Sick religion & spirituality – बीमार धर्म और अध्यात्म

Pranaam(greetings)! Om Namah Shivaaya. I got a very strange question… that… A person wrote to me that he has been doing mediation, Yoga… See a beautiful dog has come… Anyways… So a Yogi, a person asked me saying… he has been doing Yoga practice, meditation et cetera and he gets various types of experiences like… sometimes vibrations, and some times he reaches various kinds of worlds where he sees strange things. So he thinks that he has attained a very high position in Yoga so he now only wants my guidance. He says if he just gets a Guru like me, then he would go even higher in Yoga. So he prays… that I… give him refuge under me. So today I want to clear a lot of things through this question. The Sun is about to set in West and it will go after some time. So I want to tell that just like the Sun comes, and goes away in the dusk time… the same way we take birth in this world and then die away. But like the time in between these two is called a day, the same way we call the time in between Birth and Death as Life. So just think how we can understand this? Life is of two kinds… One kind- the life which I’m actually living. Just imagine, a child takes birth and a camera is attached to him/her (for ease, we use male pronoun henceforth). Drone camera. Now wherever this child goes, whatever he does his whole life, it will keep on recording… and we make a video film on what he did his whole life. And secondly, some advanced machinery is attached to his head. Like, let us imagine Science advanced very much and it became possible to record mind, and we attach a data center on back of child… by which… we can see what all he thought and imagined in his life… and record it all this. Then you take both of these two kinds of life, so you will be amazed to see that… the life he actually lived, is very minimal, very small. But the life he lived in his imaginations, in his mind… if you see that life, you will see that it is so so big, so wondrous, that you will get amazed to see that how came such a big difference in his real life and the life within him. Something from outside, and something else from inside? So this means that to understand this aspect of life we have to look very well at both outside world and inside world of a person. Like the person who told me that he practices Yoga… he is attaining this level, that experience, this experience et cetera. So, I do not get only this type of questions. Some other person also sent me a question. He told that he got seriously ill, and then he fainted and went in coma, and was hospitalised. And there he was admitted for 4-5 day still in coma, and then he gained his consciousness… and he saw that while he was in coma his death had already occurred… and his soul was coming out of his body and he saw that all people are surrounding him, and his soul came out from his body. And then he saw a strange light above him and that light was attracting him like a magnet… and he was going up flying through a strange tunnel, and suddenly he reached a place where he saw very big, very gigantic, black, powerful YamaDutas (messengers of God of Death in Hinduism). And this way he told me a very big story. So a lot of such questions come to me. And, since the time I have become Head of Kaulantak Peeth, I swear by God this stone you are seeing, I feel like taking this stone and hitting it hard on my head. You might be shocked that this what I am saying. There might be numerous Religious Gurus in India, who might get extremely happy seeing… what a huge mass of people and devotees are coming behind them, following them. But, maybe I am the first Guru, who thinks it a problem that these many people. Why are they following me? Why do I feel this way? Why I want to hit my bald head with this stone? Because these kind of followers can bewilder even my, a Yogi’s head which is usually calm. These kind of people come to me, these kind of Sadhaks… who speak that they got a dream that Lord Shiva came in front of them and told them that if once you go to Kaulantak Nath then he will give you such Mantra Deeksha that all your previous lives’ supreme power will wake up again and you will incarnate as a great being. I said Hails to such people, now was I the only agent left with Lord Shiva, was there no other agent left? Leave even these kind of people. Even stranger people come to me who say stories like… once I was sitting in crematorium, I recited Mantras using a rosary for so long, and… Bhairava Naath came in front of me, I saw Him with my own eyes. And some other kind of people come… who say I have seen God, Goddess Kaali, Lord Shiva et cetera. Though I have already told you a lot about these kind of ignorant people, but I want to tell you again today. If you collect all this things, and see them together, then as I told you that we are able to see people from outside, but