One of the best proof Islam is a total bullshit ! [English Subtitles available]

I will accept your challenge and answer a minimum at your question ! So there is a thought which I wrote in my book, Hum, … It is an argument among others because, Arguments to ridicule on an intellectual or a Scientific plan the credibility of Islam I have dozens even hundreds in my book ! Some of my readers were Muslims before to read my book And my book has succeed to make them lose their faith, … I just want to warn you … So … this argument I’ve extract it of one of my video Devoted to the scientific mistakes in the Qu’ran That I have posted on My Youtube channel, my videos have for goal to promote, My works and my theories original which are forming a constructive, rational and systemic critic on Islam So that’s very instructive, this passage during five minutes Listen well because it can hurt very badly your faith, even more if you are not hypocrite toward yourself ! Otherwise Allah talking as well about “Zul-Qarnayn” At the Surah 18, I will tell you what Allah say in the Qu’ran about him. So basically, this guy, … He meet an unholy tribe Allah propose to him two solutions, he tell to him : “Or you chasten this tribe, or you become benevolent toward this tribe!” And “Zul-Qarnayn” after that he meet another tribe
located to the east Nothing praticlar happen, so … Then according to the Qu’ran he will reach a third place located between two mountains Where was living, a tribe which was not understanding almost no languages, it is the correct term, … And this tribe will ask at Zul-Qarnayn … for help because they need to be protected against the Gog and Magog So what he will do is to construct a fence … located between two mountains A fence with Iron and copper So a fence located between two mountains And , according to Allah, they were unable to climb or to chip (Make an hole in) And again according to Allah the day of the apocalypse The day when the angels will whistle in the horn, which announce the judgment day, … Then this fence will break down And the will be able to surge the ones on the others from their respective sides. It is very interesting what Allah is saying in this story So … I would first remind you that the human beings, are by natures creatures a minimum
resourceful compared to the rest of the fauna in any case … And a fence of … Let’s presume 2 meters high, … To cross it or I dig a tunnel under it, quits the tunnel would be long of many kilometers … Or I pile one furniture or two and then I climb over the fence … If you want …This fence allegedly impassable … Or better, …This fence can’t be crossed according to Allah, it is a very solid fence … But this fence is located between two mountains, the mountains are not impassable, … Even at their bases we can cross them those two mountains lining this fence … So that’s it … To not broke your nuts to pass on the other side, and to go piss off the other tribe which is blocked It only require to get around the fence, even by the mountains lining the fence … It doesn’t seem complicated … And on a Geo-spherical Earth, and not a flat Earth like a carpet Nothing is more simple in the absolute to get around a fence lined by two mountains … Because the Earth is rotunda, In the worst case you walk at the opposite of the fence a very long moment , you will walk around the world and arrive from the other side … Whatever, we get around the fence if you want … If you can’t break it … I precise that if this fence is between two mountains, that mean the fence doesn’t circle the planet, it doesn’t separate two hemisphere of the planet … So a fence impossible to be crossed by humans, and that is constructed between two mountains, it must be visible in the landscape we agree on that ! What Muhammad didn’t predicted before to count his fairy tale, Is that, since the 20th century on Earth, there is satellites, … Invention of westerners! Which gravitates around the Earth, and which are able to take photographies each meters if necessary ! The satellites can even identify an individual ! So if they can recognize an individual, they are inevitably able to localize a fence blocking an individual to cross to one side to another ! And as well localize the mountain lining this fence ! Except from what I know, none western satellite has never located (seen), a metallic fence located between two mountains, blocking the Gog and Magog people to go to the other side !!! Is there as well in our time people claiming to belong to these people?! So …Allah said that a metallic fence was build, which one will break down the judgment day when angels will blow in the horns … But since you see me doing this video, it mean that I’m alive and you too, the end of the world is not arrived yet ! So the Muslims … Where is this fucking metallic fence located between two mountains on the planet Earth, and which one is blocking some humans to cross from a side to another??? A such construction wouldn’t be unseen in the landscape !!! Allah pretend that this metallic fence will be destroyed only when the apocalypse will happen Except this fence doesn’t exist on Earth until it would be proven otherwise !!! What can you deduct from the absence of this fence you Muslims? Ask yourself the question ! If this fence doesn’t exist … Here we are, you had your argument, good luck to answer to it !!! A just to precise, the subject of the video is the challenge you’ve asked to me ! And the inept sense of your question into my eyes, what I’ve tried to demonstrate … It will be useless to talk to me about others topics to create a diversion … And that an exchange of videos would be engaged between you and me to sail to a topic on another … It will work with others people, but not with me ! I’m very concret and direct, and i’ve not the time to play of interposed clashes, I have many things to do in my daily life … Like the writing of my second book which take me a lot of time, However I invite you to come discuss on Facebook or Twitter, I’m open to discuss … The polemic and the debate, if a person want to discuss with me on subject that I have interests for, Even more subjects related in my book, and if the person have something to say which is interesting, if the person have a personal opinion! There is no problem about that! I’m aware of being in contact, and having an opinion debate. So i wish you a good luck with this metallic fence supposed still existing today on our planet Which no one have seen it, and which fence is blocking human (people) whose no one today claiming to be these people Which forbid them to surge to the other side … Pfffff … Quite frankly, I would not like to be you … However, good luck !


  1. They wont understand your clear and logical logic because muslims average an IQ of 80 which is equivalent to a 8 year old child. 8 year old children think santa claus is real and superman is a real hero.

    Its a matter of IQ

  2. zulkarneyn helped chinese for great wall. there is not a verse "gog and magog will come at doomsday" stop lying. they were mongol tribes and they already came

  3. do you speak English? you should try to collaborate with Christian Prince…….. also try to bring your work to Montreal n Quebec in Canada

  4. all hater of islam and muslim going in dark
    with his hate.and islam
    is spreading like sun light
    through out world.and non
    beleiver is helpless to stop
    coverting day
    number one religion will be islam in this world.and hater
    will die with his hate

  5. well said it reflects on you. you for are bullshitting people. Islam is and will always remain the best and religion of peace of all time. ONLY YOU ARE BIG PIECE OF SHIT.

  6. This one is probably more weak and emotional then the masked falsehood..
    All of these are refuted on both the a-z blogspot and Quranerrorsblogspot …
    Better luck next time 😛

  7. And then you assum the wall could even be on this earth , on matters in Islam that fall into the 'ghayb' category , any given speculation is just as probable as the one next to it . But tbh zul qarnayn is the only one you made a point worth addressing .

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