Religion Wins in Battle Over Birth Control

the Supreme Court ruled that companies
that hold religious beliefs genuine religious
beliefs do not necessarily have to cover birth control for their employees now this is the case involving Hobby
Lobby & Hobby Lobby was basically objecting to the notion that the
Affordable Care Act would force them to pay for contraception are
contraception for their employees now the court ruled 5 I before I’m sorry 524 and their unfavorable
Hobby Lobby which means that this could have negative ramifications
in the future now the ruling pertain to something
known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1993 something that a was enacted by
President Clinton and the ruling has consequences and
recover repercussions such as allowing employees or employers to refuse to cover other
medical treatments so for instance if the employer is not in favor blood transfusions or certain injections
that employer doesn’t have to cover it based on the
president that’s been set by the Supreme Court in this particular case now I wanna know it the panel think
about this Erica II wanna start off with you make your point this is a really really frustrating
decision and because in actuality it’s not an issue of religious freedom I’m in all the data shows that the
majority of women in this country regardless of religious affiliation
actually do use contraception so this is about a fringe group using
religion as an excuse to make a political point and the
political agenda absolutely john I think it’s really sad that we come to
a point in American history where like people usually disrespect the present leadership
Congress but now they don’t own a respect for the Supreme Court it’s not because they’re more
conservative than they were in the past I think you know goes up it goes down but it’s there in his decision well you
said there’s the but the possible precedent that this could also rule a
blood transfusion psychiatric care all sorts of other things that other religious faiths could have a
problem with Aledo tries to say this should not be taken as an admission that
that those sorts of things can also be banned as if he doesn’t know what the
Supreme Court is or how Supreme Court precedent works as if he’s never read how president is
read in future decisions and it was like trying like in bush
league or two I don’t know to have your cake and eat
it too to say this one thing is OK it’s making a mockery of what the
Supreme Court is supposed to represent yeah absolutely that’s a great point and the other point that I would like to
make is that I don’t believe that hobby lobby’s up cause here the religious cause is
sincere I don’t think that this has anything to
do with contraceptives I think this has everything to do with their political
agenda and with their absolute disdain for the
Obama administration and the Affordable Care Act if they were genuine in their religious beliefs will be when
do business with China and men are many products that they
actually sell at their store is manufactured or up
built in China and keep in mind China has a one-child
policy and as a result they had million hun 10 hundreds of
millions of abortions ever since the one-child policy was
enacted so that’s a really big hip-hop peaceable a park receipt I want to point out and
it’s just crazy to me that always side in now we have republican
saying that they don’t want the Affordable Care Act to stand between
you and your doctor and now all of a sudden we have
religious employers standing between you and your doctor so
the question for this story is has religion ever gotten in the way of
something you really wanted john I’ll start with
you yeah I mean it has a lot of ways but in one sort by guest cash Alloway I had
a girl break up with me because I was an atheist and but that’s happened to a lot of
people but the way that it was weird was that she wasn’t like a Christian breaking up with me she was
just spiritual shouldn’t follow any religions but still that spirituality
was enough that she thought there was something
fundamentally a moral she couldn’t come up with anything in particular which is like there has to be something
wrong you’re better off which is highly educated by the way it
is in graduate school online but more importantly I like in religion is the only thing
that stands in the way of this but I want fundamentally for our country and
the world as a whole to be driven by people being interested and curious in
the world coming up with ideas testing and that the experiments gathering
evidence for their beliefs and forming their world you add it and religion among many other things
does stand in the way of people doing that because they think that curiosity in
experimentation are the way to the truth that the truth
has already been established revealed to us in religious tax or in any other sort a
blind dog our faith Erica I disagree a little bit with that
but also share a story so I’m the daughter of two pastors I corrupt literally in church 24/7 so religion cannot stand the way I
everything I wanted to do between ages 10 and 20 I’m but those decisions were
between me and my parents at the time as I got older me and my God and man to
the extent that I wanted to be with between me and my religious institution
my church never between me and my employer I’m but
the point i wanted to follow up on is that religion stands in the way up kinda
intellectual curiosity and it is not always the case and in
fact that shouldn’t be the case I’m I think certainly people misuse religion
misuse the word truth but really it can actually be a
beautiful way understanding the truth I’ve been using it in combination with
science and as a Christian would say with what God has allowed us to understand
about the world for site yeah I think that their needs to be a
distinction between fundamentalists and regular normal religious people that
you come across in the United States so I’m you know
their religious people to try to push their political agenda or their
religious ideas upon everyone regardless of what
their religious beliefs are and I don’t agree with them and in the
case of Hobby Lobby I feel like they’re doing that even when they’re being you know
insincere in what they’re actual up beliefs are so onto the question as well I would say
that religion for a really long time when I was
growing up stood in the way %uh liberty for me and the reason why I say that is
because but you wanna live your life in a
certain way and you want to do it without feeling and intense amount guilt for it right so I if I had a certain thoughts or bad
certain feelings are certain natural actions that you experience when you’re
younger I would feel really really guilty about that and I think letting go for religion
letting go on religion for me was a very liberating thing an impact
empowering thing so I would say that religion had that
impact on me but I also want to know what the audience banks so tell me if religion has ever stood in
the way of something you really wanted share your story for those me think that we don’t read
your comments we absolutely do in fact on Today Show we will do a
segment where we read some other comments and respond to them so be thoughtful be honest tell us what
you think we love hearing from you


