Occident et Islam – Murad Wilfried Hofmann

Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Ladies and gentlemen, First, I owe you an explanation with regard to the subject, I’m not a racist, indeed, I have not offered to talk about
French wit and Islam and once I was informed about this theme, invitations were already sent so
I said to myself I have to be able to speak to any subject somehow so I also speak a little about the historical attitude and role of French against the Muslim world this is important because it is necessary to
understand the Islamic world today realize the scars that remain
and the damages done by policies that were explainable in the context of their
time but still leave painful traces. Indeed, one could say that the idea behind
the Crusades was born in France. Pierre [the] Venerable who was the leader in
Cluny, had ordered to translate first the Koran into Latin,
this was done in Toledo in Spain, but despite the fact that thus [Christians] had a quite good knowledge of the contents of the Koran, Crusades propaganda was perhaps the first
[historical] case of disinformation policy. Crusades people were convinced
that the dogma of Muslims was “there no god but Mohamad”. Amazing, really amazing ! because
they knew better [no God but Allah !] but Islam began to be dispraised in a systematic way to motivate the Crusaders, already in the 11th century. Later, France in colonial times
has made its presence in the Muslim world, especially in North Africa, with a mind
of a civilizing mission. We must realize this today what
that means. The French came to Algeria saying
there is no civilization here ! Although a man as Abdel Kader in
every sense, was higher as Sufi, as a poet, even as a military. It is in this mind that a religious order
has been created, white fathers, white sisters especially [in the intent] to convert Muslims. Although this mission of fathers and sisters
was a disaster, because almost no one has been found to be convinced of the superiority of the Christian faith nevertheless was built on the heights
of each of the major cities in north-Africa in Oran, Algiers, Beaune, large
cathedrals dedicated to «Our Lady of Africa», what is still today, a provocation. Fortunately, there were people like
Marshal Lyautey, who, for reasons perhaps of superior intelligence, of a
heart more sensitive, saved by example Morocco of the destruction of their cities. In Morocco there is a town called
“New Fez” beside Fez ‘new Marrakech” next to Marrakech, the same
thing concerning other cities, instead destroying ancient cities. In Algeria it is the opposite. When the French came there was
more than 300 mosques, when they left in 1962, I was there because I was already
assigned to our consulate general in Algiers during the war of independence. When the French left there was
8 mosques. And the Grand Mosque, the mosque Friday,
had served as a cathedral. The last French Archbishop Algiers
who saw that his predecessors had Indeed, had built its own cathedral,
with the intention of making the ancient mosque Muslims, and for that he was defamed
by black feet at the time, who called Muhammad, Duval, Duval Muhammad! It is clear and normal that during the time
colonialist, imperialist I would say, the so-called Orientalists, English as French,
unwittingly perhaps, even, have acted as instruments of colonization. It is a fact. Fortunately there was also recently
a big change and now with the past of a man like Massignon of Gimaret,
Berques of Jacques, as Orientalism French changed course and Orientalists today
French approach their subject not with disgust but with a sympathy that shows! One thing separates the Muslim world in Europe,
it is primarily the fact that Muslims France are mostly Moroccans from Algerians, Germany
it is the Turkish, England are indos the Pakistan-but there is a
phenomenon that always strikes me most French intellectuals who adopt Islam
are Sufis adhere to Islamic mysticism and in particular the type of Ibn Arabi, the
Sheikh Al Akbar as it is called, which lived in the 13th century and died in
Damascus and had a great past as theologian and Sufi born in Murcia in Spain,
it was an Andalusian. As a Muslim I should say that I have
problems in deciding whether Ibn Arabi was a Muslim or not at the end of the account because
the type of Sufism that followed, made him in a small sentence which means in translation
Arabic “unity of existence”. For him there was not a transcendent god. If you say “one God” there is nothing
apart from God, all that exists is Divine, at that time, you also make
part of divinity. And like the famous poet in Baghdad [Mansour al-] Hallaj, who was executed for this, Ibn Arabi also spoke with
God exchanging roles. One could say that Ibn al-Arabi was a
pantheistic. And pantheism is not acceptable
