Take the Leap of Faith In Spite of Your Fears

[Music] I want to talk to you today about the
importance of taking the leap and being courageous in spite of
your doubts and fears. It’s the only way to grow spiritually,
emotionally, in a relationship, in your profession, in your
career. It’s the only way to grow, to take the leap in spite
of your fears and doubts. So my birthday’s coming up
this week. I’m turning 60. So that’s a big significant birthday.
And so I’ve spent the past few weeks, I’m kind of in this period
of reflecting on my life, what I’ve achieved, what I’ve enjoyed, what I regret. So it’s a very interesting
time for me to explore that. And the one thing that stands out for me
that I really appreciate about myself, and that’s what I want to
offer you today as a gift, because if you’re looking at the, you probably have this
capacity in you as well. And that is the courage that I’ve had in
all areas of my life to take a big leap into the unknown, really not knowing what
the result is going to be, and having my doubts and having my fears. I’m not fearless and I’m not doubtless. And I rationalize and I postpone when
when I’m doubtful and when I’m scared. But something in me pushes me forward. And so in all areas of
my life, in my studies, in my career, in my
relationship with my spouse, in my parenting, in my
friendships, in my work, in everything I do, I’ve set a goal. I’ve been scared to do it. It seems
insurmountable and yet I do it. And the period of doubt can be long. It can be a few months and
it can be really scary. And I just feel, why am I doing
this? And it’s never going to work. It’s kind of futile. But then I end up doing it. And that is the one thing that is the
most important thing to your growth is to set your goal on something and then go
do it in spite of your fears and doubts. Take the leap. You know, courage
is not the absence of fear, but the conquering of your fear. And so you can read all the spiritual
books that you want and you can go to all the spiritual lectures and all the
spiritual and as long as you’re a passive consumer, a passive listener, it’s going to change things in you,
but very small and incremental. It’s not going to make the big shift
because the spiritual teacher in the workshop or in the book or in the talk
that you’re listening to is standing on stage and being courageous.
They weren’t born like this. They felt a calling and they took the
leap and they conquered their fear and their self doubt. They might be standing on stage and
are feeling stressed and nervous, but they still standing on stage.
What Brene Brown would call, they’re in the arena. They’re
taking the risk to be in the arena, to live the life that they want to
live. And so the same is for you. You can surf the internet on black Friday
or cyber Monday and just look for all the programs that promise you a quick fix. Something where you don’t
need to do anything and it
will just happen to you and it doesn’t work that way.
You need to do the step. You need to start walking
the path of your life. Or you need to do the next
phase, pivot to the next stage, transition to something new that will
take you further on your path to the life that you fully want to live. So first of all, it doesn’t have to be as scary
as our fear tells us it is. Just do it because once you jump
into what seems like an abyss, it’s a very low jump. It’s never as huge as we fear it is. So the more you’re just
fearing and not doing it, the bigger it becomes, the scarier
it becomes. And then when you do it, it wasn’t that bad. And you can always break something
down into small tasks and small steps. So you might have a big dream regarding
your relationship or your life career. Well, just break it down into small steps and
suddenly it’s just one small step and then another small step and then another
small step which eventually would take you to this big vision that you have. So breaking it down as another
way of doing it. And then finally, the joy, the exhilaration, the expansiveness that you experience
when you’ve achieved something, when you’ve done something, when you’ve conquered a fear or something
that you didn’t think you were able of doing and you’ve done it.
The joy, the contentment, that inner peace, the pleasure that you will experience
and that you probably have experienced in your life when you’ve, things like
that is so big and so worth it, that just keep going, keep going. But you need to be the
one to take the step. You can ask someone to hold your hand. You can break it down to
smaller chunks, but keep going. Take the step. If somebody teaches you something
about how to experience more happiness, practice what they teach,
you don’t just say, okay, well this is how I could do it,
or this is how they’re doing it. It’s just another teaching.
I’m not feeling happy just
by listening to them. No, go practice. Because the contentment and the joy and
the bliss and the inner peace exists in small, profoundly simple exercises and
profoundly simple practices. So go do them. And within
minutes you will grow. You will change. You’ll be the
teacher for someone in your life, in your work, in your
family, in your friendships. So practice this, take this in and know
that I believe in you. And that I’m here telling
you you can do it. I know that you have the courage. He
might be a bit lazy or a bit scared, but you have the courage. I know it. And I know that what’s awaiting
you on the other side is blissful, exhilarating, freedom and joy. Deep contentment and joy.
Go forth with my blessing. [Music]

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