Most Powerful Meditation for Raising Your Vibration INSTANTLY

this video will show you guys a guided
meditation that will help you raise your vibration if you listen to this
meditation for the next twenty-one days I think it can radically transform your
life and that you can transcend your level of consciousness welcome back to
another video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness
now in this video I’m gonna be giving you a guided meditation that can
completely transform your life that can really help you to raise your
vibrational set point now before I do that I want to share with you guys a
story I want to share with you guys really does my story of how I came
across this kind of information how I came to really integrate this in my life
and how it’s really radically changed my own life now this all started about
seven or eight years ago when I first decided to learn meditation it was I
decided to learn it because simply there were harsh side effects of adderall
which is what I was taking at the time for what is called ADHD and what I did
is I was taking a tour all the side effects of that were that you could eat
very much and you couldn’t sleep very much so those are pretty harsh side
effects so I decided hey I’m gonna do my own research so I came across meditation
just researching online and came across meditation there were no harsh side
effects there was a lot of science that really proved that there was something
powerful about meditation so what I did is one day I just decided I was going to
sit down I was going to learn meditation so I remember I sat down I was starting
to you know observe my breath and I was intending to meditate and I didn’t have
the most amazing results after the first day but what happened is the second or
third day I learned a certain type of meditation and the meditation I learned
was about how to stare at a candle flame and how by staring at a candle flame
that made it so my eyes were focused on one point and when my eyes are focused
on one point my mind wasn’t wandering as much it was almost like if my eyes would
keep looking around there’s always new stimulation
therefore it’s triggering the brain to keep on thinking and it keeps on
shifting the focus so I decided to do that and this was the game changer right
here instead of trying to control my thoughts I allowed my thoughts to be
there and I observed them so it’s almost like I use this analogy a lot it’s
almost like you’re sitting at a park at a park and you’re watching people
walk by you’re watching dogs you’re watching everyone that’s around and
you’re not judging you’re just observing them you’re not trying to change them
you’re not feeling resistance if somebody walks over here or somebody
you’re just observing them you’re not trying to control the path observing
that’s where the power was and that’s what I did and after I did that that was
maybe the second or third day that I began meditating that’s when I started
to get amazing results and something very funny happened my whole life
changed because this is what happened I started to feel good a majority of the
time I went from probably out of a scale of 0 to 10 or 1 to 10 I went from
feeling my base point like my vibrational set point was at about a 4
or 5 I went from a 4 or 5 but feeling like a 7 or an 8 I started feeling
really good as I observed my thoughts it’s almost like I let go of all the
resistance the negativity that was with my old self image with my own repetitive
thoughts and from that point going forward I felt good a majority the time
and this is the thing I thought that after the course of the next like month
or two it was going to go away I thought oh man this is too good to be true I
feel so good all the time I didn’t need to drink anymore I didn’t need to do
anything that would change my mood all I wanted to do was to be I was more
present to the moment I would meditate twice a day just 10 15 minutes in the
morning ten fifteen minutes a night sound like I was always in meditation
but slowly but surely that became my natural setpoint so it’s not that it
ever went away but what happened is that’s in the background and that just
became natural that became normal for me now first off let me say this is not
enlightenment what I am saying though is I raised my level of consciousness
I went from somebody that was always reacting from somebody that was always
identified with my ego with my self-image to able to observe that and
this is the power also when you learn how to observe your own thoughts you
become aware of the thoughts that are not serving you you become aware of the
self-image that’s not serving you you become aware of beliefs that were just
on autopilot that don’t have to be something you feed into anymore I
believe that I had ADHD I believed that the only way to cure that was to take
adderall then I learned meditation and I was really aware that that was just
something I bought into I bought into the whole system that you
have to go to a doctor doctor tells you what you need you then take that and
then that will make you better but they’ll be side effects of it that was
the belief system I became aware of that belief system I became aware of the nee
money blocks that I had I became aware of my self-image and how I viewed myself
I became aware of my might the way I had I was such I’m still a loud person I’ve
always been a loud person but this is what the difference was before I learned
meditation I would like I had a sales commission job I worked at Nordstrom’s
and I would walk around I was known as the guy that was just like really loud
obnoxious I would go around I’d say crazy things to customers because I like
to see reactions from people I was just really out there I would kind of push
myself and play games with other co-workers to see who could do like the
craziest thing that was a part of who I was if you were to ask somebody that I