Islam because Islam says only God it is true, has a real existence and all
the rest of which are dependent on Him is contingent, but are still too
long as God wants. So there is a duality of existence, God
is transparent and can not immanent The reduction to a single unit in one direction
or in the other direction. The philosopher Schopenhauer German who
lived in the second half of the 19th century he once wrote “pantheism
is a polite way to abolish God, “a way polished to abolish God. That said, it remains a fact that most
the French intellectual stature are akbaristes of Sufism like Ibn Arabi,
it comes to Rene Guenon, who was a extraordinary scientific anthropology
Social and became a Sheikh of his order which is buried in Cairo, Rene Guenon, but also
Eva Vitray-Meyerovitch, and also Mr. [Michel] Chodkiewicz – it means nothing to you? – Or Mr. Gilis. Anyway if
you do not know them agree that it is a fact and this is not the case in England,
this is not the case in Germany, the forces ruling of Islam in Britain and Germany are not Sufi. And because of that I thought maybe
that there is something properly French said, is that those people who
adopt not only Islam, but an Islam Sufi, like Ibn Arabi, do this as a
over-reaction, a reaction against rationalism, descartien. Another explanation, I came to you
talk and not to read something these notes are in English, I can not read,
it only serves me as support for what I want say. Now directly to the mentality
European and Islam, and let the France beside. If you go to a bookstore in Paris,
London or Berlin, every major bookstore has a section for “esoteric” books,
there is an esoteric section, and this section becomes larger. It’s amazing, it currently has a “supermarket”
religions. And today you can become anyone
What you can say I am a shaman Red-skins and it looks like “that’s interesting
“. There are German women who traveled Turkey to worship there in one place
history, there to worship the Goddess, because they are priestesses of the Goddess. Even if an actor also known as Richard
Gere is a Buddhist person reacts in a hostile manner Also if you read Relations
Jewish life in legalistic sects New York or Jerusalem, journalists
describe with all the sympathy separation men and women, ritual rules
extremely stringent, the need to kill animals in a way that Muslims
say “halal”, all this presents with all the sympathy, no one would dare
qualify these customs of the Jewish religion or as obscurantist fanatics. Indeed one could say religion in Europe
has become pluralistic. That our great king Frederick the Great,
Frédéric 2, had already made his maxim to him, “everyone should find happiness
in his own way “is now truly become Rule. Only one thing you must not do,
and that is to declare a Muslim. Any tolerance you find to
druids and shamans for Buddhists and Jews, vanishes immediately if
This is Islam. If a man has a beard like Che Guevara
it is progressive. If the same is a Muslim it is retrograde,
reactionary. If you have doubts regarding
My words are trying to build in France a mosque, try to do it in Germany. It is a legal tragedy must be entered
court for each step. And in the end we will tell you that the minaret
should not exceed 5 meter or 5 meter 30. If Muslims ask killing in Germany
their beasts of the Jewish way it is forbidden for them. What is permitted for Jews in Germany
is forbidden to Muslims, that is ie applying a double standard to Islam
and this is explained by the collective memories they would have produced a history here
several centuries. Are we ever read that a Christian
Orthodox named Stalin killed millions, Is anyone ever called Hitler a Catholic
? [… Interruption in the room …] But if a man like Saddam Hussein did terrible things it is called immediately
it is “Muslim”. Are we ever read that an American Christian
has dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Christian? No ! that would be silly! But if there is a
suspicion that Pakistan is building a bomb Atomic, it is called – before it exists
already! – An Islamic bomb. Even in Bosnia has never called Karadzic
an orthodox fanatic, no. Well, now we must try to explain
how this mentality has occurred. I think there we’re all each
next victims of collective memories and the collective memories are a reality. Take the Germans, the Germans
seen in front of Islam and only for first time in the Middle Ages because the
Turkish Sultan had used to try to conquer Vienna, and for this purpose he launched
his troops every two years to Europe Central. And when Vienna was surrounded, there were
the siege of Vienna, the light cavalry Turkish penetrated into Bavaria. For this the Germans have encountered Islam
through the Turks first and second as a threat. So Islam in Germany has been associated
with [the word] fear. Today the Turks come yet. They do not have the scimitar they do not even have
