‘Noah’ Hate Reveals The Disturbing Hypocrisy Of Religion

director Darren Aronofsky sat down with
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to talk about no another’s been a number of critics
for the movie they believe that is inaccurate is not following the
narrative that the Bible put out there and as a result he felt like he needed
to clear the record want the criticisms is that it touches too much on environmentalism and they’re not fans
about to take a look I mean it’s its in Genesis you know for
small know is saving the animals he’s not out there saving innocent
babies he saving the animals he said in creation in Genesis 215 the first thing my god
tells Adam to do is to tended to keep the guarded it’s
right there in Genesis so is very clear to us that there was an
environmental message to pull that message out a bit we we think would’ve been more of an
editing job then just sort of representing what’s there okay I’m correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t
God war know about climate change and thats literally what he warned about
the fact he warned all of humanity about climate change no was only one who listen wooden on we have perhaps are here today gore a I and Exxon Mobil and Chevron didn’t
listen it perfectly now you to get anywhere you like but
that’s literally what happened in this case they were simple they do the wrong
things they harm the planet wanna so God said to Noah protect
everything on the planet that they are packed animals plants there but not the
humans I don’t even have a climate change for
them okay and now about when you go to protect the planet
so-called Christian say how Gary I find it unbelievable that there
is a movie that panders to a Christian audience and it’s still not good enough like 0
you’re touching on real issues that impact our planet today
hound dare you you know what I mean like I
maybe he should have thought about movies like Passion of the Christ where you know Jesus Christ as which
repeatedly for three hours straight because that was a perfect movie but
anywho me the talks about being environment and exactly what Genesis talks about in
the Bible or writes about in the Bible there now that’s that’s not OK II again
another ridiculous conversation with you one last thing on this from I know we
sent those labor we would like to add you to go with didn’t pass on to gross
but I’m if your loose Christian bless your heart meaning like you do
good things you go to church you could the people around you you’re probably a you know as the sinner a person as you could find in and we
played clips earlier today firm my absolute role model my hero it and its part looting was a reverent
and in all those speeches he talks about God God stand with in the
shadows know the democrats it in the shadows but
got to watch is or over his own et cetera and talk about
the coming of the Lord it sir great got paid but with your
fundamentalist Christian and you think like you redeem because this so called Jesus Christ was whipped
and mutilated and then brutally killed two thousand
years ago your weirdo bike I know you grew up in a your brainwashed into it so it’s not
your fault and I feel bad about it but its fundamentally weird stir crazy idea God loves me because he
tortured us on two thousand years ago and yea lets go to a movie where we see
their son being just absolutely destroyed and polarized than
that skin ripped off his back and then hung
out across and and died yes a Christian nade there’s something wrong with you man if
you get all horny be if you’re if you take pleasure in
helping others then you’re a great person and that’s part and parcel with a lotta
questions to you get off on that kinda brutality I think mater Christians are as Anna
described in there the majority questions in this country the liberal
Christians are much better people than I am I’m not
saying that to be patronizing okay but they believe in turning the other
cheek like jesus said I don’t turn the other cheek I you know I have vengeance streak in me
okay I think everybody watches the show knows that pay and the and I don’t spend all my time
out time helping the poor the media to go every Sunday to a soup kitchen et cetera little question is do that
they better people than I am and I love Ford it depends on how you interpret the
stuff the text is wrong wat the interpretation shows what kinda
