1. Hi Lisa ❤️ could you please write the name on this musik wery Nice and Calm sund the person have 😊 love from Denmark 🇩🇰 Tina

  2. Rough day and remembered that this was in my watch later list. Thank you for all you do to help those of us who are suffering.

  3. Dear Lisa thank you for this inspiring and vibrating meditation – while listening and feeling your words I visualized when justice will be done in legal battle and my only child I haven t seen at all in the last 18 months since he was 2 years and 9 months taken away by my ex psychopath just to punish me for leaving him .. i have seen myself how i will be when i will hug my loving and poor child of mine after so much time, how he will see me and feel me – only God knows when i will have him in my life again. When thus will be over I promised to have my own channel ( i won t have to be on low key afraid he will harm me) to encourage women all over the world in French and in my native language to have faith, to do this amazing work to heal from ptsd and codependency, to love themselves, to learn to set inner and outside boundaries, to journal, to meditate, to build a healthy self esteem. God thank you for all this amazing authors, for people like you we can have the privilege to receive your messages on podcasts, youtube, books, articles, newsletters. Merci Lisa Romano de tout mon coeur

  4. Hey Lisa! After really painful relationships, I would tell myself, "I don't want to be with anyone", but after listening to this, I realize it is simply not true, it is safe to desire whatever it is I want, and that I am enough to have it.

  5. Thank you again for such a beautiful meditation! So glad I found you. I've added this to listen to daily 💐

  6. Hi Lisa, Thank you for this!! I was able to actually visualize and spread and receive the light and love and what my heart desires!!

  7. Can you please explain how to visualize a partner that isn’t there? The only person I am able to visualize is the man that I have been stuck in a cycle with for 6 years. I am exhausted in mind, body and spirit. I’m trying so hard to let that go and believe that I deserve someone who actually wants me and appreciates me. I realize I have done this to myself. How do I visualize someone different when I have no idea what he looks like? I’m now trying to not believe that there is no one for me.

  8. this was such a great meditation. im in such a place of peace, love and light. Thank you for being you! Much love.

  9. I thought attraction was just about a significant other. Glad to find out it's much more than that. I feel so expanded and hopeful. Hope to continue to discover a healthier, less frightened relationship with God. Thanks and energy 😊 to you.

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