Science Tests Faith

>>Can’t you just feel it? The conflict is becoming
apparent in our culture. It reminds me of those
words of John Paul II: “We’re now living in the final
confrontation between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, between
the Church and the anti-Church, between Christ and
the Antichrist.” And if we don’t choose
to know God’s word, to believe God’s word,
to follow God’s word, we’re going to be a sitting
duck for all kinds of confusion, all kinds of disorder. Those are really important choices that
people have to make.>>And these
choices are difficult: Who am I going to marry? What kind of life
am I going to live? How am I going to raise my kids? What am I going to do
with my time, my talent, and my treasure? I have to make a choice today. Jesus says to each one of us, “I came that you might have
life and have it to the full.” The question is, do we want it?>>Friends, welcome to
Choices We Face. I’m Peter Herbeck, and I’m delighted to introduce
to you today Tim Francis. Tim is the founder of the
You Shall Believe Apostolate. And I watched the video for the
first time last night of Tim. He’s dynamic. And I’m so glad he’s here to
be able to share his story with you, and what the
Apostolate is all about. Welcome, Tim.>>Hey, thanks for having me,
I appreciate it.>>It’s great-
great that you’re here.>>Let’s start with your story.>>Yeah, definitely. Well, so I grew up in
a small town in Ohio, probably about 5,000 people. We went to church every
single Sunday- six kids. And went off to Ohio State
like so many people, you know. It was- my feast days were
Ohio State/Michigan football. I mean, I just lived for that. Unfortunately, I got
involved in the party scene. Beyond the party
scene- got involved- got addicted to
drugs after college. And I grew up in- really great
parents, you know, great values. You never said a curse
word at my house. So it’s interesting
how that happens. But I went down
to Dallas, Texas, and I hadn’t been going
to church for a long time, except when I came home
to visit mom and dad. And we went to
a big megachurch. And I thought my mom
would be excited. “Hey, I’m going to church.” And she sent me a tape. It was calledSigns From
God: Science Tests Faith
. Twenty-eight million
people watched this in ’99. Nothing like this has
ever been filmed, ever. And I couldn’t
believe it, what I saw. And I witnessed a lady
have the stigmata. And it’s one thing to hear
about maybe Padre Pio. Well, I never met him.>>Somebody might be listening who doesn’t know
what the stigmata is. What is it?>>Good point, yeah. So it’s when somebody
manifests the wounds of Christ. They bleed from their head,
their feet, their hands. And they consider it a gift.>>Wow.>>And so I witnessed this
happening with a man. I tell people, think of Mike
Wallace from60 Minutes. And if you’re younger,
think of Anderson Cooper. That’s who this guy
is in Australia. He’s a famous household name. And he’s an
investigative journalist. And he didn’t
believe any of this. He wasn’t a Catholic. He went over there
to prove it wrong. And they filmed this lady
having the wounds of Christ from beginning until end. My mom taped, on the big VHS
tape about 35 minutes of it. And when she sent it to me,
I just had two questions. One is, was it real? It would be like if somebody
sent you a tape of Bigfoot. The other one was,
what did it mean? It took me ten years
to find that out. And when I found it out, I could not believe everybody
didn’t know this story. And that’s all it was. I couldn’t believe. And I still feel that way. I feel like this
is the greatest, most amazing fact-based,
evidence-based story, based on the supernatural. And I got my hands on a book
called “Reason to Believe.” And everything
changed for me there.>>And so you-
can I back up just a minute, in terms of, so you
ended up joining a megachurch. Had you been- were
you sober by that time? Or how did you get out of the
addiction that you were in? How did that happen?>>Yeah, off
and on still struggling. I don’t know if you’re
completely out of it.>>Yeah, one day
at a time, right?>>No. I would never ever tell anybody,
“Oh, I have no desires.” I mean, this is just
around the corner. It’s lurking. But yeah, I got involved
in that megachurch. See, my wife and I met in a bar. And so we went from the bar
scene to the Bible scene. And literally, she loved the
