Republican Impeachment Defense A String Of Bad Faith Complaints | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. It's a commitment , It's a duty, it is a Responsibility to
    Represent the people who
    Elected you to Hold a USA
    Government office to participate in the impeachment hearings.

  2. And Dems were following the Rules established by Republicans during Bengazi, so Republicans were actually complaining about the rules they wrote themselves. Also, the closed-door hearings were the initial investigation part of the process, similar to the special counsel investigation in Clinton or Nixon's Impeachment (or equivalent to a Grand Jury investigation, both of which are always private.) And although Republicans pretended that they were being shut out of the closed-door investigations, Republicans on the closed-door committees WERE allowed access to the SCIP & were allowed to participate in questioning the witnesses. Nunes' stunt to storm the SCIF was a bogus fraud.

  3. Not ONE defense of Trump and his conduct whatsoever.
    The GOP are all completely admitting that Trump is guilty.
    Yet the GOP does nothing about following the laws demanded by them.

    Worthless, all of these red-painted traitors.

  4. The White House wants to "get back to business." Let us be clear, the business to which the White House wants to get back is the business of corruption, criminality, and betrayal.

  5. My grand-daughter told me 🇷🇺President Trump🇷🇺 acts like "Dennis The Menace" runnin' around with a BIC! 🇷🇺 flag of Russia

  6. DjT will continue to undermine our Republic to serve his own personal/political reasons whether he is impeached this year or in six months.
    After he is impeached and, more than likely, found not guilty in the Senate, DjT will also continue his rampage on the Constitution until Jan 20, 2021 when he must leave the White House a failed and beaten "ex-president".

    Our continuing national nightmare will continue because of DjT and his Republican enablers who are cowards.

  7. Matt is so dumb looking.
    Was he storming the basement looking for drunk girls?
    Frat boy who never grew up.
    Mattie Gaetz for nothing!

  8. WTF is it with these tiny clips? Doesnt MSNBC realize that mindlessly chopping up their shows like that, results in your viewers wondering what the context is and then wander off to a news source that doesnt disfigure its own content like this?

  9. "You have done everything we wanted. That is unfair, because now we have nothing to complain about. Which is our new complaint: we have nothing to object to!"

  10. The USA is in big trouble folks, Nunes is up to no good again and will do anything to win as he did during the Kavanaught hearings and now K is in the perfect position. Nunes, Jordan, Matt G and many more are all in on it, they will cheap, lie, steal or do whatever is necessary to keep their seats and Trump in power and this must not happen. This is a disaster in the making..

  11. The signature jumps out as that of a very silly person. Marker, really? Grown ups use pens. How do we know that signature isn't crayon?

  12. tRump is totally dissing the Republican Congressmen, every step of the way, yet they defend tRump…have you no dignity? Obviously not…they must be suffering from Münchausen syndrome.

  13. The real problem, is that the majority of all of our Senators & Congressmen are completely sold-out and bought & paid for.
    (The "Patriot Act").

    The fact that Trump is just like all of those corrupt, crooked conmen and shysters – one whom is also very masterful at manipulating others and taking advantage of guidelines, laws, rules, principles & ethics only highlights just how far out of whack and totally screwed up our system of (..non) governance has become.

    Correction : HAS been ..for about the past 40-70 years.
    "Of, By, and For the People" (?) : Sorry. No. Not any more.
    It is of, by and for the absurdly wealthy – the excessively greedy – the morally bankrupt – the self-serving – the totally indifferent, the pathetically inhumane and the completely, grossly disinterested in the vast majority of the citizens of this (their very own) country.

  14. With his great wealth, one of the single most generous, strategic, and immediately beneficial things Michael Bloomberg could do is to have multiple millions of pocket sized copies of the Constitution printed and distributed throughout the country as well.
    Then encourage nation wide reading and discussion groups throughout the country.
    This will infuse and encourage much needed focus, clarification, and constructive direction in this country especially as these impeachable offenses continue to surface.

