Story of a Muslimah who came back to Islam


  1. very powerful story ,but i think that The address is not compatible with the video isn't it?!
    ……Arabic translation will be here soon inshaa Allah ,,

  2. This applies to me as well. I go to the gym often, and try my best to lower my gaze. Perhaps my actions will convert someone too InshaAllah

  3. I'm the fifteen year old from the legend of Zelda vid, awesome pokemon reference! Really enjoying two of my favorite topics being mushed together in on vid, makes me want to keep learning more about Islam since you put in these video game reference :))

  4. What an amazing story. It's amazing how simple actions have the potential to affect other people's lives significantly. Also, Great work with the animation! I love this style. ❤️

  5. Assalamualilum guys very nice video but the problem is majority of the people where I live doesn't understand English how about a translation

  6. If this is the true story mashallah that guy is really great
    I failed in iman just like that may God forgive me but really just a talk or a look is enough for the shytan beware my brothers

  7. I think there are a fair number of people who have decided to learn what Islam is about due to negative events seen in the media. So they have examined the Quran and the hadith. Generally what is taken from those texts is not positive. There is talk of horrible punishments for theft, flogging for fornication, how to treat women captured in battle, etc.. Also I should say that I think that the Muslim man who lowers his gaze around women is denying himself a very wonderful aspect of life: a bit of emotional God-given spice. And I will tell you this too: the women are missing out too.

  8. I was ashamed after listening to the story…I thought that lowering the gaze is something awkward,not cool,but SubahanAllah I am amazed how Allah turned the deed of a guy into someone becoming muslim and an inspiration for all of us…

  9. This touched my heart. And its true, world needs to know who Muslims are. And that will be obvious when we decide to be the best we can. Insha Allah

  10. The boys who lower their gaze with respect in front of women no matter what kind of dress she is wearing are rare gems.Its really sad to see many Muslim boys stare women even if she is in complete abaya and niqab.

  11. The fact that I didn't know it was Uncle Nouman and the second he said "I know", I just knew. The way he speaks is captivating.
    Such a good message. Islam shows through us. If we don't follow our deen, with what face could we invite others to repent?

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