new-found values that we had. I call it the
“Focus on the family virtues.” And so, you know, I was in a
Bible study for the first time. And I was excited about it. And my mother- one thing my mom did do is she introduced
me to Marcus Grodi.>>Okay.>>And she sent me all-
she taped every show. If you go to my house, my dad’s
house now- my mom passed away in 2004, every single
show is on there. And so I started listening to debates between
Protestants and Catholics. And Father Mitch Pacwa was
at my house, Tim Staples. And we recorded
all these debates. So I was kind of on a quest->>In your living
room or something? You brought all those
people to your house?>>So I don’t take
credit for bringing it. But looking back, it’s amazing because
I didn’t know who they are. I just, you know,
essentially, it happened. And Father Pacwa spent a couple
hours having a dialogue with these Protestant leaders. So did Tim Staples. And I recorded it. I still have the
audio cassettes. And I wanted to know if
it mattered what faith, Protestant or Catholic. But the supernatural thing is what really took it
from my head to my heart. What made it real-
about the Eucharist and such.>>Okay. That’s what transitioned you
back into the Catholic Church.>>I came back to the Church
before that, intellectually.>>Okay.>>But my wife wanted
nothing to do with it. See, it wasn’t a
Kimberly Hahn thing. It wasn’t a theological thing. It was, “I don’t even
relate to this Church.” She likes the contemporary,
the new, the exciting. You know, let’s be honest. You go to a megachurch, and everybody comes
early and leaves late. You know, at Catholic Church many people come
late and leave early. You know, and so it
caused some problems in our relationship, but what made me
understand why so many of the churches were closing, and so
many of the kids were not in church, was this story
of the supernatural, and from this book,
“Reason to Believe.”>>Well, tell us
more about it then. Tell us specifically what you
found out and what compelled you then to say, “I’ve got to
tell people about this.”>>Right, and I don’t
want to talk for two hours. So I’ll try
to condense it, okay?>>We only have 18 minutes,
so it’s not that long.>>That’s right. So look- so what it was, was
that this- when I understood the meaning behind this
lady having the stigmata, it led back to the Eucharist. Okay? And so when I understood that
Jesus’ heart was suffering- from St. Margaret Mary to the
recent Eucharistic miracles, why do we always find-
and for the listeners, a Eucharistic miracle is when
the bread in the Catholic Church turns into living flesh. And many times, almost always,
it ends up being heart tissue. In the scientific world->>How do we know that?>>Well, they send it to
forensic labs, independent labs. They don’t even know the
source of the sample. And they determined in all
of these different cases, that it was heart tissue. It was from a
heart that suffered, and so on and so forth. So condensing this, I started to
understand that I used to go to church out of habit. I used to go to church
because I had to. And I didn’t really even understand what was
going on at the Holy Mass. And so this was causing
great suffering for Jesus. And in fact, not only was it
causing suffering for Jesus, it was causing suffering for the entire Church because
we’re one body. And so basically, I’m going
through the motions, right? And you know, I’d go to
Ohio State, Michigan. We’d go to the tailgate party and drink for
three days straight. I hadn’t been to
Confession for ten years. And I’d come back to my little church in Ohio there
and go to Communion. And so what I really realized
was that there was tremendous power, supernatural
gifts that were real, not made up in the
sacraments of the Church. And particularly,
Confession and Eucharist. And so that changed
everything for me. And I started going
to daily Mass. I started going to Adoration. I started going to Confession.>>Do you ever have people push
back a little bit and say, well like the stigmata thing, well that’s
just psychosomatic stuff. Or it’s something
that people create or->>Yes, I love that.>>Okay, so what
do you tell them?>>Well, listen, the only way we
know anything- how can anybody ever prove that you and I
are having a conversation? How could they prove that?>>See it, hear it, touch it.>>That doesn’t prove it,
