Oh God… Let's Talk About My Religion // What Is Quakerism? [CC]


  1. Thank you for sharing about your religion with us! For some reason I had always conflated Quakers with the Amish (is this an american association maybe?) but this was very informative and it sounds like an absolutely lovely religion. I was a staunch atheist for a solid decade after a series of disagreements with my youth pastor when I was thirteen regarding my old church’s stances on gay people and “the roles of women” (evangelicals man) as well as the way I chose to dress and present myself (punk, bright hair, and i was a generally loud and stompy lesbian). The last few years I’ve been venturing into Wicca, and it seems to have a lot of valuable similarities with what you’ve described here! (the idea of an interconnected energy within everyone, god as the energy of the universe, ideas that individuals know what is right for themselves, groups in which all members are equal and equally heard, meditative listening for the intuition of the universe, etc)

  2. I was raised Catholic but I’m now Church of Ireland. They welcome LGBT+ people and the Dean of my church frequently invites leaders of other religions to preach with them

  3. Out of curiosity, where do Quakers stand on abortion if all life is created equal and essentially “do no harm”??

  4. Your Quakerism videos have helped me find Quakerism and find a religion that truly makes my heart sing. I’ve been searching for years to find a religion that I feel at home in and I feel like not only is Quakerism amazing for me but I almost feel as if I was born a Quaker at my core. Thank you for these amazing and informative videos. You sparked my curiosity enough to go do tons of research on it and finally find my home. ♥️

  5. I grew up kind of protestant Christian but I didn't like it or agree with a lot of things. I'm now converting to Reform Judaism and it feels like this is exactly what I'm supposed to be! It's a good feeling after years of feeling bitter and angry about religion
    edit after listening to more of the video: reform jews and quakers seem to have a lot of similarities in both theological beliefs and life values. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I grew up as christian, but i am now agnostic. I respect everyone’s religion and point of view, im also always open to hear people out on things.

  7. I feel like this is a religion that I've been trying to find all my life. I literally correspond with all of this and never understood why I didn't feel complete going to a local church as a child to young adulthood. I'm so happy you posted this video 😊😊

  8. This is the most wholesome, wondrous and educational video I've ever seen. I learned an abundance of things from something that has always seemed so simple to me. I'm indifferent to my religion, and this was insanely inspiring. 💕

  9. OMG I got really excited when you said you can be a Quaker and something else. Can I be a Catholic and a Quaker??!! AAA I’m excited I love God and Jesus and eeek

  10. I’ve honestly considered converting to Quakerism before. I was raised Catholic, and I am confirmed, but there’s so much hostility and “we know best” that it sort of taints my relationship with Christ. I want to learn more and more about Quakerism and other branches of Christianity because I want to express my love for God in a kind, responsible way.

    [Edit] Also I LOVE that it’s so fluid and semi-vague. Catholicism feels like such a stuck set of rules. Even when theologians have proven that some Catholic doctrine is incorrect, they refuse to listen.

  11. Quakerism sounds cool, though there are things that I disagree with (like the extreme pacifism and not being allowed to play ‘violent’ video games or play with nerf guns 0.o) but it seems pretty open-minded as a religion. I’m an atheist (agnostic atheist to be more specific which most atheists are) so I don’t believe in things that haven’t been proven so anything with the supernatural until proven I don’t believe in. But Quaker’s don’t seem to be a problem in society at the moment like some other monotheistic religions I can think of… Also the no upsetting people, that’s pretty much unavoidable. Truth offends/upsets people sometimes, but that’s ok and their problem imo.

    Oh, and I grew up Methodist Christian, stopped believing around 14 because I found many things didn’t add up and were actually harmful (gradually realized this but came to a head at about 14). And I see most religion or any dogmatic belief not based in scientific truth and empathy/compassion harmful. I think secular humanist describes me, too.

  12. As a kind of agnostic pagen, coming from a Christian background, I feel such great respect for this religion and probably would have made it my own if I wasn't already involved in my own paganism. I definitely want to use some of these ideas as some set morals to give me a little more direction in my life. This has really given me some hope about life and I wanna research more since I've been really falling short on hopes and beliefs.

  13. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is very strict on values pertaining to gays and minorities (women and blacks), but I love it. I am 17 and have been a part of it my whole life, but have been really involved when I was 15 or 16.

  14. This is the most amazing form of Christianity I have ever heard of where is this in America?? Did it die out after they came here in the 1700s? Why are more Americans not Quaker’s?

  15. I think Quakerism should be educated about in schools. I had no idea what it is before I found her channel.

  16. This was a great video, I love learning about these kinds of things and I really love the idea of Quakerism, and I think its very interesting. Thanks for the super interesting and informational video! <3

  17. I was raised in very strict evangelical fundamentalist Calvinist Christianity. I became agnostic in early teens but always loved learning about religion, different faiths, value, etc. Quakers sound very interesting. I had them confused with Puritans, the very strict Calvinism. I tend to go to different religious services a few times a year, with friends mainly.

  18. I’m an atheist but Quakerism really aligns with what I believe in and I also really like how there is so much freedom and that God doesn’t have to be a seperate entity.

  19. This is really beautiful. I'd like to go to a Quaker meeting at some point now. I'm a Christian, I don't really identify with one particular branch but I guess you could call me evangelical or born-again but a bit more liberal than those tend to be. The central thing for me is Jesus, because he has changed me in ways I couldn't on my own. Eg, being forgiven and restored from bad things I've done, which then naturally leads to this gratitude and self-acceptance and security that I then find shows itself in better actions. I'm not aware of another faith where that's the case? Most faiths are about following good morals on your own effort (and support of your community), I think, which is obviously still a good and beautiful thing but isn't quite the same. Does anyone know of another religion where God or some spiritual power changes you first? I'd be really interested to know. Anyway though, if you're intrigued by Quakerism or any of the faiths people are talking about here then do check them out. We owe it to ourselves to use some of our time to work out why we're here and how we can live good lives! And while I'm here, I'm sorry for when Christians sometimes come across as pushy with their faith – they usually mean well! Thankfully the central point in Christianity is Jesus not Christians! Peace x

  20. The intro song gave me suck nostalgia. I used to be a huge gamer and watched Aphmau. Faster Car (the intro song/background music) was the intro for one of her series. I can’t quite remember which one… something to do with a cruise ship island type thing… thanks for listening to my TEDx Talk.

  21. Well you’re the only person who has managed to make me willingly watch a video on religion, it was quite interesting and informative. Most importantly it wasn’t forcing it on me which I’m really glad is one of your values. You’re such a sweet person 🙂

  22. My mothers family were Quakers. 10th great grandfather turned down being in the house of burgesses in VA because he couldn't take the oath to God. Always wanted to know more about it. Thank you.
    I feel in a strange way that I've had the Quaker mindset my whole life, very eye opening. Thank you again.

  23. I remember learning about Quakers in elementary school and i always thought it sounded so nice and quaint. Not as a condescending description but literally sounded much nicer than the fire and brimstone stuff we were taught as a southern baptist.

  24. Quakerism sounds a lot like Hinduism! As a hindu watching this video, I was amazed to see the multiple similarities. It's so interesting to learn about different belief systems and how they operate.

  25. I grew up Christian but I was atheist for a couple of years but rn I identify as Wiccan and I incorporate Greek mythology into my belief system. I feel a lot more comfortable now than I ever did with christianity. Ok have a nice day everyone!! 💛

  26. I never knew Quakers were like this! Cool! I have a question, and please take it as an academic one, rather than challenging. “All people are good, but some actions are bad.” How does that fit with murderers, rapists, and child molesters in your view of the universe?

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