no visa! but can instrumentalize this old fear, even today. The first time the Quran was translated
in German in 1616, the translation was called “Al Quran or the Bible Turkish” was
therefore an ethnic bias that was bound with religious prejudice. And now if you add the malaise
Social unemployment attributed to the presence Turks foreigners in Germany have you
where an explosive cocktail. The idea that Islam is expansive and aggressive
not date of this millennium it dates already the previous millennium. Because the expansion of Islam from
7th century was so phenomenal that people of the Christian world could
not explain to themselves without attributing to force the fire and the sword. But what really happened was
quite different. We know exactly the number of knights
Arab that existed and it was absolutely impossible for tens of thousands
Arab knights could conquer in a few decades half the known world. Hijaz and to India to Spain. What really took place was that
the Christian world was tied because There were many sects, including the
Donatists in Algeria today, Nestorians, Arians, among them, most have not
not believe in the divinity of Jesus. Ie the famous Council of Nicaea
325 who spent the dogma of consubstantiality Jesus God had destroyed the links
among many Christians so there was whole Christian world, which until the
coming of Islam does not believe in the divinity of God. So what Muslims told them they
already knew they had Jesus as a prophet. Second, to live under the yoke of empire
Byzantine was not easy, and tolerance of Islam to other religions,
that Muslims have not posed the alternative “Or Islam, or death” but the options,
“Or Islam, or keep what you are” was new. And because of that it is not true
more than that famous library [library] extraordinary Alexandria was destroyed by Muslims. All historians today know that is not true,
but it is always what is written in the history books. In this context it must be realized
that it was a big shock for Christians Islam came after Christianity,
because for Christians as for Muslims today was the last,
conclusive religion. So obviously, this ideological position
another could not be a prophet, So the prophet is not a prophet he
is an impostor. Indeed the Prophet was treated impostor
and still today the Prophet Salala Alayhi Wa Salam, English is an “out-law”,
today in our country is Mohamed an out-law, and the Rushdie case gives evidence
thereof. There is a book that reproduces all
two or three years, of the 100 characters the largest in world history
which appeared in the United States, this is not a Muslim is John Hart [actually it is: Michael H. Hart] that publishes this book,
and they always put that Mohamed position Number 1, saying it is an extraordinary man
who had success in what he wanted to do, he was a religious man who created
a religion and at the same time he created a state. Of all the people on this list of 100
the most important figures of the world, No one who is so denigrated,
maligned as Muhammad. Not even Hitler, not even Stalin. Indeed, the German Professor Orientalist
Anne-Marie Schimmel, once wrote that more than any other historical figure
Mohamed has caused people to hate him for having afraid of him and convict him, and the fact
Dante in his “Divine Comedy” has Mohamed at the end of his work, just
expressed that most people at the time medieval have thought anyway, and
the fact that there are biographies today Prophet, written by Christians,
such as Karen Armstrong or Bermegen the Belgian, not change anything. There you are well aware of theologians
both in the Catholic Church in the Protestant church, trying to redefine
called the Trinity. There is Professor Kuhn ago Professor
John Hick, there’s Schwarzenau Professor, Matthew Jones in the United States, so there
and many today in Germany the Catholics and Protestants are saying
their Christians do not use the word Trinity. Because Trinity is associated with the existence
three different people today we no longer speak of three persons consubstantial
So we want to redefine the dogma of Nicaea. And John Kuhn, among others, he said that
Jesus was a man, one man selected God, that God was in him, but that
he was not God, and that he was the man extraordinary chooses, but the perfect man
not Divine. Well, the Catholic Church in this perspective
accepted in the Vatican Council 2, that Islam is a way for the Hi. But the Catholic Church has not accepted
Mohamed is a guide on this path, and does not do it because she could not accept
Mohamed as the guide without accepting the Qur’an as the word of God. So we are closer but not yet
in the same field. In this collective memory is also
the memory of the Crusades, on both sides. Muslim history teachers tell me
the Crusades damage are lower those of colonization, I have to accept. But they still say that colonization