  1. I think the decision violates the 14th amendments promise of equal protection under the law for all citizens by denying Hobby Lobby employee's of the same legal protections under the ACA that every other citizen gets. 

  2. John wanted to slap this lady. No, you cannot find truth or the understanding of truth, whatever the hell that is, from your god damn sky master.

    Your religion has never giving us anything, Human inquiry for the truth and solid science to test and verify it as best we can has given us everything.

  3. I have grown up in the Roman Catholic tradition, going to Catholic school and doing other religious based things. I have to say that religion began to hold me back when I got into high school and started to increasingly think more for myself and form my own views. I happened to disagree with a lot of church teachings. However, even though I not consider myself a nonbeliever, I do see the value in religion and being religious. That value is truly exhibited by religious people who are open to new ideas and science and especially other religions. Religion has no purpose in my life right now, but for a lot of people it does. Those people simply need to learn to coexist with their fellow human beings.

  4. Didn't we settle all this back in the 70's? Seems to me this country has been doing the cha-cha, 2 step forward, 3 steps back – need to skip a beat and change it to 2 forward, 3 forward, none back.

  5. Here in Norway it is so fascinating to see this debate unfold in the US. Here, people are assumed atheists until proven otherwise, and teaching creationism in school, even private ones, has never been a topic. Religion is pretty much a non-topic, and is almost never used as an argument in political discourse (we do however have a conservative gov in coalition with a christian party). More and more people (including myself) are opting out of the state church, in which one is enrolled in BY BIRTH, but yet we are living in one of the most secular countries on earth, which I am eternally greatful for. Allmost all religious rituals are almost strictly sermonial, because it has been so for many generations. This includes baptisms, weddings, and funerals. But more and more people are doing these in a secular manner.

  6. Religion has made a significant impact on the relationships I hold with family members; as if our interactions are more valuable with "God" in the mix. I have recently transitioned to an atheistic ideology and, as a result, have seen a decline in my worth as a friend/family member.

  7. It is no secret, 5 justices work for and are owned by the corporations and the fascist right.  The justices are whores and violators of their oath and the consititution.  They are traitors destroying the fabric that holds are republic together.  It is not religion thaty holds our republic together.  It is the rights and equality of the people guranteed by the constitution.

  8. I was raised to believe in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. This directly ruined my life and destroyed my family. This fact is desputable and controversial depending on who in my family you ask, of course. But, to me, it is undeniable. I am 34 now, still processing and analyzing all the damages of my upbringing, doing this mostly through my YouTube videos as a sort of therapy through expressed contemplation and stark realizations. I'm an atheist now, but I also call myself, as many of us do, XJW (which are not all atheists). I do blame religion for many things, not just my former religion. I can have plenty of respect, trust, and love for religious people as individuals. But I blame religion because it is a tool that fosters doubtlessness where doubt is essential. It conjures imaginary boogeymen, not the least of which is a God who kills and a Devil whose greatest crime was questioning authority, for otherwise normal people to love and/or hate with great passion. It rallies the masses to sacrifice themselves, their time, their families (often times, i.e. apostacy, homosexuality, abortion), and their critical thinking, leaving so many billions and billions of people to make misguided decisions in and out of church, too often resulting in increased danger and frequent disaster that can usually be linked right back to the black and white examples they cherish in their holy books and from the mouthpieces of their faiths. I'll leave you with that. Thanks for reading, guys /=)

  9. I find it amusing how religious people can easily point out where other religious people are being irrational, but then pretend their own religious beliefs aren't irrational.

