Physical Ascension Symptoms & Full Moon Energy – Spiritual Awakening & 5D Ascension

hi my name is Sean and I'm the Zen mommy I help people with spiritual awakening and navigating your ascension if you're new to my channel please take a moment to press subscribe and the bell button to notify you of my next video and I want to thank all my subscribers who are with me today and also announce that I've started a newsletter and the link to sign up will be below so today I want to talk about ascension symptoms more specifically ascension physical ascension symptoms that I've noticed this week with the full moon and you know I started doing ascension Energy updates and you guys know when I awake when I have my awakening I was pretty much new to this spiritual world it was almost three years ago and you know I didn't know how to read moon and you know nothing about astrology I'm not your average spiritual youtuber I just I just kind of jumped into this and I started you know going with the flow I started you know accessing the Spirit getting downloads learning how to put things together of my mind to figure out through the spirit and use it in my life to help my son Chen and I use it to do my experience to talk about on my channel to help you guys and so I noticed something this week after little full moon and you know I like I said I don't do full moon readings yet maybe I'll learn but maybe this is the beginning who knows so with this full moon I know there's some physical ascension symptoms and it could be the full moon it could have been the Eclipse – it could have been like the the height of shifting consciousness if you saw my video how it's just getting to a point where the vibrations are getting getting really high and we're giving these spiritual upgrades and so one thing I notice you know after his full moon energy you know the past couple of weeks I was getting headaches you know on and off and Andorian got a headache and then then I was having moments of noisiness and then Phil this week like I can move fillings a sleepy filling like like my muscles feel weak like I just can't do anything and so I was sitting outside and you know I was in my backyard meditating and it it started to just come to me you know I guess this is what they call a download okay so download it's basically when information comes to you from the spirit and so I was sitting out there like wondering like goodness why am I getting nauseous why am i you know giving like headaches on and off and stuff like that and you know just feeling kind of generally crappy physically and my guidance spiritual guidance download whatever you want to call it it just hit me that's how I kind of like the spirit talks you just hit me and it says look your vibrations are getting low as the energies are different now you know it's kind of like we're shifting up so much so much higher that when we start to drop our vibration we're kind of having like a withdrawal effect from the higher vibration and when you start the and so I started to notice my thoughts around the times I was getting these physical symptoms when I started to get a headache when I started to get nauseous I was pretty much either worried about something thinking about something too hard not in it I was I had put myself in a lower vibration that I started my I started to get physically sick so we're getting to a point of no return with this like as soon as you started to sit down in a lower vibration and it could just mean you know something occurred to your life you got a upsetting phone call you're worried about the bills something that comes up that is not a high vibrational thought that is entered into your mind then all of a sudden you'll start to notice a disrupting your scent and your physical ascension symptoms I believe that is a good sign because sometimes we don't really notice when we fall into a low vibration it's always it's always good we can always notice we're in a high vibration we feel you know light happy excited energetic but start to notice the thoughts around the times you're falling into a lower vibration like all of a sudden you're feeling I got a headache I feel a little overwhelmed you know I feel a little anxious maybe and start thinking about what are you thinking about what's generally on your mind around that time and I bet you you're gonna be able to relate it with the feeling that you were having that wasn't a high vibrational feeling so I believe that this is a way to show us that okay you know we're shifting we're changing we're growing spiritually is now we have to learn how to maintain this higher vibration see spiritually these when these vibrations come in we have more access to our spiritual self see we've as I always explain this physical body is an avatar for our soul for our spirit this is like a pal of flesh that is being moved around by our spirit we're an avatar we're like a computer program of game and so with this avatar we have a lot of access to some of you here of the chakras there's the spiritual energy around us we have like truly a connection to all things to higher parts and higher consciousness of all of our spirit and so as we begin to evolve to a higher consciousness we get more access to our spirit we get more spiritual abilities we get more things like manifesting instantaneously I bet you've noticed that with this higher ascension energy that things that you think about wanting or you think about it comes like that okay let me tell you something about the and this is not really a physical attention sister but maybe I should put in another video let me think okay give me a second let me think about that okay so sorry about that quick I have to pee for a second it is best I do a separate video for that because it's not relating to physical assistance of those so this subject is gonna be about physical sentience symptoms I just wanted to let you guys know what I noticed going on with me I'm pretty sure you're gonna find that you probably went through the same thing at least now like if you heard this video you start feeling like a physical something you're not feeling that great start thinking about what's going on with you what are you thinking about what are you dealing with in your life right now you have to learn how to manifest out of you know this negative vibration if there's something bring you down say somebody upset you and you they did something wrong to you you realize it was wrong it's even over but you're still holding on like to being a little mad like you know whatever she cut me off on the freeway that kind of makes me angry if you hold on to that all day you might see our parents feeling really irritable and you got to get to the point where okay let me just release sometimes you just you gotta you gotta let go see we're gonna be on those low vibrations now it's time to start letting go and if you can't let go take a serious look at yourself and be like why am i holding on to this anger once you really start to look at it you're gonna feel stupid like that the puzzle Pelecanos is so dumb I'm holding off a finger for no good reason I'm messing up my own vibration and so anyways but I'm gonna do that that video we did I just mentioned I'm going to that next cuz I did alright thank you for watching peace of love namaste don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and you guys have a great day bye


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  2. You are explaining what was happening to me yesterday. I was so anxious about everything. It was driving me crazy…I did calm down eventually and today I was feeling amazing☺☺☺… Honestly everytime I feel anxious and defeated….I think about your videos I always calm down and regain my energy instantly. I relate to most of your videos .Thank you so much for sharing. YOU'RE AMAZING ❤️

  3. this is so true it feels like things are manifested so much faster and if you think negatively and just slows it down you got to keep the vibe high

  4. much gratitude…1st video that I came across today and perfect for exactly what I've been feeling past 5days!…Namaste 💚

  5. Just two cents – when my dad was alive and he and I would squabble I would INSTANTLY feel toxified – I started to "get" at a very immediate level that I had to push past and away from anything even like anger FAST It felt a little like pushing off the back of a pool to keep swimming. My relationship with my dad, even though we squabbled, was primary. I don't get those warning signs quite as fast with other squabbles, except those with a dear friend who is helping me a LOT with an upcoming move. In those other cases there is a feeling of having the time to kind of "work" at letting go of anger/resentment/blech – rather like worrying a loose tooth!

  6. You were right on point with this video Zen mommy. You confirmed what I've been feeling. Thank you!!

  7. During full moon, I was painting and out of nowhere my vision was blurry with a prism effect and I started feeling I'll, then I got the worst pounding headache that lasted for 6 hrs and I was nauseous. It was intense and I never get sick. It was a powerful shift and the next morning everything around me was different and the things I had been intently manifesting were flooding in. Amazing. Smile

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