was a continuation of the Crusades. But the Crusades were certainly caused
shock among those who returned because that they made huge sacrifices the
uncivilized brutes in the Middle East and Once there they found that civilization
was on the other side, tolerance was and the other side a man like Saladin
absolutely upset, they could not not believe and that Saladin has become a
legend west is symptomatic of the impact this meeting between Christians and
Muslims in the Crusades. Another thing, maybe you do not know the
not, but Istanbul was already a times before Muslims conquered, destroyed
and ransacked. By who ? By the Crusaders. In 1205 it was the Crusaders who sacked
Constantinople [until] the end, this never town has suffered as much as in the cross. And at that time the emperor fled
among Muslims. But something else after the Reconquista in
Spain, which was the first case of cleaning Ethnic, which was repeated later in
Bosnia, contrary to all contracts made with Muslims, was thrown into the
sea ​​one could say a few years Later in the early 16th century all
Muslims and Jews as well. The Jews at the time when they went
? In the Muslim world, because they knew that the Muslim world is tolerant
the Jews. In Salonika, Morocco, and even today
King Hassan II calls annually Jews who left Morocco to live
Israel returned. And Jewish synagogues in Morocco that are
most used are under [the control of] the State must ensure [they are preserved]
in good condition. But once, [that] Spain had become
Catholic decades later already the famous young Portuguese king Sebastiao has
tried to reconquer North Africa to the Christian North Africa after
thousand years apart. But in this century, during the first
World War Greek king, with his army, transported by the French fleet, Italian
and British tried to regain Anatolia to remake the Christian and Turkey
Greek king put the foot down outside the port of Izmir, why? he wanted to
foot down to that place where the king Lion-heart (lion heart) was British
set up during the Third Crusade, 700 years earlier. In this context is it really
difficult to understand that the Muslim world also afraid of the Western world, this
Fear is mutual, each side has a lot reasons to be afraid. When I was a student in high school, it
made so long, but we always had learned in school the contribution of Avicenna
or Averroes, civilization and European philosophy, but no
we said it was Arab or Muslim person. They existed in the book as personalities
of the spiritual history of mankind, but they were Muslims was
not mentioned. There are 500 Arabic words in German, so each
word brings something, is not it? so even German culture has absorbed
elements of Arab civilization but nobody ever talks about our Christian heritage,
Jewish, Muslim, no, still only legacy Christian and Jewish. And we always made a distinction between
European rationality and the so-called irrationality of the East. Now I ask you if you compare
Christianity and Islam, which is easternmost? which is more oriental? Islam
has not absorbed the Neo-Platonism, has not absorbed the Persian angénologie, has not absorbed
Hellenism, but both religions Jesus spoke a Semitic dialect and Arabic
is a Semitic language, religions are born there, but Christianity is full
oriental mysteries came from Iran (Persia) and even the trinity can find its roots,
both in Egypt in Persia, and in the Platonic philosophy: God, the Demiurge
and the Logos. So if a religion that many
Oriental elements, that is Christianity. We could anyway not make a
distinction between these religions from the amount of rationality that either. And now it seems colonization
behind us, which is continuing this globalization. I know that globalization is not
a unique way by nature, in fact, Islam today for the first time became
a truly universal religion because it are Muslims in Korea, Argentina,
Bolivia, the Seychelles, in Ukraine it are nearly 600,000 Muslims in Moscow. In this sense, the Internet is neutral. But as the water flows from the top down, the
technological superiority runs high down, and of course technology carries
with it an ideology. And in this sense Muslims feel
under siege because they face by what they call cultural imperialism,
the “mac-donaldisation” the “Coca colisation” keep on going. But what annoyed me a lot was that
the Western world after the World fall Soviet was able to formulate the idea of ​​the end
Of the history. Today there is much discussion Samuel Huntington
and is shocked by his thesis of clash civilizations but much more serious
was the thesis of Francis Fukuyama who was when even the head of policy planning
the “state department” who delivered significantly that after the fall of communism we
arrived at the end of the story because Now it is clear that there is no alternative,
