OSHO: Your Morality Is Not Real


  1. Absolutely !
    Morality is not something that should even been consciously considered, for given that it is inherent within our being, it must flow outwardly in a manner in which there is no intervention from the conscious mind in order to allow it to begin to spiral outwards. Morality has much to do with this struggling polarity : Art of the Natural VS. Art of the artificial. It must be the art of the natural.

  2. One of the things that has always irritated me about religion is that they are all fear based – the "Behave, or else" mentality.
    How about living your life in a positive way just because it feels good? Follow you feelings. When you are at peace, you are on the right path.

  3. I love this man. He speaks the truth. Morality is most certainly based on fear and stunts, numbs, and stagnates the mind. But there is no realism or truth in it. The New Testament can be summed up in two words: conscience-rape.

    "Morality negates life." – Nietzsche

  4. What is considered morally acceptable today used to be considered immoral, and many things today considered immoral were once considered morally acceptable. So, which ethical system is true? There is no such thing.

  5. Morality is inherent. We all know in our hearts what is 'right and moral'. Everyone knows that it is immoral to hurt another. And we all know that karma is real also. Osho likes to confuse and shock. He is great at that. He has the highest morality.

  6. Isn't this the same line of thinking that allowed the powers that be to allow 150,000 Iraqi people to be killed in the current war? Morality based in a faith is real. The fact that I am aware of this makes it real. Existentialism is circle logic which more often than not is used to break down morality, and kills people. And the couch is creepy. Whats up with the gold watch?

  7. I see what you mean, but looking how the self proclaimed faith-based people were attracted to bush and how he proclaims he acts on messages of god, shows how little value the concept of faith has. You cannot spread it trough verbal means , but that's where religion and ideology already peak. An independent person has no ideology to carry and is less likely to commit acts against hi/her own instincts. If we assume those instincts have a loving quality, the conclusion is obvious.

  8. I think that everyones beliefs vary due to the fact that when we were young we had no choice weather of not to be indoctrinated to our ancestors belief systems. I had no choice to have attended catholic school as a child and it has taken years to free myself from the dogmatic bondage that was pounded into my skull. I am grateful I got a really good education out of it however.

  9. Estoy de acuerdo contigo.Porque los gurus siempre tienes una aparencia de hombre viejo con una barba blanca?Nunca he visto un guru que es un hombre joven,guapo o una niña?Las personas son tan facilmente engañado por la aparencia.

  10. @Ramita76 When Nietzsche said "God is dead" he also added, "so know the human being is free".Free of the belief system that God implies, free of all the concepts that depend from the idea of God. Heaven, Hell, Holy, Sin, after life reward, after life punishment, as he says in this video. Free of being controlled by the fear religion uses. Osho does not believe in God, he believes in a Divinity, present in all living beings in this planet. Keep in mind he is quite influenced by Nietzsche.

  11. @gpoyt: the universe comes from his mother too :))
    There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good. They don't exist somewhere outside of sentient beings. Good or evil are just reflections of consciousness, or so it seems :))

  12. @riiko92 So he has a rolex. That should not make him less of a spiritual teacher. He also had far too many rolls royces but I do not think he suffered from attachment to the,

  13. @omarafrica I agree about humanity's perceptive limitation and much of what Osho says, but he is strictly inductive. He's seen a truth and recollects that truth as the one and only truth, ignoring possible multiple truths (i.e many isolated variables leading to the same observed result) that he may not have seen. Humans are not perceptually capable of viewing the whole of entirety. If you believe meditation allows for this, then you have faith in the supernatural: A religious conceptual view.

  14. @anthonycotillo It doesn't matter if you can materialise atomic molecular objects with your own thoughts out of static energetic omni present potential 😉

  15. Not all religions are based on god; Buddhism.
    Beyond that I couldn't quite make out what he was saying. Something along the lines of morality comes from within?

  16. i must say that, this pisses me off, i'll try and find out why later, but right now it makes me sad. because Faith, has saved my life, believing in myself,, has destroyed myself,, contrary to blaming God for everything gone wrong in the world i still will always see it,, or see it now as men's fault,, men raped children,, God promises, he will take vengance on that,, so does Jesus Christ. i'll believe in that, or i will get a gun and start blowing pedafiles heads off, for real….