  15. really want some really interesting facts about Russia and Trump check out Msnbc  Malcolm Nance talk about everything and He worked intelligence . It's very informative. check out about his knowledge and about his latest book. WOW. They need him on the stand , just wow.

  16. Republicans… bad faith… Redundant!!! At the same time, that would be an apt new name for the R party – instead of the "law and order" party, the "bad faith" party. That works.

  17. Is this signature really from the lawier? Even what is written in the letter doesn't sound like one. Who uses a sharpie to sign a lett… OH!

  18. The russian puppet the GOP commit suicide when they first support Trump I say Nov. 9, 2016 for them to start up a new party with there morale and ethics and family value and view.

  19. 2:20 Why does the White House counsel sign his name in thick, black sharpie? No normal adult signs anything in sharpie.

    PUBLISHED WED, JUL 24 20198:57 AM
    Robert Mueller tells the House Judiciary Committee that President Trump was not “totally exonerated” by the special counsel’s report on Russian election interference, as he has frequently claimed.

    Mueller: President Trump was not ‘totally exonerated’ in Russia probe and can be indicted after he leaves office.

    YOUTUBE: 'Hard Time': Warning For Trump In Bribery Cases Landing Politicians In Jail | MSNBC
    659,465 views•Dec 2, 2019
    REP ADM SCHIFF presented a victorous 2010 Impeachment Case Againt a Judge.

  22. Richard Painter, a former White House Ethics Chief under President W. Bush, called Trump's scheme "criminal."
    "This is a bribe," he tweeted. "Any other American who offered cash to the jury before a trial would go to prison for felony bribery.
    "Any senator who accepts cash from [Trump] before the impeachment trial is guilty of accepting a bribe and should go to the slammer."

  23. Conservatives" have more in common with lower order apes. They are a million years behind in evolutionary terms. Time to tend to the animals.

  24. turned the volume to zero so I could troll… if your happy and you know it clap your hand.. wrong channel no claps

  25. This really is turning into "Bonfire of the Vanities " , some people's reputations will be as low as a snakes handbag

  26. Depositions are never done in public. The reason for this is due to witnesses being more open to answering questions fully than they would have done in a public hearing. Once they have been deposed those same witnesses feel more able to answer the questions as they did during deposition. Then you have the public hearings, which all of sane people know is not a trial, it is as near to a public grand jury as you will ever get. The final committee stage is for the Judiciary Committee to seek advice from independant witnesses. Once the committee has finalised its articles of impeachment the House votes to impeach or not. Whatever happens from day one up until this point there is no accused, therefore there are no defence witnesses. In Trump's case the process has been fair and run under the 2015 rules that the Republicans put in place.
    Once impeached Trump has the right of defence almost identiclly as would be aloowed in a criminal court.

    I am sick to death with Republicans making up trash that is only for the low IQ Trump voters. I say low IQ because there are only two groups on Trump's side 1) The low IQ Trump voters and 2) The lying scum called Republicans and more so on these committees.

  27. Is there any truth to the rumer that the incumbents asked the first lady, " would you be surprised if I got up and kissed you," she said I'd be surprised if you got up."

  28. If you are unfortunate enough to get a reckless driving ticket, first of all, let the Judge know this hearing is unfair. When you get phone privileges, let us know of the viability of that position. Always remember Republican politicians are not stupid…they do believe their supporters are, so they must create schemes that support the depth of their customers' comprehension.

  29. If you are unfortunate enough to get a reckless driving ticket, first of all, let the Judge know this hearing is unfair. When you get phone privileges, let us know of the viability of that position. Always remember Republican politicians are not stupid…they do believe their supporters are, so they must create schemes that support the depth of their customers' comprehension.