“The American way of life” is now Obligatory model! And the fact that I
wrote a book called “Islam: The Alternative “Was my personal reaction to this
illusion that the world is uniform and will be consistent and if Muslims insist
to be a little different they can do like animals in a zoo. Because I am convinced that there is a
difference between the East and West and that the most primitive version to describe
this difference is to say that the world Western rather the quantitative world
and the Eastern world is the qualitative world. What I mean is expressed quantitatively
clearly in computers where everything is reduced on the basis of zero and one. And what can not be “ordinateurisé”
does not exist. This is the new atheistic attitude. You know that there was a man in Germany
called Heisman he was arrested and carried narrowly, in Israel,
murder, although he personally does never hurts [directly] to anyone. He practiced his craft “criminal” being
sitting – like me now – behind a table, and for this type of criminal we
have invented a German word “criminal to table”. Now I speak of Bosnia, to you
say that Muslims are convinced that there were many “criminals table” in
West during the tragedy in Bosnia, because Muslims are convinced that
Religion has played a huge role in all this, even a part that is not very
aware. As also during the siege of Constantinople
in 1453, at that time the Turks surrounded Constantinople, and it was clear
that without the help enormous and rapid countries of the West, especially the King of France, Emperor
German, the Pope, the King of England is could not defend long Constantinople. What happened during this nine months
time has been well described by a man Runciman called, a British historian. Western at the time told the Emperor
Byzantine, “Ah maybe at the end of the day it will not hurt, do not be so pessimistic. ” A second council was “Ah, must
find a political solution “against the who wants to conquer the weapon. Thirdly they said “Ah, it is too
Later, you are surrounded “; Fourth answer they said “it’s too expensive,
it’s too expensive”. At a time when it was really too late,
the Pope asked him to rent in Venice two frigates. The Signorité in Venice was told “Oh you
have not paid for the last time”. But there was another argument. And it was not expressed openly, except
for small loads, and it was that “it serves them right! “,” this is heretical! ”
Because why they refused meet with the Catholic Church? For
people in Rome it was better to eliminate Orthodox Islam as having to Constantinople. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true. And in the same sense, I ask you now,
can you imagine that the Serbs are Muslims. And that the Serbs would have done everything
Serbs were against Bosniaks and imagine that the Bosnians were
Catholics. Do you believe for a moment that Western countries
would have hesitated a moment to intervene strength ?!
In my work in NATO, and then I was participating in exercises of the staff, each
year we did a year named “Hilex” another year “Wintex” or “fallex”
for training on the possibilities contain a conflict to escalate
controlled and de-escalate the end So to dominate a situation without it
explodes. So NATO and all NATO governments
had a whole list of things to do. You know for example that if you
a threat, do not add to this threatens a long [a period]. If you say “if you do not stop doing
what you do, after three months I will attack you ”
But that’s exactly what we did! All threats made against Serbia were
made in a way that it was clear that West did not follow its own
threat. I think people in Paris, London
and Bonn are not stupid so be reach another answer to explain
this behavior. And in my opinion it was people without being
realize themselves were biased religious. We did not want an Islamic state in Europe
Central. It’s clear. And if you read the Greek press, it
was absolutely clear, the Greek press wrote and Greek bishops, “we must grasp
this last chance to eliminate Islam of Europe, we should have done there are
centuries now it is the right opportunity to do “amazing! amazing … So everything I told you not
academic. There are consequences of mentalities,
and for this I do what I do to explain in the Muslim world things are dangerous
and that on the other side so that the thing are dangerous and it takes effort
both sides to eliminate gradually this unfortunate legacy that still lives
in our heads. Because in the situation we are in,
and also geographically, Islam and the West either confront or cooperate in
the Mediterranean, we can not do otherwise. A confrontation would be tragic and catastrophic. The elimination of Muslims in Europe is not
longer a possibility. This is inappropriate. Where to go ?
It’s been two weeks that I was in Germany in the Ruhr Valley, Kelsonkiershen