worked with at the time what happened because I went into work the next day
and really for the next couple months and then there was something totally
different about me they’re like well what has happened
there’s something way different they thought they could not figure it out and
a lot of friends and family couldn’t figure it out either but all it really
was was meditation but also I raised my vibrational set point from that and I
didn’t need to do all the same things as before I was still a loud person I’ve
always had a loud or a lot of energy but now it’s more grounded now there’s more
of an intention behind it there’s total difference when it comes to the feeling
so that is what I believe came from transcended my own level of
consciousness through certain visualizations through certain ways of
observing my thoughts and really becoming aware that’s what this whole
channel is about it’s about expanding awareness becoming aware of who you
really are and letting go of what doesn’t serve and that’s the other part
of it as well so that’s my story when it comes to raising my vibrational set
point I recently also went to Costa Rica and when I was there is a place called
rythme a– there’s an awesome place while I was there it really trained
changed my life in the sense that I became aware of my own vibrational set
point of now being at like an eight or a nine I became aware that there’s
actually an 11 a 13 12 or 13 like there is more than just the 1 to 10 scale of
how I feel and I became aware of that while I was there through meditation
through transformational breathwork and I became aware of this different level
of consciousness that’s the next level and what I’m going to be doing over the
next like year a couple years with this YouTube channel is I want to help people
transcend their own level of consciousness I want to help people be
able to create what they want in their lives from a higher paradigm from not
having to do it from an ego desire but doing it from a higher level paradigm
and that’s why I think that what I’m gonna do is make a program that will
help people transcend their level of consciousness and to transcend their
vibrational set point let me know in the description box below if you think that
is something that you guys would be interested in a program that helps you
raise your vibrational set point so maybe if you’re normally feel like
you’re at a 6 or 7 I can help you feel like you’re to add an 8 or 9 having the
perspectives transcending the level of consciousness using that scale that I
always show you guys from power versus force the trans tell the scale of
emotions and how to transcend a higher level so that we live from a place of
love joy and peace rather than any anger guilt shame or any other negative
emotion that we don’t prefer so I believe that we all have a vibrational
set point that when we learn how to let go of the perspectives that no longer
serve we then raise that and we can then be who we prefer to be and we can live
from that higher paradigm so without further ado the meditation that you’re
about to listen to in a minute is going to help you to transcend your level of
consciousness it’s going to help you to be able to really just understand that
there’s a higher level than what you’re currently perceiving from and that when
you learn to let go of the perspectives that you have that maybe holding you
down you then transcend that and that can become your base point so I
recommend that you listen to the meditation you’re about to hear for the
next 21 days you can download the full meditation in the description box below
and I’ll give you guys a sample of that right now so that you guys can get a
feeling for it but I recommend that you guys listen to it with headphones
because there’s binary old beats that are inside of it it’ll help you guide
you along show you the perspectives you have show you how to transcend how to
let go of certain perspectives and it uses visualization and NLP to help raise
your own vibrational set point and that’s why I think it’s something that
can just be so powerful so without further ado we’re going to go into the
sample right now as I said absolutely 100% free you can download it in the
description box below listen to it for 20
and I think that you’ll find erratically changes your life so without further ado
here’s the meditation coming up right now peace much love and namaste
your natural setpoint is the result of the attachments these are attachments to your thoughts attachment 2 labels attachments to
perspectives we are now going to let all of these go
one wine begin I am serving your thoughts observing how you feel get observe this moment imagine a wave of energy flowing through
your body like the waves of an ocean as you imagine this wave it carries your
thoughts your emotions with it and you can let to do this first feel in your heart
space living from the heart is the key to raising your vibration if there is any energy you are carrying
around in your heart that no longer serves you
become aware of what that is is there any blade is there any guilt is there any be aware of that sensation
and allow it to be there now said an attention raising your vibration
is the resort perspectives of letting go of blaming
other people and up finally forgiving yourself and forgiving other people realize that people always make choices
based on their own level of rationalization this means that they’re
always making choices from their own perspectives and that as we come to
accept that they made that choice then we can really let it go we can forgive
them and we can also forgive ourselves as you forgive and let go of these
perspectives you are raising your vibrational set point longer have to carry this energy around
with notice how much freer your energy feels notice how much lighter you feel
knowing that you can allow yourself to feel the way