that’s evidence. They could say
you made it up. They could say
you’re an imposter. So the point is,
just like a court case, if you want to be intellectual, you have to approach
things with the evidence-based. And so that’s what
I tell my kids. I say, “Listen, don’t trust me. Go where the
evidence leads you.” And the evidence
is overwhelming. Let me say this. There’s more evidence in the
person who wrote this book- there’s more evidence for it. There’s a statue
that’s been crying and bleeding for
the last 15, 20 years. There’s several communion hosts that have turned
into heart tissue. There’s a lady who experienced the stigmata, and
a bunch of other things. There’s more evidence for that being real than you probably
have that Abraham Lincoln was the President
of the United States.>>Yeah, let
me ask you a question. Let’s press deeper
into this a little bit. What if someone says, well,
you know, there’s two powers. There’s two kingdoms. There’s a Kingdom of God, and
there’s a kingdom of the enemy. The enemy can do signs,
and things like that. How do we know he’s not fooling
us, something like that.>>It’s a great question,
that’s a great question. How do you know
this is not…>>What’s the meaning of it? Like yeah, how do you know?>>Well, first of all,
you should start by saying, is it real or is it fake? Is it psychosomatic,
and so on and so forth. Well, if a statue
cries and bleeds, and they’ve done
MRIs and CAT scans, there’s nothing else to say. The scientific world proved that
natural laws can’t explain it. So therefore, it’s
supernatural, right? Now to say whether it’s from
God or from an evil spirit, that’s where the Catholic
Church is wonderful. Because if your
listeners don’t know, the Catholic Church is the most
skeptical institution alive. They look for every possible
reason for it not to be true or for it to be caused
by natural causes before they deem it worthy of belief. So if it actually leads
people to Christ, right, the devil doesn’t do that. So if more people-
like we do events. Adoration chapels are
tripling; daily Mass, doubling. I’ve got letters from pastors. You know, kids and grandkids
coming back to the faith. I’ve got 10,000 feedback
forms like that. So because of the
fruits, as Jesus says, that’s how you
know it’s from God. “By their fruits,
you shall know them.”>>Yeah, that’s very good. Now, the nature of the signs-
bleeding statues, you know, bleeding hands, the
focus on the crucifixion. The focus on Jesus’ suffering. You touched on it a
little bit earlier. Help us understand what’s
being communicated. And what are we supposed
to hear through this?>>I don’t have time,
that’s a lot. But here’s the deal. Paul says in Colossians 1:24, “I rejoice in my
sufferings for your sake. And in my flesh, I complete what is
lacking in Christ’s suffering.” I always say, what’s lacking
in Christ’s suffering? Of course, everybody
says nothing. Paul said, “I complete.” So what he’s saying is,
our participation. And see, the idea that people,
number one, for the stigmatists, Padre Pio, for your listeners
who don’t know who he is->>Francis of Assisi, the
first one that we think was->>In fact, yesterday,
September 14th, was the day they both
had their stigmata, St. Francis and Padre Pio.>>How about that, yeah.>>Always significant days-
but Padre Pio said, “When the Lord wants
me to know He loves me, He makes me suffer the
wounds, the thorns.” What are we talking about there? Because when we suffer, and we
attach it to Christ’s suffering, it saves souls from Hell. And so there’s this
mystical, as you know, teaching in the Catholic
Church of redemptive suffering. It doesn’t have to be
physical suffering. And you don’t have to
experience the stigmata. But there’s been many,
many saints that have. So what’s the
suffering all about? Number one, Jesus is suffering in a big way because
people are ignoring Him. Let’s call a spade a spade. Ninety percent
of all registered Catholics miss holy day of obligation. That’s the reality. You know, cutting through
all the surveys and all the- they’re missing it, why? Because they don’t really
understand the value. It’s not because they’re
trying to be bad people. It’s not because
they’re bad people. So when they go and
receive Communion, having not been to Confession
for three, four, or five years; having missed Mass,
contracepting, they’re causing damage