best known for its football team, it was a seminar on Islam with
Protestants and teachers at the end of the day a very conservative man said
“Good, that Islam I have nothing against, but … Keep it with you! “and at that time two
Muslim women have startled German “But where you want us to go?” and
only then that man went account that Islam was a presence
European and the world was a Christian, Catholic, Protestant, probably
Now is always pluralistic. I know that at the very end of the 19th century
it was difficult in Germany was difficult to marry through religion
Catholic or Protestant, it is not made not. And almost in every village in Germany
Central where there was a mixture between Protestant-Catholic in the village center
there were two churches that confront, Protestant Catholic. My hope is that there will someday
there will be a mosque there but there being a confrontation but
normal. And for that, me being German, I finish
with a quote from our great poet Goethe, Goethe always said something about some
thing. He said about tolerance, I translate,
“Tolerance must always be only a temporary attitude, the goal must be
acceptance tolerate only means insult “that’s what he said,” only
tolerate means to insult “must exceed tolerance until we accept the other
as it is and I hope that this is done both in the Muslim world and the world
Western. Thank you very much. The lady who called on Algeria is
longer there, but if you’re interested when even. The situation in Algeria is a civil war. And civil wars are not a specialty
Islamic. There are civil wars everywhere. And civil wars usually result
the fact that there is no other way to change the status quo. In states that are democratic it
No civil war. In states where one can go and vote
change the government through voting there no civil war. So the fact that there is a civil war in
Algeria is the result of the fact that there there is a government that does not accept being
submitted to [the result] vote. This has nothing to do with Islam and
fights and climbing is done. And both sides have committed crimes
which are extraordinary in their (… [horror]) But what shocks me is to see that
same methods of torture that the French have exerted on the FLN are now carried
by the Algerian government on Muslims. That fall into the hands of the executioners
est pire que d’être mort. Donc dans une guerre où il est pire d’être
torturé que d’être mort, il est absolument essentiel que dans la guerrilla il n’y a pas
de traître car si vous faites une faute vous êtes foutu. Ceci explique la brutalité. Quand j’était en Algérie pendant la guerre
d’Algérie j’ai vu des village où l’armée française avec napalm ils avaient tué tout
le monde il n’y avait que des femmes et des enfants. Avec la même stratégie maintenant aujourd’hui
il est impossible de dire qui fait quoi. Parce que le FIS n’est plus en contrôle,
le GIA a été “subversé” par les forces de l’État. Deux choses semblent être claires cet attentat
à l’aéroport a été organisé par le gouvernement même et aussi que
l’archevêque d’Oran a été tué par un agent provocateur du gouvernement. Comme en Israël s’il y a une chance de réconciliation
il y a des forces de chaque côté qui veulent détruire cette chance en commettant des crimes. Une chose devrait faire poser une question
to everybody. Les massacres qui ont étés commis surtout
à Bab-el-oued et dans les environs d’Alger ont été commis dans des communautés qui
avaient voté pour le FIS à 70 à 75%. Pourquoi le FIS massacrerait les gens qui
le soutiennent ? Et ça à côté de l’armée qui ne fait rien. Donc tout ce qu’on peut faire c’est des prières
pour que ces massacres se terminent. L’islam certainement souffre d’être associé
avec cela. Mais je vous ai parlé de double standard. Il y avait un fondamentaliste qui avait gagné
les élections. Et après les militaires ne l’ont pas laissé
occuper sa fonction comme chef de gouvernement. À ce moment là les nations unies sont venues
et c’était l’armée américaine qui a veillé que ce monsieur là, ce fondamentaliste chrétien
du nom d’Aristide, pourrait régner à Haiti. La même chose s’est passée en Algérie. Personne n’est intervenu et les gens à Paris
ont applaudi sous la table. Les conséquences de cela sont tragiques parce
que nous tous devons souhaiter devienne démocrate, que les droits de l’homme seront honorés
mais ce qui s’est passé en Bosnie, l’attitude occidentale envers ce qui s’est fait en Algérie
ont produit des milliers des millions de cyniques dans le monde musulmans qui avec un sardonisme
triste vous disent quand vous parlez de démocratie et de droits de l’homme, est-ce que ces droits
ont des cheveux blonds et des yeux bleus ? Donc il faut se rendre compte toujours des
conséquences à long terme de ce que l’on fait car comme je vous le disais au début
