REVOLUTION Israel Islam and the Gospel – Teaching by Joel Richardson

so the purpose of this message tonight I’m actually really excited about it is to look at a very specific prophesy of Isaiah chapter 19 and how many people
have really poured into this this chapter very much
really throughout the whole room just a handful I’m convinced that Isaiah 19 is one of the most important strategic prophecies for this hour that the majority of the church
is not paying attention to the body messiahs not looking at and I’m
convinced that it’s beginning to be fulfilled in a way
that is um discernible in which we need to pay attention to and so I wanna look at
some of these things it’s a beautiful prophecy it culmenates in a incredibly beautiful way and I think it’ll be an encouragement to
y’all so the passage begins Isaiah 19
verse 1: it says the Oracle concerning Egypt behold the Lord is riding on a swift
cloud and he is coming to Egypt now it begins
with this this motif of the Lord coming on a cloud
as we’ll see look at a few verses this is a a motif that is then picked up by Daniel the prophet as well as Jesus
himself and then in the book a Revelation and it becomes a classic a motif of the return of Jesus of the
coming of Yeshua except here it says he’s coming to Egypt
and it says the idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence the heart of the
Egyptians will melt within them so we begin with this classic end time eschatological language in this sets
the context for the rest of the a of the chapter the
chapter ends with six reoccurrences of in that day in that day in that day which is also
very um scholars will you know talk about
how this is clear as eschatological language it speaks of the age messiah or the
time that’s leading up to the day of the Lord all of the biblical prophets are essentially articulating a very day
of the Lord and in kingdom of God centered message
their prophesying through the events of their day or near to their day but they’re ultimately
pointing to the day the Lord in the establishment of the kingdom of God on
the earth that’s the context that they’re all
really focusing on so we go to the next a oh I’m sorry so here’s just you know
one example I went up a and interviewed Walter Kaiser junior he’s
over in a North Milwaukee really a living legend
today among old testament Biblical scholars and I was kinda like okay Isaiah
nineteen eschatological or not and he was like absolutely you know he’s been like for the past several years giving himself Isaiah 19 I was like yes and so I just got this great interview of him talking about the end time implications at this text but Jesus himself in the all the
discourse this his sermon on the end times just before
he goes to the cross he uses this he piggybacks of a Isaiah’s
reference to Lord coming on the clouds He applies it to Himself He says and
then the sign of the Son a man will appear in the sky and all the tribes of the earth or the
tribe’s the land will mourn when they see the Son of man coming on
the clouds in the sky with power and great glory later in Revelation 1:7 behold he is coming with the clouds and
every eye will see him and then its tying back to Zechariah 12 which is also a clear reference to the
return of Jesus even those who pierced him and all the
tribes of the earth will mourn over him so it has to be amen so just to
establish this this context of the overall prophecy is that
it is an end time prophecy and then the first element of the of the text verses 2-3 we begin with the civil war
in Egypt says I will stir up Egyptian against
Egyptian and then its progressive brother will
fight against brother neighbor against neighbor city again City kingdom against
Kingdom it begins with the Egyptian against
Egyptian and its progressive there’s a full-blown civil war eventually taking place in Egypt and
there’s a yeah I mean if you just follow the news
the past few years you know that after the first
Egyptian revolution they cast off Mubarak and they brought in
Mohammad Morsi who was the president he was brought in by the Muslim Brotherhood the Muslim Brotherhood are the radical
Muslims now there are some that more radical than them but they i mean
they’re basically radical hamas is Muslim Brotherhood it’s just the Gaza branch basically
or the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and then we were there a in June of 2013 a week before the second
revolution in Egypt when they after one year they cast off
Mohamed Mursi Morsi kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood and
and now they’ve got CC is the name of the president now when I was there you know again this was
we were there week before the largest protest in human history 30 million Egyptians are I won’t say crazy I mean they are like high
energy can you imagine two revolutions in one
year I mean they threw off two governments in one year 30 million people took to the streets
and cast off a the the president at that time well