unknowingly, as Paul says, to the body and blood and to
the Body of Christ, as I was.>>Explain that
piece a little bit. How are they- because they
don’t know- maybe don’t know better, or whatever. I mean, we’re still
responsible for our sin. I’m not trying to say that. How do they do damage to the
Body of Christ by going to Communion- you were talking
about your own life earlier. How you’d party three days
and you’d go to Communion. What’s the damage? Help people understand.>>Well, Paul says if you eat the flesh and drink the blood
in an unworthy manner you’re causing condemnation
basically on yourself.>>That’s serious.>>St. Thomas Aquinas says- in almost any missal in the
Church, pick it up. His prayers after
Mass- he says, “I pray that this Holy Communion may not bring me
condemnation and punishment.” Why? Well because the Church teaches
wildly that at the Mass, what’s happening is Jesus
is using the priest. And he’s the victim,
and he’s the priest. And he’s offering himself as the gateway for
our eternal salvation. He said, “Unless you eat my
flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you.” And so what’s happening is,
if we are approaching that in a nonchalant way,
without a clean vessel, we’re basically spitting
on Christ unknowingly.>>Am I saying it’s
a mortal sin, Peter? No, I’m not. Because I don’t
think most people- that’s not for me to decide. I don’t think most people
even know what they’re doing. Does it mean it’s
not a grave matter to do so? So essentially we’re
blowing off the gift. And that’s why, in my opinion, churches are closing
and kids aren’t in church. It’s not the music. It’s not the homily. It’s the Eucharist. Because if they really
believed, they’d never leave.>>Yeah, so tell us a
little bit about your ministry, in terms of what you do. And what you’re seeing
through your ministry.>>Yeah, you bet. So what we do is we
go into a church, and we have a specific way
that we promote an event. So I just got back
from South Carolina. And it was overflow,
packed two nights in a row. And what will happen is,
it’s a multimedia event. So it’s not a lecture, okay? It’s a 2 1/2 hour
multimedia event. What I wanted to do, is I wanted to take people
through what my mom did to me. She sent me a tape. It caught my attention, right? Twenty-eight million
people watched this thing. And now it’s on my
website, by the way. And after that I found
out the meaning behind it. So it’s really calledSigns From God:
Miracles and Their Meaning
. ‘Meaning’ being the
most important. So we take people through a 2 1/2 hour event with big
screens up in the church. And they- I have
10,000 feedback forms. They are just- they don’t move. They don’t go home. They’re shocked. And I can’t tell you how many
times I get letters and emails that say, “I went to Catholic
School my whole life and I never really understood the Holy Mass. I will never do Mass
again the same.” And I’m like,
“I know, me neither.” You know, me neither. So people start going to
daily Mass when they can. They never miss Mass. They get into Confession. Not because they’re
a bad person, but because they understand
the healing of the heart, and things of that nature.>>Now, going back to
earlier in your story, when you and your wife were
part of this megachurch, you probably were
relatively well-known. You probably had lots
of friends there. And then your life shifts
pretty dramatically. What became of that in terms
of those relationships, and have any of them tried to understand what
you’re doing, basically?>>You know, in all honesty, most
of those people didn’t want to know beyond the scripture
verses they were taught. Just to be candid. We’re still friends. They don’t want to bring up the
Catholic faith with me because unfortunately, I put my head
around so many debates in the Protestant, Catholic faith- I didn’t just listen
to Scott Hahn, Peter. I wanted to hear
the other side. And I did it for years. I still do it. And so they don’t- do I have people who
have come into the Church? Yes, for sure, if they’re
open to the truth. I don’t mean that in
a condescending way. But if they’re really open to
the truth, that’s a slam dunk. But the other ones,
hey, you’re good, I’m good. Let’s talk about football. Let’s not talk about the Bible and church,
and so on and so forth.>>Yeah. And so let me ask you then, as
your ministry has begun to grow, have you been- how many
