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  1. EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER FIVE, of NEW BOOK on Eschatology, entitled; ….
    CHAPTER FIVE: "When will the "Church-Age" come to an End"
    The greatest confusion about 'when' the "Church Age" Ends, has been perpetrated on today's Christians, by the academics of 'Modern Theology', who doggedly give credence to the un-biblical speculations presented by John Darby's "Pre-Trib" Rapture theory.
    The idea that the "Church Age" 'ends' with the First Resurrection being completed, and culminating in the "harpazo', (Rapture) as the "last component" in the Resurrection narrative in 1.Thess.4:14-17, would be correct, If we understand that this according to all the 'harmonized
    scriptures, it takes place on the "Last Day", ( Jn.6:40 ) at Christ's coming "a Second Time", at the second Advent !!

    If however, we try to force this false idea, that the "Church Age" ends seven years BEFORE the Second Advent time-line, and the scripturally declared "coming the Second Time", ( Heb.9:28 )
    and at this 'fictitiously' proposed "Pre-Trib" Rapture — as presented by today's Rapture Guru's, and the tens of thousands of "cookie cutter" Pastors who have filled the "modern pulpit" with this erroneous "Darby Indoctrination", then we find a myriad of scriptures that openly and plainly refute and reject such false teaching.

    It becomes clear then, from our previous discussion on the "Two Ages", (chapt.2 ) that this "Present Evil Age" (Gal.1:4, and Eph.1:21 ) is the ONLY one of the two ages, that qualifies as having a "Last Day', and an End to it, as the second age, the "Age to Come", is going to be eternally continued, even after the Millennium !!
    So when Jesus said in Jn.6:39,40, that He would "Raise-Up" those that the Father had "Given Him" on the "Last Day", it clearly speaks of the "Last Day" of this "Present Evil Age", which just happens to 'coincide' with the "Last Day" of the TRIBULATION, which "last day" begins at "Sunset" the Day BEFORE, with the completion of the resurrection of the "Dead in Christ", ( the ones who "SLEEP IN JESUS", (1.Thess.4:14 ) who are "brought With" from HEAVEN to Earth, as declared in Jn.14:3 in the GREEK text;…."I SHALL BE TAKING ALONG YE", ( and NOT the deliberately mistranslated in the KJV ; …."I SHALL RECEIVE YOU UNTO MYSELF" )

    And these "Dead in Christ" who are brought with from Heaven for the purpose of being "raised incorruptible' in already glorified bodies, are the ones who will be "Raised First', and then "We that are Alive", will also be clothed in immortality, ( without which no Rapture would be possible ) and we will be RAPTURE'D "TOGETHER WITH THEM", as the Final component in the First Resurrection !!

    All of this happens in the Night hours, ( Jerusalem Time )on this 'Last Day', in which Jesus said that He would "Raise Up', ( Rapture ) those that the Father has given Him. Then at Sunrise the next morning, of this Same "Last Day", The Battle of ARMAGEDDON will take place, with only hours to spare, between the Rapture and this battle of Armageddon, as we
    "Raptured Saints" who meet Jesus in the Air and in the Clouds, ( and Not Heaven, as the deceived "Pre-Trib" Guru's suggest ) will be joined by millions of "Angelic WAR Troops" who are riding White Horses, and who will be fighting this battle of Armageddon.( Rev.19;14-15 ) Then at evening time, according to Zechariah 14:6-7, that "Dark and Cloudy Day", will become Light, and THAT is when those on the Earth that are left alive, will see all of us resurrected Saints, and the Messiah coming down to the mount of Olives.

    The scriptures in so many places discuss the fact that the greater portion of the "Church Age" Church, ( the 'eklesia', the 'called out' ) also referred to as "Saints", "Overcomers", and the "Brethren", are going to endure the entire seven year Tribulation and be the "preachers" and "Witnesses", whom Jesus referred to in Mt.24:14, saying;…"this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the World for a witness unto All Nations, and then shall the End Come". Which "End" will come on that "Last Day" that Jesus referred to in Jn.6:40, culminating in the Resurrection /Rapture, and hours later the Battle of Armageddon.

    So it can not be prudent, or even logical, with such 'overwhelming' scriptural evidence, for anyone to come to any other conclusion, than that of a "post-tribulational Time-line" for the resurrection/Rapture,…Except by massive deceptive theological indoctrination in "Spiritual Cemeteries", called "Seminaries". ( end of excerpt )

    The book will Retail for $29.95 , and scheduled for 'release', this April 30th.
    You can "pre-Order" your copy for only $20.00 ( shipping included) by sending a 'cheque or money order', and yourmailing address to; Morgan Sorensen Ministries, P.O. Box 1925, Spring Hill, TN.37174.

    Morgan Sorensen ( Theologian/Missionary/Bible Prophecy Teacher/Author )

  2. Listen, I Tell You a Mystery:
    Read Acts 1:11 and 2:34 and 3:21 and 1 Thessalonians 4 and you will see
    that Christ cannot leave heaven until the Second Coming.

  3. the pre tibulation preaching of the so called rapture is a lie!!! stop preaching it!!! you should know better

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