Seeds of Faith: Episode 6

First of all the essence of
holiness, if it’s love, is being other centered, is focusing your life
on the needs of others and the beautiful thing about marriage and
family life is it’s built by design for love, in other words it only works well
when you live like that towards your spouse and your children so I mean the
thousand things that confront you every day in trying to love your spouse for me
to love my wife every day to be patient with all of the things that come up
every day in our lives, to be, you know, truthful and honest to to put her first
or for my children and trying to raise them and educate them to be good
virtuous people who are capable of living not only as good citizens but
as good Christians. All of the demands that are involved in that everyday call
me out of myself. I love an example I often use my
grandfather wrote me a letter one time on parenting and on marriage
in another letter but in the parenting one he said you know when when
you have your first son, my son Michael, before he was born he wrote a letter, when
you have your first son and people tell you, you know, Tom you become a father
when your child is born, he said don’t believe them you don’t become a father
when your child was born he said your children rip fatherhood out of you they
tear it out of you every day with every cry with every smile with every success
with every tragedy they will call you to to come out of yourself toward them to
live for them for their good for their welfare, and it will always be
available to you every day this vocation you know in the sense your child is
your vocation your spouse is your vocation they call you out of yourself
which is the voice of God to do what? To love and everything else that’s entailed
in that. So this is where I think marriage and family life is an example
of where holiness really becomes a powerful possibility.

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