Mindfulness – Bullet Journal For Mental Health

Mindfulness is something I wanted to focus on this month. In the past, taking time to stop, breathe and observe my thoughts has helped my mental health immensely. It makes me feel a lot less overwhelmed and sometimes has even helped me come up with new ideas! And I wanted to get back to it again. I started by recognizing where I was at the start of the month and then thinking about where I would want to be. Looking back on this throughout the month really helped me “wake up” if I had been sleeping on achieving my goals. Usually I set up my journal week by week, but this time I decided to do the whole month so that I could just get to using my journal with minimal faff. I kept my setup a lot more minimal than I usually do as well, only the first three letters of the day the date in a box with a cute drop shadow and no drawings because, not gonna lie, the idea of drawing the wrap month stressed me out just a bit and I wanted to get back into bullet journalling not avoid it. I still like a pretty looking setup though so I picked a green color scheme for spring, I added a mindful quote, a picture with a hint of green and some washi tape instead. I have gratitudes for each day at the bottom of every week instead of on one page for the whole month. My thought process is that breaking it up will make it easier to keep it up For week one I chose to brain dump my thoughts for a bit observing what I think and feel without any judgment helps me understand what is going on in my head and set actual actions instead of getting overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings Week two, I picked some mindful questions to answer throughout the week. I really liked these and I might have one a week next month in my bullet journal. Hey, I have a mindful question for you guys: what thoughts have you been repeating in your head lately and are they true? Take a moment to think about it and comment down below (Week) three, it was all about positive affirmations Mostly because the following week I’m off to America to meet some internet friends for the very first time and I’m scuuuuured… I’m sure, it’ll be fine. They’re lovely and welcoming and we’ll be weirdos together It’ll be great, it’ll be fun! The plan with the affirmations is to repeat each one to myself ten times and then throughout the day to fill my mind with positivity. I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but it’s worth the try Like I mentioned before I’ll be in the U.S. for two weeks! I’m so excited! But I don’t know if I’ll spend any time in my bullet journal. But just in case, I set up some boxes for memories for each day, just little reminders of what happened for me to look back on. I didn’t put the date in any of the boxes just in case I miss a day… …or twelve… and instead I want to fill the box with the picture or a drawing or something else. I like to keep up with my gratitude at the very least though The last few days in March. I plan to chill mostly. It’ll be my first free weekend in about six months so I can’t wait! I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to be more mindful and I plan on making more bullet journal videos this year so make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell to be notified when the next video is up. Also, I will be streaming art, singing streams and talk about deep stuff, asking the mindful questions while playing video games all in the month of April on my Twitch channel all of the links to connect with me and our community will be in the description below We’d love to have you! You’re very welcome to join. But in the meantime, stay blessed.


  1. I love how organized and thoughtful this video is !
    And as for the mindful question, I've been continuously thinking how I'm not ready for this current chapter of my life to come to a close. strange to think since on the other hand, I just want nothing to do with school either hah.

  2. So happy to see another video from you!! 😁
    The thoughts that I’ve been repeating in my head lately are basically just worrying about the future and big changes in my life and all that horrible anxiety type stuff. But I’ve been working on fixing those thoughts over the last few weeks with meditation and mindfulness and I’m starting to notice a more positive change in my thinking which is great!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip to the USA 🤗

  3. hey bee! I love these videos! I often tell myself that things that have happened to me in the past (cough boys cough) are my fault and they’re because of things that i do, when they’re really not, at least not entirely. People in their own lives have their own journeys and those journeys can affect the way they approach me, socially or otherwise, and i have to learn how to be mindful of the differences between me and other people and how those differences can be harmful or beneficial in reference to life as a whole.
    did this make sense lol

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