The Divine Gift: A Guided Voice Meditation Soothing Hypnosis By Jason Stephenson

mooo my name is Jason Stephenson and welcome to this guided meditation for reconnecting with the divine creativity of the universe perhaps you seek inspiration for a creative work or maybe you simply crave additional insight into a persistent problem whatever you need will be given to you although you may not receive it in a form that you do not and cannot expect at this present moment know that even though you may not recognize this gift simply working through this meditation practice sets the universe's machinery in motion in order to provide you a solution and help bring it to life this meditation is different from my other recordings instead of guiding you through a visualization I will help you tap into your own intuition and the guidance of the universe and higher power all around you at times you may feel you are getting nowhere this is normal reach deeper into your intuition and the mysteries of the world around and within you your conscious mind automatically puts up blocks meditating at a more creative nonlinear level can sometimes be frightening or frustrating and your conscious mind wants to keep you happy and safe with this in mind take a moment to reassure your logical rational brain that this is a safe space no matter what you experience you will return more hole than when you begin this meditation you will emerge with greater wisdom and perhaps even divine inspiration with this in mind let us begin our meditation making sure you're in a comfortable position either sitting or lying down and that no distractions will come as you do this meditation this is your time in and breathing out and breathing in again breathe in peace and on your breath out let go of tension or worry during this meditation if your thoughts drift off simply guide them back at any time to your breathing or my voice and there's no need to be harsh on yourself if you lose focus just guide yourself gently back we will be working at a deeper level than you may have during other meditation practices with this in mind it is critical that we together begin to loosen our hold on daily life in order to sink deeper into stillness so take a few moments here to breathe a little deeper this seeing any thoughts or worries that appear in your mind tension in your muscular and skeletal systems I will leave you space to reconnect with yourself and I will return in a few moments breathe and release your thoughts let go of tension let go of expectation let go of any pain in this moment your breath is the only thing that your attention follows follow the slow rhythm of your breath and allow it to guide you deeper into your relaxation so often we think of the universe as a galaxy far away from here but the universe in its infinity dwells even within our own experience this is why during this meditation we will be journeying deep into the earth past its armored crust through its mantle of liquid rock and to a temple more ancient than humanity itself so imagine if you will that you are standing outside in a familiar park or wild area ahead of you lies a great stone arch supporting an enormous rectangular boulder forms the headpiece they are weathered smooth except for a few faint engravings you cannot read them but you know they beckon you forward down a staircase cut into the foundations of the earth itself you take the first step down this staircase passing from the brightness of the sunlight above into the reddish glow of the rocks around you the air here is warmer than where you left comfortable heat radiating from the magma that lies around these stairs the walls and ceiling of this tunnel these stairs leading downwards have markings itched into the rock which match those of the Gateway describe the tunnel as sacred and safe this is a place to connect and to challenge they seem to say will not emerge from this place unchanged with this in mind continue your journey downward noticing the walls of the tunnel gradually changing from red to God and as you walk further and further into the mantle of the earth you begin to notice some music drum like in the distance it will continue growing louder and louder as you continue to the temple that lies far below let the music and your breathing guide you forward down the staircase I will join you again when you reach the door to the temple you will know you have reached this place when the music of the drum changes until then continue your journey by following your breath greetings again friend and welcome to the core of the earth to the temple placed here when she was fresh and new we stand here together next to the threshold of a deeply spiritual place only one of us is able to cross into the temple but you are strong and wise enough to pass through on your own perhaps as you enter into this place the voice of the earth and the universe through it will speak to you in the depths of your heart I have been to this temple myself and so I will guide you into your own sacred experience with the help of this music and the rhythms of the earth all around us so when you are ready allow yourself to cross this stone threshold into a dark room your intuition will guide you forward you along the short path and up the three stairs to the cool stone diets you sit down on this stone surface feeling the way it perfectly supports your body almost as if it was made just for you it is dark now kind of dark comforting and warm like a favorite blanket as you sit here read with your breath no matter what you experience here in the core or anywhere else in your vision field life your breath connects you not only to your body but to the very essence of life itself feel the air around you being gently with the rhythms of your respiration as you recenter yourself in this moment and as you find yourself connecting again with this continuous flow the flow of time itself a single candle flickered to life on the dais in front of you watch it's flame flickering a little bit then growing steady as you breathe a little slower soon another appears a pinprick in the darkness each of these candles represents your deepening connection to the higher power that dwells in all things as you breathe more fully this link grows stronger and another candle appears soon the temple will be filled with a soft glow of a hundred thousand candles safe to the touch and lit by your breath watch them now come to life the candles burn the first of many signs that will be given to you for now let there light which flickers the slightest bit with your inhalation and exhalation guide you into stillness as you breathe you hear the music again the sister to that which you heard on the stairs outside breath is in all things animates all things even at the core even at total stillness breath still moves breath is movement and therefore everything living or nonliving breathes animals and plants breathe the air stars and planets move and shift absorbing and releasing gaseous material at a pace slower than the eye can see humans change and evolve touched by the environment within and outside them breath is movement breath is the life in all things the higher power or greater intelligence that guards or breath is divine here at the core you are one with this breath when you look closely you can see that the candles undulate rising and falling the rhythm of the music around you this is the breath of the divine you have focused on your breathing in many meditations you have centered yourself on respiration throughout this practice now however is your time to breathe the tempo of the universe feel its energy all around you enveloping you this energy this breath lies within you too and the subtle unconscious change in your breathing proves it allow it to overtake your body mind and spirit guiding you into unity with everything around you [Applause] Oh you you feel this connection all around you from the warmth in your body to the gentle rolling of your inhales and exhales at this very moment you find yourself at one with the divine and if you ask for it a sign shall be given to you when you are ready turn your palms to face upward and take a deep inhale filling your lungs to the bottom most lobes and as you sigh this air out every candle around you blows out and the cavern walls erupt into undulating vibrant orange dancing magma liquid rock it moves slowly rolling and twirling to the tempo of the music and the divine breath within you gently swaying walls surrounding a profoundly sacred reality this is the mirror the place where whatever you ask for shall be revealed feel yourself rise to a standing position surrounded by this mesmerizing color and motion it dance to the music moving in rhythm and tempo with the core of the earth itself give over or thoughts as you follow a dance that is more ancient than all things you have previously encountered him [Applause] and now as you sway with the music that has played for billions of years the breadth of the earth moves to speak ask what you will it says you will be shown what you seek in the dance of the lava around you and so it will be for as you continue your dance answers in some form will appear dance then and breathe United with all that surrounds you an ancient and instinctual ceremony that transcends everything else breathe [Applause] you it's time now to release this meditation and return up the stairs to where you began this meditation know that at any time you seek any answers you can return to this meditation counting down now from ten to one ten nine coming back now slowly stepping up the stairs eight seven returning to your body six five four climbing the stairs beginning to stretch out your muscles three two one wiggling your fingers and toes and back into your present surroundings well you


