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below and hit the like button. Let’s get started. (relaxing guitar music) Alright, so today we’re gonna start off with a brief seated meditation. Find a comfortable seat,
I’m seated on a block to give me a little bit more height so that I’m not tucked under, but you could also sit on a chair. We’re just gonna take a minute
to practice being seated and practice being still
before we get moving. This is a great way to
empty and let the body and the nerves cool down
before we start to move around. I have the palms turned up, whatever feels more comfortable for you. Sit tall, sit erect, without straining. Let go of any tension in the jaw, in the muscles of the
face and the shoulders. Start to become aware of
the sensations in the body, like the sensation in
your hands, the feet, how they’re touching the floor, your whole foundation, how
your sit bones are rooting. And also start to become aware
of the flow of your breath. And just practice watching your in breath and the out breath. Open your eyes, but keep the gaze soft. Good, then twist to your right. As you inhale, stretch
down through the sit bones, in up through the crown of your head. As you exhale, let your belly
turn towards your shoulder, let your chest open. Come back to center,
twist to the other side. As you inhale, reach down
through your sit bones, grow upright through your spine. As you exhale, turn the belly
up towards the shoulder. Come back to center. Let’s do a little bit of dynamic movement to start to warmup your
hips and your shoulders. This is just gonna create better movement for when we go to hold
the static postures. Come onto your hands and your knees. Place your hands right
underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips. As you inhale, arch your back,
wheel your chest forward. Doesn’t have to be your
deepest range of motion. As you exhale, start to round out. Inhale, wheel your chest forward, maybe a little bit deeper
than the last round. Exhale, round out, maybe a little more. Inhale. And exhale. Then inhale into neutral. With your knees close together, imagine I drew a line down
the middle of your mat for you and you wanna keep your spine
elongated through this line. Pull your lower belly up. Then without twisting your spine, send your right arm forward. And without twisting,
stretch your left leg back, now it’s getting interesting. The belly wants to hang and
your body wants to twist, I know, don’t let it. Slowly lower that hand
and knee, change sides. Stretch your left arm forward,
stay long through that line, lower belly pulls in,
stretch your right leg back. Lower your hand and your knee down. Inhale, change sides. Lower belly in, reach. Now exhale, elbow to knee. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, reach it out. Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, lower your hand and
your knee, change sides. Inhale, right leg, left arm. Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, pull in. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, reach out, lower
your hand and your knee. Stretch back into Child’s Pose. Then come up onto your
hands and your knees and check it out. If you have a blanket at home, you’re gonna take your blanket, put it right across your lap, and then again stretch
back into Child’s Pose. Where you feel your belly
pressing into the blanket, I want you to release your belly back as you stretch through your waist and your side body and through your arms. Then come up onto your
hands and your knees again and lie down onto your belly. Stretch your arms
straight back behind you, press your pinky toes down. Now, right where that blanket was, instead of letting the belly, that belly area that was
pressing in the blanket, let the belly release away from the floor like when you’re softening
it away from the blanket. As you stretch your legs,
squeeze the back of your armpits like I stuck pencils there
in the back of your armpits and you’re trying to crush ’em. Squeeze down, but still
lengthen your spine, your neck, and through your big toes, and make sure that the belly is releasing away from the floor as you lengthen your tailbone and buttocks toward your heels. Then lower yourself back down. Take your arms out to the side. And one more time, lift yourself
up, pinky toes press down. And lower back down. Bring your hands next to your waist. Roll your chest forward,
stretch your big toes. Stretch through into Up Dog. And stretch back to Child’s Pose. Come up into Down Dog. Look forward, walk your feet
up to the top of the mat. Give your knees just a little
bend and let your head drop. Bring your hands onto your hips, press into your feet,
and come on up to stand. Take your feet, hip socket distance apart, stand up straight and tall. As you inhale, take your arms
out to the side, up, and over. Exhale, arms back down at your side. Inhale, arms out to
the side, up, and over. Exhale, back at your side. Inhale, arms up, reach up. Exhale, fold forward, Uttanasana. Inhale, flat back. Step your left leg back into
