Non-Muslim Students React To The Qur’an First Time – Islam Dawah

Asamuaikum guys we are at the University of
Glasgow today we will be conducting a social experiment with the Glasgow
University Muslim Students Association as part of their Islam awareness week campaign. What’s
the reactions of students when they listen to a few verses of the Quran
we’re gonna head up to the main library and find out what they’re getting
upto today. Today we’re going to be getting people’s reactions to the Quran of some
particular verses and we’re gonna see how they react, for alot of people it will be their first time listening to Quran and so inshallah
we’ll see people be enlightened and kind of happy to hear it. it sounded like like a religious song
maybe It’s actually quite a soothing, track like it’s calming yeah. You know it
was informative you know I think in relation to understand a lot about you
know of the scripture prayers and I think the way was presented was very
accessible I really liked the prayers and the
answering the prayer Calm. First impression well it seems like it’s some
sort of I don’t know wisdom probably not no cuz didn’t think they
would know that back then Yes it can yes multiple reference points to the
fact that Scripture within the Quran can be scientifically proven no that’s very
ahead of its time that’s amazing isn’t it 1400 years ago No I’d say I’d say I doubt it because so many years ago like it wouldn’t be won’t
be possible to be it so scientifically you know enhanced to like learn all
these things about life and then death like the cycle
life Interesting I enjoyed watching the video and certainly would watch it again in
the future Different, good different. Fun thoughtful Sure yes absolutely yes Yes I would I
really like that piece of music I really like that piece of music actually yeah I would maybe to just to get get more like into it like more focused
maybe just to you know second read as always it’s always better to understand
things If you want more videos like this don’t
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  2. 😢
    Like if your a Muslim
    God bless evry one
    Even if your a Muslim or not and your reading my comment
    I know maybe my English is not good because I'm 11
    But that's not the main part
    Love who you are evryone and yes I'm a Muslim and I were a scarf because I'm a girl any were have a great night /morning /after noon .😭😭😭

  3. Of course you avoid all the horrendous Quran quotes that call for the death of all non-believers and the inferiority of women. Lmao. Brainwashing at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

  4. I am proud to be a Muslim because history has proven that: "Not Muslims" who started the first world war " "Not Muslim" who started the second world war "Not Muslim" who destroyed Hirosima and Nagasaki using an atomic bomb "Not Muslim" who killed 200 million Indians in North America "Not Muslim" which killed 80 million Indians in South America "Not Muslim" which killed 90 million aboriginal people in Australia "Not Muslims" who took 180 million Africans as slaves and dumped 70% of those who died in the Atlantic sea "Not Muslim" who invaded the country of Indonesia, Poland, Afghanistan, euthopia, Palestine, Iraq, and many more "Not Muslims" who started the poso, Ambon, Maluku, Papua and Sampit cases "Not Muslims" who slander Iraq with the issue of having weapons of mass destruction "Not Muslims" who greedily seize the Middle East oil fields "Not Muslim" who likes to insult prophets and other religions And I am proud because Islam has never shouted as a religion of peace because indeed it has actually lived to spread peace because Muslims have never attacked anyone Islam has never chanted human rights and tolerance, but Muslims are most tolerant of racist "American human rights warriors" against black people, In the appeal of the French who reject the veil, In Sweden's appeal that rejects the call to prayer, It was compared to Switzerland which refused to build a mosque "Muslim majority is tolerant" Muslim minorities are brave, but there is no tolerance for violating Allah's orders Muslims are not greedy dogs that desire to colonize Muslims are not greedy pigs that will ground down Muslims are not cunning monkeys who like to spread slander Muslims will never look for enemies and haram for Muslims to run away from enemies! ALLAHU AKBAR ✊

  5. They left out the parts about Islam being created and expanded by limitless violence and death.

    Learn history before it repeats itself.

  6. Huh ?     islam   really  it   does not make very  good sense  so fare  to me at all after what little bit that I have listen  to and hear from it so fare  ..and  I have not yet seen any thing  that is  real  or solid proof at all that islam is real or  the right way  or even  true so fare  … I wish that some body  could help  straiten this out

  7. Bhagavad gita predicted the coming of "kaliyuga" , which is the present age, it clearly said that there would be many "relgions" poping up, and look how many religions are there today, it predicted the voilence in the name of religion and god, is clearly says abrahmic concept of god is purely not true, our goal as humans in "kaliyuga" is to divert from material illusions of this world, move towards attainment of enlightment and escape from birth, death of rebirth.

  8. Before you judge me I have read Bilbe. quran and even torrah and nothing pured and cleared my heart as the gita did.

  9. Ouran is best book i believe in allah he hellps me im non muslim and love all off this bring peace and love allah always there listen believe

  10. No offense. Did you just not include negative responses? That's not really reacting. Once again, no offense but this doesn't really hold together if you can't include negative responses. At least one person has something bad to say, and it would reflect better to include it. Otherwise, it's bordering on propaganda.

  11. Brother It is good to Spread Islam But you should learn that before listening the recitation of Holy Quran your heads should be covered especially Woman's Head.Please Keep this in mind the next time.

  12. Plz upload Mashari Bin Rashid Alafasy great rare old recitation of 1421,1422 ,1423,1424,1425 hijri.
    22 April 2019

  13. I cried & reverted to Islam when I heard surah 9: 5 Alhumduallah to all Muslims for we are allowed to slay all nonbelievers.


  15. A few cherry picked verses. What about the verses that tell you to kill apostates? The quran is the most violent holy book I have ever read.

  16. حبيبي رسول الله كان عربي
    وكلام ربي عز وجل عربي
    اشهد ان لا اله الا الله
    سيدى وحبيبي وشفعيي
    محمد رسول الله

  17. The Quran and its surah are beautiful mashallah and I hope that that they will go to the straight path👍👍Inshalla

  18. please a kind suggestion try to listen them where Cristian or jews are discussed so they can see the reflection of his own religion and feel familiar

  19. The Qur'an is the most beautiful thing I will ever hear in my life. I love the word of Allah SWT more than anything.

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