person you are okay XD you know arm I i’ll I agree that liberal christians mark reasons are are
better than the fundamentals but I’ll say this: at the makes more sense
to me to either be eight years and not believe it at all or
be all in and leave believe it with the fundamentalists do
okay because I don’t understand the moderate liberal
Christians the people who are not insane yet either can be neatly in Athens same
portions a bit and we only what they think is rational can happen they believe in this taxed
and accepted and then this community would be that he
presented that makes no sense at all I don’t think they know about the eighty
percent that makes no sense at all or if they do you know that you’re right they
do brush it off look there’s a role for religion okay
and I’m gonna stand up for those people because what is freakin tough and you go through
a really terrible circumstances let me think about the slaves in the country
how lot of them turned to religion because for them it was a coping
mechanism to think that hey there’s a better life for me after all
in this hell you know there’s someone out there who is looking out for me and
that there’s fate and if that helps people out with their
lives and I’m all for it but it always angers me when they use
their religion to dictate the lives of other people and i think that most
Christians don’t do that okay but it all works together on I mean
look I get and I don’t deprive people their
hopes up their religious and nixon your the pains of life better fine but my point is this okay it is it is
though moderate christians who are otherwise
good who make it more difficult to truly get
rid of and denounce religion because they put a good face to it and then
there’s that ugly face to religion from the panel as which none of us like
but they kinda worked together in many ways
your technically logically correct Steve so
when pat robertson says well you’re gonna go to hell well he’s
actually has the the text to back them up on in the Bible
on that right he’s right in the Bible says if you
don’t believe in Jesus Christ that’s we’re going you can only get to have
been through Jesus Christ so he’s technically correct so if you
believe in the Bible logically you should believe a pat robertson says even though for pat robertson says is
based on complete irrationality but that’s what Texas okay
so that’s true it’s a but it’s a good thing
that most Christians don’t know that as an assess the head because then the it be decent people
muddied the reason why the ignore all that Steve is because they wanna have faith and and
paid does make a lot of sense in its some the
him really argue it’s its Vatika and its though a feeling that
people have et cetera all is all the good things
that and I mention I and they don’t know how to have that be
other than through this vehicle that they have been given right and we’re trying to tell people
you don’t need that vehicle right and super last thing is is the
slaves so yes he gave them hope enemy their
life a little bit more bearable but the unfortunately that’s why it seems
ultimately right that we have to get rid of alleged entirely because that’s why they did it billion it when
they brought the sleaze over this country they did two things they immediately
made them Christians when and then they took away all the
books became instantly became with books but they say you’re not allowed to learn okay is not interesting normal you think
what difference does it make but the point was you keep them deguerin
so they have no chance they have no hope in this life
mccade they can’t find a way outta there that existence that they
have them literally enslaved in but you said Oh it’s okay that I miss
leaving you in torture you in this life because wake week there’s another life
where you get to be on top yeah and then they laugh at my Apple App
so the Nation of Islam has a huge set of
issues with it great but they were right on this which is
that forcing Christianity on the slaves was a trick we have the luxury over not having to
did absolutely need that hope and faith rate so in that luxury we get the say you
know this is wrong and that’s wrong with cetera but it’s harder to say win you know
you’re a poor Indonesian former and Gandhi’s life is so unbelievably
tarpon your wife just got sick and you know your kids have issues and
you can’t pay the rent you’ve got to have hope and pray that
this someone that’s going to help you


