OSHO: ZEN and the Art of Escaping the Circle of Life & Death


  1. immense knowledge, lucidly expressed with such great oratory skill….OSHO is indeed great. And the jokes are simply hilarious….the way OSHO delivers the joke …just amazing. Long live OSHO.

  2. oh cmon, its just a joke, i understand what u have in mind when u talk about respect but this is really funny, imagine osho was a chirstian, and he said the same joke… everybody would say 'well there is nothing wrong to laugh of ur own religion' but when a person who doesnot belong to that religion makes such joke he is suddenly considered as enemy or hater of that religion…osho is not seeking to abase any religion, he wants to stop the programmed thinkin,this time in a funny way. peace

  3. @rosycolor. I have not heard anyone like OSHO. OSHO is right on every count. Religion is nothing: just stories to control society.

  4. Buddhists should be tolerant of all beliefs, i do not see how making fun of the god of another belief is in buddhist right speech.

  5. wow ive follwed osho. i love his teachings , very knowledgeable, .. but i dont know if its really necessary to poke fun the way he was at the catholic church. i am in no way catholic and not very religious just free and out there, .. and i still was somewhat offended. not for me, ..

  6. but for the others that possibly believe. jesus himself had goodwishes, ..remember he existed back in.. well i cant say, but a hell of a long time ago, he was on the right path, ..

  7. just a little fuzzy on some things, but still, isnt this all about accepting anyone and everyone for they're own beliefs and not judging them, as long as they arent harming anyone?… then again, are we all supposed to accept such ridicule and mocery as well?

  8. love and hate are the same thing, but i still have a hard time listening to such a thing, many of our great grandparents and generations before followed thatreligion, its like poking fun at our own ancestors, where we came from. i always thought we should cherish and learn from it, evolve as we have, and still are and continuously will.. i dont know… i guess thats the whole point. to each their own Osho ? ..

  9. what i dont understand is how trust leads to enlightenment but you have to get rid of all your believes too. how can you do that if you're trusting everything people say? unless trust means something other than what im thinking.. oo heart open/ mind closed, or like an open passage way to no where ? complicated but so full of innocence at the same time

  10. @Elvinguese : It is through pure action,thoughts,meditation and devotion one can come out of this programming, but when our mind tries to escape out from this programming our senses will hold us back to enjoy the worldly pleasure.

  11. This is Brilliant!

    Plus i had never heard the jesus tale told diffrently, his hanging usually had such a quality of suffering to it. But the way osho tells it, its funny, not only is it funny, but you dont suffer hearing it. Auto-Zen.

  12. @coshbane1 escaping the circle of life and death? that only helps if you think its a circle. if Osho is on track he's saying what zen means to do which is to force you to live in immediacy, the present. every moment. it doesnt dismiss getting rid of cyclical nature, or it doesnt say not 2 face life/death with courage. the Truth/Way incorporates all of it w/o contention. to change the bible line to a 'zen' one: seek first to live always in the present moment and all of these things will be added.

  13. Osho also had like 90 Rolls Royces. He said every religion in the world is for the poor man, let there be at least one for the rich man lol. But "ownership" is only a mental concept. When things come you take them, and when they go, you just let them go. No big deal either way. What difference does it make if the diamond in on the ground or on your finger?

  14. The key is not to get out of this cycle of birth and death, or going to heaven and not hell. The key is to understand how to get out of the programming this society has given you, as an individual." Gosh, OSHO is a true genius! Thx for the joke, Sir! I think, it is way lot easier to understand something if it is extremely painful or in your case extremely funny.

  15. Osho had 100 rolls royces, he enjoyed wealth, he didnt let money dictate his happiness, he used 100 rolls royces as a device to disturb people, if you are more interested in his rolls royces and riches it just shows where your mind is.. you are not focused on his words, meditation, love, laughter, etc, he even said that, and he said the more people ask me about rolls royces the more i will buy..

  16. @caymanguy1000 Perhaps because he doesn't really care about his image and so he doesn't wear a cheap watch just to avoid criticism.

    It seems to me some people think that in order to have wisdom you have to adhere to specific belief systems such as anti-materialism, asceticism, abstinence, etc. Fortunately the case is the opposite, you obtain wisdom by not adhering to rigid belief systems.

  17. If there really were a Jesus..
    who was tortured as people write…
    then Jesus would roll in his grave….
    at that joke.

  18. @federicodigi , you're the one who have greed because you're paying attention to his watch,luxury not his words. Osho has said that the more people are asking about my watch, the more i will buy it. Those watches are obviously a device to test your desire. So lose your desire my friend. Live wisely

  19. @federicodigi funny cause eventually you'll realise that you can have anything, wear anything and it doesn't matter. The difference is how attached you are to the material.

  20. Everything is in "the Self." You are "the Self", I am "the Self". Is Jesus not part of "the Self"? Then, why the laugh track? Drawing a line DIVIDING between Jesus and Buddah is this manner is not a realization of Zen or of "the Self." Just as I must realize that you are me, and I am you; I'm a far way away from this.

  21. Thats it the game ends right there. If u stll want fun keep doing karma(good/bad doesn't matter) you will seek body and the game continues.

  22. What good happens when you are stuck in the clockworks? How about no more impending suffering awaiting you as a separate being?

  23. i think that osho tels this in a way of making fun off……… so we awake and see that we humans must not take all these rightings in the bible litterly. And that its just writings and writings are words and words dont prove nothing.
    dont believe just in stories just because the book says or others believe in it. Discover for your self search the truth for your self! otherwise its just a secondhand story told that you have programmed to believe! wake up! dear friend!

  24. my god … he is crazy… lov master 🙂 some r telling why to joke on jesus… he dont leave anyone not even god 🙂 🙂

  25. I admire and like this Master very much, but I cant understand these jokes and laughs on another great Master as Jesus of Nazaret. A break in the video, and suddenly and without any relation, a joke about cruficxion of Jesus

  26. I love him so much I start to hear the timbre of his voice and marvellous accent I get happy. Doesn't matter what he's gonna say

  27. The punchline to the joke was funny, but the build up to it was cut, so much of that is not funny as it pertains to the video here.

  28. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. I think I cackled a couple of times. Special thanks to the 5 times distilled vodka and pineapple soda.

  29. Goes to show, no curse words needed. No worrying about being politically correct. That Jesus story was hilarious! Found him on my own. Had no idea who he really was until now. I am so honored OSHO to hear your words now, in this pivotal time of my life. Thank You! ♡♢♡

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