Softening Around The Habit of Smoking • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your guided meditation. Find a quiet space where it’s peaceful and
you can be alone. Place yourself in a comfortable seated position,
with a straight spine and good posture. If you feel more at ease lying down, then
please do this. Now gently close your eyes. Begin by taking some deep, cleansing breaths
down into your stomach. Feel your belly rise with each inhalation. On each exhalation, let your muscles begin
to relax. Few times, breathe deeply in, and deeply out. Notice your body softening in the restful
atmosphere that you are creating. Take a couple more of these long, refreshing,
calming breaths, and then allow your breathing to go back to
its natural rhythm. Bring your attention to the bodily sensations
that come with each breath. Notice any sensations where your clothing
makes contact with your skin. Observe the air coming in and out of your
nostrils, and the gentle movement of the breath as it
touches your upper lip. Notice the rise and fall of your shoulders,
your chest and your belly. Feel the flow of each inhalation and exhalation
as it moves through your body. As you make space for present moment awareness,
and for placing loving attention on the sensations of your body,
you allow new possibilities to begin to develop and grow within you. Within this space of quietness, let us begin
to consider the habit of smoking. So how would you feel if you got rid of emotional
judgment of what smoking is? How would you feel? If you did not beat yourself up about it,
how would you feel? Consider this and feel it all for a moment. Breathe. Consider this, in your mind and body right
now: Smoking is an action, a habit but not a personality
or a trait, therefore not part of you, not who you are. You are a free person who makes choices. Breathe. Drop any judgment about yourself. You have done nothing wrong, in fact, you
are the right person and the right time, at all times. Simply breathe. Let the shoulders drop, let yourself feel
the relief. Let your whole being relax into the rightness
and perfection of who you are. Inhale and exhale. Just because you take action of smoking it
does not mean it takes something away from you nor it adds. It is simply and action. Feel that label sticker of ‘smoker’ to begin
to peel. Breathe softly. There is nothing lacking within you. How we speak to ourselves and what we allow
others to say about us is very different to what actually is. You are a vessel, a human who takes action,
who looks for relief and seeks comfort. Inhaling softly and exhaling, letting those
shoulders drop again. By choosing to sit here in this space, choose
to also create better way of speaking and describing yourself. Choose to speak with great love and kindness. The voice of compassion that you would offer
to your loved ones, is the voice with which you can approach yourself. This supportive approach is exactly what you
need and just what you deserve. Cultivate this voice of understanding, patience
and compassion. Bring it into your daily life. Allow now it to slowly lighten any pressure
that you feel in relation to your smoking. Inhale softly and exhale, letting your fingers
and palms soften and let go of any gripping. There is no failure or success, there is just
different choices and the process to less resistance and more freedom. Inhale into your chest and exhale relaxing
all the chest muscles, removing any mental, belief based energy placed in that area. Do that breath two more times please. Breathe in and breathe out. Each new breath invites you to be fully present
in your body, and to accept things exactly as they are right
now. Feel how your awareness continues to pave
that new path for new choices and the subtle excitement that comes with that. Sit with this feeling for a moment and feel
yourself creating a fresh cycle of awareness forming. Now feel this new found awareness in this
moment. Each day a new layer is revealed. Allow this awareness to expand throughout
your entire body. Imagine this sense of awareness to be like
the warm, reassuring light of the sun on a summer’s day. This light softly touches you skin and permeates
your whole being. As you inhale, breathe this light of awareness
into every cell in your body. As you exhale, let this light reach deeper
into your heart. As you continue to naturally breath in and out,
know that you have innate capacities for relaxation and healing. The relief that you find in smoking can also
be found in the kind of meditative space that you are creating right now. If your
mind starts generating thoughts that are self-critical, you can observe this chattering without becoming
attached to it. The mind simply repeats what is familiar. It returns mechanically to the patterns it
knows. Let these thoughts float away like clouds
moving towards the horizon, and gently return your attention to the breath. Breath in and out, in and out. It is natural that during a process of healing,
there will ups and downs. You may find that a craving to smoke will
arise to greet you. When this happens, remember that smoking is
something old, easy and familiar – nothing more and nothing less. It is no great enemy to be defeated, it is
simply a an action, a habit. When a craving arises, pause, take a moment
first, breathe into it. Rather than tightening around this action
and then blame, become aware with neutrality. Allow yourself to be watch and be curious. See if you can locate where the need within
your body comes from. Location of the craving may change each time. See if you can locate the source of urge or
craving now. Now pause, simply place your awareness there,
breathe into it this area gently, and let it all be loosened with each exhalation. As you become more aware of your needs and
how to meet your needs without reaching for the old actions and habits, you begin to heal
and grow. It’s just a natural path of wellbeing. Now return your full attention once again
to the breath. Loosening up your chest muscles as you breathe
naturally. Feel the cool air entering your nostrils and
the warm air flowing out of them. With each inhalation, accept yourself exactly
as you are right now. With each exhalation, release any feelings
of tightness that you may hold around self judgment over the habit. Slowly, and with each new breath, find yourself
replacing the pull of the habit with the habit of loosening and opening of your chest. Remind yourself whenever you need that this
habit is something old and familiar – nothing more and nothing less. It is not part of you, it is just an action
that you may choose to take or skip. It is nothing to be defeated, it is simply
a habit. Your chest gently rising and falling. Feel how your awareness has the ability to
hold on to your habits loosely. Feel this lose holding and maybe even play
with the sensation of letting go if even briefly of this habit. Simply sit with that sensation. You will continue to expand your awareness,
you will continue to grow. And yet you are already complete and well. As we come to the end of this meditation,
gradually bring yourself back to the surface of your body. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, and gently
stretch your body if this feels right for you. Now slowly open your eyes and come back to
your surroundings.


  1. Thank you for this medication I'm going to save it and share with other people that might want to soften around smoking

  2. Thank you Rasa i have been trying to kick the habit for a long time because it is causing me health problems. Your meditations and their purposes always appear at the right time. Thank you so much❤love and blessings❤

  3. What a divine soul being angel you are, I see so many humans in the light worker community shaming/placing judgement regarding smoking. I deeply appreciate this video and all of them … always highly resonate with my soul being. Thank you and love you all✨💚🌺🌟🙏💫

  4. Rasa your meditations are so good but your voice gives an added feeling of calmness which helps. I've been struggling to stop smoking for a long time. Hoping this does the trick. Thank you very much for this. It will no doubt help so many people

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