Mindfulness – Loving Kindness

This is a loving-kindness practice, and we prepare for this practice by taking up a posture that is relaxed but alert. So sitting with a straight spine and relaxing
in the belly. With your eyes either open or closed, whatever’s
comfortable, your hands gently resting in your lap, or palms down on your thighs. When I ring the bell, listen to the tone as it rings right out and then we’ll begin the practice. [Sound of bell ringing] So bringing your attention to your breathing. Being aware of each in breath and each out
breath. Just allowing your breathing to settle and
find its own natural rhythm. Just allowing your mind and body to calm. Whenever the mind wanders, just note it by saying ‘wandering’ and bring your attention back to the breathing. And now imagine in your heart a soft globe of light. This light is generating a warm feeling and a feeling of friendliness. As you breathe in, imagine that the light brightens in the same way that a fire brightens in a gentle breeze. And as you breathe out imagine this light of friendliness, warmth, kindness spreading and radiating throughout your entire body. Breathe with this for a while whilst relaxing
deeply. As you breathe in the light in your heart
brightens. And as you breathe out the light spreads throughout your entire body. Now imagine the light moving up into your head region and imagine it flooding your eyes. Your eyes are being flooded with feelings of warmth, feelings of friendliness. Imagine this light of loving-kindness flooding
into your ears. Into your nose. Into your lips, your tongue and your jaw. Now just bringing your attention back to the
light in your heart… …imagining it brightening as you breathe
in… …and imagining the light spreading throughout
your entire body as you breathe out. And now imagine that you’re repeating the
following words to yourself – May I be friendly. May I be calm. May I be free from ill will. May I live in happiness. As I am, so too may all beings be friendly. May all beings be calm. May all beings be free from ill will. And may they live in happiness. And now imagining that this light of loving-kindness, this light of friendliness and of warmth begins to move out beyond your body… …like an ever expanding sphere of light. Imagine it filling the room that you’re
in. Touching the people that may be in the room
with you… …and touching all the other beings that
are sharing this room with you. And now imagine this sphere of light moving
out beyond this room… …touching all the life on the property… …and on the surrounding properties… …the neighbourhood… …the town… …the city… …the region. This light of loving-kindness touches all people and all non-human life… …with feelings of friendliness… …feelings of spaciousness… …feelings of warmth. Imagine this sphere of light continuing to
expand as far as you can imagine… …embracing the country you’re in… …the surrounding oceans… …the neighbouring countries… …the entire planet. And now calling to mind your loved ones… …your family and your friends. Imagining them being bathed in this light
of loving-kindness. Extending feelings of friendliness and warmth
to them. And then imagining people who you don’t
know so well but you may see regularly – The checkout assistant at the supermarket. The bus driver. People that are generally neutral in your life, you don’t have strong feelings about them one way or the other. And finally calling to mind those people who
you have difficulties with… …and extend this warm feeling of friendliness… …and of spaciousness towards them as well. And then when it feels natural, just allow
this visualisation to dissolve, and just return your full attention back to your breathing. Just resting with an awareness of breathing. And as I ring the bell, listen to the tone
until it rings right out… …then note the overall feeling that’s
present… …and then just gently open your eyes. [Sound of bell ringing]


  1. Loving Kindness for the United States of America, and for the philosophy of Equality and Freedom for all Heritages, that it was founded on and upholds to this day, lovingkindness for the trees of the United States of America which grow wild and free and symbolize the interconnectedness of all cultures heritages and species on this planet and throughout the universe in a sacred balance, loving kindness for the wisdom of the united states and its roots in the peoples all over the world that it unites in harmony and wisdom, loving kindness for the good karma growing here from fairness. – tu b'shevat

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