On Mindfulness and Healing with Jewel | Hello humankindness

I didn’t try to become a singer. I didn’t set out being like
“I’m gonna be a famous
musician.” What interested me was “How do
I transmute pain into something
beautiful?” “How do we make beautiful
things out of broken things?” This has turned into me
sharing the practices that
have helped me do it. *Knock Knock* Nurse: May we come in? New Mother: Yes, please. Jewel: Hellooo New Father: Say hi. Jewel: Oh, hi Jackson. Can I
sneak over here? When you’re in the hospital, you’re in a place where it’s
levelled. And you become acutely aware,
that we need others. Jewel: Who do we have? New Mother: This is Sawyer Jewel: Hi, Sawyer. New Mother: We were trying to
get to 34 weeks, but he had to
come early. Jewel: So what does that mean?
Lungs don’t develop as quickly?
and Liver? New Dad: Absolutely I started to practice
mindfulness, And once you go down
the rabbit hole, of “What is self love?” You’re going to be led
into “What is loving another?” Jewel: What’s it like being a
doctor that delivers babies? Doctor: It’s extremely
rewarding, the fact that I’m a part of the most intimiate
moment of a couple’s life. Doctor: I mean, who
get’s to do that? Doctor: And they will always
remember you. It’s very easy to underestimate
the effect of kindness, but you can start to really see
it as this very, very quiet
revolutionary force. For a stranger to care, and
have interest in how you are it’s priceless,
it’s such a gift. Announcer: She is very much
about mindfulness and being a
part of healing. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’d like to welcome to the stage
Jewel. Jewel: Hi, How are you all? Jewel: Hello humankindness
by the way. *Music and Singing* People heal better and they
get to know in their body
what that feels like. Medicine if you will, of what
can only be done through
human contact. Just being kind in your
neighborhood, in your village,
in your community starts to create this amazing
ripple effect. It’s extraordinary.


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