Plays God of War Once

Yo, I’m about to go get some food from the store bro, you wanna come? Why do you look like that? That is none of your concern boy, but I will accompany you on your journey Here. This dagger, your mother told me to give it to you when you were of age. Use it wisely when we’re going on our journey Also make sure you take this bow and arrow, I hope you know how to hunt BOY Here. Make sure you put this on, might be really cold outside I don’t want you getting sick Yeah!? What is all this? What journey? We’re just gonna go get food you not gonna put on your seatbelt man? No. Alright, that’s your business. What do you want to eat? Burgers. Where you wanna go? In the direction….of burgers. How does that help me? Here. Where are you going boy? BOY! Damnit. Boy, come give me a hand What are we doing out here bro? Chopping wood Yeah!? Boy, I’m going to show you the power of my Leviathan Axe Really?


  1. this is crazy we really didnt expect this much support 😅Thank you guys so much we appreciate all the love!

  2. The fact that you are black and cover your face and body with baby powder to achieve Kratos skin tone is just hilarious 😂

  3. Facial expressions get me overall plus that's how God Of War made me feel but I just ended up turning off the damn 🎮game that's it 💯 Great video-

  4. Idk why this pop out on my youtube recommendation, im not even watch any god of war video……
    But 10/10 i enjoy

  5. Never do that again, that’s racist kratos is greek the whole thing is don’t act greek and do a fake accent it’s not just a game 😂 it’s greek culture please just stop

  6. E aqui temos um cara completamente retardado com parafusos a menos no cérebro precisando urgentemente de um psiquiatra, porque se impolgou demais com um jogo.

  7. In the game I love the part where kratos is talking about a butter knife. mimir: "you should take it" kratos: "yes boy, take it, we may need to butter bread on our travels" mimir: "this is why nobody likes you"

  8. Ahahahahahaha I fucking loved this! So sad I didn't find this sooner X'DDDD
    And the Kratos voice impression was perfect lmao

  9. Kratos has that Piccolo effect where he isn't technically black, but we all know deep down he is black.

  10. If Dev ever makes a movie…they should sooo make u Kratos & ur boi tha main charaters…..hands down…

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