  1. Hey Everyone! I just created a raise your vibration meditation that I think you guys will find powerful and effective. You can get it here โžก

  2. Holy shit i just had plans to take a hour of meditation today and this video pops up! Dat Law Of Attraction though!

  3. Yes!!!! Totally would love help on "leveling up" ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for doing what you do too Aaron…and ps. I'm loud too lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hi! I think your idea is perfekt! I would love it, and I think People around the world would feel the same. Sound like something i have been looking for everywhere and cant find. Like the next step. I am working on a projekt in sweden now where I am doing something thats kind of to the same direction. I love your channel btw, thank you for doing this channel and thank you for raising my vibration daily. You are I big inspiration to me on my path and journey ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Œ

  5. Downloading the meditation now and about to give it a spin!

    Also, regarding more books and LOA, could you do a video with your thoughts regarding psycho-cybernetics? I think that'd be a fun subject to get your insights on

  6. Thanks Aaron. I look forward to your videos every day! I am learning so much about myself & what I want to experience in this "physical being journey" You are inspiring & I appreciate you. Life is amazing! I am forever grateful. Thank you! Keep the videos coming!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œโ˜บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ Namaste.

  7. Thank you Arron. I suffer from ADHD too. I hated being on medication. So I changed my diet, exercised more. Reader a lot more books. Not on my tablet as much. Except watching uplifting videos like this. This has saved my life. Thank you so muchโœŒ๏ธ

  8. Hi,

    This is very interesting. Before I started meditating I felt like I was at a vibration of a 6, now that I meditate twice a day I feel as if I am at a 9 most of the time. I would be very interested in anything further you had to say about vibration set point!

  9. Im sorry but the mediation voice is creepy.. It doesn't sound real.. The moment i heard it i couldn't relax

  10. Why did you place ADHD in quotations?… Itโ€™s a REAL thing with all kinds of non-Adderol meDication, meDitation and other therapies.

  11. So Aaron, I just downloaded the subconscious mind meditation, which I've used so far several times, and I'm wondering when I would use this meditation vs. that one?

  12. Wanted to do the 7day programme youโ€™ve put in the description bar. But when I click the link it says page not found. Is there another way I can find it? X

  13. I do the candle meditation – wierd thing is, I can hallucinate doing it, and the flame takes on different warmth, and the air around it is a " rainbow' of warm colours.

  14. Wow everything you said I can identify with yes I will be very interested in raising my vibration set point. I am unable to download to my iPhone help please. Blessed love .

  15. Hi Aaron, I came across your videos about a month about and just want to say thank you! Your videos have helped me in so many ways. My knowledge over the subjects you present has increased immensely. Thank you for following your calling. People, this is the way to follow your true path.

  16. Hi Aaron! I like your way of thinking about this path. It would be great to have coffee and talk with youโ€”so many parallels of practice. It would be a cool conversation! I wish we could. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  17. Hi Aaron, thank you so much for all your hard work. I am new to the law of attraction so going over all your videos helps me to have a better understanding of it. I am still struggling with mediation, I canโ€™t just sit still, I tried the candle, are the other exercises you recommend or maybe some readings where I can learn new techniques to improve my experience while meditating. Thank you๐Ÿ™Œ

  18. I struggle with just observing my thoughts. The good news is I'm not giving up on meditation. I'm continuing to struggle until I get it right๐Ÿ˜Š

  19. Hi Aaron,

    I've been following you for some time now and have seen you grow from 60k subs to where you are right now. As someone with mental health struggles, including ADHD, I've been watching your videos to feel better. In fact, I started watching you because of the ADHD video that you made awhile ago. You have solid points and I can see that you are always educating yourself on all matters of personal transformation.