of course the Muslim Brotherhood is furious they they feel as though they’ve been
illegitimately removed from power it was a coup you know this that and the other
thing and so now since then this has been now over about over a year and a few months there has been ongoing terrorism throughout Egypt and so as I talk to Egyptians the Egyptian
leaders in the church there I say is Egypt experience in the Civil
War spoken by as Isaiah 19 they’re all like absolutely we’re in a
civil war I haven’t found anybody yet that said no I’m not I’m sure that there are
but several leaders like it’s happening pray for us it’s getting worse the next
element of the prophecy and this takes up a significant part of
the prophecies the drying of the Nile and the and then as a result of the
drying up the Nile the desolation at the Egyptian economy it says the waters from the sea will
dry up the river it will be parched and dry the canals will
omit a stench so you’ve got the the river itself is
diminished greatly the canals and all the little tributaries are dried up the
streams of Egypt will thin out and dry up the reads in the rushes will rot away the
bull rushes by the Nile by the edge at the Nile all the sewn fields by the Nile okay the
farmland that’s by the Nile will become dry driven away
be no more the fishermen as a result will lament
all those who cast a line into the Nile will morn those who spread nets on the waters they
will pine away moreover the manufactures of linen it’s
amazing how um just accurate this is of Egypt historically but even today you have basically Egypt is a nation of
83 million Arabs it’s the largest most
populous Arab nation in the world OK 83 million and that nation’s always
subsisted of the Nile the entire economy hinges on the Nile so
there’s the farming there’s the fishing there’s the linens you know the famous
Egyptian cotton all these things that are affected by by
that one river combed flax and the weavers of white cloth
will be utterly dejected the pillar the valley
the very foundations of Egypt will be crushed all the hired labor’s will be grieved in
Soul there will be no work for Egypt which
it’s head it’s tail it’s palm branch or its bull the bulrush may do so here is the first uh strike if you will against Egypt is the Aswan
dam now this goes back to the early seventies I’m not sure even may have been late sixties when it
started basically this is the Aswan dam quite a ways down in Aswan if you’ve
been down there it’s an engineering marvel of modern
history i mean it was a tremendous
accomplishment but it’s one of the ecological failures of modern history as
well and so essentially what the Egyptian
saw as they would put up a a dam they would have it’s called Lake Nasser
which fills up behind it and they said we will basically bottle
up water while the Saudis are selling America oil
will sell Americans water at like five times the
price totally just kidding but they could it would be a bad idea
but basically what happened is this is what happens
with the Nile every year throughout history the nile river would flood and all this mud the silt would flood the banks of
the Nile well this is the fertilizer this is the Lord’s natural system his his
ecology and so when they build the dam they
thought will have the water will what’s happened is lake Nasser rather than filling up with water it’s filled up the
mud and so this is now obviously we’re going
back to the seventies we’re forty-some odd years into this but the
ecological impact this has had on Egypt and farming
is already has been dramatically felt and then
what happens down in the hot desert the water on the top just gets desiccated
and blows of and the end up losing tremendous amounts of water so you know it was just was not the brightest idea now this is the big issue is that Ethiopia
further down is now it’s right on the border of Sudan
and Ethiopia they’re building a second dam and this is start following this in the
news this is happening right now probably eight months ago there
was this you know issue in the news we’re all
these Egyptian government leaders were having convening this meeting it was where these hot mic moments were one of them didn’t realize the mic was on he basically said we’re gonna have to go
to war with Ethiopia and they were like don’t don’t don’t mic is on you know is kinda like that old ronald
reagan thing like you know we begin bombing in five minutes and their like you’re on the air and he was like just kidding course he was kidding but the guy in
Egypt was actually serious and so this you know ’caused this big a you know
what to do well there’s been probably a dozen
different massive ecological studies that have been done on the dam what its
impact gonna be all these different lobbying groups are
paying different groups obviously to get different results some of the studies are saying that this
could reduce the Nile throughout Egypt by another 20 percent
that alone would completely desolate the economy of Egypt