  1. 13 And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Yep definitely about global warming /endsarcasm this is why you don't listen to reporters. The flood was because of mans violence not climate change.

     Gen 6.5 Then the Lord[b] saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 

    Gen 6.11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12 So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.

    Researching a topic before commenting on it hides ignorance.

  2. The reason that I 'leave out' the weird (understatement) parts of the bible is because the only bit that matters, or certainly what matters most, is the word of Jesus. He was a liberal. He contradicted the conservative nonsense from the Old Testament and taught his followers what is truly important in life. The Bible was put together by a council of people years later. They left out parts that featured women because they saw women as inferior. They also left out two gospels!! Fundamentalist Christians claim to love Jesus and the bible. However they usually only quote the hateful passages and they live lives similar to those of the Pharisees; exactly the kind of lives Jessu told people not to live!! Christianity in its current form is a mistake!

  3. This really brings to light how ignorant some people are about Christianity – people like Cenk's belief that Christians have faith because they don't know or understand the bible really boggles my mind.  The truth is, people like Cenk have taken out of context, misunderstood, and generalized the bible; then they try to talk about it as if they know, but really have very little knowledge of what they are talking about.

  4. !? The Passion was suppose to show just how brutal it was. God is metal dude. Jesus is metal for being able and willing to do all that for us. And yes, he planed to be caught. And liberals are better then fundamentals? Uhhh, no. It's a individual basis. I like the lady in this for the most part. And, none of it is crazy, you just can't see what we do. And Pat Robertson? I don't like a lot of what that dude says, he's right on some things, and plain wrong on others. No, you don't Christianity to make you better, but it get's you to Heaven, for you normal people. "Your not crazy, therefor, you are normal. And yes, I'm insane because I know the truth, and it's drives me crazy, that others wont except it when they see it. If they can't that's one thing, but when they see it and say no, that is just, well, crazy." And Steve is wrong, you get rid of religion, your doomed more then you can comprehend, beside the fact that you'd have to kill us which is wrong anyway because we are not bending to you or any law that tries to coerce us into saying this that or the other or believing this that or the other. I'm one of many people who will not try in any form or fashion to force you to believe in anything, but Steve must be one of those types that would be willing to make it illegal to even believe in anything, let along know the truth. I'm not forcing my believes on you, but you would, and people like you, Steve, would try to do that to us, and that's why there are people on the right who try and do just that, and that's why there are people on the left who do just that, you see where this is going? Right and left finger pointing, when both are to blame. I'm a moderate. If your too far left, or too far right, you both suck.

  5. Jesus Christ the old and new testament condones slavery and tells slaves how to treat masters and how to treat your slaves so the bible was used to defend slavery then the slaves are given the BS religion as comfort that's sick! I have no more respect or sympathy for religions mostly the teachers because they keep lying to the followers. But this is the age of information come on! sorry but we need to evolve past it already and when Christians or any religion say please don't mock my religion or that we should be more sensitive this is a technique the leaders endorse to get people to stop talking about the very real issues they don't want people to examine. We don't have to be violent or force people not to believe that's what religion has always done. We can help people come to a logical conclusion on whether or not these myths I mean stories are true but we must be able to discuss it. Unfortunately many followers are told to only read from Christian texts because Satan will try to deceive you Ha Ha. I know I was a Christian for a long time. But they know if people go looking for the truth themselves they won't come back . So I'm sorry we need to talk about it. If the president believed in a talking unicorn and a giant spaghetti monster 😉 we might question their ability to make good sound decisions. Well Considering the teaching found in many of these religious texts are just as absurd yes it matters! and experts continue to find evidence that is contrary to what is being taught in the churches it makes me sick they just keep lying to their followers because they know they won't check it for themselves. Enough is enough lets fight with reason and logic. At least we want them to be free and we won't lie like the church has for hundreds of years. We can be good, kind, generous, loving and courageous without god..people are everyday because they CHOOSE to be.

  6. @Steven McCallum Yes. It is being Agnostic. Most people will just call you confused but it's really being open minded and using logic.

  7. Please, Dont bash on christianity and then turn around and have sypethtic feelings toward the group…. typical young turks ignorantly spewing thier garbage opinions everywhere. Your just trying to make christianty look bad with no facts as usual.

  8. So if i was a nazi and followed hitlers mien kampf to make me a better person cherry picking the nice things hitler said and discarding racism would that make me a better person? It is a belief system that had christianity at its roots killing homosexuals, jews, commies and more just like god does in the great flood and sodom and gomorrah plus many more times throughout the bible.

  9. i agree with the Asian guy. Why dp people have to be 'moderate christians" or "liberal christians." cenk is right but he's also wrong. the text is wrong and fictional. so if its wrong and fictional, why does cenk say that the liberal and moderate christians are so much better? if you pick and choose what you like from your religious text, then you are a hypocrite. i can't just read a harry potter book and skip the boring parts when he's in class and what not. if you say you believe in a book, own it and believe it. don't pick and choose and then call other people atheists when you are the real moron. and I'm sorry, but the majority of christians are the moderates and they are no different. if you are 21 or over and still believe in god and all that trash, you are either weak minded or uneducated beyond high school.

