Rep. Peter King’s “Terrorism Hearings” Remind of McCarthy Hearings, Identity & Affiliation

David: Also, right-wingers in Congress targeting
America’s Muslim community, no surprise here. In March, the House of Representatives will
begin hearings on preventing domestic terrorist attacks, who was at the center of this? Our
friend, our foe, Representative Republican Peter King. He’s leading the hearings, and
he has made it completely clear to me, it’s somewhat clear to Louis, he’s still coming
around on it, I’m sure it’s clear to most of our audience that he is going to use this
post in charge of these hearings to stoke fear and suspicion about American Muslims
instead of an actual fair, logical exploration of critical homeland security issues. And we’ve seen hearings like King’s before.
1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy, he exploited widespread fears which were provoked by the
Cold War to launch a hunt, literally a hunt, for what he saw as a web of Communist subversion
in the U.S. And he was targeting individuals, Louis, not by their actions, but by identities
and affiliations. How is this different than Peter King choosing to, instead of saying
let’s figure out the sources and context in which we have violence happening in all forms,
including 20 domestic terrorist attacks in the U.S. that have nothing to do with Muslims,
60 that were successfully foiled; let’s have that type of hearing, no, Peter King is saying
we need to look at Muslims. We need to, like Joseph McCarthy, look at people based on their
identity and their affiliation to figure out where the danger lies. Am I off-base here,
Louis? Tell me I’m wrong, I’m begging you! Louis: That’s what it’s looking like, like
the Russians during the Cold War, like the Japanese during World War II, same thing,
really. David: In 2004, King claimed in an interview
with conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity that, quote, “No American Muslim leaders are
cooperating in the war on terror.” And, quote, “80% to 85% of mosques in this country are
controlled by Islamic fundamentalists. I’ll stand by that number of 85%.” Is that not
an outright insult and attack on American Muslims, Louis? Louis: Pretty insulting, yeah. David: Hey, Louis, your dad is Muslim, not
a very practicing Muslim, not particularly religious, but would he not be completely
insulted by a statement like that from the Congressman from New York? Louis: He would. No doubt he would. David: In a September 2007 interview with
the website Politico, Congressman King said that, “There are too many mosques in this
country… There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at
them more carefully and finding out how we can infiltrate them.” Hmm. And when we asked who’s influenced by this
stuff, who hears this type of talk on “The Sean Hannity Show” or on Rush Limbaugh? Who
hears it? Well, a PRRI/RNS Religion News Poll found that males, those who trust Fox News,
like Evangelicals and Republicans, were more likely to support King’s hearings. Any surprise
there, ladies and gentlemen? Any surprise to you, Louis, that this is not a coincidence,
when individuals like King make these statements, he knows exactly who it will rile up on both
sides? In other words, he knows that the Fox News-trusting audience, which is becoming
smaller and smaller every day, white Evangelicals, Republicans, people who are already Republicans,
and male, specifically, go back to our Jackson Katz interview on the gender– on politics
of gender, are already going to buy in, and then people on the other side are going to
point and say this is completely xenophobic. Louis: Of course it’s all calculated. He knows
what to say, he knows where to say it, and he knows when to say it. David: And by the way, on Wikileaks, “I am
calling on the Attorney General and supporting his efforts to fully prosecute Wikileaks and
its founder for violating the Espionage Act,” and Peter King asked Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton to determine whether it’s possible to declare Wikileaks a foreign terrorist organization.
Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering what on Earth is Peter King talking about? I mean,
literally, what on Earth is he talking about? It is truly incredible. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit, or contact Alex at [email protected]


  1. Peter King is a pernicious blister on humanity. He uses language dishonestly; the term "Islamic fundamentalist" is loaded; it equals "terrorist" to most ignorant Americans.
    King doesn't even know what the term "fundamentalist" means when applied to Islam.
    I'd wonder at the public notice given to this idiot if not for the 8 years of W.

  2. McCarthy was right. Only a clueless, naive liberal woud not believe that Shariah law woud not have you beheaded before you could upload your video. This mindless liberal ideology is the prime example of the DUMBING DOWN OF THE AMERICAN SHEEPLE!

  3. In my town a Muslim man was beaten to death on a sidewalk in the ealy hours of the morning while walking home from his job at a liquor store by Mexican gang members. The Muslim man had no ties to gangs. This is the type of bigotry that is fueled by war and right wing fascists such as Peter King. Is this what we want in our country? This incident happened just last month.

  4. While Americans are busy "spying" on each other just as in the McCarthy era politcial factions will continue to hyjack our economy, use police to terrorize our own citizens and imprison more of us.

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  12. @SeptemberGroup How many Irish have ever lit their fucking underwear in an attempt to blow up an airplane full of innocent Americans & why do you hate Irish people so bad?

  13. amazing how peter king forgets his own backing of a terrorist group the IRA who killed innocent ppl and including children yet he goes after muslims. As an irish person he supported irish ppl been killed and fundraised for the ira

  14. Has anyone seen the last news from Islam…they were instructing in how to carry suitcase of anthrax, how to get through security and where to deposit the suitcase and how it would effect 300,000 Americans guaranteed….does this sound like something peaceful? And this is from their broadcasting….interesting


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  22. A little thing called documentation (Venona Paper) has proven McCarthy right and then some. Those of us who actually read already know this. Its the brainless lemmings who bitch about "McCarthyism" who have their heads up their asses. And King is right about Islam too, but some people are too weak-minded to accept the truth.

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