a lunge, lower your knee down. Bring your hands to your right knee, start to upright yourself, and as you stretch down
through your left shin, draw your belly back,
take your left arm up. Bring your hands back down,
step your back leg forward, and change sides, step
your right leg back. Lower your knee down, bring
your hands to your left knee, start to upright yourself, and as you stretch down through your shin, draw your belly up, take your arm up. Bring your hand back down,
curl your back toes under, lift your knee up, step
forward, and fold forward. Press into your feet, inhale, come all the way up, stretch your arms. Exhale, arms to your side. Inhale into Chair Pose. Exhale back up to stand. Inhale, Chair. Exhale, stand. Inhale, Chair. Exhale, stand. Inhale, Chair Pose one more time. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, flat back. Step your left leg back,
lower your knee down, hands to the right knee, upright yourself, and stretch down through the shin as you raise your left arm. Bring your hands down. Curl your back toes,
lift, and step forward. Change legs, step your right
leg back, lower your knee down. Bring your hands to your left knee, start to upright yourself. Inhale your arm up. Bring your arm down, curl your back toes, lift your back knee, step
your back leg forward. Bring your hands to your
hips and upright yourself, come all the way up to stand. Alright, then let’s practice Tree Pose. Bring your right heel up onto
the inside of your left thigh. Interlock your fingers with
your right index finger on top, turn your palms inside out, and then start to raise your arms up. Bring your arms back down and release. Change legs, stick your left leg up. Interlock your fingers again, turn your palms inside out,
and stretch your arms up. Now, just notice if it
feels like your belly, the top of your abdomen,
the lower abdomen, wants to harden forward
as you stretch your arms, release your abdomen back and then see if you can
stretch your arms up higher. Bring your arms back down
and lower your leg down. Then separate your feet wide apart. As you go to take the legs wide, look down at your feet
and notice any tendency to roll the inner or outer foot down. Instead I want you to
lift up and grow tall through inner and outer feet. Then turn your left toes in a little, turn your right leg all
the way out 90 degrees. Bend your right knee. Grow as tall as you
can through your spine. Let the belly release back into position and spread your arms. Bring your arms back down, change sides. Turn your right toes in a little, turn your left leg all the way out. Bend your knee, but make sure
as you’re bending your knee that both the inner and
outer ankles stay upright on the back leg and on the front leg. If you can’t go as deep, no worries. Grow tall through your spine, keep your left side turned
out, and spread your arms out. Then come back up, turn
your feet to the other side. Bend your right knee, tip your
pelvis out over your thigh, and put your forearm down onto your thigh. Let the abdomen deflate
wherever it’s hardening forward, but still lift your
chest away from your hips so you’re not rounded and take your left arm
all the way over your ear. Now, notice a tendency for
your back heel to wanna uproot. Instead, from your back hip, stretch down into your back heel. And as the lower belly releases back, elongate through the left side ribs, waist, through the left fingers. Reach down through that heel,
through the whole back foot, and come back up, change sides. Your back foot angles in a little, left leg turns all the way out. Bend your knee, tip from your
pelvis out over your thigh, and put your forearm down. Stretch down through that back heel, lengthen through the waist,
let the navel release back, and then start to stretch
your arm over your head. And remember, the more
you stretch the arm, the more the belly release back. Well, the belly wanna harden forward, but your should release it back. And reach down through your back hip, through your back foot even. Breathe through your nose. And come back up. Turn your toes in so
your feet are parallel. Step your legs together for a moment and stand tall in Mountain. Prasarita Padottanasana. Separate your feet wide apart again with the toes pointing
straight ahead, ankles up. Tip from your hips and fold
forward in between your legs. Let your breath move steady
in and out through your nose. Again, practice your inward focus, observe the sensations in the body. Observe where it feels like
there’s limitation or assymetry. Then inhale, flat back. Let’s walk the hands
over to the right foot. Breathe into that stretch you feel. Let’s walk over to the other side and breathe into the stretch. Walk your hands back to center. Come up onto your fingertips,
create a flat back. Bring your hands to your hips and come all the way up to stand. Good, then bring your feet together. Okay, we’re gonna practice
first the arms for Eagle, and then the legs for Eagle. So spread your arms and cross your left elbow
under your right elbow. The first step is just see
