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hi everyone I provide predictions and
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see how you like it okay and I’m also what they call an ascended
master channeler in New Age spirituality or essentially a channeler of very
divine beings highly divine beings ascended beings all the way to the point
of gods and goddesses okay now in a video that I published today I
did a channeling of the Hindu god Shiva last year I did a channeling of Jesus
Christ and Mother Mary on video for you all to watch I promise to do a
channeling of a Hindu God I have done that and finally completed that today
for all of you on video and all of a sudden at the end of that Shiva
channeling I thought you know why don’t I channel Siddhartha Gautama Buddha or
the Buddha the absolute form of the Buddha because I do have many kinds who
are Buddhists as well and so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do on this video
I do hope you enjoy if it’s my treat to you okay
I do encourage you to visit my spiritual education blog for a lot of other
content multiple channelings of Jesus Christ month and mother Mary Tupac
Shakur as well okay now let’s go ahead and get started okay my spiritual blog
is at Golden Sun for a slash blog okay now let me see if I can get
the Buddha coming in all these channelings take a lot of energy okay
let me see let’s get this focus okay he smiles at me okay I was just
trying to reach him he smiles smiles bag very gentle smile so I’m gonna turn the
camera to the notebook because I like to transcribe some of these more divine
channelings so I’m gonna do my best to transcribe as word-for-word whatever I
can get I hope you can see that and I hope the
camera does not fall okay very clear consciousness being very I am a very he
declares I am very clear consciousness as clear crisp like they like a very
clear crisp a blue sky blue sky the clouds are like the flowers cut were the
club where the clouds where the clouds are flowers around me this is his rationality this is his
crown chakra crown chakra okay he’s referring to crown chakra and the mana
and the manifestation of the crown his crown chakra that in like what form it
is in very radiant radiant he says like a king’s crown radiant like a king’s
like a king’s crown all-knowing all-knowing wisdom wisdom is truly held
their wisdom wisdom wisdom is found in me wisdom very important word for him
wisdom he resonates a lot of positive energy he gives to me as soon as I say
the word wisdom a lot of positive energy coming from Sri Buddha should be Buddha
ji um Vishnu a Hindu god Vishnu my love my love love for me love there’s a like
a connection there’s love for me for Vishnu Balaji right
to God he refers to Vishnu so for those of you who may not know but still in
either worship a Buddha or our Buddhist he has connections in India okay in in
the reincarnation he had on this earth that is the most profound one that is to
be found written in text he has a connection in India and of course to
Hindu beings okay or those beings found in sanatana-dharma
divine beings um Vishnu love like like ooh like like
hugging so close like intimacy like like this like being one attachment
attachment okay attachment a lot of love purity
kissing kissing there’s a lot of love here okay um what else work toward work
toward clear rationale this is what the word nee world needs rationale like
clear minds the mind being so important to develop the mind being so so
important mind is the key to transformation and transformational
growth not transformation but transformational growth of one self of
one spirit of one self meaning each one of you watching the mind work toward a
more clear rationality expression of like clear rational the mind mind is the
key it is the key literally does solution to transformational growth so
like the problems you face like he says money money men women children poverty
he lays out all these like he’s giving me all this like heavy stuff and
deterioration like like the deterioration we see in the earth right
in its history right now or what is it its current state right now which you
know with every passing second becomes its history this deterioration the mind
the mind is the key to all of these issues all of these transform this
transformational growth the mind is the key the mind will
solve all of this the mind but the mind also requires clear rational work toward
clear clear rationales rationales rationality true rationality spirituality will assist spirituality
assists spirituality a central spiritual your own like he says your own like he
goes like this with his hands to me in division like like your own little
things like each one of you so you may be a Christian watching you may be a
specific religion that even I may not know of you may be a Scientologist
whatever you are your or you or you may be a Hindu or whatever it is right you
may be Jain you may be sorrel a streon whatever or or you may believe it very
specifically in the religion of ancestors right whatever your belief
systems are each one of them from each one of them spirituality helps so go
toward them he says go toward them go toward them like go toward your
individual spiritual beliefs seeking this the enhancement of the mind this so
spirituality assists it assists in the mind becoming the key to your
transformational growth and the transformational growth of all these ID
Territory deterioration problems spirituality spirituality is positive
it’s a positive in the eyes of our our eyes like these higher consciousness
beings money is a fruit money is a fruit money
is a fruit is a fruit so remember how see it this way if you see it this way
you will like there’s an enhancement in how well you can make money or how well
you can do money is a fruit see it that way meaning it just doesn’t come for
free like it does you have to plant for it right fruit is like the the end
result you have to plan for it you have to sow the seeds see money as a fruit
this is the way to see money not to be given or taken without actually digging
your hands deep into the ground gardening and planting and watching
carefully and keeping your eyes on what you are trying to plant and make it grow
and what you’re trying to make a grow money is a fruit he says if you see it
this way you’re gonna be on a better track or an enhanced track to making
more of this fruit see money that way not to be gained freely something like
this easy comes easy it’s very interesting you think that is the easy
come easy go easy come easy go but it’s sort of like the in in very
fascinating is at the East Asian traditions of the Austin theologies and
philosophies spiritual philosophies religious philosophies are often include
the sharpest channelers the most aware the crisps like the crispest if that’s
even a word the most crispy channelers of truth that’s very interesting so easy
come easy go in fact that is a truth like I almost want to say for him
hashtag truth right that’s just me okay adding trying to help you explain the
energy when he says easy come easy go he shows me like I like the lucky Buddha