know again Eygpt is a nation which already cannot it’s not self-sustaining it already exists on global welfare the
Saudis the Americans some the gulf arabs hundreds of a you know of millions even
billions a year just so that keep their can keep their economy afloat if Egypt melted down in a serious way
economically they’re already depressed but if it really melted down this would
be a humanitarian nightmare that none of the nations of the earth want to see so this is a big issue well with this they’re they’re
finishing it up here within the next year or so and and then we’ll begin to see the long
term but this is something within the next 5-10 years down the road we’re going to begin to
see the massive implications so that is strike two strike three is that saudi arabia is running out of
water and as a result of that because saudi
arabia realizes that in the next several years they’re gonna be out of water they’ve been purchasing massive portions
of the Nile Basin over in Ethiopia and Eritrea and and so forth cause they have you know cuz we buy gas and they have
money in so they they’re able to purchase massive I don’t
understand I again I I never finish by the way my
degree in engineering so I don’t understand exactly how
they’re going to get the water from you know Africa across but you know I’ve heard some people say oh
we have a Saudi Arabia does the desalination plants that’s like we’re the most expensive
ways to its its one thing to supplement a little bit but
if you your population needed to exists of desalination you
know taken salter the ocean water you would you’d bankrupt your economy so
obviously when they were run outta this water that’s under them they need in massive source of water and
that’s where they’re looking so there’s strike three this is an issue everybody thinks oil is the
future wars I’m I’m convinced that water’s gonna be
one of the big issues and this is something that really is the next decade
we’re gonna see come to a head so this is something that’s happening
now this that was from the National Geographic
article I’ll just read it based on extraction rates
detailed in a 2004 so a ten year old paper from the University of London the Saudis were on track to use up a whole bunch of their water by 2008 experts estimate that four-fifths of the
Saudis fossil water is now gone one of the planet’s greatest and oldest
fresh water resources in one of its hottest and most parts
places has been all but emptied in little more
than a single generation so that is a a imagine that’s how much
water if Saudi Arabia was a water tank that the top is how much they’ve used
the bottoms how much they had left this was in the paper you know thus the
National Geographic a few years ago how again they could be off that is from
Google earth k thats the Saudi Arabian
agriculture the pump the water out of the ground they
hose down the incredibly hot desert and that’s how they grow their crops can
you imagine how much water is wasted when you just pour it on the desert like
that you’ve seen these I mean it’s just once
it’s gone it’s gone I don’t know it ends up in like Houston
or something but it doesn’t they don’t have it
anymore so this is this is just something to watch if you want to see something that’s going to shape the world in probably as little as 10 years maybe
sooner this is an a major issue it’s amazing that Isaiah detailed this
specifically and what was this 3,000 little more than 3,000 before no after day anyway about 3,000 years
ago Isaiah was what 800 I don’t know I’m terrible with reverse and then you have Isaiah 19 verse 4
I’m going back to this so first you have Egyptian civil war you have the desolation of the Nile an the economy then you have this issue of the cruel
master says I will hand the egyptians over to the power of a cruel master and
a fierce king will rule over them declares the Lord the
Lord Almighty now I’m convinced that this is a foreign
invasion and the reason I’m convinced of this doesn’t say it in Isaiah so want to be clear but one of the primary text that speaks of
the anti-christ in the Old Testament is Daniel 11 and it says that the anti-christ here
referred to as the King at the North is going to invade and conquer Egypt
this is such a prominent feature of the the the contours the
landscape old Testament prophecy that it’s hard for me to imagine that Isaiah was not talking about the anti-christ
when he says you gonna be given over to the hand of a cruel master so
Daniel 42 and 43 he says speaking of the
anti-christ he will stretch out his hand against other countries the land of Egypt will
not escape but he will gain control over the hidden
treasures of gold silver precious things Egypt and then the
libyans and by the way it says ethiopians there the word is cush it is
referring to the land immediately south of Egypt where the river splits in modern terms that’s northern Sudan
that’s not Ethiopia ancient a modern Ethiopia is ancient
