Responsibility and Faith – Getting in The Driver’s Seat

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Believer’s Walk of Faith. BILL: The ones who
walked by faith was the 10 lepers, that they cried
out, “Jesus, have mercy on us.” And He said, “Go and show
yourself to the priest.” Well, you’re not supposed to show
yourself to the priest unless you healed. Well, what did they
do? As they went, come on- CONGREGATION: They were healed.
BILL: They were healed. Notice, they walked out on something
that they couldn’t see yet and that’s the same thing about you.
Don’t be silent and sit here feeling this. You can’t feel
this, and when you leave here the enemy is going to try to
snatch away what you’ve got. Why? Because he doesn’t want you
to use it because when you use it, something is going to
happen. And when it happens, faith
gonna be fixed. BILL: Hello, I’m Bill Winston
and welcome to the Believer’s Walk of Faith, where
we walk by faith and not by sight. Well if you hear the Word
of God, faith will come. The Bible says, “Faith cometh by
hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” And it’ll come faster
if you hear your own voice. If you say things that God says,
faith will come. Now, that faith can do anything. It can cancel
your school loan. It can heal your marriage. Faith can get you
a job. Hey, within a week, I’m talking about faith can do this.
Why? Because faith doesn’t find a solution, faith creates one.
So faith can do anything. Let’s find out more about it. Let’s go
into today’s teaching. It’s called, Getting into
the Driver’s Seat. BILL: If you heard
the word, faith has come. Say, “Amen!”
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Faith has come. This
devil, I looked at this. First, he doesn’t want you to have
faith so he doesn’t want you to hear the Word of God. If you do
hear it, he doesn’t want you to act on the faith. Why? Because
he knows you can’t store faith. You’ve got to either use it or
you lose it. The next thing he tries to do is weaken your
faith. He tries to convince you somehow or contaminate your
faith somehow that it won’t work or get you fearful or worse,
make you doubt. It will shoot a hole in your faith just like it
blow a head gasket on your car. And or, the next thing, he’ll
try to get you to get in unbelief. Pardon me,
unforgiveness. Try to get you into unforgiveness. Why? Because
every one of these things will weaken your faith, because it
weakens your inner man. See? When you feel inferior, can I
preach? CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: When you feel inferior,
you’re inner man gets sick. It … Guilt, shame, inferiority,
is a disease on your spirit. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now
you find, you toughen up and get tough and watch how fast your
faith works. You don’t need to be racially concerned about
somebody because nobody can stop you. And if nobody can stop you,
why be prejudice? Well, you don’t know what they did to me.
Do you know what that is? Blaming. And when blaming comes,
thank God for justice, but when blaming comes, it takes your eye
off of blessing. Because you can’t look at both of them at
the same time. I don’t care if you don’t like it. Let’s look at
two places. Let’s look, I know I hit something there, I can tell
when I hit pay dirt. Let’s look at John chapter five. Let’s just
look at that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: We’ve been playing
with faith too long, and not been in the driver’s seat. You
supposed to be rich by now. CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: Come
on, you supposed to be healed by now. CONGREGATION: Yes, sir.
BILL: You know who I’m talking to. You, come on, you supposed
all kinds of things. CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: I’ve
been teaching all this. How long we gonna hear it? CONGREGATION:
Yeah. BILL: The man said slim down. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
Get ready. CONGREGATION: Yes, sir. BILL: Run the race.
CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: He said there are veterans all
around just like you’re in an arena, just like down at
Soldiers’ Field. You’re there playing scrimmage, you’re there
playing another team. And all those people have crowded in
there to see the game. Do you realize in the Spirit, all your
relatives that have gone up, they are all circled around,
watching, watching what we carry out here in this Earth. Say amen
to that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: They’re veterans.
CONGREGATION: Yes, amen. BILL: But now it’s your turn.
CONGREGATION: Yes, amen. BILL: Thank God you can come up in
here, but don’t get comfortable eating. Man I got to exercise.
