The 2017 Asian Humanism Conference – Don Paez

The best message that I can think of with regards to humanism and what’s the best message a humanist politician could give to the population is that everybody should be empowered to make his or her own decision. Everybody has the capability to think about what is right and wrong. This is why humanism espouses democracy as the best form of government. Populism might seem like nationalism at first glance. However, the problem with populism is that it takes responsibility away from the individual and passes it on to another individual; a leader, and gives almost 100% authority on what should and should be done. That means that an individual becomes disempowered. He isn’t really thinking for himself about what’s right or wrong but assigns that responsibility and burden to an individual. This may work in some cases if the individual that’s assigned power to is benevolent. However, there’s a very strong possibility that this can fail because even if the individual that power is assigned to is benevolent, the advisors that surround him or her might not be. And the best statement that a humanist politician can give is that each and everyone should be able to think on their own should be able to act upon their own, and should be responsible in what they may do, or say, or think.

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