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welcome to intuition wine and I viable well you will learn and talk about everything energy so grab a glass of wine to join your host good morning good evening at night whatever time you're listening to this we are going to talk about something quite interesting today and that is the topic of sex and spirituality so regardless of if you've never had sex or if you've had plenty of sex partners we're going to talk about how it applies to your past present and your future so I'm just gonna go ahead and get down and dirty on into this and I actually found some interesting facts as it relates to religious sects beliefs so this article that I found really kind of says 13 weirdest religious sects please but I mean everybody is obligated to their own opinion and weird is a word of judgment so I'm just gonna take that whole category out in the fundamentalist Islam religion martyrs are rewarded with 72 virgins so let's just stop right here 72 virgins really now I don't know if this belief was was developed ages ago or if it this is something that's more recent but where in the hell are you gonna find 72 virgins now are these 72 male versions female versions a mixture of both well what you gonna do with 72 virgins I just want to know can somebody answer that for me please because I can't figure out an answer to that now here's here's one that I think is absolutely hilarious and I'm sure you'll be able to relate to it because it's been in the news not recently but it's been in the news on and on for a number of years and this has to do Catholicism I will say this it says our priests are not head of fouls they're gay so it's okay to molest kids now I already have a problem with that statement and I'm not even gonna go there but I think the reason why they stated it that way is because one of the Presidents Bill Donohue and the Catholic League said that the crisis in the Catholic Church does not lie within the priest being pedophiles but rather they're homosexual so and he then goes on to claim that 80% of the victims are male and past puberty and hence they should count as young adults ages 12 to 17 rather than children I'm not quite sure that I can get down with that at all so I'm just gonna go ahead and skate on past that because I have so many more words for that and I'm just praying that is not true so let's look at Judaism women are not to contact their husbands during their period yeah so pretty much you say that it is not unheard of for couples to abstain from sex during the woman's period and it's because it is a Jewish restriction that takes it to a whole new level and I mean hey that's a personal preference if you want to have sex during a period about all means I'm not gonna tell you not to do it and by all means I'm not gonna tell you to do it who cares who cares is my point so then I go on to find Islam that they have temporary weakened marriages for sex I mean do you really have to get married to have sex I mean I think that's really quite evident now in here in this age nobody actually has to get married to be able to have sex so I'm not really quite sure why you have to get married well anyhow the term is called as a high and it is the tradition of temporary marriage and the only requirement is a permit for the period of the relationship is a diary payment to the woman so it says that this hay can last anywhere from five minutes to 99 years five minutes though for real five minutes I mean what's the point of even going through the whole ceremony because I'm sure it's gonna last more than five minutes to get married and then have sex and then what do you do afterwards so I'm not like really quite sure that I can get down with that one either but I found it interesting all right now I need y'all to hold on to your seats for this one because in paganism I'm reading and again if by all means if you practice any of these religions and can attest to any of the validity of what I have found by all means please do because this one for paganism says that there are group masturbation rituals for growing crops I don't think you heard me group masturbation rituals for growing crops so pretty much everybody sitting around in a circle trying to get some crops to grow you trying to grow your corn your cabbage you know your greens and so are y'all gonna masturbate around around the crops but you got to make sure you climax at the same time I mean I'm all about high vibrating energy but I don't know if I can get down with this one either so in weka sex is a great right so pretty much you can have sex with a person and you're more than likely I have to do it in front of a whole lot of people because this is like a great right right it's a spiritual passage in order for you to have sex you just do it in front of people and announce your rite of passage alright so in the religion of Islam cheating is actually worse than murder so according to the hadith there is nothing which God it bores more than adultery so pretty much if you have sex with someone other than your spouse then I guess you're committing murder or something past murder but see I mean if you commit harder than the soul has left the body and is no longer here but if you just simply have sex and create a lot of emotional distress then that person still gets to be here so I'm not really quite sure how they equate that the same alright so in another one in Judaism is that sex may not be used