the lucky Buddha avatar right of thar the lucky Buddha where the coins come
out right like coins he gives coins or something like
this the lucky Buddha the lucky Buddha he shows us what do you want to say
about that I am him I am him I am him I am also possessor of these Goods
because I’ve transcended I’ve really transcended all the material like I’ve
transcended all of this this materiality and therefore he couldn’t he has
complete dominance and control over that there’s it’s almost like you know we’ve
heard also like I don’t know completely the story of Buddha off the top of my
head but I believe he was born like King Li or in well-to-do follow find Society
you know and you’ve also heard in for example certain Saints maybe Saint
Francis who gave up his very wealthy community and family lifestyle to live
in the forest and be a hermit and you know do spiritual work these beings they
transcend just like he says I am the lucky Buddha I am him and I because I’ve
transcended materiality I control it now completely I have common in Sauveur it
it is my domain it is within my domain which is fascinating right sometimes
when we let go or we understand how to handle this properly certain or material
energies or objects we ultimately end up they end up being part of our territory
our domain we have control over them like taming the Beast or lion right
something like that very interesting he’s he says back to me that’s very
interesting he likes the analogy I used like the lion taming the lion like
similar to the strength card in the Tarot that we see right the woman taming
the lion the woman with the infinite wisdom like the Buddha taming the lion
he likes that he likes that I just said smiles a lot to me his mantra om mani padme hum om mani
padme hum om mani padme hum om mani padme hum sounds like sounds going
through this entire like ocean that is a universe like an ocean and this this
sound verb reverberates adjusted all the way everywhere it’s there it goes
through and it comes back this is one mantra to that can be used to connect
with divine beings or to transcend its echo it’s an echo it’s a community also
communication echo of communication something like this echo of
communication all mani padme hum between his dimension the higher dimensions and
our dimension the 3d dimension were living in all mani padme hum echo of
communication that’s what he calls it peace peace peace peace peace heart
heart love peace and love heart we worry he speaks on behalf of these divine
beings we worry for the children ly worry for children honor the young
spirit reincarnating and warring childhood we worry for the children on
earth we worry for them it’s one of the biggest concerns in fact I’ve gotten
this message in many channelings that I’ve done privately with these divine
beings including Jesus Christ and Mother Mary they worry for the children the
kind of what the children experience the karmic effects young spirits as well
worrying for the children worried for the children those in childhood on this
earth right now worrying for the children who’s a lot to worry about for
them so there’s a sense of these divine beings when they mean worry you know
these are divine beings are not like running over the place and frantic but
they are very watchful and they are very concentrated in their focus upon the
livelihoods and the lifestyles that children get
– now on earth so that’s what they mean by dough using the word worry okay but
remember these divine beings they don’t worry worry is an earth world it’s a 3d
world emotion feeling comes up principle right that comes into manifestation in
humans and even animals water water giving him water you know water a day
water is good you know tap water tap water like in a bowl small bowl
something you can do if you worship Buddha giving him some water with a
flower in it would be good flower for him with a small flower in it or some
flower you know one flower peace in the water would be good to give us an
offering to buddha once every day yeah like generosity like the way money works
like it’s like money when we give money this is the way of giving money to the
gods like when people pay me for tarot readings and not ask everything not us
for free ones right because as Shiva said in the Shiva the Hindu god said in
the previous channeling money is a transfer of energy when we use it it’s a
transfer of energy it’s a very special penis transfer of energy and intention
so giving him giving Shri Buddha ji water with a flower in it you know daily
or regularly not daily but regularly he says to me right now it’s like giving
money to him generous money being generous to him for him toward him a lot of focus on children you keep
saying this to me children children very important for him there reminds me of
actually that the lucky Buddha right the Buddha where I think a lot of people rub
his belly he has a very strong connection to pregnancy and children
children um that’s a strong belief I believe in East Asia that idea
there’s connection with children celebrate me in all different ways I am
Who I am okay I am Who I am I like no not I am I said I am Who I am
excuse me says I am I am like I am what I am I am Who I am that’s what he’s
saying I am I am okay I am celebrating me in all different ways you can you
know many people have different ways of worshipping particular divine beings he
remains who he is or he is who he is irrespective of whichever way you
celebrate him he were being truly to celebrate with heart right but love most
key message I would say most concrete useful message I don’t want to say like
nothing here is not useful but or not everything here is you so everything is
useful but one of the most useful messages here is this this message about
the mind working toward clear rational the mind is a key to transformational
growth for each one of you watching and it is in fact the solution to all these
problems that the earth world is deterioration that it is currently
experiencing and spirituality is a key facet of that it assists in the
accomplishment of this this mind that is capable of then transformational growth
okay okay so I hope you enjoyed this entry
in channeling I thought I’d do it when the energy was really good I just
completed channeling the Hindu god Shiva so I thought I would channel
Buddha ji for the Buddhists watching for those of you interested in Buddha or
Buddhist principles for those of you who worship Buddha this is my treat to you I
hope you enjoyed it definitely you know catch all of the interesting free
spiritual education I provide on my blog at Golden Sun Life dot-com /blog and
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various videos I have here channelings of Jesus Christ’s mother Mary Tupac
Shakur the channeling of the Hindu god Shiva and definitely share these videos
ok these are very special channeling is not everyone can do this not everyone
can effectively channel these beings okay so definitely share share this this
knowledge this wisdom okay with family friends whoever you know okay thank you
very much


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