  17. @frankenboston God is just and true.. becareful of what men like this guy you are watching say because they are human too and can't always say what is good.. only God can say what is perfect for you

  18. @ianlutz much of Osho's wealth was simply given to him by his followers. He did not work for it or ask for it. It was merely given out of the joy of giving. To enjoy those things, and to use them… there is nothing wrong there

  19. lawl id buy it and all if it wasn't for my experience with demons and then the presence of Jesus after his name was called to expell the demonic presence, there is real shit out there, this guy is living in mush, the only truth is that there is no truth? ok, believe whatever you wish,

  20. There are real things, the question is where you will experience them and who will give you these real experiences, and also what is a real experience. Faith could give you real experience, as can life, consequences and living will give you real experience, the point is it is real experience isn't a rule, its a practice that changes throughout life.

  21. He talks as if he is bigger than the great religions of the world. Lets see if he can outlive them.

  22. @zatoichiable he was bigger than the great religions, since religions are merely concepts, and he was a living human being, its true.

  23. @omarafrica I think the same. I think that is a difference between belief and truth. I'm so happy when I find someone that thinks like me. Oh..your comment is 3 years old.

  24. Where does he find all of these crazy chairs? In all of these videos he has some crazy chair with a different pattern/color. It's great!

  25. I just started watching this guy's videos but how can he claim hypocrisy and greed while wearing a gold watch?
    Not very humble of him.

  26. @MCcookiebreath if you watch more of his videos you'll find out exactly why he is wearing a gold watch. 🙂 For example, check his hilarious interview, "I wonder if this could be love?"

  27. @MCcookiebreath Having some sort of luxury in your life doesn't mean that you aren't humble. You can have all these possessions and still give back, and be kind to others…

  28. @MrTheForensic There is a reason why "he steals". The same kid will become somebody else in different environment. How about love, contact and education? How about being just a normal human being? You have no right to scare children just in any case. Don't bullshit yourself.

  29. thing about the watch distrubs any of you….. osho likes to disturb people… only disturbed people can think….try to read his books then i wont ask silly questions

  30. why was he priceless ;only osho could reach to the listener souls through even a silly or mundane rly -platform like situation and no one could then and ever in future.He could beat all philosophers taken together single-handed and mercilessly as well.I am blessed that I have had witnessed to his physical truth since his inception days.He was the only person who loved being vehemently criticized by one and all for his thought wave-length was too high to even touch by the earthly intellectuals.

  31. To understand OSHO you gotta think, really think! Throw away those old concepts that we were all programed with, ask youself first: what is GOD for religions? and next you'll understand what OSHO is talking about. Do you understand what type of God are religions presenting? Do you?
    I live in Paris, and there is a very famous church here that has an inmense representation of God… guess what: he looks like a serious, scary old man! Think deeply… isn't that the image you already had from him?

  32. God is just love, love is just being aware. Therefore God is comes from within you and is present when you meditate and are in the moment.

  33. I think people need to compare science with religion and look at the differences each one brings to morality. A greater understanding of how the world works and a greater ability to chance is the key to bringing peace to the world.

  34. Tu crees que mejor era aceptar a adiós.que no lo a visto, nadie lo a visto y de su existencia no hay prueba. Eso es crear mala energía.

  35. Time in itself is an illusion. There only is an eternal moment which is now. The concept of 'time' is manmade, not by nature. Nature has it's processes yes, but it doesnt know time

  36. When you listen Osho enough you understand where Osho is coming from is the mountain peak of consciousness. Without spiritual practice without getting to the peak ourselves, we will never get it. No matter what Osho says, he is always provoking you to look for God yourself, beyond the semantics of our minds and the books. Once settled in the heart, it is getting clearer until the point where a concept is not helpful anymore. Concept are good until a certain point, after that they have to be released for the benefit of a more intuitive and existential realization.

  37. mo·ral·i·ty



    principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

    synonyms:ethics, rights and wrongs,ethicality More

    a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.

    plural noun: moralities

    "a bourgeois morality"

    the extent to which an action is right or wrong.

    "behind all the arguments lies the issue ofthe morality of the possession of nuclear weapons"

  38. “ A true morality arises only in a meditator’s consciousness” soooo damn true!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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