OSHO: A Buddha Will Be Misunderstood (1 of 2)


  1. he speaks with such beauty! <3 though he is wrong. no matter how much i love him and appreciate him, he is incorrect – there is NO way Buddha can be misunderstood.

  2. are you a fucking idiot talking about good mind and God giving something like hes some man in the sky with powers?????

  3. When I first read Buddha's teaching I understood him in a different way than I understand him now. At some point I must have been misunderstanding what he ways saying and perhaps to this very day, even though my way of understanding is different it's very possible I may be misunderstanding him.

  4. But in a world such as this one, wouldn't Buddha be misunderstood? Wouldn't the religious fanatics seem him as a threat? Wouldn't many even label him as the anti-christ? Wouldn't many even try to defame and murder him? I understand what Osho is saying and I hope you do too. And you are right, Osho speaks with such beauty.

  5. Osho Said Budha has eyes so he can Experienced the Light.. He need not had to have logic for that.. A blind man can only give logical definition of Light.. But he cann't get into conclusion.. Coz He's blind..
    Why Budha is misunderstood is he has Eyes and We are Blind with our Hidden Budhatwa..

  6. Like is ur thinking hate is ur thought….we are free to be free though it will close our eyes into dark….night or day u will continue ur life tough it only lead u to sacarfice …u r ment to see or be but u r meant to forget….u make the the road u follow ur sense but u can only go with the strength ur free from ur mind and heart at anytime

  7. Osho, the greatest Master, a Buddha, of our times. Osho, never born; never died…. only visited this Earth. Who doesn't relax in the cool Love of Osho …?

  8. Osho speaks so beautifully. It is very poetical. Though he is not associated with any religion, his admiration for Buddha is profound. I am a Theravada buddhist and I am sure Osho is not one of those Mahayana/Zen teacher.

  9. Dear Osho,i understand all you saying here.but i wonder…why so philosophical and "complex" answer??you are making people more and more confused.why not just say: "go and learn meditation,it will take you from..3 months to year and half,and you will see truth for yourself. " it's that simple people!!wake up!you will understand everything after doing that.

  10. Actually there's a lot of people who recommend the same thing: "Go, and find the truth by yourself, go and meditate", but there are few persons in the world that can guide humanity and INTRODUCE us to the truth as Osho did.

  11. OSHO has said may times that his whole effort is to confuse us so that we can start searching ourselves. Timing depends upon the approach of search you make it may take whole life or you may find it instantly. That is what I have understood from OSHO

  12. it is better to say don't believe any social leader or god based worlds & concentrate on your own mind .you can discover the world by discovering your mind.not in any other way .that was the Buddhas teaching.

  13. no. ! …reason with your mind and keep it. You don't know what you say – ask yourself not where compassion originates from , but who created it. humility always : I wish you all the peace and love .just sharing opinions 🙂

  14. Hola Gloria en la parte derecha del video abajo tiene dos CC que al poner el mouse ahi dice captions le das click y aparecen muchos idiomas entre ellos traducir al español.

  15. really i cannot get any world for comments rather than absolute beauty of silence i enjoy and being in silence

  16. At first i was holding skeptical attitude about him, but after listening to him, i truly gain an insight, we know there is a path but we choose to be blind, we can open our eyes and go beyond that, to reach the Buddha state. But as he said, decision is yours to have your eyes remained closed or open.

  17. I love Osho but I must mention as someone who appreciates a well cooked meal, I cannot stand Hot Pockets. Why must they dishonor him by playing these corporate commercials before his insightful speech?

  18. It is another person OSHO who ponder into what Buddha was/is. Buddha once said, 'Those who know are bound to feel compassion for those who don't know.' Amen. !!

  19. So in short, we all live in an illusion. For the Buddha who was capable to experience life above these illusions, he naturally felt compassion to aid those still in the illusion. Take the blue or the red pill kinda idea.

  20. Does anyone notice how when he starts to talk about the music around Buddha, the dog stops barking and the birds start singing louder.

  21. pls
    me and others can't understand because we are arabs
    pls we want arabic translation for the untranslated vidios
    and thanks

  22. We should not only celebrate Osho also YOUTUBE. WIthout Youtube i would never find him and to see him makes it more real.

  23. All Osho's ideas in this discourse are practiced by spiritual leaders today. Osho is a revolution. His vision will eventually be recognized more in the future. The world who rejected it in the past, will embrace it in the future. Because everything he is saying is happening in our reality. And the masses will find themselves confused and lost after wars and despair. They will go back to his teachings and say He was right all along

  24. This talk touched my heart and my love for the master was always there within me
    All my misunderstandings disappeared.

  25. Rajneeshpuram is not collapsed. It was a deliberately Z E N Stick not more. 100% successful The whole RP event was a Zen-Stick unasked to receive it from the perpetrator for the unconscious DISCIPLES

  26. Why does he always put TOO much of an effort to make his eyes bigger and expressive? I feel he is using hypnosis. So blatant.

  27. I am sorry but it does sound to me that You need to read Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra and then Nichiren's commentary

  28. This alone speech is enlightening. "SILENCE EXPRESSED IN WORDS" and that is the difficult task. Not all enlightened can communicate this to people because not all has got the talent like OSHO.

  29. What Osho explained acceptable with current modern life, but he is not really understand about Buddha in deep, I am sure if he more research on Buddha book he got acceptable answers

  30. Well found out that people will missunderstand for the enjoyment of bringing another individual pain and suffering

  31. Osho – Just listen. Dont thinking about what you listen just accept. Is no intelligent here just simple true how it is. Inteligent is all the about mind. Empty substance who see my dreams then I sleeping?

  32. What he talks is beyond your mind… I can see how he tells it…. Ican see it in his eyes… I can experience his vibrations… But i cant vibrate in that way….. I would feel great compassion if i vibrate in that way

  33. Osho International should release all his talks in the original long versions for all to have access to Osho.

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