One Nation Under God – Jon McNaughton

My name is Jon McNaughton and I’ve been painting
for about 25 years now. And, for the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve been
concerned about our country and what’s happening. About a year ago, I had the idea for this
painting and it came to me in a pretty bold way. I knew exactly what I needed to paint and
I knew that it would be a big effort to accomplish it—the amount of research and time that
it would take would be more than anything that I had done before. These men and women were passionately religious
and saw the hand of God all around them. To God, they gave thanks for His hand in the
founding of this great nation. To Him, according to their own testimony,
they turned for wisdom and strength when life and liberty hung in the balance. Certainly, the debate on separation of God
and State will continue, but no one can dispute how our Founding Fathers and patriots felt
about God. This painting, “One Nation Under God” is my
personal witness and reminder to those who went before us that they knew from whence
their blessings came. I believe that our Constitution was inspired. As you look at this painting, I hope that
you will consider where your place is in this country.

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