years have you been doing it? Let me ask you this.>>So 2009,
I organized the talk in Ohio where we had this famous
investigative journalist, Mike Wallace. It’s not Mike Wallace. It’s Mike Willisee,
but that’s who he is, come in, in a little
country church and do a talk, and we filmed it. It’s called
Science Tests Faith
. And so that’s when this
whole thing started for me.>>Okay. And then that’s the telling
of the story of the stigmata. Is that really what it is?>>It’s a lot more than that. There’s not enough
time to go into it. There’s a statue that’s
been bleeding and crying. There’s a woman that
had the stigmata. They are all
interrelated, by the way. There’s a communion host
that the then Cardinal, now Pope Francis, asked
our primary investigator, our scientist, personally called him and asked him
to investigate it. It’s now approved. It’s part of the Eucharistic
display of miracles. In our events I
go through scripture, church teaching, miracles. I tie it all together. So it’s not just some sensational thing
about miracles. Here’s what happens. You bring your kids
here, your grandkids, and they’re going to have
something to think about like they couldn’t imagine. And many people come because
they’re just interested. Wow, science tests
faith, miracles. I’m kind of interested. But they walk out crying. Going, “I had no idea.” And I’m like, “I know. I know.”>>What makes them cry?>>Because they think-
they see that the vast majority
of them were like me. Even if they think they
are faithful Catholics, they actually haven’t been
practicing their faith, okay, and the sacraments. And so they feel that, “Wow, I have been unknowingly
making Jesus suffer.” And that’s a fact. I mean, if anybody
did it- I mean, you can’t- a Protestant
once told me, Peter, he said, “What makes you think you can live like Hell
and go to Heaven?”>>Yeah.>>But that’s what they
come out understanding. And I’m talking people who have
been Catholic for 50 years. And also people who
were drug there.>>So that’s got to be the
presence of the Holy Spirit in your presentation as well. Because the Holy Spirit brings
conviction to the human heart. So as you tell the story,
the Holy Spirit is touching people’s hearts, and it leads
them to weep for their own sin, basically sometimes.>>Yes. We live in a culture that says,
“I’ll believe it when I see it.” So many times people say,
“I don’t need miracles.” And I’m like,
“Well, I know, but I did.” Are you missing that?>>We live in a
culture that says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” So what did Jesus do to Thomas? Did he say,
“Oh, you have to see. Get out of my face.”>>No, he said, “Touch.” Right? And I wish you didn’t have
to do this, but touch. Well today’s culture
is even more so with the
scientific world, right? And that’s why theScience
Tests Faith
is incredible. But yeah, so people see it. It’s one thing
to hear it, Peter. It’s one thing to hear it. You hear it and see it. You put that together and
it becomes boom, boom. Now it’s in your heart. And they walk out, and
they go, “I believed it, but now I really believe.”>>You’re a little bit like
John in his first letter. In the New Testament he starts
Chapter one, “What we have seen; what we have touched; what we
have heard; we declare to you.” And he said, “That eternal life that was with the
Father has appeared to us. And we’ve seen it. We’ve touched it in
the person of Jesus.” What motivated
you was, I’ve seen this. It’s real, it’s not a joke. And it just compelled you to go out and tell people
what you’ve seen.>>It’s beyond real,
it’s unbelievable. I’ve been wanting these guys to
make a major motion picture ofGod’s Not Deadfor Catholics,
but a contemporary version. Where we can talk
about Ohio State, Michigan football and
miracles and everything. But the scriptures
say something. They say that, “Faith is the
evidence of things unseen.” What do they mean by that? Well, I don’t see the wind,
I feel it. So people say,
“How do I know this is true?” The evidence of things unseen. We have the evidence. And truthfully,
I have to tell you, I don’t have time to go into it. For the first time
in human history, one of the miracles completely
debunks a portion of the Darwinian theory of evolution,
according to Darwin’s own words. So it’s not just this
