OSHO: The Need for Dynamic Meditation

OSHO Talks: silence shared in words OSHO International Foundation presents Osho: The Need for Dynamic Meditation Meditation was not something arduous or difficult, but to the Western mind or even to the Eastern mind today which is absolutely overtaken by the Western ideology, watching the mind is not an easy job. So much garbage and so much crap has been forced into the mind that you go almost crazy just watching it. It is a film which begins, but never ends. You can go on watching day in, day out, year in, year out and the mind is always ready to supply new images, new dreams. It is because of this I had to create few other devices… before you could enter into a silent witnessing meditation like Vipassana. Dynamic, Kundalini, and others… I have made devices to help you cathart, throw out your garbage rather than waste time in watching it. It can be thrown out by Latihan — tremendously beautiful — but it is not a meditation; it is only a clearance. It can be done by Dynamic Meditation even better than by Latihan, because Latihan has some dangers which I have cut out of the meditation. Sometimes Latihan people go mad because they cannot stop Latihan. It is an Indonesian method which became immensely successful in the fifties in Europe and America. It never became successful in the East because in the East, particularly in Indonesia, which is a backward country, there is nothing to cathart. The man who invented Latihan — Bapak Subuh — he called his philosophy ‘subud’. He has taken the word `Subud’ from `Buddha’, it means `the great awakening’. But Latihan cannot bring the great awakening. It became fashionable in the West and then disappeared completely, because it created many people who had to be put into mental asylums, for the simple reason that it has no inbuilt process to stop. Once you start Latihan you are overtaken by the process of catharsis, and it goes on and on and you don’t know what to do. You are almost without any control. But in Dynamic Meditation I have divided into different sections. Latihan has to be done alone; Dynamic Meditation has to be done under instruction. Then once you have learned it you can do it alone. Under instruction, after each ten minutes, the process can be changed. So you are always in control. It never becomes so big as to take all control into its own hands. These devices are needed just to clear the rubbish that Christianity has created and to bring you to a state of naturalness, simplicity… And from there the only way is witnessing, which is called by Buddha, Vipassana. Vipassana means `looking at’. It will be good that if you are doing Vipassana… any silent meditation — don’t choose — then Dynamic Meditation becomes absolutely essential, because of Christianity… because Christianity has poisoned your mind and that poison has to be taken away, thrown out. You have to go completely crazy to throw it out; otherwise that craziness remains inside you, and it won’t allow you to get into a silent, watching, witnessing meditation. So do some Dynamic Meditation, do some jogging, do some running, swimming and when you feel utterly tired, when you feel an intrinsic need to relax, you are free from Christianity. Then you can sit silently, and then you can watch your mind and it is not much. You have thrown out almost ninety-nine percent of it. Maybe here and there a few pieces are clinging because they are very old and have become glued to you… Just watch them. Watching is a process of ungluing those small pieces here and there hanging in the mind. Once they also disappear, you don’t have a mind, you have a vast sky opening. That is the explosion, and that explosion will bring you to sachchidanand, to truth, to consciousness, to bliss. Source:’Sat Chit Anand # 3′ Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM. Featuring:’Music from the World of Osho’ Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM. For more information: www.osho.com


  1. I have never done any of oshos dynamic meditations and yes I had some results out of those silent methods, I am a follower of osho yes I love him, but I came to know of him thru his book "the book of secrets" about 2 years ago I do some meditations discrebed there and it has taken me out of organized religion and the usage of drugs also I am much more calmer

    maybe the usage of dynamic meditation makes evrything much faster but its not needed for meditation to transform you

  2. Can't understand the word that is use sometimessounds like lati-hund for example at 2.54 it says …) people…any help? thanks

  3. @Ella12ize Christianity imposes a fear based reality, it is also very intolerant and will kill, burn , lie , molest and force there beliefs on you if you object. it also doesnt promote genuine compassion and kindness , but rather a sort of obligatory form of good acts, were the real motivation behind this act is from fear of being eternally punished, rather then recognizing that every other living thing is conscious just as you are, it it feels the same highs and lows humans experience.

