Synesthesia Meditation – synesthetic Mindfulness for sensory Awareness

What if you have a gift and you’re not aware
of it? Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon. The stimulation of one sense triggers the
experience of other senses. Maybe you have the ability to see music, to
taste colors or to perceive letters, numbers and time units as colorful personalities. And maybe you just didn’t notice it. There are many people with synesthesia but
most are not aware of it. Maybe you, too? In our busy lives, our mind tends to distract
us from being in the here and now. The beauty and the benefits of synesthesia
in everyday life can easily be missed. Mindfulness cultivates synesthesia. Practice synesthesia meditation here on This meditation is a mix between mindfulness
practices and synesthetic explorations. Practice helps you to consciously perceive
the synesthetic experiences around you. So, how does it work? Make synesthesia meditation a ritual. Practice it 10 minutes per day. Increase your life quality. Over 150 exercises are waiting for you in
the sensorium. In the garden of synesthesia, discover and
train your synesthetic abilities exploring all your senses. On the path of mindfulness, enjoy traditional
meditation enriched with synesthetic experiences. There are many benefits gained with synesthesia
meditation. Deepen your experience of the present moment
and cultivate your mindful synesthetic awareness in your daily life. Enhance your cognitive abilities, memory capacities,
and creativity. Gain resilience to stress and anxiety, better
sleep, increased focus and concentration, feelings of calm and balance. Cultivate confidence, compassion and improve
your relationships with yourself and others. Take a break and begin your journey now in
the gateway for free. Are you ready for your sensory awakening?


  1. Omg i found out i have synesthesia. I did the color number meditation on your website, and when it said envision the different letters and numbers, i saw them in front of me! omg this hasn't happened until now!

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