Short Mindfulness Meditation–Reduce Stress and Anxiety in 6 Minutes


  1. This is THE OTHER thing I need! I'm always worrying about the next thing… or staring at my phone… instead of following Buddah's advice of living in the moment. Gotta stop down! Thanks for a great meditation!

  2. This meditation really resignated with me . We do often get so caught up in yesterday or tomorrow that we never really enjoy the present moment ! I hope to enjoy more present moments more and more as I grow spiritually

  3. I like her voice. It makes me calm and comfortable. Thank you very much. I’m a beginner about meditation, so I can start well mindfulness meditation from your video! I can have a sound sleep. good night🌙

  4. Thank you for sharing your gift of this meditation Sara. I especially appreciate the two quotes. Great way to start my day. My go to technique is a check in on myself when I find I am not being present, along with a deep breath. NMRK.

  5. Thank you Sarah for this little oasis in n my day! I look after my two elderly aunties with Alzheimer’s. I needed something like this big time…. and my breath of this moment! Thank you Om Shanti x

  6. Sarah I am grateful to you in introducing this short and effective meditation practice to be in a moment of Peace while having stress and anxiety of things had been or suppose to be in the near time. Present is also a gift this why it's called as Present. Thank you once again for giving this beautiful Gift today ❤️. God bless you and people around you 💒 ✨🌠☺

  7. We hope you enjoy this short practice to help you reset when you are experiencing stress. Do you have any other go-to stress relieving practices? Share with TMM tribe what works for you! Have a wonderful day!

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