Apocinai ancient Ethiopia is modern-day Sudan I always think it’s a bad translation so
many Bibles have ethiopia it’s not it’s not ethiopia its northern
Sudan basically cause Ezekiel describes the land where
the Nile splits and so forth which is basically close to what’s
the capital Khartoum of Sudan it’s basically you know the region just
south of Egypt so after egypt is conquered the
Libyans in Sudan submit to the anti-christ okay so you’ve
got the Civil War you’ve got the Nile you’ve got the
conquering by the anti-christ then as a result of the suffering that
will come to Egypt this is where it began shifting this is
where becomes glorious so if you’re an Egyptian you’ve got this prophesy like wait a minute
Joel I thought you’re trying to encourage us bad news bad news bad news and then all
of a sudden it begins changing with prayer Isaiah 19 verse 20 and
there is other elements of the text that I didn’t get into but the heart of it we’ve covered Isaiah 19 verse 20 it will become a sign and a witness to
the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt for they will cry to the Lord because
of oppressors or oppression or the oppressor because all of these things they begin
to cry the Lord and he will send them a savior and a
champion which we know to be Yeshua and he will deliver them so as a result of all of these things there’s a cry that
rises up out of Egypt because of oppression now how many people know that one of the
greatest prayer movements in the earth right now is flourishing in the nation of Egypt
when we were there last year it was um pentecost there was a all night prayer meeting from six at night to six in the morning of Christians
from all across Egypt just gathering together to worship it was glorious it was you know like the
power of tonight you notice you feel everyone in the room was singing with
full throttle and just you know just it was so
powerful of course I was traveling so i was exhausted but even in my exhaustion it
was just you know just bring tears to your eyes
that is Tarear square which is right in the heart of Cairo now a lot of us were watching when the
revolutions were taking place on the news in Egypt we would see Tarear
square all the violence that right there is a worship concert the the church that sits right on the
edge of Tarear Square it’s called castle to
borrow Pastor Sam a Maurice had such favor the Christians were
serving the egyptians throughout the revolution they’re
bringing them water they were they were given free medical treatment
they turn the courtyard of their church in to a medical facility that the leaders of the revolution said
we want you to bring you worship leaders out here they set up a big worship thing and you
what I’ve got video for to bring tears to your eyes there’s muslims there sit there clap and
sing in Emmanuel God with us I mean like they’re just getting in to it now what
happened is as this prayer moves begun now again I’ve talked to few of the key leaders of
the prayer movement and they said look ten years ago you
know we would do you think we have a prayer meeting three people show up you
know the pastor and you know two other people they pray
it’s dry it’s hard they go home he said but we push
we push we pushed and we really pursued unity amongst the
different churches and so forth not in a you know ecumenical way but
in for the purpose of crying out for the nation and the Lord begin really steering up the
pray movement well after the Revolution which began
January 2011 they called a real solemn assembly of
the whole nation on 11/11/11 November 11 2011 they gathered between forty to sixty
thousand people up on this this it’s it’s a a mountain called MaKaTom which has these Coptic churches up
there and it’s a sot of a trash recycling city
its a unique place but they worshipped and
prayed from six in at night to six in the morning 12 hours they cried out again the footage of just tens of thousands of Egyptians Yeshua Yeshua Yeshua just waving flags and cryin out I
mean is it this is the thing he goes now we started out with
the dry pray meetings now we have pray meetings all across the
country we have to sell tickets we have to sell tickets people up you
know paying or making reservations to get in thousands of people at a time three I
think right now there’s and it’s like this week or it’s right
here in the fall there’s a massive prayer gathering in I won’t say which city they sometimes
they have among the deserts and in they put up these huge tents there is already a prayer movement
that’s beginning so you see all these things that I’m
pointing to their not fully here yet but one after the other they’re
beginning to take place and then it gets better then there’s a
revival as a result of the prayer that rises up
out of Egypt there will be a massive end time revival in the nation of Egypt Isaiah 19 21-22 thus the Lord will make himself known to
Egypt wouldn’t you just love it somewhere in the Bible if there was a verse that said thus the