kind of cute or neat, this is revolutionary. And when people find out->>Can’t you give us just
a little hint of that?>>Well, I’d rather
Ron do it because he’s the primary investigator. I’m the guy who got
impacted by the story. Ron’s the guy.>>Okay, so we’ll have time
later in the show, you can direct people to
where they need to go, and be able to see everything
that they need to see. One of the things that
I’m really curious about, in the case of
like the stigmata. Is there a verbal message? Are there stories where Jesus is speaking to
them or God the Father? And what is being said?>>Well, that’s what
changed my life, Peter. I didn’t have time
to go into it, but here’s a lady who
never finished high school. She never read the
Bible before ’93. She had a horrible
past like me, married and
divorced three times. She had a conversion. And then she got the
invisible stigmata in ’93. Up until ’93 to ’96,
she was being investigated by a scientist, a
neuropsychophysiologist, who used to be an atheist. He’s now a Catholic,
filming her. She would write for an hour
straight without pausing one time in languages unknown
to her, quoting scripture. In fact, she only
speaks Spanish, but she writes in Latin,
Greek, Polish, and Italian. She doesn’t even
know the languages. And the Church gets involved. And three different bishops
have given their imprimatur. Her original Archbishop said-
he wrote a page and a half. He said, “I tell you,
this is not normal. This is from God. And you should print it. You should distribute it.” So I started reading those. Because I was like,
“What is she writing?” I mean, I saw her
have the stigmata. Now I’m like,
“What does she write?” I didn’t know about
mystics of the Church like some of your audience. I didn’t know about this. Oh my goodness! That’s the meat,
that’s the whole reason. Jesus told her. He said, “I needed to
convey messages to humanity, through someone like you.” And that’s one of the core
reasons he allowed 28 million people to watch her stigmata. I keep it on my website so
everybody can see it today. And so someone like you-
what does that mean to you? What is he saying? Because she’s simple
and not complex? Or what do you mean by
that, “Someone like you?”>>Oh, “Through
someone like you?” Well, she asked the question. She goes, “Why me?” And Jesus said, “If there was
anybody else more unworthy, I would have picked them.”>>Yeah, isn’t that true? Just this morning-
this is like a God moment. I was reading something-
I pray in the morning sometimes, like psalms that
St. Francis wrote. Prayers that St. Francis wrote before morning prayer, that he
would do with the Brothers. And there was this little
write up in there about him and his stigmata,
you know, his stigmata.>>Okay.>>And one of the Brothers,
I think it was Brother Massio or Brother Leo
asking him, “Why you?” You know, “Why is the whole
world running to you?” Is what they were asking him. And he said, he asked Jesus
that once and Jesus said, “Because you are essentially the weakest person I
could find on the planet.” The same kind of thing-
you know, he did it lovingly. And I remember
St. Francis saying- I saw this quote he said. Well, at one point he said, “The reason this happened is
Jesus came to me and said, Francis, I need a new kind
of fool in the world.”>>Oh wow.>>Isn’t that beautiful?>>I love that,
and I relate to that. Just real quickly because my
friends- I grew up, you know, I was the party nonstop guy. And so for my friends from
college, they’re like, “What? What are you, some kind
of pastor, a preacher?” You know, and so they
think it’s just wild. I’m like, “Who are you?” I’m like, “That’s a good point.” The only reason I got attached to this is because
the power of a mother’s prayer. And that’s one of my core
messages that I talk about is suffering and the
meaning of suffering. Why do bad things
happen to good people? And it relates to my
mother and her death. And I see that now looking
back, as many people do, that how many souls are coming back to the Church
because of my mother’s prayers. People say, “Your
mom must be proud.” I’m like, “I work for my mom. I truly do.” People say, “What do
you do for a living?” I go, “I work for mom.” And she got with
Mother Mary, you know. I wouldn’t listen to
her when she was alive, so she went ahead and died.>>So did this conversion back to the Catholic Church happen