  10. Also, by saying that this should not be taken as precedent for other religions, aren't they also elevating one specific religion above all others?

  11. Religion is the main reason why I am unable to have proper conversations with most people. It's like trying to have an adult conversation with a 4 year old baby, if not worse. I'm not even joking. I've had better conversations with dogs than religious people.

  12. Not sure if this counts, but when I was growing up, my mother didn't celebrate Halloween. She believed that it was meant to celebrate the devil or something like that. My brother and I were allowed to go trick-or-treating with friends (which we managed to arrange only every other year), but because our mother wouldn't buy our costumes, we had to borrow one or get creative.
    I guess you can say the thing I wanted was free candy and cool costume of my own. It's a petty thing to dwell on now but it was a pretty big deal as a kid.

  13. I was kinda raised Catholic, although my parents were never really religious. I am now an atheist. My grandma on the other hand is very religious, and has been trying to convince me that Catholicism is the best religion in the world. She has also tried to convince me that I should get confirmed, what ever that means. She also said that the reason that I'm leaving "my" religion is because I have not taken the time to study and learn about it. When honestly I probably know more than her (she didn't even know Jesus was a Jew). I don't know what to do about her because she is getting really annoying.

  14. As a man, I don't expect my employer to pay for my condoms or vasectomy.

    With that said, why should a woman get her contraception paid for?  

  15. These guys- especially John- have such a myopic and facile view of religion. 

    Its irritating because they present themselves as so educated about the topic… 

  16. They really should say "my" or "her" (in the case of John's story) religion and not just "religion stopped me from…".

    Its like as if a woman stopped someone one from something, then that someone said "women stopped me from.. instead of "a women stopped me from". 

  17. I always understood religion to be just an attitude towards life. And everyone has that. It just happens to be that some attitudes become dogma of sorts. 

    But sure, attitudes have stopped me from getting what I want lol. 

  18. Religion deprived me of critical thinking and robbed me of seeing the universe as an awe inspiring, beautiful mystery.

  19. so where is the division between church and state? This is manipulation to the umph degree.

  20. More garbage on how the people need more government regulation bla bla bla. How about no corporations offer health care and the people buy it themselves?

  21. I would have to say that religion stands in my way of a lot of things, but most notably in the way in the way that non religious people view it. I am agnostic dating a Christian, and religion comes between us on quite a few issues, but nothing compares more to what the stigma of religion does to us. People within the church see me as someone who will inevitably hurt hurt her (not even intentionally) because of our differing ideology. People outside the church, on the other hand, assume she is crazy, ignorant or uneducated, despite the fact that she is a very gifted university graduate. Religion stands in our in the way on many different issues, but the biggest thing comes between us is how people see us because of our choice in ideology. Religion has stepped in our way both in the ideology that tells us we will hurt each other, and in others perception of religion itself. As Ana pointed out, people hear about religion and they think of fundamentalists, not average people living their lives who go to church every sunday.

  22. Religion stood in the way of my own self respect. As a younger girl, in a Christian household, I was expected to be asexual until marriage. Even literally thinking about sex or having desires were considered equal to the actual acts. So I was shamed by my parents (mostly my father) to pretend to not have any sexuality. My dad actually found out when I "lost my virginity" in a twisted turn of events ultimately involving my high school principal calling my dad to "tell on me." And my dad actually got mad at me! He acted as if my choices were his own and my principal clearly felt the same way. No institution made me feel good about myself. And what was the reason? They didn't ask me if I was having safe sex or if the experience was mutual. They just told on me and got angry with me and shamed me; where does that ideology come from? Christian fundamentalism, the idea that women should be submissive and pure and pious. Thank "God" I now know that's absolute bullshit.

  23. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it: If corporations are people, and if they are entitled to Constitutional rights under US federal law, including freedom of speech (through money) and now also freedom of religion – are they not also entitled to the rights given to all American citizens through the 13th Amendment, the right to not be owned by other people? Someone needs to start prosecuting corporate investors and stockholders on charges of slavery – maybe then there would be a reversal of this ridiculous trend.

  24. Religion got in the way of my childhood education.

    The hours upon hours I spent in Sunday school, youth groups, bible studies, and church camp could have been better utilized and have been used for doing homework with my family, getting tutored in math and science, and going to museums.