Lord will make himself known Minneapolis you know what i mean like if your name was actually there they’ve got that on
wooden plaques everywhere you know they’re like we’re right there
like because the whole everything in the Bible is Israel right
ya know my people Israel my people Israel my but in this chapter with the Lord’s
basically doing is now we need to understand at the
time Isaiah Egypt and Assyria with the two great antagonistic empires
and the Lord pointed to them and we’ll see it he says these are gonna
be my people the Lord’s basically doing an old testament version of the Good Samaritan parable which is
intended to go wait a minute it’s all about Israel and the Lord sayin I’ve got I’ve got
people in Egypt too and that as we’ll see he says I’ve got people in Syria
he says I’m gonna make myself known to Egypt and the Egyptians will know the
Lord in that day they’ll even worship would sacrifice and
offering they’ll make a vow to the Lord and perform it and this is the pattern the Lord will
strike Egypt striking but healing so they will return to the Lord and He
will respond to them and He will heal them this is I would
argue probably other than Israel coming to the Lord at His return
in a day the remnant of Israel all coming this is probably the greatest prophesied end time revival in all Scripture now
when I was there everywhere that I talked to everybody
that I talk to their like you would not believe what is happening and they said it’s just it’s increasing
did it this is a year ago their like everywhere we’ve never seen
anything like this people are coming to faith now the past
10 years or so there’s been a revival in
the nation Iran how many people know that Iran the church in Iran is the fastest
growing church in the world right now nineteen-point some-odd percent per year
growth now at the church is still small you
sometimes you get numbers are a little bit inflated there like 7 million Christians in Iran it’s not that
big but the church is growing fast they’re
willing to actually like obey the gospel and as a result people are getting saved
well when you hear all the stories of Muslims having dreams and visions and
coming to faith a lot of those are coming out of Iran now it’s time to break out in Egypt past year so it’s really beginning to
break out the I could probably tell you ten stores
but I’ll just share one with my favorite and this was when I was there again in June last year there they were like this just happened this week this week this just happen and I’m I’m not one I hate evangelistic
exaggeration you know someone goes like you know they tell the story like you know like someone gets saved and they like comeback it’s like 30 people got saved you know in like this guy got his head
cut off and the Lord healed it you knowing I was like wooo I love when the Lord does great stuff but I like to be real so I confirm this wth like multiple
people I’m like okay and then and since then I followed up on it so a young Christian girl got into a cab and that cab driver was a Salafi a Salafi is a radical Muslim they usually have kinda like of like a Amish beard sha you know not no mustache you know
in there the purists there the saudi sort of influenced muslims
there there even more hardcore than that the Muslim
Brotherhood and so the cab driver was a Salafi so Jesus speaks to this young Christian
girl in her twenties and He say I want you to
tell him that I love him and she’s like ya right because because in Egypt right for the past several
years there’s been a tremendous amount of young Christian women that are being
kidnapped by the radical Muslims and what they’ll
do is you know they’ll drug them they’ll you know abuse them force them into
marriage they’ll film it and then use the shame based culture to
blackmail them and say if you ever leave you know will show this to your father
and your family you’ll be shamed you know in these sort of things and so
she’s thinking if I tell him that he’s gonna kidnap you kill me or whatever and you
know an the Lord won’t let up I want you to tell him that I love him so she she works at a deal so
she’s alright here’s the deal Lord she says I’m gonna have I’m gonna
change where he’s going to take him in having
take me to I’m a very public place crowded place and I’m gonna get out of the co
she said that she said I’m just gonna tell him that allah loves him because the arabs say the Arab
Christians use the term Allah and Jesus said I want you to tell him that I
love him Yeshua it’s how the arabs say it and
so she says I’m gonna a okay deal she’s
have him me to a crowded place I’m gonna get
out of the car first a hand in the money and then say Yeshua
loves you and I’m gonna take off and Jesus says deal deal we got a deal and I’m so up so she does that she goes to a
crowded place she gets out she gives him the money she says Yeshua loves you she’s nervous Yeshua loves you he said what did you just say she said Yeshua loves you he said can talk