les mémoires collectives sont une réalité. 1:05 Question :
“vous avez parlé tout à l’heure de l’islam comme possible alternative au capitalisme
enfin au système qui existe actuellement mais ce que je vous demanderai c’est que est-ce
que vous pensez que ça se ferait à travers un modèle tel que le modèle iranien par
exemple saoudien ou autre ou bien à travers les communautés musulmanes qui se trouvent
en Europe et qui graduellement s’intégreraient dans les sociétés chrétiennes de l’Europe
et deviendraient un agent participateur ?” En effet je ne peux pas propager l’islam en
Europe en disant par exemple que l’Arabie saoudite est notre modèle ou l’Iran. Mais je dis que la Malaisie est notre modèle
parce que c’est là un État qui exerce le pluralisme modèle entre trois ethnies, trois
religions, trois langues et ça marche. Et aussi ce que vous aviez dit je suis profondément
convaincu que les musulmans surtout aux États-Unis, il y a 6 million maintenant, ils sont tellement
dynamiques ils ont une chance d’aider à l’occident de faire un revirement en cours parce que
ils ne sont pas porteurs de toute la civilisation islamique ils peuvent distinguer nettement
comme moi je le fait entre la religion et la civilisation. Par exemple je crois que l’islam peut apporter
à l’occident des choses qui sont essentielles pour sa santé, tout d’abord la sobriété
structurelle. L’ouest est en train de se détruire, par
être drogué, drogué par l’alcool, drogué par la nicotine, drogué par l’héroïne,
et tout le reste. Nous avons maintenant un “Drug culture” on
dit à l’ouest. Et l’islam, là, est une alternative. Les policier en Afrique du sud comme à Los
Angeles, admettent que avec la police ou les moyens de l’État, la guerre contre la drogue
est déjà perdue. Il y a une seule chance c’est de trouver une
“mahallah”, c’est un quartier avec une majorité musulmane à ce moment là les drogues sont
good. Prenez l’économie, la défense de prendre
l’intérêt semble une chose négative, mais si vous voyez cela comme la demande que le
capital soit exclusivement utilisé dans une situation de partager profit et risque c’est
essentiel pour la santé de l’économie de l’ouest parce que c’est l’entrepreneurship
qui profite de cela le capitalisme sera endommagé si personne n’est plus prêt à accepter des
risques. Prenez la famille, on parle, on caractérise
la religion chrétienne comme la religion de l’amour, permettez-moi que j’ai des doutes
sur la pratique de l’amour. On effet, en l’ouest on ressentit ce qu’on
appelle un “cooling”, un refroidissement de la société, et les musulmans présentent
contre cela une oumma qui est une réalité la solidarité entre les musulmans est extraordinaire. Et ce n’est pas un fait du tiers-monde, c’est
aussi un fait du tiers-monde, que la famille est très importante, la famille élargie,
mais si vous voyez comme les musulmans font aux États-Unis, c’est moderne. Prenez le stress, les américains ont essayé
toutes sortes de techniques, comme “transcendental meditation” (TM) les japonais le tea ceremony
et tout ça. Si vous faites votre prière plusieurs fois
par jour, c’est exactement cela. En occident on a peur du cholestérol, on
a peur et un des plus gros problème de santé est d’être trop épais (gros), si vous faites
le ramadan une fois par an, le problème est résolu. C’est à dire l’islam a beaucoup de choses
à attribuer comme des médicaments même, pour une civilisation en crise, nous ne voulons
pas abolir ce qui est bon, en Europe ou aux États-Unis, nous essayons d’aider à cette
civilisation de retrouver ses valeurs, ses normes, sa sécurité. On critique beaucoup Max Weber aujourd’hui
car il n’avait pas de connaissances suffisantes the rest of the world. Il a jugé sur une base trop restreinte, de
fait. D’abord comme pour l’état également pour
l’économie le Coran et la Sunna démontrent une énorme flexibilité, il n’y a pas un
modèle d’État Islamique ou un modèle d’économie islamique, il y a plusieurs modèles qui sont
acceptables, ce qui donne à la charia beaucoup de flexibilité. Ceci dit, il est clair que l’Islam insiste
sur la priorité de la propriété privée. Les cas où l’État peut être propriétaire
sont énumérés, comme l’air et les fleuves et les richesses souterraines. À part cela c’est vraiment seulement la défense
(interdit) de la riba (l’intérêt) qui est fixe. Tout le reste sont des principes, principe
de viser la justesse sociale, et de donner priorité à la spiritualité de l’homme en
ce qui concerne la consommation. Question :
“je comprends bien ce que vous avez expliqué dans votre intervention, que les raisons historiques
de la peur de l’islam, je comprends ça pour un européen moyen, mais je ne comprends pas
que l’élite, les intellectuels européens, refuse par exemple de discuter l’islam pourquoi
par exemple on ne discute pas de l’islam profond indépendamment d’être l’Arabie saoudite