    Instead of learning about chemistry and learning a little bit about the periodic table I learned all the books of the bible. Instead of learning about evolution and other interesting aspects of biology, I leaned about Noah and the great flood. Instead of learning about the solar system and the space, I learned about heaven and hell. The list goes on and on.

    It's truly a shame. I am amazed I got through high school and in to college with all the hocus-pocus ideas that were instilled in my head since as long as I can remember.

  25. I don't think that Erica Williams Simon knows what the term "literally" means. That being said, I could see John "literally" biting his tongue when Erica said that "God has allowed us to understand the world through science".

  26. Did religion stand in the way of something I really wanted? Well, that's a long story, but I'll try to cut it short. My parents raised me Roman Catholic at a time when the worst thing was getting a teenage girl pregnant. I've suffered psychologically due to my mother's attitude toward sex along with the RCC's doctrine.

  27. Blurring the line of certain protections reserved for specific organizations like nonprofit religious groups and that of corporations (even if its just closely held ones) undermines the very reason those separate categories even exist. For example: The millions of dollars Hobby Lobby will now save from this ruling is a huge competitive edge over other craft stores like Michaels or JoAnns. This case was never about whether or not every woman should have access to free contraceptives (since the court agreed that it was a compelling interest of the government), it was about who should pay for it and why.

  28. wow religin shouldnt even exist its times like this when you just know tyou are superior than any fundies

  29. Why are they calling themselves "Hobby Lobby", if they are clearly lobbying against everyone's favorite hobby?

  30. Ana: ''religious employer getting in between you and your doctor''

    no you moron. ''a religious employer getting in between you and your (birth control) money''. is a more accurate assessment

  31. I was brought up catholic and this dogma is intended to mould people into doing what they are told by more powerful and rich people. Religion keeps you child-like – you are like a sheep, unquestioning and obedient. And always, a little afraid.

  32. every time i want to buy a beer or some alcohol on a Sunday here in Utah religion gets in my way because they have made it illegal to sell alcohol on Sundays here. 

  33. That new guest killed the show with her pro-religious disposition. I'm sick and tired of hearing excuses in the manner that tries to make room for her God in science. She may be against Hobby Lobby's decision, but best leave it at that. 

    If 100 years from now, a new more humane non-racist KKK/neo-nazi group rose up, I wouldn't accept them or join them if I were still alive then. I know their history, don't care for their titles and there's no way to sugarcoat their existence by ignoring the past.

  34. Hmm, what has religion prevented me from having…
    I have friends who are extremely religious and also extremely intelligent, but they've been injected with this fear that is too overwhelming for them to deal with because of their religion. I'm robbed of some potentially great intellectual conversations with them, society is robbed of their potential contributions, but more importantly these people who have been indoctrinated have been robbed. They will never be able to live in peace because they were brainwashed to always live in fear. I don't know if they will ever truly be happy in their own skin.

  35. I’m an agnostic who is fenced in a deeply conservative Muslim household. As expected, religion has certainly stood in the way of many things I've wanted to do. I really, really wished for a dog when I was younger. They seemed like loyal, happy and affectionate creatures and simply desired one as a pet. I proposed the idea to my mother who objected it to a great extent and defended her position by narrating religious texts that alluded to dogs as “impure” and “distasteful” animals. Until now, I still do not understand all the disgust and hatred towards dogs very prevalent in my religion and culture. Dogs are fucking amazing and I am going to get one as soon as I am on my own.  

  36. As I was growing up, the impression was "get baptized, you'll go to heaven. If not, you're going to hell." As I got older, I had more questions about the church, about who wrote those texts, and why we don't seem to cover more of the bible, but only certain parts?

    As you can see, I was very curious. Part of what I've always understood is that God loves those who are true believers or who has the makings of being one (which, inherently, should be everyone).

    Well I felt that I could not continue on with that church and those teachings. I was finding more and more "made-up" rules disguised as religious doctrine…and it was getting in the way of my spiritual understanding and growth. I wanted to know more, but they were not willing to go in that direction. Instead I found that religion was (and still is) deeply steeped in politics.

    This was something I simply did not have the heart for. I would be lying to God if I continued to stay there. But I felt bad and I did not want to go to hell and I didn't want God to charge me with such a thing.

    So one day as I was walking down the street on a beautiful June morning, I saw a fruit tree blossoming and considered that this is a tree that God created. It is not possible for this tree to go to church like humans do or even get baptized. Yet it is God that allows it to bloom beautifully every year without fail. To me, God loves this tree. This pure and innocent tree.

