Summary of Judaism, and Mitzvos 1-3 of 613

With Hashem’s help
Shalom U’bracha for the Elevation of the Soul of Reb
Chaim Shmuel Ben Arron of blessed memory the president of the United States takes pride in his hair
As a Jew I have 2 parts of my hair, to be proud of, that are even greater than the
president’s hair, My Payios :- ) , more on them at the end of
the video Let’s begin with the summary of all of
Judaism: the summary of all Judaism is: be
objectively dignified (meaning be G-dly, do what G-d Almighty wants):
In other words That you as a Jew are obligated to dignify yourself and G-d
Almighty by treating everyone/everything including yourself,
with the dignity they objectively deserve,
Or as Hillel more than 2,000 years ago summarized the whole Torah by saying
“what you would hate for yourself do not do to your fellow, this is the whole
Torah (your fellow meaning Hashem or another Jew)
And that the rest of the Torah explains what is hated, what is objectively
disgraceful” Now, let us quickly, in short, go through
the behaviors, which in this subjective physical world, are objectively
dignified, (G-d Almighty’s will) they are split into 613 general behaviors
/ Mitzvos, it can be seen from part of the words of
the blessing we say on the Mitzvos: Asher Kidishanu B’mitzvosav,
meaning: the one who made us holy, made us dignified, with his
commandments. That the Mitzvos are that through what
G-d Almighty made us holy made us dignified. (He dignified us through 1. the
opportunity to serve Him, and 2. the
Mitzvos themselves also make us objectively dignified (when we do them
without an ulterior motive)) With Hashem’s help we will go through
them in the order the Rambam more than 800 years ago went through them
in his Mishna Torah Today with Hashem’s help we will go
through the first 3 The Mitzvah to know that G-d Almighty
exists The Mitzvah not to think that there is
another G-d And the Mitzvah to know that G-d
Almighty is ONE The first one The Mitzvah to know that
G-d Almighty exists Is also the first of the 10 commandments
To fulfill this Mitzvah one would probably need to know what G-d means,
So let us clarify: in short G-d Almighty is all powerful
(almighty), unchanging perfect Dignity, which brought into existence and is
keeping in existence (powering) all that exists, He is the only thing that truly
exists You can learn more about G-d Almighty
by studying Chassidus and/or Kabolo From where it can be summarized, that
to create from Himself, this physical subjective world with free choice for
Jews, and to keep it in existence: G-d-Almighty / perfect-Dignity has
dimensions, in Himself, made from himself, but from the point of view of
these dimensions, G-d Almighty’s complete dignity is almost completely
blocked, (meaning the dimensions do not see, do not recognize, G-d
Almighty’s full, limitless Dignity) In the first dimension, there is another
dimension which does not see the previous dimension’s complete dignity,
and so on These dimensions are split into 4
general dimension, into 4 general worlds of Dignity, worlds of G-dliness,
Each dimension is split into 10 general levels, (similar to how the soul is split
into 10 levels) And through the Jews choosing to
behave with dignity, (and physically doing so), in the very near future G-d
Almighty’s essence the perfect dignity will be revealed in this physical world. (but as was said above G-d Almighty
does not change, so this will only be a change in our dimension and our
perspective, a change in the perspective of our dimension.) We can also learn what G-d Almighty is
from what it says the code of Jewish Law, the code of Dignity, called the
Shulchan Aruch, meaning “a set table” where “the way to behave, in a dignified
way” is placed, is explained clearly before you, as a set table ready to be
eaten from is set before a person, it explains there, the meanings of some
of G-d Almighty’s names (while discussing the Law, that while we bless
G-d Almighty we need to concentrate on what we are saying (similar to what I
need to do when reading this for you :- ) )) It explains there, the meaning of one of
G-d Almighty’s Names as: the one who exist, who Was, Is and Will be. The
meaning of another: the one who is the master of everything. A third: the one
who is powerful and mighty, and has the power (He is almighty) in all the above
dimensions (worlds) and in this physical world
How does this Mitzvah (to know that Gd Almighty) exists fit the summery of
Judaism mentioned before? In other words, (In addition to the fact
that the most dignified thing to do is to serve and fulfill the commandments of
the most dignified being (G-d Almighty)) How does the knowledge that G-d
Almighty exists, dignify a Jew (or how is not knowing this hateful, how is not
knowing this disgraceful)? We can guess the answer: That it is
hateful, it is disgraceful to G-d Almighty not to give h im the minimum
dignity He deserves, to know that He exists. And even if we ignore this point,
since a Jew living in this world usually learns about reality, it is dignified
behavior to know the true reality. Today’s second Mitzvah, not to think
that there exists another god It is the second of the 10
commandments Again, how is thinking that there exists
another god disgraceful for a Jew, or hateful/disgraceful to G-d Almighty? The answer seems simple: that
Obviously thinking that there is another god (meaning that there is an
independent power) is hateful to G-d Almighty, (especially after He
commanded one not to.) And even ignoring that, for one to cheat
oneself into thinking that there is an independent power when in reality there
isn’t, is objectively disgraceful, because truth is dignified, and lying/cheating is
disgraceful all the more so if one is cheating himself and on such an
important topic. Today’s third Mitzvah is to know that
G-d Almighty is ONE It is the first commandment in the Shma
To know that G-d Almighty is not a body or made out of parts that He is the
only power there is, that He is ONE Maybe it is related to dignity, because
being One is His greatness, so it is the respect, it is the dignity G-d Almighty
deserves that a Jew know how great He is. And also, just as above, it is
objectively dignified behavior to know the most important details of reality. May you be successful in being
Dignified / in being G-dy, P.S. Now Regarding the paiyos There is
a Mitzvah not to round the edges of your head
By a man the part of hair which does not give a round (straight) edge to your hair
from the hairless area behind your ear until the hairless forehead, cannot be
removed (shaved off or even cut off), you cannot even remove it from a male
child (who is not obligated in Mitzvos, who is not obligated, to be dignified, to
care for objective dignity) How is this related to objective dignity
maybe because paiyos are similar to the Mane of a lion (which dignifies the lion)
and by removing it from oneself or a Jewish male one is doing a disgraceful
deed by decreasing the dignity a Jewish male objectively deserves, and
disgracing G-d Almighty, disgracing Objective Dignity by demonstrating that
regarding this He is not important With Hashem’s help when we get to this
Mitzvah again, in our above-mentioned order I will provide a little more details
regarding it. Be Dignified, Be G-dly, and may G-d
Almighty bless you



    "First Theory.–Those who follow the Law of Moses, our Teacher, hold that the whole Universe, i.e., everything except God, has been brought by Him into existence out of non-existence. In the beginning God alone existed, and nothing else; neither angels, nor spheres, nor the things that are contained within the spheres existed. He then produced from nothing all existing things such as they are, by His will and desire."

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