I’m on that tennis court in the morning at 8 o’clock, I’m out
there. I got to exercise. I can’t be running all over the
world in sick and crazy. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: You
can get out and walk, you don’t need to do what I do. I’m just
saying that’s a natural component of a spiritual thing.
Exercise your faith. Start, go home, take the wallet, put in on
the table. I command you to be filled up. I mean do something.
Take the bills. Put them out there. Bills I’m talking to you.
In Jesus name, you will be paid up by December 25. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: What we gonna do? Own some companies, own some
houses. Don’t go out an point at some. Get the crazy faith that
God’s given you. Point at it and say, “You sell to me and you’re
paid in full. I don’t owe nobody nothing for you. I claim 17
houses now, for additional income. CONGREGATION: Yes. BILL:
That job is not your source. That job cannot even begin to
pay you what God has planned for you to have. CONGREGATION: Amen.
BILL: No, no, no, no, no. We’re too cute. Somebody might see
reverend. Well somebody seeing you now. They seeing you ain’t
doing nothing. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now I’m not coming
down on you. I’m just shaking you a little bit. Because every
time he preached, he told them to act on it. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: It doesn’t take long. Your faith is built, your
spirit will process it right away. CONGREGATION: Preach it.
BILL: Are you all with me? CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL:
Whatever your area is, you should be known for it.
CONGREGATION: There it is. BILL: Man they should be writing
things about you in Chicago Tribune. Lucretia owns, buys the
Hancock Building. CONGREGATION: Tribune. Lucretia owns, buys the
Hancock Building. CONGREGATION: Yes sir, amen. BILL: I’m talking
about crazy stuff. But we been too relaxed, we been somehow
kind of laid back, kind of see what pastor gonna say tonight.
And so forth. You say tonight? You gotta enough in you right
now, right now. The average person coming to listen to me
for the last three months has got enough in them to own 47
houses. I’m talking about six cars, I’m talking. CONGREGATION:
Yes sir. BILL: Let me hear what I’m hearing. CONGREGATION: Five
motorcycles. BILL: Five motorcycles, okay, I didn’t say
that. Sister said that. Motorcycles, five motorcycles?
Who wants five motorcycles. Can we stay within … OK five
motorcycles? Winter’s coming, boy this is Chicago, man. You
can’t ride no motorcycles in the winter. Okay. All right, what
I’m talking about … All right. Y’all getting a little bit of
what I’m saying? CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: And I’m not being
funny about this. I’m saying no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.
We’ve let this thing slip. And we’re no longer in the driver’s
seat and don’t know it. And then it’s kind of like a man who’s
been eating pop corn and pizza all his life. And now he’s blown
up and now here he watching TV, and still got all the food and
so forth. And then all of a sudden a robber breaks in the
house. Breaks in the door. And he jumps up to try to attack him
and had a heart attack. Why? Not in shape. CONGREGATION: Amen.
BILL: Not in shape. Now it doesn’t make any difference how
old you are, or how young you are, because faith comes out of
the inner man. CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: Makes no difference
how much education you got. Faith comes out of the inside.
Are you with me here? CONGREGATION: Yeah, yes sir.
BILL: Look what it says in Proverbs 18. Are y’all with me?
CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: Y’all still love me? CONGREGATION:
Yes. BILL: Amen, amen. Don’t hate me. Love me because I’m
going to get you there. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: I said
I’m a get you to mountain moving faith, I’m a get you right
there. Look what it says in verse 14. “The spirit of man
will sustain his infirmity. The spirit of man will sustain his
infirmity.” In Proverbs 4:23 he says it like this, “Keep your
heart with all diligence,” keep going, “For out of it are the
issues of life.” Another translation says, “Out of your
heart are going to be the boundaries of your life.” How
you going to operate in this Earth is going to come out of
your heart. And the bible says the heart, a man’s heart will
sustain his infirmity. He gets his heart sick, and now he can’t
do things. But this heart is where the force comes out. Not
out of your head, not one ounce of faith comes out of your head.
Comes out of your heart. And how much you want to come out.