    And that's when I knew it was ok to leave religion and simply be spiritual. A weight lifted off of me and I've felt wonderful since. I was able to learn more things about spirituality and the similarities of religious origins. So I regret nothing. 🙂

  37. Religion has stood in the way of my society, my world becoming a more decent place to live. Religion will always resist positive progress for a number of reasons. We all know too well the scientific backlash from religion which speaks volumes in terms of religious insecurity. The more answers we uncover with scientific inquiry, the better God becomes at hiding himself. We used to equate almost any unknown natural occurrence as an act of God, but with modern science, almost all of these occurrences have been explained rationally; religion hates rationality. Then we have to worry about other social issues, whether it be abortion, homosexuality, slavery, institutionalized racism etc. Religious nuts, including their pastors, will rage against anything that may even slightly go against what their book of choice says. And I am not naive to the point that much of the time religion is simply used, by politicians, corporate leaders, neo-cons in order to justify arguments to the public. This can best be seen in the messages delivered to the poor. The New Testament is actually quite spot on when discussing the needs and concerns of those living in poverty, but so many "leaders" have spun this meaning in order to make people feel better about being poor. Instead of using Jesus' words to acknowledge that poverty and wealth inequality are intrinsically evil and not sustainable for a healthy society, right wing ass holes tell the public that it's okay to be poor because you will be rewarded in the afterlife, or that there is honour in remaining poor. Either way, whether religion is taken out of context to justify injustices or it is not, it is still detrimental to society. The girl who attempted to be an apologetic for religion, spouting some bs about how when used properly, religion can actually increase imagination and skepticism, is completely wrong. She simply reiterated an old argument from religious apologists who claim religion can encourage the desire to think outside of the box. This is bullshit. Thinking outside the box is blasphemy for almost all organized religions, especially monotheistic ones. Fuck religion.

  38. I'm pro-choice, but I don't think that birth control should be covered under ObamaCare, unless a person is at health risk if they get pregnant or something, or if the company providing coverage chooses to add it on. Sex is a personal choice, and while nice, it is not essential. I have gone years at a time without sex, and am totally fine. So it stands to reason that, if your well-being is not endangered by not having sex (It isn't), then it should not be mandated that birth control be covered. Or, if it is, it has to cover both sexes, so men can get…condoms, I guess (men have few options compared with women).

  39. Having a girlfriend? I'm having a hard time finding somebody open-minded about atheists where I live. 

  40. ruining critical for thought- As great the Information Age (Internet) is the biggest problem we all face is only listening/watching show or people we agree with. This is a problem because it creates a trench warfare world that says you have to 100% agree with the topic at hand or not…(most of the world is grey)

  41. This wouldn't be an issue at all with universal healthcare. The inherent problem with privatized healthcare is the inevitable problem of forcing people to do things against their will. You want "x" and I don't want to pay for it. Somebody has to not get their way.

    Being that "x" is still available, the best solution is not to force someone to pay for it. The person who wants it is still free to buy it for themselves.

  42. Let's see 12 geriatric old farts made a decision that will affect millions of young people and you are surprised that they were so conservative in their decision?  Let 6 or 7 of the senile geezers die off and you might MIGHT get a rational judgement.

  43. I was raised Catholic, and now consider myself Christian.  I think the main point of religion is love and respect.  If you love life and respect it, you will make a better world … sure some horrific things also need to be punished, but as long as you don't :hurt" and show respect I think you are basically good.  That being said, when a company hires me, I will do the job they ask (as long as it is legal), but I don't feel they can tell me what to believe.

  44. It isn't all contraceptives. That is misinformation. I don't agree with it, but it is best to get all facts straight.

  45. Christians don't "Save" they bully. Never should any group, let alone religious, be able to make medical decisions for anybody. 

  46. I think I can relate to Anna's story about how religion robbed her of her freedom.
    I grew up in a pentecostal Assembly of God church and there was hardly anything I could do that wasn't a sin or against God's will… every thought and action under constant surveillance by the all-seeing eye of God. 
    Then finally one day after wrestling with doubts for a while, I was able to let it all go.

  47. Albert Einstein was a deeply religious man. However, that did not stop him from attaining what he did. Religion is an excuse, not a problem. Looking at the universe with a sense of wonder is not reserved for atheists. That is as prejudice as any religious anti-science fiat. I think what it comes down to is whether a belief for or against something allows an expansion of understanding or a restriction. To absolutise either is confining.

