Serkong Rinpoche – Can You Practice Buddhism Without Believing in Rebirth?

Can you practice Buddhist practices without believing in past and future lives? Definitely, sure. Buddhism Without Rebirth Buddhism isn’t only about past and future
lives. Because when we look at the Four Noble Truths,
it does not talk about past and future lives. This is the first teaching of Buddha, and
his focus is on suffering. So, when you think about suffering, and you think about whether there’s a way to get rid of suffering, there are so many things: compassion, love
for others, patience. All these kinds of beautiful practices, this
is what Buddhism is really about. I think definitely you can practice all of
these. After that, it’s like if you’ve bought beautiful
things and you want to carry them to your next life, you need to think, “Can I take them or not?” That’s the second thing. You can go through the lam-rim, and you just
put a question mark on the idea of rebirth, then you skip it and go ahead. Once you’ve finished everything, and if you’re
brave enough, then you can come back to your question mark
about rebirth, and try to find the reasoning there. Don’t just ignore that.

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  1. Rebirth, as Buddhists interpret it, is simply false. If Buddhists excluded their interpretation of rebirth from their teachings, the whole world would be a better place.

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