after she passed away?>>Intellectually, it did. We talked all the time. She’s the one
that connected me with Father Pacwa
and all these people. She wanted her son to
come back to the Church. But the supernatural part
of it and me doing missions, well after her death. She died in 2004,
and this started in 2009. But it’s so connected
to mom, it’s unbelievable.>>You’re living with
the communion of saints, which includes your mother.>>Big time,
Patricia Ann Francis. Ask her to pray for you, and everything
because she’s amazing. She was voted most likely to be a saint by the
Prayer Ladies after she died.>>How about that? How about that? And she’s going to bring her
son home the best she can. She’s going to work hard at it.>>I go pick up the cross daily. It’s a battle.>>Tim, we need to
take a little break. I want to tell our listeners
about a new booklet I just wrote called “Light in the Darkness.” You know, Jesus says in John’s
Gospel, Chapter 8, He said, “I’m the light of the world. He who follows me will
not walk in darkness.” And we’re living in dark
and difficult times, but Jesus is the
light of the world. And he says, “You’re
the light of the world.” I want to help you through this
booklet, lay hold of that truth, so you can live in it. We’ll be back in just a minute. Friends, we’re living through
difficult and challenging times. The Church is in
a fierce battle. In the words of Pope
Emeritus Benedict XVI, man is pushing God
from the human horizon. And as a result, the light which
comes from God is disappearing, and humanity is
losing its bearings. In this moment, it’s crucial
that we hear the words of Jesus, who said,
“I’m the light of the world. He who follows me will
not walk in darkness, but will have the
light of life.” I wrote this short booklet
to help you lay hold of this precious promise from Jesus, so you can have the strength
and the courage you need to be a light in the darkness. To order your free copy
of “Light in the Darkness,” you can go to or call 1-800-282-4789.>>Welcome back, friends. We’re here with Tim Francis,
who’s been talking to us about these really amazing stories and amazing truth in
the Catholic Church. And Tim, we just have
a couple of minutes. Why don’t you tell
our listeners how can they get a hold of you and maybe bring
you to their parish. Because this is stuff I think
everybody needs to hear.>>They do, and Jesus
wants them to, for sure. But just go the website,
“You shall believe.” You can google it,, and just request an event. I’ll personally get back to you. And that’s where it all starts. It’s always somebody
who sees something. They’ve been to an event. They’ve seen the DVD, and we go, and we just light
that parish up. And then we also give them
tools to reach their kids and grandkids- real, specific tools
and a real specific plan that I can share with them on how to
really get their kids to listen.>>Fantastic, Tim. It’s great that you were
able to be with us today.>>Thanks for having me.>>I’m so proud of you,
I’m so inspired by you. It’s really great, you’re doing
really great work. It’s a big help. And I think the supernatural-
the reality of the Catholic Church’s capacity and ability
and anointing in the Lord to be able to discern for us,
you know, carefully, what is from the Lord,
what’s not from the Lord. And these kinds of miracles
really are- the Lord is speaking through them to us. He’s alive, he’s real. He’s died on a cross to
save you and to save me. He offers his body and blood
to us in the Eucharist. He wants to forgive us
our sins in a confessional, and the priest who is standing
there in Persona Christi, in the person of Jesus Christ
to be able to say really right to you,
“Your sins are forgiven.” It’s so important, and really at
the heart of Tim’s ministry is the capacity of the Lord-
I think the Lord has really brought him in to draw
people back to that reality. Because the Lord wants you,
your family, your children, those who you are praying
for every day to be able to experience the mercy and
the forgiveness of God, and to be able to know in their
hearts that by the gift of Christ’s grace,
I become a child of God. Friends, the saints are
praying for you today. Open your heart. Receive what God
has given to you. Run to his website and let the Lord lead you
as you move forward. God bless you. Join us again next week. ♪

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