to you she said he was very sweet and he said for the past couple few weeks I’ve have been having dreams that Jesus has been appearing to me in these
dreams but he has been telingl me all these things which go against the koran and so I’ve just been disregarding them
as just dreams but he said the last night He appeared to me and He very sternly looked at me said so the you
will know that it is I who im speaking to you
tomorrow a young Christian girl is gonna get into
your cab she’s gonna get out of the cab and give
you the money and she’s gonna tell you that I love the hallelujah and he has since been
baptized OK that that’s that’s happened has been
baptized the its amazingly a lot the Salafis are
the biggest group that are coming to faith um there’s a a sheik is someone that’s
basically been sorta like the Islamic seminaries a learned trained so this one Salafi
sheik in one city got saved and he’s leading a homegroup of
about several other Salafi shakes you know you’re talking
like a cluster of them they’re all and because of the culture that
there’s still look like Salafis you know it’s not that they’re secret
but they kinda live in these little neighborhoods and
the sort of thing and some other like crazy stuff from amazing supernatural
things so the Lord is breaking out in Egypt the revival thats prophesied by
Isaiah is beginning I believe it’s going to be far greater
than anything were seeing but across the boards like and it’s not just
the muslims it’s the nominal Christians the cultural Christians and and so forth the Lord is moving in all
different people goods across Egypt and then it
culminates with this and this is just the crescendo of the
prophecy in that day now when it says in that day
it’s ultimately speaking of the day when
Jesus is on the earth now that the saviors come He’s delivered them
right in that day after the Savior comes after the
champion rescues them it says there will be a highway from Egypt
to Assyria this is were it goes it gets those from
good to better in the Assyrians will come into Egypt an
the Egyptians into Assyria an the Egyptians will
worship with the Assyrians now this is where the
Lord does the sort a good samaritan thing in that day Israel will be a third party with
Egypt and Assyria you know the Lords like you know his is
basically just showing his big heart He’s like of course Israel’s my people but
yet He’s calling these gentile antagonistic kingdoms my people
an this is like a profound statement in context an they will be a blessing in the
midst of the earth whom the Lord of Hosts said blessing blessed is Egypt my people and Assyria the work
with my hands and Israel my inheritance so in the
messianic age you’ve got Jesus ruling over the nation’s from
Jerusalem Israel is the head of the earth and then he’s got this massive number of
people throughout the greater region the region that today when we turn on
the news that’s all you know beheadings and death and bombs and wars and all and the Lord says no I have a people reserved we are those that if you know depending on
where you are with the Rapture basically we are those that get to
participate in this in terms of praying for what’s
happening in partnering with the Lord I’m convinced that that the reason that the Lord gives us
so much strategic information is so that we can be intercessors so
that we can partner with what He said he’s gonna do and so
you know you go okay this is awesome this is happening right we’re in it we’re in Minneapolis
what can we you can now the used you can begin to discern
what the Lord’s doing in these days and what he’s going to continue to do
you can begin praying into it and when you pray it changes things for if we if we believe what we confess with our
lips we’ll begin praying more it’s that simple
right Muslims pray five times a day if a
Muslim gets saved and they begin practicing the practice
of your church culture are they gonna begin praying more or less
hopefully their gonna start praying more right if not then we need to start praying
more that’s not about us wrote prayers but if we really believe the essence of
what we then we would pray more than five times a day I’m now I want it go from Egypt to
Assyria I’m you’ve all where’s Assyria I got a
map basically there’s Asia Minor thats Turkey ya’ll know
it says Palestine I don’t know with filthy atlas did I get that out of I don’t know just kidding Mac Millen I don’t know and so here you
have the Fertile Crescent says the green is
basically the the the region of the ancient Assyrian
Empire and as you can see the Euphrates in the
Tigers goes down to the persian gulf thats a region that includes a good section of
modern-day Iran includes most of modern day Iraq most of
modern-day Syria a good chunk of Turkey it includes a large section of Jordan and
Lebanon k so that’s the broader picture of
Assyria now go to the next map but now what’s
happened in recent times cause we look at the prophecies and the