as a weapon well I'm gonna stop right here because I'm sure a lot of ladies can understand this not necessarily as a weapon but could definitely be used to get what you want I'm just gonna leave that one right there I'm not even gonna speak to much more on that so another belief that falls within the Islam tradition is that you should not have sex during the daytime from August 1st through the 30th and so pretty much this is within the period of Ramadan and this is supposed to be an Islamic fasting period so ok I can kind of see you know why so pretty much don't have sex while the Sun is up but when it gets dark you can get down with the get-down all right so you remember how we talked a little bit about that pagan masturbation ritual for crops to grow but on the flip side and Catholicism a masturbation leads to at least a half of day of deadly sins hmm so we have on one hand we're masturbating to get some corn to grow but on the other hand if you masturbate you might as well just go ahead and call it a day and you've committed all the sins that you could possibly have within your life so we're gonna make a switch from the religious sects beliefs to actual laws across the United States that still exist about sex so we're gonna start in Alabama as I'm pretty sure that you know that in sensual marriages are legal but then the last moose are banned from having sex on city streets in Fairbanks well I guess if you catch a moose getting it in and the streets then I mean what do you do in Arizona you cannot have more than two dildos in the same house god forbid that you have two dildos in the same house in Arizona but then in Arkansas you have flirtation between men and women on the streets may results in a 30-day jail term in Luna Rock bet you didn't know that one all right California is illegal to sell stuffed items resembling breasts within a thousand feet of a highway so I guess if you're doing it on a city street on the corner that makes it okay but guess what also no man shall dress as a woman without the written permission of the sheriff and Walnut California so pretty much man if you want to dress up like a woman you need to walk on down to the local sheriff's department in Walnut California get yourself a permission note and then once you get it you go out there and you flaunt your stuff honey but in Colorado Mel massage parlor workers must wear all whites clothing in Adams County but why white clothing though I don't really understand that one Florida married couples cannot engage in open lewdness or lascivious behavior so if you're married you can't get it in how you want it in Georgia all sex toys are banned really I used to live in Georgia for quite a while and the number of insurrections that I could count on the corner in amongst all the others yeah I'm not quite sure about that in Illinois if you sell a reptile you must give a written warning not to nuzzled or kiss them if you get a snake don't go kissing a snake don't do it in Indiana it is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public guys here in Indiana don't walk around with a hard-on in Iowa kisses may last for no more than five minutes okay Kansas illegal sodomy which includes oral sex but anal penetration with a finger is allowed under specific circumstances okay so what exactly are these specific circumstances I'm not really quite sure but in Kentucky dogs must not molest property or people okay in Louisiana it is illegal to use fortune-telling to settle lovers quarrels in New Orleans okay Massachusetts making noise in a public library is a crime it doesn't really say anything other than that so as I'm assuming is that making noise as far as in having sex not quite sure but in Michigan a man who seduces or corrupts an unmarried woman faces five years in prison Wow that's that's quite a bit in Mississippi it is illegal to teach other people what polygamy means but also if you have premarital sex or commits adultery it will result in a fine of $500 or six months in prison I'm not quite sure why Mississippi hasn't been capitalizing up on that one but in Montana prostitution is a crime against the family so what if you have a person that really doesn't have anyone they count as their family or they really don't have anyone as their family so is it against the John family I don't know Nebraska you cannot get married if you have gonorrhea well I guess a lot of y'all should kiss your marriage wishes goodbye considering this one of the most common STD's Nevada again you cannot sell sex toys and then New Hampshire lingerie must not be hung on the those lines at an airport unless there's a screen concealing it what in New Jersey flirty is illegal and the Haddon Township New Mexico nudity is allowed as long as genitals and female nipples are covered so wait you can walk around with no shirt on as long as you got some pasties on and some underwear so is that really considered nudity New York adultery is illegal North Carolina my home stay adultery is illegal and so is pretending to be married in order to share a hotel room hmm all right North Dakota it is illegal to swim naked in the Red River between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in Fargo North Dakota so if it's after 8 p.m. got to go ahead and get your skinny-dipping on Ohio no person shall solicit sex from another of the same gender if it offends the second person who the fuck is the second person Oh Oklahoma is illegal for the owner of a bar to