Unlimited power of God. You want this thing to be so powerful
that when you say that money’s gonna be here Thursday by 4:30,
it will be here Thursday by 4:30. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
You got total dominion over time. CONGREGATION: Yes. BILL:
Using your faith. Say amen to that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
The reason why I’m saying it, if you’re not in faith your not in
the driver’s seat, because even if you make more money, faith is
a shield. Satan cannot steal what is covered by faith.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: And if it’s not covered by faith, he’ll
eat up that increase that you just got. CONGREGATION: Yes sir.
BILL: So why get an increase? You’re going to have the same
problem. And you can check anybody, that’s his MO. He wants
you to think you just got away. And I’m saying that now, if I
get you faith, faith is that shield. Remember when David was
coming to Goliath? It said over in 1 Samuel 17, that Goliath had
a shield, a sword, and a spear. And David said to him, “You come
to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield but I’m
coming to you in the name of the Lord of hosts.” Let me ask you,
did David have a sword? CONGREGATION: No. BILL: Wait a
minute, wait a minute. Come on now. It was in his mouth.
CONGREGATION: Yeah, yeah. BILL: Now did he have a shield?
CONGREGATION: Yes. BILL: Yup, faith is the shield of faith. He
had everything Goliath had but he had it on another level. And
because of it he can defeat him. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: And
you got it, you got that kind of faith. The problem is, somehow
we’re not exercising it. Somehow we’re kind of waiting and
hearing another sermon. And letting the faith that we had,
just drift on out. No, no, no , no. We gonna start using that.
Because every time you use it and exercise it and it comes to
perfection, you keep it. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now
you can build on another level. Say amen to this. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: Folks I’m not getting on you, God get on me
and I everything on you, you know. I mean he’s getting on me
about this. He said, son you standing still. CONGREGATION: Uh
oh. BILL: You are standing still. He said you have gotten
around stand still folk and standing still with them. That
ain’t gonna happen no more. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now
it’s just like Joseph now. Remember Joseph start really
having dreams and talking crazy. Y’all remember that?
CONGREGATION: Yeah. BILL: I’m just saying, what happened to
his brothers, they got what? CONGREGATION: Jealous. BILL:
They got jealous and envious. And I’m telling you when a
person of faith starts talking about all they got, it’s amazing
how many people start getting envious. And if you got the
blessing on your life, you can’t hide it. At some place it’s
going to come out of its covered. CONGREGATION: Yes sir.
BILL: And you have the blessing on your life. Say amen.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now the thing about the faith that
I’m talking about, I’m talking about the faith of God. Say the
faith of God. CONGREGATION: The faith of God. BILL: Found over
in Mark 11:22, have faith in God. So I’m not talking about
your faith. I’m talking about his faith that he gave you to
use to do the things of the Earth. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
Say amen to that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: All right, let’s
read that again. Let’s go back to John 5, did I say? Yeah
that’s where I was reading, okay? “Now there was In
Jerusalem a sheep market and a pool which is called in the
Hebrew tongue, Bethesda, which has five porches.” Five is the
symbol of grace. Now what did he say in Ephesians 2:8-9, “By
grace are you saved,” come on, “through faith. And that not of
yourself,” it is a what? “Gift of God. Not of works lest
anybody would,” what? “Boast.” How did you get saved? You got
saved by grace through faith. In other words, God gave you his
grace and gave you his faith, Lord have mercy. And you can get
saved by grace, Lord have mercy. All right next verse. “In these
lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt,
withered waiting for the moving of the,” what? CONGREGATION:
Water. BILL: “Water. For an angel went at a certain season
into the pool and troubled the water, and whosoever first after
troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever
disease he had.” Now let’s just watch it right there. Who could
see the troubling of the water, who could see that? Anybody,
anybody, anybody. It didn’t take an ounce of faith to see that.
Say amen. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: So they were walking by
flesh. CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: They weren’t walking by
faith. Because the ones who walked by faith was the 10
lepers, that they cried out, “Jesus, have mercy on us.” And
He said, “Go and show yourself to the priest.” Well, you’re not
supposed to show yourself to the priest unless you healed. Well,
what did they do? As they went, come on. CONGREGATION: Amen.