Lords as I’m gonna do a great thing in Assyria I gonna have a revival in Assyria we’re zooming in the purple is the region
that’s controlled by ISIS k thats the Islamic State of Syria and
Iraq or day sure ISIL whatever you want to
call it Mosul is basically ancient Nineveh ok this
is an important city because this is uh in Micah 5 in Isaiah 7
through 10 it refers to the anti-christ as the
Assyrian right the the anti-christ you know it’s basically
coming from this region everyone knows Micah 5 the Messiah is born in bethlehem but you
bethlehem efritha though you are too small to be considered among the
tribes of Israel out of you will come one from me who will be ruler over Israel everyone’s was like yeah that that prophecies
about the Messiah being born then just get a few verses later and says he
will deliver us from the Assyrian when the Assyrian marches across our
borders you like when did Jesus militarily deliver Israel
from somebody called no this is yet to come and it’s an
escatalogical prophecy ultimately pointing
to the anti-christ so you’ve got these these repeated references to the anti-christ as the Assyrian then in Daniel 8 and 11 you’ve got antique apfines who also his headquarters was basically
modern-day Mosul right but then Isaiah is telling us
there’s gonna be a revival up there and so then you look at this area up in
red that’s called kurdistan an today right now in kurdistan that’s where all the refugees fled when
ISIS came and started just massacring people and beheading people
and so on and so forth and so though out that whole region you’ve
got roughly right now about a million refugees you’ve got muslims you’ve got christians
you get the Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Christians uh that live throughout the area you’ve
got these your Yusedes these kinda weird sect and you’ve got all these different
people groups living in these tents now a lot of people when they see the
news they’re like oh ISIS their beheading people that’s scary is there
could there be some is there some going from the Minneapolis area ya know is there any around us here you know and there’s it’s a scary thing or that no one wants to get beheaded um although I’ll be
honest there’s worse ways to go but um but in any case the point that I
want to do I wanna say here’s when I look at these
these tents when I look at what Isaiah is talking about you know how do I know that I’m saved its cuz I believe what’s in this book well if
I believe what’s in this book than do I believe what
Isaiah says yes I do now that doesn’t mean I have it all figured
out but when I look at the refugee camps I mean and I’m sure you all probably
already know where this is going to go to the next verse John 4: 35-36 did not say there is
yet 4 months and then comes the harvest or do you not say behold I said to you lift up your eyes and
look on the fields they’re white for harvest already he who reaps is
receiving wages gathering fruit for life eternal so
that he who sows may and he reaps may rejoice together when I
look at these UN setup refugee camps I see fields that
are white unto harvest every time Islam reveals its face a revival follows that’s what happened in
Iran ayatollah khomeini was one of the
greatest evangelists we’ve ever seen he revealed the true face of Islam the
whole nation of Iran is turned away from Islam they they want nothing to do with
it except for a small a group and they’re coming to faith in in
unparalleled numbers Egypt saw the Muslim Brotherhood
there now turning to Christ I believe if you we’ve ever seen
the true face of Islam and by the way in a politically incorrect in a
politically correct world what ISIS is doing is exactly if you go
back to the islamic source texts you mama wiki DRC UT similarly Muslim
historians that is exactly what Muhammad an what his early followers did it’s a perfect picture of what he did beheading slaughtering leveling cities raping they were dis- level city they would
march forty to sixty thousand women back to Mecca this is according to the to the to the
pattern that Muhammad in his early followers left this is not in aberration and I’m sure that you know CNN would not
like to admit that but it’s true is is the true face of Islam has been
seen throughout the region in them in the refugee camps want nothing to do with it
ISIS causes iraqis to turn to Christ at a stunning pace October 10th that was seven days ago that
article we’re already starting to see it later this a winter we’re going not got skip back a couple
up go back to the on more one more so see
Erbil Erbil was the capital of Kurdistan
it’s I i think it’s like 20 kilometers from
Mosul so this winter we’re going with a team
and we’re going to Erbil to minister to the refugees please pray for me it’s for the most part it’s safe but
things can change overnight right but I’m convinced the Lord wants
to move there and I so badly want to get my
hands on some refugees the Lord wants to get his hands on some