allow anyone inside to engage in acts or simulated acts of sexual intercourse masturbation sodomy bestiality or cap elation regulation or any sexual acts which are otherwise prohibited by law you can't act like you're having sex and you can't have sex with animals in Oregon it is illegal to lie down in a public restroom or for two people to share a stall meant for one hmm I don't know about lying down in a public restroom I mean Oh germs Pennsylvania oral and anal sex are illegal hmm okay South Carolina if a man promises to marry a woman and she sleeps with him the marriage must take place well I guess no cohabitation there South Dakota public erections are illegal Tennessee students may not hold hands in school Texas it's illegal to own more than six dildos so wait I guess we got to come up from more than two and one of the previous states but if you move to Texas you can get six and Utah it is illegal to marry your first cousin before the age of 65 or if you're 55 you can prove both parties are infertile all right so in Virginia adultery is a misdemeanor Washington if you give a sex worker a ride to work your car can be confiscated West Virginia an unmarried couple who lived together and lewdly associated could face up to a year in jail Wow all right so I got all of that from observation deck dot K I nj.com and yeah that's very interesting there so let's go ahead and get down and dirty on into some of this other information because sex is so interesting right we have a lot of do age beliefs that come into play where we're a lot more sexually free we're a lot more sexually expressive than we have been in the past and so a lot of people are a lot more comfortable with having sex with people that they might not have known but for five minutes I think you have other people that I guess still continue on with some of those traditional ways of waiting to have sex at a later time I'm not saying one is better than the other by all means I am NOT here the judge I am NOT a jerk I want to share with you some information on the correlation of sex and spirituality so let me ask you where do your beliefs fall where do your beliefs fall in how does this relate first and foremost I'm going to tell you that sex is a major transference of energy nature I don't care if you're homosexual heterosexual sexual transgender whatever it does not matter I'm talking sex in general doesn't matter between a man and woman women man man man women and I'm not getting into all that because you can have sex with whoever you want it's none of my business I don't care how does this relate to spirituality when you're having sex with someone there is an exchange of everything that goes down from DNA your chakra systems your auras your spirit your soul all of that gets intertwined all of it I mean think about it I mean how closely you have to be to someone to actually have some kind of sexual contact obviously you got to be all up in there you can be so close to the person yes your arse and your energy are going sin mash so let me give you this example and this is the best kind of visual sense that I can give you but if you take soda and then you take water and you mix it into a cup you're now taking two separate totally different elements and you're mixing it into one you're pouring it into one cup and how are you going to separate the water particles from the soda particles that's what happens when you have sex now it may not be all of it you might not get all of that person's energy the only way to be able to separate those is to go over under some heavy absolutely heavy-duty microscope I'm not a chemist so that's the best kind of visualization that I can give you but how can you tell if your energy is still connected I mean it doesn't matter if it's a one-night stand or if it's someone that you've been sleeping with for years or your lifelong partner because that connection is going to be there especially if you're continuously reliving past experiences together now I know for me and my husband yeah I relive experiences that we've had together and I probably will never stop but but especially if you're having sex or you had sex with someone that you don't necessarily want to relive those experiences regardless of if they are minor or major and you probably want to get rid of it so what about if you take on some of the behavioral characteristics of that person do you find yourself doing something that that person may have done thinking the way that that person may have thought and especially if it's someone that you didn't know for very long to be able to gather this kind of information are you stepping outside of yourself stepping outside and and acting as if you've never known yourself to act this way do you feel like you're losing a part of yourself or you lost a part of yourself so if you can't seem to shake this person off you just cannot get rid of this person invading your body because remember it's a transference of energy then this could definitely be why because their energy is sticking with you trying to simply forget them it only barely scratches the surface so how do you rid yourself of their energy you have to release this connection by going back to this microscope example that I mentioned with the soda and the water because you're gonna have to put yourself under a heavy-duty microscope you are going to have to examine your soul examine your spirit with such scrutiny to make sure that you are zoning in on the