initiation, otherwise in India You have to ask yourself, Who is India? How do you reach India, to India’s Knowledge? When I was in India Searching, how I have explained I’ve found an awesome Book, of Tilak. Tilak was a Philosopher (Bal Gangadhar Tilak) Founder of the Congress Party, with Ghandi and a very serious Investigator I found a book of him called The Polar Home in the Vedas (The Arctic Home in the Vedas) That is “El Origen Polar / El Lugar Polar de los Vedas” And it proved, how all the Philosophy, and the Tradition Hindu, came from the North Pole From a Civilization of the North Pole and he proved by interpretations of Vedic verses Of such an way, that you can see that the Conquerors of India, are the Ancient Hyperboreans That when this Continent disappear, such a Catasthrope That … the Pole, etc They pass through the Desert of Gobi, which wasn’t a Desert And they create a Great Civilization Whose remains were found, Professor … made an study about it When this Civilization disappears, mysteriously, and this is very important The Genesis, the only interesting Book of the famous Bible Because it seems to be an Antediluvian book It has been transpolated, changed, falsified Largely refers to emigration and the pilgrimage in the Desert of Gobi The Statue of Salt (Lot’s wife) … But the 40 years of the desert (Moses Pilgrimage) are about the Desert of Gobi That (Moses) does it for himself, but in reality are our Hyperborean/Aryan Tribes That migrates and go to India And in India They found cities, like Shambhala and Agartha To protect themselves of future Catastrophes Now, this Hindu Philosophy, is a Polar Philosophy, therefore, deeply Western Western, so to say, but deeply White, of the White Race, Aryan Now, this Tradition, is wasted in America (continent) The True name of America is …-Mandalam Or, the White Continent Here you have the Legend of the White Gods And is here (in America) where I get this Initiation, that is Polar, deeply Polar And that takes me to India, to establish the Contacts Now, I must be honest, I didn’t reach this kind of Knowledge Before knowing Hitlerism If I didn’t come to the Hitlerism first, and reach the Initiation before Because I must say to you, and Italy is very involved in this Because of a great Friend and Comrade, a very cult Italian That he finds out before I am in Chile, curiously I was in Cultural attaché, in the War years That’s why I came back to Europe, to search the Sources of all of this And then, although Hitlerism brought me to This The real Background of Hitlerism, I came to know precisely because of this Tradition … Ernst Schäfer was a young naturist, passionated with the Alpine Flora that died recently in Hamburg The young man, studied in the University of Berlim There he became enthusiastic about the projects, promoted by the German Government of the Third Reich Like SS Ahnenerbe He traveled to India, Nepal and finally to the Himalayas And in 1939, he was the first White interviewed personally by Dalai Lama These inedited images, were taken from the movie filmed during the Expediction Schöfer in Tibet during 1939 Since India, Schöfer and another 4 Germans and their Guides, went to the Sacred Mountains of Himalaya And they reached the Capital, Lassa, where Dalai Lama lived In the course of this Journey, they found a lot of difficulties, but, they ended up discovering a terriotory, totally Virgin So in the Social aspect, as in Ambiental As well the point of view that was in the most interest of Them, that were the Magic and Religious Tibetan Practices Of the Bön Tradition This is the most significant moment of the National Socialist Search in the Orient With the support of Wolfran (not Wolfgang) Sievers, and even Himmler Himself, Schöfer achieved Schöfer achieved, despite the difficulties, collect to the Ahnenerbe The origins of the … All necessary permissions The project was to carry out the studies about the Fauna & Flora of the Himalaya Also understand something about the Tantric religions The Tribal expressions, and the Shamanism that survived in the Bombo Tribes Previous to their worship of Buddhism That, otherwise were more recent The Germans gave a lot of importance to these Rituals, Bön As it shows in the Swastika, symbol of National Socialism, that for sure has a very Ancient Origin Precisely, the Bön, were the first ones to use this Symbol Which to 7000 years before, represented the Sun and the Time Course

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