  10. and anna talking about coping mechanisms is ridiculous. yea slaves turned to religion because they had nothing else but also because EVERYBODY was religious back then because society wasn't developed yet. now we have a modern society, and people still turn to religion. i don't get it. you know what helps people get out of tough times? self worth, confidence and will power. if you don't have either of those 3, your screwed anyway. the problem is there are still too many weak minded people who go to their place of worship every week and then turn around and yell at a driver as they are leaving the parking lot. very few people actually ACT on what they hear when they go to church. so why go? and I'm talking mostly about christians when i say this. 

  11. I think that christianity makes people not respect the earth as much as they should. I say that because the whole idea of creation is that men are the masters of the earth and everything here is for them to use. I think there are other religions that have a different view of the world. 

  12. There really is not such thing as a "moderate/liberal christian" or a 'fundementalist' you either are or are not. Those terms of liberal and fundementalist are just add ons to seperate themselves from the other. Think of it as saying, "your not a christian if your a Methodist" being a Methodist has nothing to do with how christian you are. It's a tradition of worship.

    Most 'fundementalist' take the bible literally. While "liberals" try to understand the meaning of scripture.

  13. Listening to this video and reading these comments, I can see that when the Anti-christ comes, you people will fall in love with him.

  14. Its unfortunate that these guys have no idea what Christians are all about. If you don't look into Christianity (good your decision) but don't comment on something that you have never really looked into.

  15. The good Christians provide a blanket under which all Christians are protected. Nice Christians are like a kindly old woman, who allows her Dalton gang sons home to heal, eat, and rest before their next bank job.

  16. I may be wrong but here is what I understand.
    Jesus said I am the new covenant ( new way, new understanding, new start )
    That suggests to me the only rules from that time onwards would be the 10 commandments. 
    All previous rules were written off. 
    The old testament became nothing more than a history book and only relevant for study.

  17. Let me preface this by saying, I don't believe ANY of this garbage, and think it's dangerous. That said, and I hate to agree with Ray Comfort about ANYTHING, but, if your going to make a movie about the bible, don't you kind of have to stick to the story? I mean, it's "the bible", like it or not, one of the most read books of all time!

  18. Right Ana. Christianity gave the slaves pie in the sky that helped them put up with their enslavement because God said they should. Instead of doing something about it.

  19. Carnal minded peoples trying to harmonize and liberalize  Scripture with their humanist vision of a "Good God" .It's atheism in a more politically correct formula 🙂

  20. Only two of each animal were saved and the rest where genocided like the humans. God of the Flood genocided humans, animals and plants.

  21. Most Democrats voted against Martin Luther King Junior's Civil Rights laws. Johnson forced a few Democrats to vote with the Republicans to pass the Civil Rights laws.

  22. You come out with a movie, people are gonna rant and rave about tiny small things, even if the movie itself is OK. Even the audience you're appealing to. Like when DC fans complain about Man of Steel. This audience just happens to be Christian.

  23. The Story of Noah being inaccurate? Next thing, you'll be telling me Hogwarts isn't a real school!

  24. I think people were mad because they replaced God with spiritual rock things. I love TYT, but I don't think they saw the movie. (even w/o that the movie was just bad anyway) 
    Also I don't appreciate them judging who is the "good Christian". They're not theologist, Christians, or God so I don't think blindly commenting on Christianity or any other religion without knowing about it can lead to ignorant and generalizing statements like some in this video.
    And yes I'm and Environmentalist, democratic Christian that believes that we are supposed to be good stewards of the World and animals.  And America is not very good at that. 
    Oh and I also don't like how they're assuming that the crazy Westboro Baptist type people are fundamentalist. NO, they are using the Bible to control people into doing their own will and not Gods. People with that kind of hate in their heart with no regard for humanity can't know God. Its similar to the Dark Ages, people in power using Faith to cover up there own faults, downfalls and greed. 