parts that matter first and foremost you must learn to forgive yourself if you've had sex with someone and it's a one-night stand and you felt horrible the day after learn to forgive yourself well granted if you had sex with someone and you felt great later down the line you start to regret the number of partners that's added up you still have to learn to forgive yourself and then secondly you have to learn how to release the energy that is holding you hostage you have to learn to release their energy that's holding you hostage and then you have to be able to face the situation with very honest eyes so if it was a booty call call it what it is if it was a I think I'm in a relationship with him but he doesn't quite respond the way I do type situation then you need to call it what it is if it was a relationship but he can't act right type thing then you need to call it what it is don't be afraid to put a term on what it is don't try to make up any kind of bullshit don't try to make up something that fits into your fantasy world call it what it is once you're able to call it what it is and be honest with yourself then you will be able to move on from it I think you have to take the lesson you have to be able to take the lesson that was behind the experience what was that lesson because every single thing that we go through and have here on earth has a lesson so if by any means you're not able to come up with the lesson right off think about it and ponder it because there is a lesson I guarantee it behind that transference of energy with that person or those people but lastly because this is all about you you need to look at your own character have you picked up some traits that are not really yours have you all of a sudden one day picked up something and said wait I didn't used to do this in the past go back and look at some of those partners you've had or partner partners whatever and see if you've taken on a part of their energy that's coming to fruition through your axe and if you have found something then change it change it you don't have to accept something that's not a part of the core being of who you are you just change it now it may be easy or it may be hard but it's all in how you make it change it after shedding some of that excess energy off what should you do now first you have to be mindful of your current partner or partners and your future partner partners you have to be mindful and examine if you are matching vibrationally are you on the same energy path are you on the same energy wavelength if you're not on the same energy wavelength then I'm gonna tell you this it's much harder to pull yourself up than it is to be brought down so we'll make sure it doesn't mean that you have to be almighty all-knowing very spiritually awakened person you just have to make sure you match spiritually on the vibrational level and so you also have to do this with future partners you know what it's almost as if you know the whole don't have sex before a marriage type phenomenon and does have some truth to it now I am NOT about not having sex before marriage that's not my personal belief because obviously I had a child before I got married but you have to just make sure that that person is vibrationally equal to who you are prior to laying down with them now some people may agree or disagree I am by all means willing to hear it out by all means let me know with that whole thing don't have sex before marriage really translates to me is that you should not have sex with someone that you do not match with energetically how do you determine if you are a vibrational match notice their words notice their dreams notice their visions how do you feel about them how do they treat you what are their goals are they supportive to you and again it's similar it's very similar to how you may select a lifetime partner mate for marriage it's very similar not saying that you have to marry them by all means but just in the traditional sense and I think is something that people that is that that's how most people view it but you can also have some great sex with vibrationally equal people and not everything about getting married to them I'm all ok with that too so here's my last little bit here and said I'm gonna leave you with is that I'm just laying it all out there right and this podcast doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all there is within the topic of sexual spirituality and I'm just gonna actually save those little tidbits for future episodes but what I'm gonna tell you right now before we go is that has sex be safe regardless of spirituality are very relevant very prevalent have fun all right y'all I hope y'all enjoy that just before you go keep in mind that I do have the Facebook group the intuitive life available for women only if you're a man hop on to my Facebook page Watson Wellness Group if you haven't already seen I actually do intuitive energy readings for people and you can go to my website Watson Wellness Group calm to book your one hour intuitive energy reading with me and I would be also happy to be able to help you out and point you in the right direction and actually get you the results that you want and you until next time folks I love each and every one of you I want you all to have a fabulous and a fantastic warning evening/night again what every time it may be in your area until next time I will holla [Applause] you

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