cannot see their inside aspect of their world. But these both outer life and inner life are divided into parts. Some people are so active in outer world that what they do in their outer life, the same remains in their inner life. Like, if I keep on playing cricket whole day, or playing football, or singing, or dancing or shopping in malls… then I see the same things in dreams too, same to same copied, almost related to that all. But some people live in a whole different plane. In outer life they are fighting with someone, but in dreams they are seeing fairies. Meaning that what happened outside has to do nothing with their inner lives. So where is the root problem of all this difference in people? So for us to decipher the root cause of all this, the Munis and Rishis have explained it all as “ManoLoka” (Mental World). So what is ManoLoka (Mental World)? ManoLoka (mental World) is the creation of our and your imaginations. So whether or not Religion accepts ManoLoka? Yes, it accepts. But because ManoLoka is superstitious, so if Religion accepts ManoLoka then is Religion superstitious? ManoLoka is superstition. But if religion accepts ManoLoka, so is it also superstition? Let us understand it. Now see, ManoLoka is accepted by Spirituality to a limit. To what limit and why? Spirituality and Religion accept ManoLoka because they use it as a tool. Like stone can be used to hit your head. Or to make house. So what is stone? An instrument, a tool. The same way imagination world is an instrument, a tool. In Religion, in Spirituality, we can use this imagination world to develop something. This whole ManoLoka, mental world, is only a tool. It is a weapon, an instrument, a tool. So. So what is life? What is Dharma(Religion or Righteousness)? What is Spirituality? Now, listen answers. Imagine that person said he was in hospital, he was dead, he said he went through a tunnel, and reached YamaLoka(world of God of Death) where he saw strong, very strong YamaDutas(servants of God of Death). Just imagine, just think that this person is not a Hindu. He is a Muslim, and he dies… that is, he went in coma. If he were really dead how would he tell us? Anyways… If this person were a Muslim, then would he see YamaDutas (hindu messengers of Death)? If someone would really see the fearful YamaDuta, he would instantly come of of coma, saying… Oh! Where I the believer of Allah, and where this extremely fearful YamaDuta! So a Shock Therapy would have happen there. And maybe what if a Christian dies? Why does not this happen that when a Hindu dies he enters the Jannat ? Or when some Muslim dies he goes to YamaLoka? Does it ever happen? No. So who creates all these dramas? Your ManoLoka (mental realm) is the cause. I tell you another thing. I have always had interest in scary horror ghost stories, not because whether ghosts exist or not, but because I enjoy seeing… that story makers are always very beautiful and creative. In Himachal, Jammu Kashmir, wherever you go. There when I used to listen to their horror stories, there used to be one thing common. So what was that thing? The story teller always used to say that I was going through a place, and I sat somewhere and was smoking a cigar. A man came and asked for the cigar, and I gave him the cigar. When I saw him, he turned out to be a ghost. These kind of stories of ghosts wanting a cigar, I have heard from a lot of villagers in India. Clear. Even stranger thing was that these ghosts also had caste and religions. That is, even ghosts also follow caste, religion, gender, community very strictly. When I heard Muslims, not a single had ever seen a Hindu ghost. And not a single Hindu I met who had seen Muslim ghost. Not a single Christian ever saw a Sikh ghost. And never a single Sikh saw any ghost of Christian Priests. That is, we have designed even our ghosts based on our own ways and beliefs. So who is designing these Ghosts and Spirits? (It is all a superstition). Now see even meditation. I teach meditation and Yoga to various people, in various countries. I teach them Sadhanaas. And the thing of amazement is that each person from each country has a different experience, so called experience. I tell you another thing. There is a very big problem in today’s new generation’s so called Meditation and Yoga. Whenever they meditate they start seeing light, variegated lights. Red, green, blue, yellow, black. They seem to have some special fondness to light. But I never saw a meditator seeing things which Scientists discover today, like Amoeba, Protozoa, did they see it? Or Cytoplasm, Mitochondria, cell wall no one saw in meditation. Did they see? Why do not they go on this microscopic scale in meditation? Why do not today’s Yogis and meditators see these things? Our ancient Yogis did use to see these things. Some ancient Yogi said that a herb told him that I have these qualities, and then he actually tested the herb and