Thanks to George Bush, We converted to Islam !!


  1. SalaamAlaikum, Alhamdulillah very true each day I see many are getting to know about Islam , MASHALLAH .
    May ALLAH guide many more brothers and Sisters to Islam, Ameen.
    May ALLAH reward you, Ameen.

  2. Yuo're not sure. It's only a belief, and one that you want to satisfy.

    I agree that's better to die for something (freedom for others for example). But please don't yearn for dying for something for which there is no evidence.

    That's why so many deaths are suffered in wars facilitated by religion.

  3. Yes.

    I was born into a Christian culture and later dabbled in Islam. I never became a Muslim. When I was born I knew my mother's breast long before I knew God. I was always rebellious against religion – and being brought up in a permissive world, I got away with it.

    Almost everyone in my family and extended family is an apostate of one kind or another.

    I don't hate you if you're religious, but I don't like religion. I'm not the most moral person but lead a happy life and try to be decent!

  4. Yes I am married and in love. I've also loved more than one woman but never – at least after marriage – done anything about it. I love my wife best.

    Regarding God; this is a very long discussion, and at times we shall have to go back to early childhood and various moments in history and myth.

    500 characters isn't enough. We need 5 million just to start!

  5. "When I was born I knew my mother's breast long before I knew God"

    I found that statement interesting.Bcoz as Muslims we beleive all babies have an innate knowledge of God.

    Anyway I suggest you visit my profile and check my playlist on the proof that Islam is the truth

  6. "we believe all babies have an innate knowledge of God."

    Precisely – it's a belief. Nobody else should have to adhere to such a belief.

  7. timboslayer-OK I think I got your point.perhaps you are asking whether we have proof for Islamic beleifs.

    I suggest you check my profile for my playlist Proofs that Islam is the Truth:Quran & Science,Prophecies

  8. expeldarkness: from your comments it seems you havent read about or even studied the basics of islaam!.

  9. we are not muhammadans…. we do not worship muhammad. We are Muslims, meaning those who submit to God. You Christians worship Christ and hence call yourself christians. Jesus never ordered you to worship him. There is not a single verse in the Bible in which Jesus says anything along the lines of "I am god, worship me". Something as fundamental as this in your own creed must have a strong evidence. And that strong evidence does not exist.

  10. The son of God in the bible is only metaphorical. Examples of prophets in the bible that were called "son of God": Jacob (a.k.a Israel) in Exodus 4:22-23, Solomon in 2nd Samuel 8:13-14, Ephraim in Jeremiah 31:9, the Angels in book of Job 1:6, and Prophet David in Psalms 2:7 (Prophet David was actually described as the BEGOTTEN son of God). Therefore, there is no strong proof that the word "son of God" in the Bible means the literal son of God. But it was misused by Paul to comply with paganism

  11. Show me where in the bible Jesus claims he's god

    SHow me where in the bible Jesus says worship me

    It really is simple – he doesnt. But i understand why you choose not to convert

    Its the burden that will follow it .. how will your friends feel what will your parents say

    BUt my grandpa was this and his father was that

  12. I am not surprised because MOST Americans are closed minded about other religions and cultures. That is the honest truth. Because every American that I have met did not know anything about other religions or cultures. But I like the fact that some of them are willing to learn.

  13. I am South African and I have never come across an Adult person that doesnt know what Islam is..they at the least know its a religion. Muslims are all over this place and we have more mosques here than most countries…you literally have a mosque or prayer room in almost every suburb…very very difficult to not know what Islam is over here. Surprised by his story about Jack.

  14. MashaAllah Sheikh told a good story making a good point but may i say one thing brother/sister? you should've let him finish with the verse he was going to quote, would've been nicer

  15. I hope this is a good upload, But I can't get the english SUBtitles…Nothing happens when I press the arrow.

    JazakhALLAH Khairan…

  16. 9/11, suicide bomings, terrorisim etc, are acts which are strictly forbiden in islaam, and the message of islaam is not conveyed by way of them.

  17. @iaa88 I'm not referring to the use of your calendar, rather the fact, originally there were over 260 pagan gods worshipped by Arabs, Allah included. But around the time of Muhammad, someone (not saying who 🙂 ) decided since it was the trend to have only one god, they should too. So this person (not saying who) chose Allah, the moon god to be God and out came a new religion. I don't know why this is ignored. I think one should have full knowledge if they are to devote their life to something.

  18. @iaa88 The non muslim like to promote that Allah is the Moon God. But actually , it does correct, Allah does created the moon. Well Christians is the "Cross God". What ever. No where in the quran, it says to worship the moon. That is just lame reason by non muslim to put islam down. Noh Noh Noh…

  19. @onejeremytogo Your information is very wrong. For thousands opf years Arab Christians, Muslims and Jews all call God as Allah. There were 360 not 260 idols that the pagans of Mecca erected in Kaabah but Allah IS NOT ONE OF THEM because Allah is the God. Their religious condition was like the Catholics of today. They used the idols/ saints for the Catholics to MEDIATE for them to Allah. Please read before you start commenting because ignorance is not a bliss…its disgustingly funny!

  20. بارك الله فيك يا صاحب المقطع وارجوا ان يجعله الله في ميزان حسناتك

  21. في واحد بريطاني يكلمني عن الاسلام .. يقولي انتو بالمساجد والخطب تتكلمون كيف تقتلو الغير مسلمين
    حاولت اقنعه مو راضي يقتنع
    مقطعك مع الترجمه بتاخذ فيهم اجر باذن الله رح ادزه له

  22. @cocacolaligification it your problem and Islam is greet Religion and not made by people made by god , about the pig why we don't eat pig because he eat his shit chic this web you will see …..

  23. بارك الله فيك يا صاحب المقطع وارجوا ان يجعله الله في ميزان حسناتك

  24. allah forgive me.
    but, i imagine two crack'eads lookin up 'islam' in the internet, then looked at each other and said 'We like it'.
    man, that image is very awkward.

  25. One thing I respect about many Westerners is that when they do not know something, they go out of their way to find out. Many of us Muslims think that they're close-minded people and stuff, but this really isn't true for the majority.

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