  1. This meditation is now available on iTunes: Thank you for your support.

  2. Nice! I saw this as connecting with earth, nature and the universe in a somewhat sensual way! Very creative. Blessings

  3. Oops. I didn't know this meditation would plunge me into total darkness. That's my one little problem bit of PTSD leftover from the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. I wanted to quit, but stayed with it. Ended with my bed sheets totally twisted. Yikes! But I did it! Whew!

  4. I am sorry..misprint..jason YOU are the one with The Divine Gift. My son in last week's has been very ill and you have helped me so so much through this.I thank you for your meditations for they have comforted me and given me inner strength.god bless you..always….

  5. Amazing I am not a religious person but I do connect with nature and believe in the goodness within us all. I was surprised how emotional I felt after I had completed this meditation. The music is wonderful as well, the drum beats and rhythm remind me a little of aborigine music. Another one saved to my playlists to enjoy again. Thanks 💖

  6. are by far my FAVOURITE guided meditation person…your meditations are AMAZING!

    I stumbled upon you when I was drawn to Sedona after doing a meditation of my own and was pondering the actuality of going there. I ended up finding your Sedona meditation and it was the most POWERFUL meditation I had been a part of up until that point. I was not able to visit physically but your meditation put me right there..I WAS there (I raved about that to almost everyone I spoke to)! lol

    I gain SO much insight from your meditations and when participating..i'am unequivocally connected to source on a deep level.

    With absolute gratitude for all that you do..thank you! I love you 🙂 💜

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