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  1. Have you taken time to relax this week? I hope this music helps. What's your favourite way to unwind? Comment below!
    Love, Margie.

  2. There is something about music that seems to bring us closer to each other and help us come together as a community. … Now new research suggests that playing music or singing together may be particularly potent in bringing about social closeness

  3. Очень напоминает музыку со старой, но любимой аудиокассеты из 90-х.

  4. К релакс музыке рекламу желатально добавлять менее агрессивную, более спокойную. Надеюсь, что youtube по мере совершенствования своих алгоритмов учтет мое пожелание

  5. Sorry, but it is just a loop, over and over and over. I guess one could sleep to it, but for background while working, annoying after ten minutes, like a broken record skipping and playing over the same music. I can't see how one would want 11 hours of that. My dog was starting to pace. That's not relaxing. I'll go back to slow jazz, songs. Hours of songs.

  6. Had a companion that looked like her and she was good with an acoustic guitar and had a beautiful voice as well, I miss her, but she is a joy to remember in my later years. Never forget those memories.

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