  48. All that being said religious politics for an intolerant political agenda is extremely confining, narrowing. Conversely it also opens up a Pandora's box of problems with religious exemptions for all other churches. What laws will be left unmolested? In going back to the foundations of the US, the "Founding Fathers" developed this new republic to step out from under the heel of religious and monarchical rule. A major stone in the foundation of that was the separation of church and state. SCOTUS just crapped all over that.

  49. I was raised a Catholic but I've become an atheist with time. I've had a few religious arguments with my EX in the past and presently had a very uncomfortable conversation on a date with someone who got upset when discussing religion. FTR she brought it up, not me. I'll date anyone from any religion but if they have an issue with me being an atheist and get upset if I don't believe in god, I'm not interested either. My sister is a practising Baha'i an we get along fine. We kind of understand each other and don't get into religious discussions anymore which is easy because we don't see each other every day. It's much different though when you spend many hours with someone every day. So I don't think I could date someone who was devoted to religion. We're probably just fight all the time. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  50. Ana: No offense, but the WHOLE argument you guys pose against Hobby Lobby is ridiculous, and stems from the definition that you use for "access" in the context of access to contraceptives.  In the textbook definition of access, let's use a staircase as an example: according to the ACTUAL definition of "access", let's say there's a stairwell behind a locked door.  The locked door represents denied access. In real life, the locked door would represent contraceptives being banned. This isn't the case. The stairwell is accessible by all.  YOUR definition of "access" requires someone else NOT just to open the door, but to carry you up the stairs as well.  I hope you understand that I say "your" in general reference to the progressive side of the argument, and not YOU personally.  Have a fantastic day!

  51. I cant stand people making excuses for religion. Oh it can be a beautiful way to understand what science bla bla whatever. Its. Just. Fairy tales. We dont need that shit anymore.

  52. They're not standing in the way of you and your doctor! Wtf Ana?! They aren't covering contraception in their healthcare plan. That's it. You can still get as much as you want, they just won't be paying for it.

  53. Never seize to amaze me how much society is supposed to bend over backwards to respect peoples blind faith – even to the point where it actually endangers other peoples very lives, like refusing your child a lifesaving blood transfusion or other medical treatment.
    In what other area of life is blind faith considered a positive to that degree?
    Even in my very secular country, churches can actually impose their so-called "spiritual space" on the land of a neighbor, demanding "quite" during their sermons.
    Where other than in regard to religion do we see this much special pleading and exceptions from the law?

  54. No, sorry guest, religion DOES NOT compliment science in ANY way. Rather it feebly attempts to compete with and obfuscate it. EPIC FAIL OF A SEGMENT!

  55. I think religion is obsolete and not needed anymore. It causes more trouble than good and it dose dwarf advancement

  56. Domatism in any area produces real human suffering. It seems people who haven't grown out of belief to demand evidence value obedience over critical thinking. I cant say it better than the greats, listen to some clips of arguments by Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett.

  57. I personally don't care what religious beliefs hobby lobby has I don't understand why that should effect my medical insurance why do their religious beliefs take precedence over mine when it comes to what I wish to do with my body.

  58. Your comment re the one child policy in China is no longer valid. As of January 1, 2014 it was repealed. This was done because the population is aging with not enough young people coming up to replace them.

  59. Growing up in Canada, the only thing religion deprived me of was sleeping in on Sundays. I was forced to attend church until I left home, then I got those sleep ins back. Teaching of creation in school was never a concern in the public school system, even in the 1950s & 60s when I was there.

  60. religion has never stood in my way liberty, it has only made me a better person. religious people are the problem. I love being a Christian and will always be a Christian because God has been Good to me.

  61. Ah yes … once again immoral, deluded, religious poison infringes on our rights as a secular society. As an outspoken staunch atheist, I am very upset at this trend. Any laws, opinions or even suggestions based on ignorant men thousands of years ago "making shit up" in order to understand the natural world and to gain power over women and the masses rears its ugly deluded head without one shred of verifiable, concrete data or evidence of supernatural deity. When will societies worldwide realize that religion truly is a divisive, immoral evil. We all need to embrace atheism based on reality, evidence and reasoning.

  62. The annual price of birth control is less than what the average man spends a year to be remotely competitive in the dating market. Financing your own freedom is just something that you have to get over if you want to eschew the norms of patriarchy. Accepting that infantalization is part of feminine conditioning in this society to be overcome is of ultimate importance. Your boss is not responsible for this expense and neither is the government.

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