OSHO: I Am A Threat – Certainly


  1. I dont know much about him, but he had some interesting thoughts and quotes, from what ive seen so far. I dont think any of us should make anyone our guru or leader though.

  2. He is not the only one who lived like this …. there have been many Oshos as there have been many Budhhas… 😊

  3. i really hope Osho International comes out and creates the best full authorized biographical documentary about Osho yet… and can serve as counter punch to this click bait fear fed series!

  4. His eyes are fierce with conviction. His intentions are very clear. Not in this interview, but in some of his pictures, I see mischevious in his eyes and in his ever slight smile. This mischevious look as if it contains this message "I dare you to be your true self and live up to your fullest potential."

  5. hit like if you came here after watching " wild wild country" . I have watched Osho before, but this remarkably documentary reminded me to come back

  6. Each word as an opening into a different universe – a world of beauty and trust and truth and friendliness… and ease.

  7. Everyone has judgment of others, the goal for myself is to minimize those negative judgments. It is not easy, but seek first to understand, then to be understood. . I forget who's phrase that is but I appreciate it.

  8. I watched this guy around 7 years ago and thought… What a maniac…. He's now my guru… 😉 🤗 🙏 Awakening comes to the soul only when the soul is ready….

  9. Osho is right the world is fast asleep and he wanted to awake them. Only a Buddha a Jesus or Mahaveera are awakened people

  10. He was enlightened. His explanation of things will hit every ones believes sooner or later according to their life patterns. For me true messenger and best part about this messenger is most of us do get the message. Not like outside gods where there is messenger but no message to be found forget understanding message. Inner being is what he was.

  11. I think he's a little bit of con, or just a smart atheist saying it like it is. He's taking advantage of peoples vulnerability by telling truths. I can't tell if what he says is really clever or plain obvious. I mean, I guess I'd give everything I own to him so I could hear more of his genius.

  12. Just listening to OSHO gives me peace of mind, such a great soul' … He makes a lot of sense every single topic.. it's so sad bloody American government poised him.. certainly world is so afraid who speak truth..

  13. So many ppl not ready for talk like this 😣. But I guess it's understandable when you believe and stand by something your whole life to just let it go and say to yourself that it was pointless or that you were wrong. It is very uncomfortable.

  14. Religious People did not listen to him only because he didn't do anything magical or miraculous. Only if he showed them a trick or two

  15. Only people who have gone far in truth can understand what he's talking about. He has given very valuable information thoughout life.

  16. Misleading title. If people don't understand what he's saying then he's a threat but if they do they'll rejoice.

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