if you can cross your arms and not let your shoulders
ride up into your ears. If you can get the elbow
to cross all the way under without the shoulder
jumping up, that’s good. If not, you can just practice this. Okay, then change that,
arms out to the side. Cross the right elbow under the left and again see how far you
can stretch that arm over before your shoulder wants to ride up. If this going well, you
can bend the top elbow and double cross the arms. If the shoulder is really tight like mine, you’re just gonna practice this and then bring your arms back down. Sit back to Chair Pose. Stay long through your
hips down into your heels, tall through your waist. Now, without your left
knee crossing inward, cross your right leg up and over. And to get the leg to try to cross deeper, your hip might come forward. Start to draw the hip back without the left knee
twisting inward at all. These are the legs for Eagle. Let’s add the arms. Now if the right leg is on top,
the right arm will go under. If you can do the double cross, go ahead. Okay, release your
legs, stand in Mountain. Lot of energy in the body after
that one, that’s kinda cool. Okay, sit back again. Now, without your right
knee twisting in at all, bring your left leg up,
cross it up and over, and to get the leg to cross,
the hip might’ve come forward. Suck the thigh bone back in
without the right knee twisting. If the left leg is on top,
then the left arm goes under. And hold. And release. Good, stand in Mountain Pose again. Nice job, alright. Come to the top of your mat and as your belly releases
back into your spine, fold forward. Uttanasana, five breaths. Then inhale, stretch your chest forward. Bend your knees and sit your buttock down. Lean back until you find your
tailbone and your sit bones. Draw your belly in and raise one leg up. Make a V shape between
your thigh and your torso. Then see if you can strain that leg without losing the V shape. Change legs, other leg up. V shape, straight leg, back down. Both legs up. V shape, straight legs, and lower down. Then cross your legs at the shins. This specific cross that I’m looking for is for your ankle bone to be
in line with your knee bone. And the shin that’s closest towards you should be parallel to the
front of the mat, almost. Almost completely parallel, instead of having the feet
cross at the ankles like that. So you can see the difference, okay. Then, as your belly releases back, gonna start to walk the hands forward and if possible you could let
your head rest onto a block. And come back up, change
the cross of your legs. Again, fold forward. And then come back up. Lie down on your back
for your spinal twist. Cross your right ankle
just over your left knee and then slowly let your
legs fall over to the left, but as the legs are going over I want you to elongate your tailbone, sit bones, out of your lower back so the lower back stays nice and long. And actively turn this right
thigh bone away from you as you take the legs over. Direct your breath right into
where you feel the sensation. Bring your legs back to
center and change the cross. Take your left ankle over your right knee and slowly let the legs start
to go over to the right. Lengthen your tailbone, sit
bones out of your lower back and turn your left thigh away from you. Then bring your legs back to center. Uncross your legs and let’s
take Shavasana, Corpse Pose. So now your final meditation. Before we relax all the way,
let’s do a little pranayama, a little breathing meditation to help to start to calm the nerves. Exhale all the air out and take a slow, steady
breath in through your nose. Fill the bottom lungs, middle lungs, top lungs. Then exhale just a third of the air out. Pause, let another third out. Pause, let the rest of the air out. Breathe in through your nose. Without any strain, let
a third of the air out. Keep your shoulders and your jaw relaxed. Let another third out. Let all the air out. Breathe in. One more time on your
own, a third of the air. Another third. All the air. Good, then just let go, let
go of the breath control. Practice observing
sensation of the breath. Observe the rising and falling sensation. If there’s any sounds around you, instead of trying to block them out, just be aware of the
sounds, let them pass by. And as you practice watching
your breath move in and out and observing sensation of the breath, you’ll notice that thoughts are passing in and out of your head. You don’t have to try to stop the thoughts or resist the thoughts,
just let them come and go. When you catch yourself getting
swept away with a thought, just bring yourself back to watching the in breath
and the out breath. Gently open your eyes. Roll over to your side. And press yourself up to seated. Alright, sit up tall. Observe the shift that comes
at the end of your practice. Notice how your body feels. Observe the quality of
the mind and the breath. Then bring your palms together. Thank you, namaste. Hey, thanks for watching today. If you’ve been enjoying the videos already and you’d like to become
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