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Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David
Oliverio that is I. Let’s continue with the benefits of eighty is two societies
we will discuss today does religion really correlate with societal health we
discuss that in part 1 and how the Christian world deal is the more Jesus
the more churches the more religion and the more people we can reach claim
christians that societal health will benefit that humanity will benefit that
countries and cities we’ll all benefit from hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ
again in the Bible it says righteousness exalts a nation and again a second
chronicles 7:14 your book says it might people which are called by my name will
humble themselves seek my face and pray and turn from their wicked ways then God
will heal your land and bring about societal health well I’m here to give
you facts I’m not here to make you feel good because it may not make you feel
good I’m going to give you data and facts today i will discuss does religion
correlate with societal health and we will talk about the report called the
Human Development Report and this was commissioned by the UN Development
Programme this report ranks a hundred and seventy seven nations on a human
development Development Index which measures societal health through
indicators now this is what we’ve done with this is what we will do today I
will show you the indicators of true societal health and I’ll give you the
facts and that here are the indicators life expectancy at birth adult literacy Sri illiteracy rate can’t
speak today per capita income educational attainment
poverty rates homicide rates suicide rates and gender equality all very good
indicators of societal health in a community now those of you that are
Christians and other religious leaders I’m sure you believe because you’re told
again then if your religion is infused into a particular society like many
preachers I talked to him any questions they tell me we believe that if we turn
a city over to Jesus that crime rate will decline that poverty rates will
decline that all good will happen watch a shiny turns to Jesus or all of
creation and wherever your God maybe now I want to give you a couple little data
showed that in fact let’s take homicide homicide or murder otherwise known as
murder right a great indicator of that would be
society’s I guess you would say this is the number one crime that people used to
determine societal helping each community is the murder rate in the
United States of America back in the nineteen nineties there were 15
homicides or murders per every 100,000 people now christians tell me all the
time all David were living in the last days things are horrible and a preacher
tell me last week when I was at sowing seeds of doubt to different churches
talking to Christians under the bridge here in downtown Austin when I feed the
homeless with my friends we talked to Kristen’s as well let me know that were
a tedious and we’re doing good just like the Christians many Christian preachers
and others tell me that we as a country or decline are becoming more income and
less moral were becoming immoral and we need to turn back to God we need the
message of Jesus in order for crime rate to the kind well facts are we have
declined we have declined from fifteen on both sides per 100,000 all the way down to five
homicides per 100,000 since the nineteen nineties well things are getting better
the way I see it crime rate you’re lowering and there’s a
correlation between two side or health and organic eight years I’m not
Christianity now the index here we talked about the Human Development Index
does give us the top five countries are planning her with the highest suicide of
Health member measured by these particular indicators now to read to you
the top five countries on the list and I want you to listen to be very closely
number one on the list I wish I had a drummer elaire mark my producer maybe
can get in trouble here we go is it the United States of America God
country is it one of the other countries with a high percentage of Christianity
well my dear Christian friends number one on the list is Norway Norway has a
very high percentage of organic eighty-some number two on the list with
Sweden no surprise number three on the list of societal
health using these many indicators Australia number four on the list are
friendly neighbors to the north Canada number five on the list of
societal health worldwide the Netherlands so why do we say that the
united states of america is not even mentioned in the top 20 he’s at Western
countries civilized countries where the rate of atheism is much higher and
Christianity religion is much lower all top 25 on the Human Development
Index had the highest percentage of organic atheism knowledge in
education promote right living my dear Christian friends not belief in the
supernatural if you want to understand facts and data and you want reality he’s
got open up your mind and be objective in your thinking about holding on to a
book like this and preaching this book and spreading the seed of the gospel of
Jesus Christ does not promote societal health and sorry to tell you but this is
the fact the countries in Africa the country’s and parts of Asia all the
religious countries where there is a higher percentage of belief in the
Christian God the God of Islam saying God different Judaism Hinduism these
countries do not have high society help their murder rates are higher the crime
right too high poverty is higher the list goes on and on I’m giving you facts
and data now want to give you one more thing keeping us very short today I want
to leave with you my dear Christian trends of religious friends something
else to chill upon think about I’m gonna read for you probably the top 20 list
here mentioned the highest countries on earth where there is organic atheism we
look at the percentage number one on the list of the top 50 countries containing
the largest percentage of people who identify as atheist that’s me agnostic or non-believers in a
particular God whether you’re so secularist humanist atheist and agnostic
or all the above number one on the list no surprise Sweden anywhere from 15
eighty-five percent of people don’t really believe in a god vietnam 81% very very high no surprise
Denmark number three up to 80% ATS Norway number for Japan
Czech Republic Finland French South Korea Estonia Germany no surprise Russia
hungry Netherlands Britain Belgium skip down the number twenty or friendly
neighbors to the north canada none of these countries I mention have a high
level high percentage of God believers these are more sexualized countries we
go down to 23 Switzerland number twenty five Australian our friendly Aussie
friends these are all countries would I higher level of organic atheism a higher
level of societal health sad to say how United States of America on this list
comes out that number forty-four with a percentage between three to nine percent
of people in america that say they’re either a kiss agnostic humanist
secularist too low for me but your Christian friends I will not stop
speaking I would not stop showing she called out to magical believers until I
do one is hurt and I hope fellow atheists and fellow free thinkers will
understand the importance of letting our light so shine before men not that
someone receives the glory like jesus said in Matthew five we let our light of
reason shine we let the light of humanism shot
we let the light rational thinking shiny enlightenment shine so that hopefully we
can reach those that are still holding onto this book and other religions
because you think my dear Christian friends as I used to think as a young
preacher that more people that believe in this all the society will increase it
will be a healthier society I’m here to tell you my dear Christian friends and
others that believe in God’s this is not the fact this is not truth what you’ve
heard in this book by your pictures to truth
remains societies with less cuddly for healthier than society’s with God belief
tri-coat with that hope that helps you to understand and to begin to think and
use your mind over faith thank you for watching the preaching humanists have a
wonderful day

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