refugees Amen Lord bless these people they’ve been
through so much they’ve lost family members Lord release your Holy Spirit
all across this place we’re bringin medical supplies and and so on and so forth and networking
and and so many the Christians are warning to leave we just want to encourage them no the
Lord wants to do something here and you know if not you then who where
will that effective gospel witness be I don’t know I don’t know what else to
say the Lord is doing amazing things across the earth we
get to be part of it if we if we can open your eyes to what
he’s doing right now at this time you know in if we if we look at things the
carnal eyes its Israel an Iran and nuclear war an this and
that we get caught up in in kind even the conservative spirit of the
age sometimes that carnal kinda war drumming thing but um the Lord the Lord wants us to
have a heart for the arabs and the Iranians and the Turks
and then he wants them to have a heart for israel because
when it’s all said and done it’s all gonna be unified and Amen
and just let’s just end it with prayer father we thank
you so much that across the earth all the peoples of
the earth so many living in darkness for everyone
in this room you called us you opened our eyes and you made us your own some of us Jews some of us gentiles you you said that You in your in your your plan that you temporarily hardened Israel in
order that those of us that the Gentiles could
come in we ask that you would give us an
understanding of the place of honor that we would cry out for your lost children to come back to you to open
their eyes for the Ishmalits and the
Persians and the Turks an all the different peoples of the earth that are so
often brainwashed by the Islamic anti-semitism and the anti-zionism
that demonic desire to destroy your people and to
possess your land we ask that you would remove the blinders from their eyes and that you do for them what you did
for us that you would do for them what you did for this dumb blind little hoodlum from south
Boston and that you would raise up an army of former muslims that are willing to lay down their lives for you
and bear witness to the goodness of who you are and that throughout the earth you would
form one new man that would all together worship the God
of Israel and in that day we’ll rejoice with you when
all the nations stream to jerusalem we long for that day we thank you for
your goodness and your faithfulness in the name of the Yeshua Amen


  1. Thank you for posting this. May God bless Joel and his work for Him.
    Oh Israel, hear what your Messiah speaks to you.
    Love Truth and Peace.
    Yah-shua is Truth.
    He is the Prince of Peace.
    The Time of Jacob's trouble is near.
    "They have said come and let us cut them off from being a nation"

  2. a couple weeks ago i had a dream which had a person i know called isaiah so i interupreted it to mean for me to read isaiah. after hearing this video it now all makes sense. thank you

  3. Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was buried and rose again the third day. Repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin and God will give you the Holy Spirit.

  4. This literally made the hair over my whole body stand and tingle, and made me cry with pure joy, I cried but in a nice way with a smile, when Joel spoke about the Muslim salifi taxi driver saying he had a dream about the Christian women saying “YASUA LOVES YOU”!

  5. Oh the lies. Oh the Idolotry. Turn your hearts back to the one true G-d of Isreal. And stop this Idolotry and man worship. This makes my heart sad, to see people pervert the holy texts of the Jewish scriptures with their henotheism sloppily copy and pasted into Jewish Monotheism. Jesus is Greek/Roman metamorphosis of man worship forced into a contradictory relationship with the Jewish Scriptures.

  6. Isaiah 19 is a prophecy already fulfilled. Futurist eschatology in my opinion is a manifest by the rebellious spirit of antichrist. The Lord riding on a swift cloud is a very good example on the proper understanding of this type of literature. A proper orthodox view of eschatology is proper/partial preterism. I don’t even like to use the term partial preterism because of its connection to the heresy of full preterism which was created by the same deceitful entity (RCC Jesuits) that introduced dispensational futurism. Full preterism along with futurism (especially dispensational) are heresies.

  7. This is false doctrine! It’s NOT your trumpet nor your prophecy! The prophecy is from the king of kings and the Lord of lords. The prophecy is from the king of kings and the Lord of lordsThe Bible says that that day will come as a thief in the night and no man no it’s a hour! Notice you “the scripture that the Lord is coming on a swift cloud your interpretation post trip would not mean Swift… According to your false doctrine it would mean actually the opposite!!!

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