    …..Sorry for my rant(believe what you wish). Still love ya @The Young Turks

  25. The best way I've found to silence theists who knowingly about what they believe is ask them to swear on the lives of their family that they actually believe what they're saying and usually the discussion ends right there.

  26. Lol this is funny. There's no hypocrisy here. The movie isn't based on Genesis. It's based on the book of enoch; a book that no one takes seriously. Even the Jews, who wrote the bible BTW threw it out because of its flaws. It's not good enough because it's inaccurate. Telling a story of a real event and then altering it makes the original story teller a liar.

  27. Firstly, this evangelical strain of environmental protection snubbery should be the focus here, not their reaction to a movie. But, vis-à-vis the film, Aronofsky should repo his brain. He pawns off the film's Green slant by doing exactly what the religious do: cherry-pick cozy Bible verses. Never mind that the whole story is about how a god commits omnicide by drowning every plant on Earth, and every animal save for a few. All that fresh water would have killed much of the sea life too. God's concern for the environment is about the same as that exhibited by a trillion-ton meteorite.

  28. Love you guys, only one thing: Why distracting English subtitles if you are speaking English? Maybe for the deaf or hard of hearing? – OK, but THEN, why the distracting subtitles are so full of errors? That part is particularly annoying.

  29. Religion is ALL ABOUT cherry picking, Steve. The bible contradicts itself frequently, so basically the fundamentalists are cherry picking just as much as the "moderate/liberal" christians. It just happens to be that – for some reason – people on the right are often much better at screaming and yelling that they are "the real christians/Americans/Europeans/citizens/workers etc., up untill everybody just assumes that they must be…

    I'm under the impression that Steve can't handle complexity very well. He'd just rather have a more simplified world. Well, guess what, SO DO "THEY"!!! That's where the problems get started…

  30. For any American christians who can't understand why you're "being persecuted" by the secular, rational world, this vid is an excellent HINT. Let's see how many of you GET IT!

  31. I think Mr. Steve Esq is missing something, the problem is everyone is adhoc religion. Fundamentalists or Violent Extremists are piecemeal, and as TYT usually states those who claim extremes take what they are interested in and ignore the rest. The moderates and liberals of a religion are the same in adherence to religiousness, its just the ones who are more conservative proclaim their religion more loudly.

  32. The movie doesn't pander to a Christian audience; Aronofsky later joked that it was probably the most Biblically inaccurate film ever made.

  33. Cenk's last statement is exactly why there are religions. When things go wrong in a person's life, they turn and ask for some non-existent, divine help, because they are too weak to deal with the reality of their troubles. Every day, life deals us a bad hand, whether it is someone being rude or someone trying to kill us, or something in-between. What are we expected to do, sit in a corner, crying about it, and expect the world to feel sorry for us? Definitely not! No matter how bad your troubles are, somewhere in the world, maybe even next door, there is always someone worse off than you. So, just brush it off and move on, because tomorrow's hand might be a lot worse.

  34. So their criticism is that it touches too much on environmentalism and not the anti-hero fallen angel rock elementals?
    I mean the bible had some pretty weird stuff but I don't remember any of those in Noah's story.

    Not that I care much. You might as well be complaining that the new Batman isn't true to the Adam West version.

  35. Religion is full of hypocrites????? Nooooooooo. Next thing you'll be telling me is the sky is blue and that the earth revolves around the sun.

  36. The 80% makes sense in context to the time the Bible was written. It makes no sense now. Times change. Society changes. "Liberal" christians accept that. Fundamentalist christians don't. That's the basic difference.

  37. 6:58 Faith makes a lot of sense Cenk? You are defining faith as "something you can't argue", "it's vague", and "it's a feeling people have". Help me out here, based on your definition of faith, in what way does faith make a lot of sense?

  38. Religion has only been a coping mechanism for as long as it has because it has taken a long time for technology to develop to what it is now.

    Why ?