l’idée islamique elle-même pourquoi on ne discute pas comme idée, comme une idéologie
? Ce que vous dites est le résultat d’un mouvement
qui a commencé au 18ème siècle, l’âge de raison de illumination, ce qui s’est fait
est qu’on a détrôné Dieu et on l’a remplacé par l’homme, on a fait une divinisation de
l’homme aussi bien en divinisant l’État qu’en divinisant
Il est intéressant de lire Voltaire par exemple, Voltaire comme Frédérique le Grand ne voulait
pas abolir la religion, ils étaient tous des déistes, Goethe était déiste, ils ont
tous cru qu’il y a un être suprême, mais ils étaient contre l’Église, contre les
dogmes, contre les prêtres. Mais, comme c’est souvent le cas, en combattant
l’église ils ont également tué la religion toute simple, et Nietzsche a écrit 100 ans
plus tard que “Dieu est mort”. Et nous sommes toujours, en occident, les
victimes de ce mouvement, les européens sont convaincus grâce à la rationalité de l’homme
ils pourraient réaliser ce qu’on appelle le projet de modernité en arrivant grâce
à cette supérieure rationalité de l’homme à un monde pacifique et prospère. Ce qui s’est passé, deux guerres mondiales,
l’holocauste, l’emploi d’armes chimiques d’arme atomique, ethnic cleansing, apartheid,
une catastrophe morale après l’autre, et d’ailleurs tout ça pas dans le monde islamique,
tout ça exclusivement dans le monde moderne, rationnel. Quand même les européens sont toujours triomphalistes,
surtout les américains, triomphalistes en ce sens que en dépit de tous cette débâcle
du modernisme ils continuent de croire que c’est la raison, mais il y a les post-modernistes
ce sont des gens qui ont commencé profondément à critiquer cette surestimation du rationalisme. Maintenant le dialogue, pourquoi il n’y a
pas de dialogue. Il y a le dialogue chrétien-islamique, parce
que il est une chose de croire en Dieu et de discuter l’image du Dieu qu’on a. Mais pour quelqu’un qui est athée, il n’y
a aucune base, il vous traite presque comme un animal, vous êtes “in-discutable”, dans
ce sens-là nous sommes dans une position meilleure aux États-Unis, parce que la réalité
en Europe c’est que l’agnosticisme, l’athéisme est devenu très large, on a déchristianisé
l’Europe, pas les États-Unis. Aux États-Unis presque chacun appartient
à une Église, et on ne trouve pas des gens qui disent “je suis athée”. En Europe il est difficile de trouver quelqu’un
qui dit “je crois”. Donc je dis toujours le dialogue qui est possible
ne sert pas beaucoup parce que les chrétiens eux aussi sont en train de devenir une minorité. Et ceux qui compte la majorité agnostique-athée,
ne parlent pas. Il y avait un musulman européen autrichien
très important Mohamed Assad, qui dans un essai, “Islam at the crossroad”, publié en
1934, a fait une terrible prophétie. Sa prophétie était que à la fin du compte
les églises chrétiennes produiront l’athéisme. Son argument était que les gens qui sont
penseur et rationnels ne peuvent accepter des dogmes comme la trinité, la divinité
de Jésus, le péché héréditaire [originel]. Donc, de plus en plus, ces penseurs, seront
aliénés du dogme chrétien, et parce qu’ils ne connaissent pas l’islam, en rejetant l’église
ils rejetteront Dieu. Il a écrit en 1934 et nous vivons une telle
situation. En dix ans dans le monde islamique j’ai trouvé
seulement un qui a dit “moi arabe, je suis athée” c’était l’écrivain algérien Rachid


  1. 14:05 mentalité européenne sur l'islam
    23:20 expansion de l'islam (impossible que qq dizaines de milliers de chevaliers aient pu conquérir la moitié du monde connu de l'époque par la force)
    27:55 les 100 personnages historiques les plus importants du monde
    30:20 redéfinition de la trinité (les chrétiens commencent à comprendre) et 31:50 vision Catholique vs Musulmane
    32:40 effet des croisades : découverte de la civilisation en orient, mise à sac de Constantinople en 1205, l'Empereur se réfugie chez les musulmans, 35:44 les juifs se réfugient dans le monde musulman
    38:38 Avicenne & Averroès : rétablis, importance de l'arabe dans les langues européennes, christianisme plus oriental que l'islam
    41:57 Globalisation, opposition du monde quantitatif & qualitatif, occidental & oriental
    42:26 Adolf Eichmann https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Eichmann, 53:00 guerre Serbo-Bosniaque (pas d'état musulman en europe centrale)
    54:00 Europe & monde pluraliste
    1:11:30 Aperçu sur le fonctionnement du Coran & de la Sunna, flexibilité de la Sharia, importance de la propriété privée
    1:14:00 Divinisation de l'homme au 18ème siècle
    1:15:47 chute morale de l'occident (du monde moderne et rationnel) puis post-modernisme
    1:18:18 Prophétie de Mohammad Asad sur la chute du Christianisme (athéisme produit par les églises chrétiennes à cause de la rationalité croissante)

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