BILL: They were healed. Notice, they walked out on something
that they couldn’t see yet and that’s the same thing about you.
Don’t be silent and sit here feeling, this. You can’t feel
this, and when you leave here the enemy is going to try to
snatch away what you’ve got. Why? Because he doesn’t want you
to use it because when you use it, something is going to
happen. And when it happens, faith gonna be fixed.
CONGREGATION: Amen, yes sir. BILL: It’ll come to perfection.
And when it does, you gonna do something else. You gonna go a
little higher. And pretty soon you gonna believe for your
in-laws to be saved. And it’s gonna work for you and so forth.
Because all they need it your faith. CONGREGATION: Amen, yes
sir. BILL: All right? “And a certain man was there which had
an infirmity,” how many years? CONGREGATION: 38. BILL: 38
years, long time sick. “And Jesus saw him lie and knew that
he had long time been in that case. He said to him,” what? Do
you want to be, what? CONGREGATION: Made whole. BILL:
Made whole. Watch the man’s reply. “The impotent man
answered and said, ‘Sir, there’s some prejudiced people around
this pool. They don’t like Black people, they’re prejudiced. And
every time I try to move forward one of them steps in front.” I
hope I’m not making you mad. CONGREGATION: No sir. BILL: I’m
not trying to make you mad. I’m only trying to say, “Hey he was
busy blaming, blaming the government, blaming somebody,
blaming somebody.” Thank God that you can have a mouth to
speak freely. But blaming won’t get you walking. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: You gotta hear what I’m saying. God deals in justice
absolutely. But you gotta appeal to him on the terms of justice.
You can’t come in here complaining. CONGREGATION: Amen.
BILL: You complain faith doesn’t work. Do you hear what I’m
saying? CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: If you criticize too much
faith doesn’t work. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
Because faith works by love. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: He
said when they persecute you, rejoice. CONGREGATION: Amen.
BILL: Look at Luke 17:1, I’m calling them out now because we
going somewhere. CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: Say I’m getting
in the driver’s seat. CONGREGATION: I’m getting in the
driver’s seat. BILL: Man when you in the driver’s seat, man
stuff will come every day. Didn’t we read richer and richer
by the day? Didn’t we read that? CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL:
That’s your promise. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Don’t
let the devil get you in condition without your promise.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: “Then said he unto the disciples, ‘It
is impossible but that offenses are going to come.'” So you
going to have an opportunity to be offended. And I got a feeling
it’s gonna come from folks you didn’t expect it to come from.
He expected girlfriend, he didn’t know girlfriend was gonna
talk about you like that. Say amen. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL:
“Jesus said to him, ‘Rise and take up thy bed and,” what?
CONGREGATION: Walk. BILL: Walk. Watch this, watch this. “And
immediately the man was made,” what? CONGREGATION: Whole. BILL:
“Whole, and took up his bed and,” what? CONGREGATION:
Walked. BILL: “And walked. And on the same day was,” a what?
CONGREGATION: Sabbath. BILL: “A Sabbath.” Now wait a minute,
stop right there. Stop right there. So what happened? He had
to rise up. You can’t rise up on the outside until you get up on
the inside. CONGREGATION: Amen, amen. BILL: You can’t do it, you
can’t do it. That’s why the military, they have three
answers. Yes sir, no sir, no excuse sir. You want to tell
them all you got. I didn’t do that, he did that. But you
can’t. You gotta say what? CONGREGATION: Yes sir, no sir,
no excuse sir. BILL: No excuse sir, that’s it. And you there
going to try to run off at the mouth and tell him what
happened. He said mister, you shut up, you don’t say nothing,
no excuse sir. What are you saying? Don’t give me any
excuses, go fix it. Come on we got some military people in
here, they know what I’m talking about. CONGREGATION: Yes sir.