    Because the 'hey that's funny' moments that propel technology forward don't happen every day, instead decades even centuries pass before a oddity is witnessed in a experiment and even then an oddity is dismissed rather than being analyzed in way that leads to a new understanding.

    Science's slow progress is not the main reason why religion has been around for as long as it has, the main reason for religion as a coping mechanism is economic specifically our labor for income currency economics, a person in poverty would find an afterlife appealing.

  39. i'm glad to see atheists acknowledge that most religious people are moderate. i'm still waiting for atheists to acknowledge the dharmic religions and not just the abrahamic ones which they have beef with. they just say "religion" and lump everything together with superstition, and backwardness.

  40. I saw the movie, and I know Genesis, and the movie did not follow the Bible at all. The critics are right on that point. I always found the little bit Genesis says about the Nephilim fascinating, and had hoped the movie would expand on that. Instead, it tells a completely different story.

    If you remember that TV series where Kevin Sorbo played Hercules, and how much it changed the myths, that's what this movie does to the myth of Noah. I completely understand Christians speaking out against it and saying it's inaccurate. I don't personally see anything wrong with it. Aside from being a bit disappointed at how much they changed the Nephilim story, I found the movie quite entertaining. I'd like to see more Old Testament stories redone that way.

  41. Sometimes you guys can be really condescending. You can be a religious and/or spiritual person and still accept that the bible was written by men within a cultural context completely different from ours today.

  42. Well, sorry for forcing you to hesitate when unilaterally denouncing religion by being a decent person. I didn't mean to inconvenience you.

  43. Leave it to overtly religious morons to be stupid and hypocritical. Go figure. I am certainly surprised.

  44. im surprised a 800 year old man able to quarry tons of wood and then shipped 1 billion species of animals on a wooden boat. and surviving 1 year in that boat.

    that sounded like a fictional character

  45. The critics are idiots -.- I loved this movie when I was a Christian. And I still love it today as an agnostic.

  46. Noah's depiction in the movie is wrong also. Noah was an albino not a white man. It's in the taken out bible the powers don't want you to know. The bible book of Enoch.

  47. They must know they're talking about the Old Testament aswell, and they're not just criticising Christians, but also the ENTIRE Jewish population.

  48. Noah the bible story is great. Noah the new movie is great. But if you are going to see Noah to compare it to the bible then you're not gonna be satisfied.

    And I didnt like the interpretation of Noah. He was a killer and in the bible he never killed anyone that's my biggest bummer. For a person so loyal to be interpreted as a murderer.

  49. The real problem with this movie is that it is not withholding to the original moral conclusion of the story, and actually contradicts it.. the Bible tells us we have sin and that we are All sinful. This movie just shows an aspect of being conscious towards the environment.. Instead of adhering to the Real Lesson of the story.. we All have sin. SO, people are upset b/c this story's real message is being neglected and a Political Agenda of Environmental Preservation is being pushed in the face of the movie viewers. It's a biblical story being used to promote an Agenda.. wake up people.

  50. I am a spiritual Christian. I only follow the 10 commandments (minus working on the Holy Sabbath and the occasional curse) and the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The rest of the Bible, I take with a grain of salt.

  51. Funny how so called "Christians" suddenly turned against life on earth when the Koch brothers and Exxon-Mobile would massively profit from destroying all life on earth. Talk about false religions!

  52. I haven’t seen the movie but maybe these people are upset that this movie based on a biblical story has been politicized and hollywoodized! If they are going to tell the story, they should just tell the story…. Hollywood shouldn’t add things to the plot and place fictional aspects to the story.

  53. I’m so tiered of always hearing how stupid people are for believing we are all different i read the Bible and I am moderate it help me when I was homeless and I know it’s not magic but it gave me hope and another thing stop telling me what to think you sound just like the fundamentalist priest and nuns that beat me every day because I believed in science you and the priest and all other people that try’s to tell me what to think can shut up because nobody will tell me what to think and do again if you have something interesting to tell or educate me that’s another thing that’s all I have to say

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