  4. Latihan hides in the contacts within ones one position of handedness. Ambidextrousity showed me the way one night through miracle writings. The essence is one of constant chase but in the end that one moment of reawakening, that of turning the switch on, is one of immense newness which shows it's head once, but like any experienced person on salvia, down right mind numbing. Have arrived at the precipice and the tongue salivates for deeper waters. Where we go is for the end to know. Time is adios

  5. Anyone tried dynamic meditation? I tried it on my own yesterday and allowed myself to go absolutely crazy. The first two stages were very liberating but on the third where you jump up and down shouting "HOOO" I couldn't do it, because I was physically too exhausted. I mean I'm in a good physical shape but this was too much 😀 It was crazy… And I literally went crazy like I was supposed to so why would I hold back, I run myself so out of breath to the point where I couldn't take anymore. Lol 🙂

  6. @internetwizzardify I have been doing it for past 10 days. For first few days Hoo was tough but that was because I was more focusing on how much pain am I having, in other words mind was there. But when I started total focus on sound Hoo so that it comes as deep as it can, I could do 10 minutes without any breaks. I also noticed that when I could do it right, the jumping rhythm synced with music beats. Its definitely most effective meditation for modern human. Good luck.

  7. I did a blog post relating the mind and body to a spring. It's a cool way to look at the effects of ODM. Click my name to check it out.

    Appreciate and respect all OSHO followers!

  8. Yes beloved Osho, and not only Cristianity of course is responsible, but all organised religions as you said in previous discourses have filled our "mindless" lives with rubbish.. as well as any other beliefsystem whether political, religious, scientific, social, or psychological.. Watching my mind certainly becomes so tremendously more easy with Dynamic Meditation… Thank you eternally for that contribution.. 😉 Namaste..

  9. wow! i am indonesian. i dont know anything about "latihan". in bahasa, latihan means "excercise". and he is correct. indonesia is a backward country. it is true.

  10. the number one meditation for beginners who cannot concentrate on sitting silently doing nothing. soon inner calmness arises…. but it has to be done intensely, specially the catharsis, the 1. and 2. stage. i did it for some years…. i saw past lives and overcame jealousy, envy, day-dreams, I overcame anything i wanted. i feel peaceful and free. free to live the present moment relaxedly ….. it needs no beliefs whatever to do this great active meditation which lasts for one hour. please find the original one, not the fake ones i saw already on youtube.

  11. Guys I definitely recommend this meditation!!! I´ve been trying other ones and this is masterpiece especially for those with no concentration at all 😀 I´ve just tried..it is not even one hour afterwards and I feel a lot calm, peace, expanding from inside..it is great feeling just be and let all go……won´t regret it!!! 😀 Bless you

  12. haha love what he says about Christianity, and all the rubbish it causes in the mind. But I'm not Christian, so hopefully that puts me ahead in the game. I don't believe in most of that stuff, anyway. However, I think he's giving Christianity way too much relevance and power. Most people barely know anything about it, or care about it, even if they were raised that way. I seriously doubt it causes that much garbage in the average person's mind, as opposed to other life experiences, which are of much more immediate negative effect, potentially. I also find it very hard to believe anyone could go mad from any kind of meditation practice. Your higher self/soul would be able to put the breaks on if need be.

  13. It's an absolute joy to lead OSHO's dynamic active social meditation EVERYWHERE I GO AROUND THE WORLD…….. at festivals, retreats, meditation centers……. it is such a deep meditation the truly shows us just how much we carry inside of us, liberating all these emotional blocks creates immediate change!! THANK YOU OSHO! <3

  14. He talks about throwing the garbage out of our minds then the clip is interrupted with an advert. Priceless 👍🏻

  15. i would really like to do this but my neighbors might call the cops on me in the second stage 😀

  16. What is the name of the book I must get containing instructions for all Osho’s meditations including the dynamic meditation?

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