  30. Let's sit down and have a talk. Somebody gotta die, these guys are so old. At his wedding, somebody threw a hand full of rice and it knocked him out

  31. Republicans are like younger gens …spoiled, uncontrollable, must have their way, and destroying everything in their way.
    And its never enough!!!
    When Trumo gets impeached, all his voters should have their vote cancelled

  32. @MSNBC consider allowing live streams. Voters need facts and real news in this epic era of our history. ALLOW live streaming plz and ty.

  33. GOP/Trump Party is playing Calvin Ball. Trump's head is the Ball. Pelosi is Calvin. I can't figure out yet who the Tiger is! Probably Mulvaney!

  34. I will never think of a Republican in a very nice way again. Now when I hear white house or Republican, I think, ignorant and child like. And I mean child like in a very not good way.

  35. As a loyal Trump supporter I fully understand and applaud his tactics when it comes to the impeachment. Many years ago I was charged with murder (don’t worry I’m innocent). My wife had been brutally bashed to death and I had been found trying to dump her body in a nearby reservoir. My lawyers seemed very worried by the evidence against me, apparently there were many video recordings of me, drunk, confessing to the killing in a lighthearted manner. They all recommended I cop a plea deal.
    Now I was absolutely innocent. That last night I spent with my wife was perfect. It was a perfect night. If she was alive today she would look you right in the eye and say “that was a perfect night”! So I was not going to plead guilty. Instead I hit upon a brilliant tactic, I just completely refused to accept the validity of the process. I insisted that the entire United States legal system was conspiring against me and that it was tantamount to harassment. I stated that I was far too innocent to even attempt a defence and insinuated that the prosecutors were unamerican. My lawyers quickly saw the genius of this and jumped on board. We kept calling the whole trial a circus all the while making the most farcical ad hominem arguments. It was beautiful!
    Anyway I was found guilty and sentenced to five hundred years hard labour.
    But I didn’t have fox on my side.

  36. Looking back, the Intelligence Committee hearings have an entirely different meaning now that we know that Nunes was calling Trump's henchman while Spanky McBoneSpurs was commiting crimes of extortion and bribery.

  37. How long will the Republicans continue their ridiculous excuses? Sadly some people are still finding them credible.I can only hope we have enough people to vote them out of office.

  38. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍻.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍.
    Me, another one bites the dust, and another one down.😂😂😂.

  39. Oh look, the devils soulless army all together in the thumbnail. The only thing missing in it is the orange devil himself.
    Too bad they cant all be thrown into the abyss together.

  40. Their professor, "Turley", said it is just fast and furious, so this time they want it as slow as Mueller saga 😆😆😆 Surely I can't see defense, rather buy time swing.

  41. Rick Wilson is 100% right about Trump & his GOP. They are traitors who have knowingly saddled up with Russian Intel and enabled a corrupt POTUS to commit treason.

  42. Are these Republicans proud or feel great for acting like children,wasting America's time and money 😩
    Why can't they do their jobs ,and get to the truth for country and people, not try and cover up Trump and Putin crimes against humanity and America
    😧 Republicans time to stop fighting so hard for liars,time to fight for truth and freedom for all Americans not just Trump

  43. are you saying the republicans have been less than honest about this whole process? I am for shocked, shocked! I tell you!
    If they didn`t have bad faith arguments, they would have none at all.

  44. Nancy just gave Trump the ultimate Christmas present! They have boosted Trump and destroyed Biden! The Senate will verify there is no Monster under the bed! The Democrats need a diversion from boring 2020 candidates, failed policy proposals, Trumps tremendous success, and their incompetence! Blinded by hate Nancy's minions!

  45. Cherry picked and biased. Not only will our great President not be impeached he will win a second term. Oh I can't wait for the liberal meltdowns.

  46. The republicans argument that so called hear say does not hold up to me since I am a christian,like most republicans so i have been told! My argument to the point is i could not be a christian unless i put a great value on hear say due to the fact that i have never seen God yet i beleive in God, i beleive the bible is true and it is based on hear say as to the subject of God which it is written no one has seen God…… so if hear say is worthless then how can i beleive what jesus said?Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

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