found out its medicinal properties. Some other ancient Yogi told that I connected myself to that asterism, to the Mangal Grah(Mars planet) and found out that it is red in colour and has this that properties. They used to tell, so why are today’s meditators unable to do this? I even met such strange people who told me that they remember their whole previous life. I asked him to tell me his previous life. So he made beautiful big stories. Even bollywood or hollywood films can be made on those stories. But all was a lie. A sheer white lie. Hollow logic, complete lie. So where from do they make such arguments, they get such experiences? How does someone gets to see Goddess Kaali so soon? How do they see Lord Shiva so soon? Some people start having Chakras activated automatically, and they then befool all people. Some enter Samaadhi so easily within a day. Three year child I was. Since that time I have been doing practice for Samaadhi and Yog. I had 38 Gurus, not only one. And that too such high level Gurus of Himalayas, who are called collectively as GuruMandala. Only after this all I entered the state of Samaadhi. Even after this, I have a lot of drawbacks in me, which I keep on cleaning by doing Sadhanaas. So you understand this? But these people, they have already got all spiritual achievements. So now you understand, why I want to hit my head with this stone? These kind of foolish people come to me. Now you see that I am that Spiritual Guru who has scientific thinking also, logical thinking also, atheistic and theistic both thinking, because I am Yogi of Kaulantak Peeth. By God’s grace I became Yogi of Kaulantak Peeth. God forbids, had I some bad influence of Planet Saturn on me, this is only to say as a metaphor, just imagine if I had a bad transit of Saturn, and I would have joined some other sect and become their Yogi or Devotee then what would have happened of mine? I might have also been saying that I am also seeing Lord Krishna playing flute, and Goddess Radha is leaning herself on Krishna’s shoulder with peacock feather as His crown. The whole world is afflicted by these kind of mentally ill people. But our Religion or Righteousness does not teach this to you. You must understand this. It wants to take you to the real purified Truth and Knowledge. This pure Truth and Knowledge is beyond all this. Beyond what? Beyond this ManoLoka. So now you may ask that Rishis and Munis, devotees and others say that meditate on the image of God, that God looks like this that et cetera. And like, our body has various Chakras, so take breathe in and imagine energy going inside. And inhale from second nostril imagining that Energy is concentrating in Moolaadhaar Chakra, and now let that energy explode. What is all this? This all is imagination only. We offer banana to God in a ritual, but we don’t actually have a banana, so we imagine offering banana to God. All these rituals. So what is behind this all? Is everything just pretence? No. You must understand. I again tell you whether it is imagination or creation of mind, in Spirituality we use these imaginations to trigger your mind, in which we tell you stories exaggeratingly, we tell you various parables in various ways. Not because they are actually the only truth, but because these things are used as a tool to trigger your mind for creating an environment, using which you are made to realise the true Spirituality and become able to reach the state of enlightenment. Mantra won’t get you Supreme God, but it will create an environment by which you can attain that transcendental state. In Yoga and meditation if you start seeing a light, then this won’t give you Supreme God, but this is the indication which tells you that now you may be able to do things further. If someone has seen Goddess Kaali does not mean you have actually seen Her Come out of delusion. You and I are therefore could do nothing in Spirituality after our Rishis and Munis, because we are so entangled in imagination, so lost in our ManoLoka (mental dream world), that now we do not know how to actually use this ManoLoka. We do are lost in Spiritual imaginations, but how to use those imaginations, to reach that transcendental state, get that real truth. This very thing you have to learn from a Guru. This is the main aim. That is why even after all these imaginations, Spirituality and Yoga accepted this ManoLoka and not rejected it. They accepted it. This is why if have no knowledge of Subtle body, if you have not done Sadhanaas related to the Subtle body, then you will not be able to understand what is ManoLoka. ManoLoka and Subtle micro-realm body have a very deep connection, this is why I thought that this time I must teach you to do this Saadhanaa. And this time I will do make some Bhairav – Bhairavis (that is, you people) do this Saadhanaa. There is a reason behind it… that we may come out of these variegated delusions. We may