BILL: That’s the first thing that happens to you when you get
in the military and go through basic. It starts to make you
strong, it makes you rise up on the inside. Now what am I
saying? I’m saying get the feelings off your fingertips,
you are in the Army now. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: You
are not behind the plow. Got it? Get em off your fingertips
because faith takes responsibility. CONGREGATION:
Amen, yes sir. BILL: And if you don’t, your not in faith. Isn’t
this wonderful? CONGREGATION: Yes sir. BILL: I’m gonna give
you the lessons that I have learned that got me here.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Because you gonna have the same
faith I do. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Say amen to that.
CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: “And immediately the man was made
whole, took up his bed and walked. And on the same day was
a,” what? CONGREGATION: Sabbath. BILL: Sabbath. Next verse. “The
Jews therefore said to him that was cured, “Oh praise God. He
got healed.” No, no. Religion don’t care nothing about your
healing. “They said, ‘This is a Sabbath day. It ain’t even
lawful to carry your bed on the Sabbath.” They didn’t more
respect his healing than anything. Why? Because the devil
was behind it. He does not want you to show off your faith.
Because it’ll show how dried up his system is and it’ll shine
light on dark places. ANNOUNCER: In this
powerful faith lesson, Dr. Bill Winston
encourages you to bring your faith to another
dimension by whole heartedly trusting in God. Through faith
you can overcome obstacles, detours, and anything that’s
trying to block or slow your progress. Bring faith to its
fullest by exercising the Word and tap into God’s ability, not
your own. To order your copy of today’s message in its entirety,
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change your life forever. Order this
message today. BILL: Hello, Bill Winston
here. Now I trust that you’ve been blessed by the
day’s message. I’d like to take a moment the share a couple
testimonies with you that have come from our prayer call
center. We have a call center set up to pray with people who
would call in. We created this center for you, the partners,
the viewers, those who would call in need prayer for any
matter, doesn’t make any difference. We want to pray with
you, stand and agree with you, whatever we need to believe God
for you, for the thing that you need God to do in your life. Now
here is a testimony that was given to me. This came in from
Florida. This particular person had a family member that was in
a coma. They’d been in a coma for two weeks, and that this
family was being challenged as to whether to take the person
off of life support or just leave them on. Well, this one
person decided to call the prayer center here at Bill
Winston Ministries. And that prayer minister prayed with them
and believed God for that person’s deliverance, or that
person to come out of that coma. Well shortly after the family
called this person and reported that the dear sister that was in
the coma opened her eyes and woke, and then asked for a drink
of water. Now, they asked what time that this sister called the
prayer center? What time did they pray for this dear sister
in the hospital? They prayed at 11:16 am in the morning. And
that is the exact time the sister woke up from the coma
that she had been in for two weeks. Praise God! Let me give
you another one. This testimony comes from Illinois. This
particular person called for prayer for their godmother. Now
she had stage four cancer and was going to have surgery. Now
after they received prayer from the prayer call center, the
doctor started the surgery but could not any longer find cancer
in this person’s body. Now these are actual testimonies that have
been coming in. So I’m just saying here that if you need
prayer, if you need somebody to agree with you, we’ve got people
that know how to get ahold of God. You see God’s plan is that
we all be healed. God’s plan is that we all be delivered. God’s
plan that we all have enough, abundance, or whatever have you.
So if you’re going through something that isn’t God’s plan,
in other words, there’s something in your situation
there that you know is not God’s will for your life, call that
prayer center. They’re standing by. These folk know how to pray.
And as you pray with them, and they agree with you, we gonna
believe God that every need of your life is going to be met.
Well remember we’re here for you, and the prayer call center
is available. We love you, and this is Bill Winston saying
keep walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: Doctors
Bill and Veronica Winston are dedicated to seeing
lives changed through the power of prayer.
Our loving and highly trained prayer ministers are
ready to pray and agree with you. We know that prayer can
turn around any situation in your life. Contact us by phone
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join us fro our regular live prayer sessions. We want to
thank our partners who have made this prayer call center
possible. Together we are transforming lives throughout
the world. If you are not a partner, we encourage you to
pray about joining us in partnership, and be a part of
the wonderful work that God is doing through this ministry.
We love you and look forward to praying and
partnering with you. ANNOUNCER: The mission
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