Our Body and Mind Benefit from Deep Nourishment: 20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

take a pause from the events of daily life to take care of yourself so that you can tap into your own personal resources and be more productive reboot and refill your energy reserves to reduce your overall stress level hello and welcome I'm Sara Raymond from the mindful movement it is my honor to be your guide here at the mindful movement we are an oasis where you can come to tap into your inner peace positive mindset and the ability for self healing and now to begin I invite you to make yourself comfortable take a moment to make any adjustments to your posture or surroundings to settle into comfort for this practice approach this meditation with the intention to love yourself deeply accept your experience and give yourself permission rather than judgment if the idea of loving yourself feels uncomfortable you can imagine the love of a family member or friend being offered to you like a warm embrace as you begin to settle into your posture soften where you can let yourself slow down and fully enjoy this time for our deep nourishment and rejuvenation feel your body grounded on the surface below you support it and safe perhaps you sense your body soften and relax as you enter the familiar state of relaxed introspective awareness take a deep neural in through your nose sending the breath all the way down the length of your spine breathe out like a sigh through your mouth moving the air from the base of your spine up to the crown of your head releasing any residual stress or tension let's do this together again deep breath in and sigh it out and one more time breathing in and fully out and then allowing your breath to return to its natural rhythm these few deep breaths send the signal to your mind that it's okay to slow down and relax by creating a safe and relaxed space for your thoughts and emotions to be just what they are you are offering love to heal that which might need healing whether you are aware of this need or not during this time that you have set aside to care for yourself the world will go on around you there will be sounds around you and thoughts that come into your mind simply acknowledge them and allow them to be part of the background as you invite your awareness inward commit to this practice for yourself offering yourself deep nourishment invite your attention now to move to your physical sensations begin at the top of your head and scan the sensations of your body from the inside with a fluid attention all the way down to the soles of your feet as your attention passes over each part of your body notice with acceptance let go of judgments of good or bad and expectations of what you think you might find based on your past simply notice what you find and meet it with love your body is a mirror for what you are feeling inside pay attention and you will see once your awareness reaches your feet settle your focus on any area that calls your attention most prominently welcome anything and everything you are feeling and thank your body for its ability to feel let go of past stories or expectations you may have about your body simply send love to all the areas of your entire body think of this time as deep rest for your body and mind giving yourself all of the goodness it needs as you continue this flowing body scan practice begin to bring a feeling of loving-kindness as your attention moves throughout your body let this love fill you up begin to feel a sense of gratitude for everything your body does for you automatically thank your body for its ability to digest food and turn it into fuel thank your body for releasing toxins for pumping blood for breathing and thinking and allowing you to move around in whatever capacity your body has appreciate your body senses that allow you to smell your favorite scent taste delicious food see the beautiful sights around you here the most amazing sounds and feel the soft touch of a loved ones embrace each person's body has unique and beautiful abilities send love to your unique body just as it is offer each and every part of your body gratitude and loving energy perhaps you may find it difficult to send love to an area of chronic pain or deceive if that is your experience it is okay do your best to be with everything you sense this too is part of you pain is part of you a part of you in need of nourishment the most continue sending positive healing energy to those parts stay with the sensations a short while longer and reflect on the amazing ability and automatic functions of your body send gratitude and vitality to each and every part of your body your heart and your soul invite your attention to rest on your breath as it flows in its natural rhythm now notice its path its tempo and its fullness perhaps your breath is beginning to slow down and deepen as you relax or maybe you feel your breath has become shallow or even pauses momentarily whatever you're experiencing is perfect simply be with the sensations as they arise feel the sensations of being breathed receiving the breath into your body filling you up restoring your energetic balance and sense of calm to breathe in is to fill up with air to fill up with healing life-giving energy focus on your inhale for the next few breaths like a pitcher being filled up with water from the bottom to the top this is our ability to nourish and heal ourselves there is a force greater than us working to send breath into our bodies and it is our job to allow it to invite in the breath we need to both breathe in to fill up as well as to breathe out to let go in order to be balanced to breathe out is to let go of air to let go of energy to surrender to the natural rhythm of breath you can let go to make room for nourishing energy to fill you up consider each breath out as a time for releasing any unwanted energies and developing the energy you do desire this is your time to heal and let go life nature and every energetic being experiences a natural ebb and flow an inhalation period as well as an exhalation period and life is the balance of expending energy and restoring energy a balance of growth and rest for the next few breaths focus on each exhale as a time to let go the more connected to your body and aware you become the more you see that your body speaks your mind and it speaks important messages if you are willing and open to listen today practice loving and listening to your body invite in a deep nourishing breath filling up with rejuvenating energy and breathe out fully letting go since the positive sensations in your body the alive energy pulsing through you welcome more peace into your life choose to allow the good to surface and outshine the negative and now bring your awareness back to the sensations in your body back to the surface beneath you and begin to sense the room around you again begin now to activate the muscles in your face and around your eyes with an intentional joyful smile feel the smile wash over your face and notice what a simple smile can do for how you are feeling bring some gentle movements to your body perhaps your fingers and toes or your wrists and ankles and when you are ready there's no rush open your eyes and know that you have taken time for yourself for deep replenishing nourishment thank you so much for practicing with me I hope you have a wonderful day you


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  2. I'm not sure how I missed this particular and particularly supportive meditation! Must be due to the riches you continue to put out, as well as my focus on the online course. 😉 The tone and verbiage for this meditation was just right for a Saturday morning. I feel refreshed and even that I'm on the cusp of regaining my mojo! Thank you for your many, many gifts to us in the community you're creating and nurturing. 🥰

  3. My roommate was remodeling the living room while listening heavy metal and it was my meditation time!!!😬 so I did it anyway and I was able to rest and relax! Thanks ☺️

  4. *Waiting for commercial for a meditation app to finish so I can listen a better meditation. 😁🙏❣

  5. Thank you Sara. You're meditations are my favourite. Thanks for taking the time and energy to put them out there for all of us to enjoy. Sending you both love and light x

  6. Another meditation to add to my go-to list. I’ve done this a number of times and get more out of it each time. Thank you 🙏🏽

  7. Thank you Sara, for this beautiful meditation. And thank you to everyone else for supporting this channel. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Keep up the good spirit and thanks for all the effort you have put into your channel, great job!
    I LOVE meditation, I'm doing it every morning no excuse and no real effort required – Such an amazing start of the day!

  9. I have gone through so much physical and mental trauma over the last five years that I thought i'd never find relief. Your channel has allowed me to regather myself at he end of the day in preparation of the coming day. Sometimes I have to listen to you a couple of times a day to get rid of PTSD, but it certaintly helps. Thankyou ever so much.

  10. 👍🏻 Thank you for this meditation is so good thank you so much I appreciate it I hope you enjoy your life

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