get to know… that in Religion, all these imaginations, these stories, which may look like pretext and heretics from outside, so what is the actual reason behind it all. You may have now well understood it. So do try to understand from Guru that what this ManoLoka (mental world) is. And you will come out of these unnecessary loops. Then you will actually understand this drama of Hindu ghost, Muslim Ghost et cetera, which is just imaginations. Then who is Kaali Goddess, who is Jesus Christ, reasons of ancient wars, you will understand what lies behind these. You will understand what is politics, what is the drama done in name of Religion, and… then you will become a real researcher and studying various things, you will success forth. Otherwise world has nothing to do with you or me. This is why you need to use your intellect and power of discrimination between wrong and right. And you need to go deep in these subjects, only then you will be able to use these tools of Religion. Otherwise if once entangled in ManoLoka, then know that ManoLoka has no ends, it is end-less. This why in all the religions, I do not like this kind of followers of religion. This is why you might not have seen huge groups of Sadhus or Gurus, or Priests walking with me, or I am amidst them. I just meet you amidst these bushes, mountains, trees et cetera… since childhood. Earlier I used to wear bit ordinary clothes, now I have become somewhat royal. Because then I did not have money, I did not use to earn, but now I have started earning also. Now I have to live in this worldly life too, earlier I did not used to live like this. Earlier I just used to do Sadhanaas for self development, but now… for welfare of others, for those who want to get something from Saadhanaa, I take out my time for them. So I became a bit modern too. But do know. I have seen the whole of this world, and I found that all these kind of people who are dedicated to Religion and Spirituality, have not come out of their ManoLoka. This why they say my Guru, what my Guru says and what logic my Guru gives, only that is the only truth, the rest is all mere darkness. Oh. If this were the actual reality, then we would have been following only a single Rishi in this country. We would not have followed the Seven Rishis. I would have been eulogising only and only my Guru, I would not have been worshipping the whole GuruMandala (divine assemblage of divine Gurus). So ignorant people, pardon me to call you ignorant, but I am calling those people ignorant who have just keep hold of one Guru. Yes, you must follow only a single Guru, because only that Guru will train you, but what other Guru is saying, listening that is very necessary. No disrespect to anyone. The Rishis Agatsya, Pulatsya, Kratu, Vishwaamitra… now we should do follow the path of one of them, but we can never disrespect the path of the other, ever. It is complex to decipher ManoLoka. This is why these spiritual and religious people, they are also mentally sick, some mental problem. There is a mental illness in their mind. I complete it with one example. In foreign lands there have been such Religious Preceptors in Christianity, and even outside Christianity, who announced themselves as a divine incarnation and attached a huge mass of people asking them to leave their households, claiming that they will take them to Heavens. And at the end they conflicted with the Government, so they told the people… that now we all have to commit communal mass suicide, to go that way. Do search in your history. Today you have internet, do search it. There is long lineages of such Spiritual Preceptors and Gurus, who did what? They did die themselves, but took away lives of various people along with them. So even in form of Spiritual Gurus, such mentally sick people are wandering who are lost entangled in ManoLoka. In form of Saadhaks under name of religion, you might have seen a lot of such people on Facebook, media, social media… who claim themselves as Aghori Taantrics, copy paste huge Sanskrit Shlokas, holding big human skulls, preaching huge discourses of Tantra- Mantra… and you will feel like Wow What nice this person speaks. But do remember, that person is actually person entangled in ManoLoka, and is a mentally sick person. You have to learn to identify these sick people, and not become devotee to them. Only because of those fake and sick people, the Religion and Spirituality also became sick. So coming out of that sick Religion and Spirituality, coming out of that ManoLoka, You walk towards Truth, this is my only message to you. Sun has now set in West, and temperature too is falling. So today I am happy that I gave you answer to such an important question in this way. Small answer I have given. But it will play a great important role in your life. Pranaam! Om Namah Shivaaya(Obeisances to Shiva).


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