OSHO: No Faith for Nostradamus


  1. > sincerely the first time I here him say something I do not agree with but actually Know that I am knowing better than him. Maybe sometimes he was at least a tiny bit inclined to be extravagantly rebellious. I´ll say that my vision and application of Astrology is largely inspired by Osho´s wonderful teachings. Blessings.

  2. This is not so true, Nostradamus had a lot of knowldge about some stuff, including magic, and also we should understand that time is an illusion 🙂

  3. What Osho says here about the scripts ("the Akasha"") being reveiled in India to any seeker of this knowledge, is based on the sacred science of Astrology.One can find it anywhere in this world nowadays once you give yr birthdate & name to an educated astrologer. When he says that once you give another name & birthdate you`ll get another script, is of course true & doesn`t deny the worth of the scripts! On the contrary it supports it !

  4. He is talking about something other than what Nostradamus was doing. N was a doctor, not a fortune teller. That watch Osho is wearing looks expensive. I thought that real men of truth were not interested in watches, clocks which are mechanical and nothing to do with real time. Why does he werar a funny hat and a long beard and sit in a throne?

  5. There is nothing return in any book of spiritualism or book of law that a man of truth should not wear a watch or a clock and wat so ever…and he likes to wear a turban its not a hat learn it first them comment on it …he grows a long beard because it grows naturally and why the fuck should he cut or shave it…the long beard bother you much more than him…he is just sitting in a chair its not a throne look deep or wear a spec…all he wears or has is a gift from people gift muct b accepted..

  6. @cynic150 Idiot Abundece is the only spirityal life ve have;) "God" didnt make us to cry or be pore he made us to be happy live in abundece If u think ure god made u 2 be pore and live a life in filth and then be spiritual then good luck Ure god dosnt exist;).

  7. law of atraccion, thing in love, you will have love, think in war, and you will have war,
    Osho knows people must think in love and peace, so that prophecies, will became true if we dont generate love and peace, thats the only way we can pass to aquarius age. with peace and love. if we think the world will end in 2012 and we beleave it! the atraccion will do it that way

  8. If every pause in his speech is for reflecting and thinking about the next sentence, this must be the wisest man in the world. But he is driving me nuts, its like listening to a narcoleptic.

  9. @Punkirudeboy

    Nostradamus did not lyric. He wrote.

    Information written in a time, where intelligent and forward thinking people came together in secret. To meet, to discuss, about medicine, new thoughts and even future predictions. Death was the penalty to talk such.

    Why not a secret book with clear words?
    Maybe Nostradamus played with us?

    Nobody knows!

    So some say, he invented a way of writing these future predictions.
    What the problem is, that there is just one way of decoding them.

  10. @1980theone Dear! I don't know which book osho is indicating to…. actually in India there are so many methods by which anyone can know about him/herself. However i know one such great method in which you have to provide only impressions of your finger prints & a related scripture to you will be found which can tell your present, past & future with 100% accuracy. It is NAADI SASHTRA. It is difficult to describe it here. Kindly search google for it.

  11. @1980theone This is not exactly a book. the things are written on palm leaves which are kept by some of the indian people as their family heritage. There are different centers of NAADI SHASTRA in India & abroad. you can search the net & find one nearest to you. you have to visit the place to find the truth. One site i recommend is naadi-shastra,com.

  12. mabus es masones bus busquen son es esta cuarteta la espresa en la biblia cuando dice es o a sido y volvera a ser y cuando este grupo de millorarios y reyes que la representan sean eliminados se desatara la 3ra guerra mundial

  13. A Wise man wouldn't wear any watch like that. I wonder why he's wearing. Anyone can make things philosophical with no end to it but there is only one True path and that is Through Christ-consciousness to see The Truth(GOD). Perheps Nosterdomes was someone like Osho? Or If he didn't wear any Watch like that he must have been closer to GOD and that is why some of the things he has said are coming true…

  14. @wisecracker03 Poetry written in a trance state of mind on serveral psychedelic drugs and other substances.

  15. even the Bible can be interpreted in any way you want….so the thing that the texts of Nostradamus can be interpreted in any way you want does not make the texts wrong. You just have to find the right order of the texts…..and so i also think about the gospels….something is hidden that is not for everyone to understand unless one really wish it….

  16. @djhaig `A Wise man wouldn't wear any watch like that.` I am sure you are wise enough not to wear one. No offense, just a light hearted comment.

  17. @Slimarus, do you think maybe thats why he is wearing one? because all you could do while watching this was look at his watch and fit him under a predujice rather than seek the truth in his words.

  18. He´s trying to explain to you how he thinks non – linear time works. You can interprete non – linear time any way you want…….make it linear, and it becomes so for your life.

  19. His watches, his Rols Royces, his golden toilet, his ashram.. Osho was not against comfort and luxury. But, be aware that Osho never bought these items, it was all gifted by others to express their gratitude. Gifts from friends.

  20. nostradamus wrote everything and someone just took it in a bad way. and everyone just took it abit too seriously

  21. Yes but all prophets, or so called prophets do this and you can draw any conclusion you like with any prophet so what. Sorry to offend anyone. Plum wine, shrooms, and we american indians used ditora rute or pyotie. so what.

  22. Nothing can be predicted, reason of that is when u think of something its automaticly changed.

  23. Exactly, thats the stupid thing, happening all around the world! Stupid people are not listening what Jesus or Osho said but they are comparing what Jesus or Osho wear. Fucking true!!

  24. Nostradamus did say that a great mystic and teacher would come to the world who's name means moon, Osho's birth name is Chandra Mohan Jain. Chandra means moon.

  25. Nostradamus was sharing his visions of what would happen if things did not change. I just read a book called Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon and i see no reason of it being a hoax but i rather have a better understanding of what it is, his message was more about. I also do not oppose others who do not understand his message but i ask you to tune into your heart's highest calling and feel where it is it leads you on about the subject. It is best you have no judgement about such a phenomenon and realize that all things come into being for a reason. If you have not done the diligent work of investigating his visions then it might be best if you did not complicate your understandings with belittling judgement. Be blessed and find God is everywhere. You are…

  26. He was putting them all down haha. Except a few. There can be only one eh Osho ? 😉 he should have tried honesty though, osho was NOT always honest. In fact very rarely when it comes to other "masters".

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