    However, I have a bone to pick with you. As someone who is trying to change people's lives, it is somewhat irresponsible of you to say that you "cured" yourself of ADHD and that somehow this is just a label that you attributed to yourself. The disorder is very real and in fact, it's incurable.

    I used to be like you and deny that this disorder was real and thought that I was just not trying enough. This is not good. This is what keeps so many from being diagnosed and getting help. I've personally finally decided to give medication a try and it has significantly improved my life. The point of the medication is to aid the individual in developing the coping mechanisms to manage their struggles with the disorder. You learned meditation because adderall helped you sit down and focus, helped you hold down a job, sit down and read. It's not kind, compassionate or even professional (ADHD is a scientifically proved disorder and if you don't believe me, go listen to Dr. Barkley, best man on YouTube for this) to insinuate that this disorder isn't real. Yes, you can learn to manage it on your own if you are lucky enough to have good support, but don't make others feel that their struggles aren't real and they're just "labelling" themselves. I don't think that's fair, especially coming from someone who knows the struggles well.

    ADHD often causes more damages than we think, and it's not just the lacklustre professional lives or lack of material things that sufferers incur. ADHD often has co-morbidity, causing individuals to develop acute anxiety and major depression. Who knows how many have killed themselves because they weren't diagnosed, and because they didn't get help since they thought this disorder wasn't real and they just weren't good enough to learn the discipline to be better. You're not a health professional and I think you need to be more responsible with the assertions you make. And I'm telling you this because I love you, I want to see you succeed. But I also have to speak up when I see something amiss and I think your talk on ADHD needs to change. With love and respect, Irsida!

  20. I downloaded your meditation yesterday and I never got anything sent to my email. I checked both inboxes too.

  21. Hey I wonder…in what way does working on a higher vibration affect the next life when we reincarnate? Is there proof that when rebirth occurs, the vibration is already higher than the past life?

  22. I believed I had depression for 12 years. Believed I had to take Zoloft everyday. Meditated for two weeks and Iโ€™ve never been happier. ๐ŸŒธ

  23. You talk so low I can barely hear you with both my computer and the meditation video both turned all the way up and im using ear buds to boot. I gotta find a different one.

  24. I would like to feel at a 9 when I don't have a way to medicate. I own my business and with the financial struggles Im having I have been working open to close 7 days a week. So mediating to raise my vibration isn't always an option.

  25. I just decided to disable my Facebook until I raise my natural setpoint and I can facebook responsibly lol

  26. I really can't wait till after Christmas when I can afford to buy your programs! Also I'm really excited about Christmas, I have a 5 yr old son and a 2 yr old daughter, Christmas is gonna be so wonderful this will be the 2nd year that I can actually enjoy Christmas or honestly enjoy anything after throwing away the belief that I had depression and that I would have it for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about that. Sometimes I feel unsatisfied with where I am spiritually but if I really stop and think about where I was just over a year ago, especially right after my fiance passed away… wow… things have really changed a lot for me and I know that even though the process may not be as fast as I would like it to be I will keep gradually improving, and improving for me is really just releasing all of the hurtful ideas I have about who I am. I still struggle with feelings of shame and guilt in situations when it's not necessary for me to feel that way, specifically situations with my mom, and that's the biggest hurdle for me but once I break through that there will be no stopping me! Sorry for the rant, I have 0 friends to talk to about stuff lol. I love all you guys and thank you for being on this spiritually journey too, we will all help raise this planet's frequency together๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽˆโœจ

  27. Hey Aaron I've been following your morning and night routines for over a month now. Asthmatic with an ADD diagnosis 5 yrs ago, I am off Adderall and have just gotten back together with my boyfriend, whom I've been doing your guided meditations on manifestations. My life is changing rapidly and for the better.๐Ÿ˜Ž

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